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How to SELL on Facebook | Small Business Facebook Tips

Already DOING on Facebook to create sales transactions, // (, snap, ), //, (, research search terms, ) Engaging with customers and having them SHARE. Our messages It’s what most of us are doing with social Media But if you’re like most marketers getting Your messages, blog stories and articles SHARED on social media is NOT growing sales for you.

What WILL is giving customers and prospects? Incentive to share things that end up creating SALES for your business. You can start doing this RIGHT NOW by applying A practical PROCESS to your Facebook strategy: First identify where your customers are congregating. On Facebook Next identify what it is that your customers Are interested in doing learning or seeking out Finally devise a way to join in that adds? Something valuable to whatever they’re doing or seeking, But do it in a way that mixes in an incentive To buy from you As an example, Brian Safady of JandOFabrics.

Com Sells novelty fabrics to arts and crafts enthusiasts He’s netting new customers using a Halloween Costume contest that targets one of his customers’ favorite activities, — sharing photos on Facebook By giving customers an INCENTIVE to upload Their costume photos and enter Ryan is winning new customers that track back to his Facebook. Contest He simply offers a reward. — a grand prize and A discount coupon for every new customer who enters and chooses to buy fabric from him Ryan is making social media sell for him.

What about you? I’M Jeff Molander

What are Social Signals? 


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