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How To Build A Brand | Starting a Blog Tip #10 | Sammy Blindell

Of course, you know it implicitly, and you know it really well and the people that are connecting with you are clearly interested in it or they wouldn’t be following you, but of course buying into a brand people are buying people.

So you don’t just want to be talking about your subject all the time, because that could become a bit monotonous and people really want to get to know who the person is behind the brand. So people want to know who you are. This is a great way of using blogs and article logs to get your creativity flowing so every now and again just chuck in something that is just getting your personality across, and it might be, for example, like miles, and I will take Bonnie for a walk over At the local park and we’ll think I know actually we could do a article on this.

You know we’ll be talking with so why don’t we do a article on that and we’ll just literally get our iPhone and start recording and you may have seen it already. You know throwing the frisbee for body in the background and you know, and that’s just you know, I think that when you are getting your communication across on a daily basis, you’re building friendships and you’re building rapport, so people want to see who you are behind the Brand and not just who you are on the face of the brand all the time so use your blogs and your article logs to be creative and have some fun with it.

So what other hobbies do you have? What are the things that you do outside of the business that you could talk about and actually build more rapport with your audience, because when they know who you are behind the brand you’ll find you have a lot more things in common with the people who are Following you, so that’s our final tip in the series you’ve had 10 top tips on making the most and building your brand using article and blogging.

If you’ve got any other questions, do please get in contact with us either pop your comment in the box below or get in touch with miles or myself on facebook. So I am Sammy blend l and miles is miles fryer. So if you want to connect with us on facebook, do please send us a friend request and if you’ve got any questions, send us a message personally and we’ll do our very best to help you over the next couple of weeks.

So we’ll see you tomorrow for another tip have a great day and we’ll see you soon, bye, bye, you

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Building your Brand & Start Branding – SolomoBox

It’s something that you definitely need to know and it’s a question that comes up quite a bit because there’s so much conflicting information out there, and so I really wanted to lay it out step by step and give you a blueprint. The first step in building a brand is to pick a domain name. You want to keep the domain short and sweet.

What I mean by this is every time a customer comes to your domain. They got ta type in your URL or click a link if they have to type in your URL. Let’s not make it something: that’s a hundred characters, long right, let’s keep that as short as possible and make it as sweet as possible to use keywords. For instance, if you’re a dog groomer, possibly in LA maybe a li grooming, there’s all sorts of options and things that you may want to consider, but do your research look around and see what’s available for your business in your area, step 2? We move on to the web site, there are several different types of web sites and I can go on for days.

The first thing you need to know is that there’s three major categories: there’s drag-and-drop editors, which are the entry-level phase. You’ve got Wix Weebly Storify, where space just to name a few, and what these provide are cheap, free solutions to create website they’re, simple, they’re, easy to develop and they’re going to get the basic necessity done. This is great for people that are on a budget people that don’t really have an expertise or any sort of knowledge and really just need a website.

The second type is going to be a hosted CMS and a CMS. The content management. This would apply to WordPress or Joomla Drupal. These systems are pretty robust, they come pretty standard out of the box and then from there, for instance, WordPress has millions of plugins. You can add and customize the functionality of your WordPress to meet your needs as a business owner. They are a little bit more in-depth than a drag-and-drop editor, but they provide all of the functionality that may be needed now and in the future.

Most websites built online are done with the CMS system. The third option is going with a developer, and this is typically reserved for large companies that are attempting to provide a very unique experience and have the budget to accomplish that. Most of you are not going to need a developer to accomplish what you’re looking to do so on the website. There are a few main things that I wanted to bring up.

Every business website should have five or six pages that are absolutely core. The first one is a home page when people type in your URL, the page that they see first. Second, there, your about us, you want to talk about your company, tell people who you are, what you stand for, what you believe in and where you want to go. Third, is your services and products page? This is important. You want to go into detail about what services you provide or what products giving the customer a clear view of what to expect.

Fourth, we have testimonials. Testimonials, are going to be your reviews or comments provided by clients. There’s several ways to achieve this, which you’ll come to find out either in later articles or simply call attacking us v, is going to be your blog page. This is like your news page for your entity for your business and your brand. Lastly, is contact us. This is going to be your contact information, a map and possibly a contact form just depending on how you want to set it up and what you’re looking to accomplish.

What most people don’t realize is that many websites out there have these five core pages, but there’s so much more beyond that that you could have do with your website. For instance, if you’re a restaurant in New York, possibly having a menu page going into more depth, page for your specials and, most importantly, for each individual special item, so, for instance, if you have filet mignon with sides – and it comes in an amazing price point – your Beef is found locally.

These are all things that you could have on. A specific page doesn’t have to be massive, but it pays specifically for that item so that if somebody were to search that particular item or that particular service, they could find you in that page, thereby leading them back to your website. Because most of your search and people find me, it’s been going to come from your name or your brand. It’s going to come from them looking for services that you provide, which is why having those services specifically in a page or a page for each particular service is very beneficial in the long run.

I’ll do more articles to go into more detail about things that can you can do on your website, but one crucial point I do want to bring up is, I know a lot of people talk about SEO and how important it is and and how you’ve got To optimize your children’s to find your website and I’m going to tell you this there’s no guarantees an SEO. It is a long term investment plan for your business. It is something that everybody says they do and a lot of people I’d say: 70 %.

Don’t even do it right, search engines are Google Yahoo being where you’re going to make your search as a client. So when the search engine looks to find relevant results, there are multiple criteria that they use to determine which ones are more relevant to that search. For instance, on your page, there might be meta information. This could be a title that goes on the actual search result or the description that goes on the actual search result, possibly meta information behind the picture, stating what service is being done in the photo.

What area the photo was taken and more relevant information to that photo. This is important because it actually Brett provides context to a search engine that cannot see the photo is realistically using the information. That’s provided, in the background of that photo to make a relevant decision on whether it and the page itself is more relevant than someone else. Next, I want to talk about in regards to SEO is the link structure, and so what this is is the actual website and how you structure, what page links to what other pages.

So, for instance, obviously you have a menu somewhere on your website to make it easier to navigate free and the user. The structure on page do you have links in your content, pointing to other relevant sources, or do you simply point back to yourself and other articles? You’ve written all of this comes into value for the search engine in determining what is relevant most relevant for each search term, and these things are what rank you higher and results.

So, as you can see, some of these topics can take quite a bit of time to actually implement to go through an entire website and make changes like that. Depending on how many pages you have, I know some websites, you only have five pages. It’s a quite a simple process: some websites have hundreds of pages or thousands of pages. It’s a little bit more of a task. So this is why a lot of companies will focus on particular keywords that you’re really interested in targeting to kind of narrow down their scope of work and what they need to accomplish.

But moving on we’ll talk about this again in another article step, three and this process is going to be social media, so there are four core networks which are by far the most popular and most important when it comes down to it. So we have Google Plus Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. These four networks are crucial. Facebook you’ve got a huge community of people, one of the largest social networks of people sharing, creating engagement through friends.

Family you’ve got LinkedIn providing more of a business like social network. Community you’ve got recruiters, you’ve got business owners and entrepreneurs all looking to reach out and make connections that are meaningful. Twitter. It’s more of an ongoing newsfeed. You’ve got essentially a rolling stream of tweets and in comments that are made throughout the day, links to various content and the lastly is Google+, and this is mainly important for the fact that it is a social network that is tied in with one of the largest Search engines, it’s not as popular as the others, but I do believe that it’s one of the more important as it does tie into YouTube.

Google, my business and those are all things that we can talk about later. But if you were to only have four social networks, these are the four that you should absolutely have. Other networks would include Pinterest Instagram YouTube stumble upon and again by having a Google+, you have a simple transition. If you decide to do articles and go to YouTube once you have the social networks, the main thing is to focus on engagement start reaching out to people start talking about the business.

Give people to like your pages and then interact put out good content. Talk about different things, share deals and specials. Ask for your social audience to respond to review, respond to your business or talk about things that they like or what they want to see. The main thing is to engage the audience, because it’s one of the biggest things about social networks is that it provides you the ability to reach your entire client list or your entire network of customers that believe in your brand and believe in your process in your Product, so it provides you quite an opportunity to essentially grow your business through simple communications and simple outreach and quality content, and the fourth step is citations citations, referring to, for instance, the first three steps would be setting up.

You built the foundation, you create the house, you build a beautiful yard. Driveway you painted all these beautiful colors. How do people find you? How do you bring people back? Social media plays a part and directs people back to your website. The next part is the citations. The local directories for local businesses, news organizations for tech companies or just about any business actually could be in a news organization, depending on your brand, your message and what you do that is unique and different to everybody else.

That’s doing what you do. Where do your clients look for you? Where do your clients look to find, for instance, if I was a plumber and San Jose or if I was a pawn save Texas? If I was a plumber in Texas, I’m going to start thinking about where my clients are looking for me, are they on Angie’s List? Are they on? Are they on Yelp? Are they on Yellow Pages, and these are all places that I’m going to want to be? I’m going to want to be hopefully for free right.

A lot of these do provide free profiles where you can get your information cited in their website, put up pictures and build a custom profile to bring people back to your business so that when they are looking for someone that provides your services, they find you. Instead of your competitors, and that’s really, what citations is about is generating leads by putting your information in your business, giving them a road back to your website.

And by doing this, you create a net of links in different avenues to be able to generate revenue from your website by sending people that are looking for possibly a specific product or a specific service to find those searches and to get in for those searches. Whether it’s through your website or through someone else’s, that is, how you build a brand online to take advantage of the opportunity that the website creates in these other websites that are already in place and have established crack traffic to use their audiences.

That are already in place to leverage toward your success. Hey guys, hope this article helped you out today build your business and your brand for your future. Here at Solan box, we want to see people making the right decisions, which means they need to make informed decisions. So we look forward to providing a lot more useful content. Moving forward have a great day guys