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How to Take Your Home Based Business Online

What’s up Justin What up How’s it going Living the dream, Yeah. So first thing that comes to mind and I get asked this. A lot is: where do you start when It comes to just technology, Or you know,,’cause. You say online.

What comes first Website or domain Well you’re, currently offline right as a home-based business Yeah You got ta get online and The first way to do that is with a domain name and a website. That’s your online real estate and it’s how people find you online. That’s like godaddy.Com, Or coffeeandkickflips.Com It’s how people get to you. It’s like street address right And after that you need hosting essentially think of that, as like online storage for your website, and then you need something.

To build the website Now many people aren’t web designers and they don’t want to Spend a lot of their time building a website, so there Are tons of tools out there that just help you build websites or there’s WordPress if you’re a little bit more Technically inclined, but Not me, You don’t have to go overboard. Just have a homepage Have a little bit about what you do. Maybe the services you provide Or if you’re online shop like if you’re on a Farmer’s Market – and you really wan na, bring that to life and sell your products online, then you can have a little online shop.

That’s pretty easy to Use and a contact page Yeah, so speaking of Farmer’s Market, let’s say I’m out there. You know selling some plant-based soap, Okay Or hot sauces, or both I’m in (, Emma laughs ). So once I get a domain That makes a ton of sense’cause we’re going from offline to online Then what’s next. Well, probably the next step is social and that’s kinda, where you’re the expert. Now you want to be on Your favorite platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You also wan na – be on Business directory sites, like Yelp Google pages, Oh absolutely And claim your your listings.

Yes, Don’t let it just be open to the masses. That’s your baby right! It’s your business! Make sure you control it. Okay, so once you’re On the social media, I know that’s a big step, but it’s not where the majority Of your time is going to go, The majority of your time goes into actually creating content, so you connect with your customers right [, Justin ] Right. So can you elaborate on that The importance of engagement and connecting with potential customers Right so we’ll take the Kinda, the Farmer’s Market example that you have there.

So if I’m, what were you selling Hot sauce and what Plant-based soaps, of course Great combination. So if I — You use them after You use the hot sauce (, both laugh ), If I’m selling hot sauce and Soap at the Farmer’s Market, — Yeah – I wan na – take it online and I really wan na take it. Into social media presence, What I don’t wan na do is just Start listing off my products and saying “: Hey this Is all the cool stuff “ you can buy from me.

”? What I wan na do is basically Start opening people up to my world, the hot sauce And all natural soaps there Interesting world ( laughs ), So you do that by basically Showing what you do Like the Instagram Stories is A great way to do that, Just pop up cool I’m making a soap or I’m makin’, a hot sauce Ooh behind the scenes, Try not to get those mixed,’cause! You don’t wan na like be scrubbing with the hot sauce soap, But open up your world Talk about what you do as a Business and be relatable People buy from people, They don’t buy from companies right, [, Emma ] Yeah, And if you start to really open up who you are as a business.

Owner your day-to-day the struggles you go through, maybe just some of the cool stuff you do beyond your business itself. It really helps people connect with you and then they’re more Apt to buy it from you tell their friends about you And get a hashtag, Yes About your soap or the hot sauce. Well, my soap and my hot sauce brand # Hotsoap So that way, yeah ( laughs ). So that way, when customers Are using my products, they can use the hashtag and then –.

Yes, I can re-share that Or reTweet it right Right, over and over — And over And over And that’s helping you Create just more content, That’s called user-generated content And I know you’re an expert at this. It’s making people create posts and having your hashtag in there, and that gives you more content to post Yeah. I’m curious email Does that matter: Email marketing, Still a big thing! Should businesses do that if They’re trying to go online with their home-based business, Yes, email is super underrated and a lot of people think Of email marketing as spam, And it shouldn’t be spam, It is spam if go the same.

Approach of like saying, hey, here’s all my products, Buy buy buy, buy, buy, But you wan na really Engage the conversation Bye, bye, bye, (, Justin, laughs, ), Engage that conversation And help your people out, If you maybe say you’re Doin’, the hot sauce and all natural soap – maybe you send out recipes Of your all natural soap, Maybe try this at home with Your family or your kids Try to get different ideas and be creative about The content you give out and even if people don’t Open your actual message: that’s okay! They still see your brand each and every time they go in their inbox and that’s brand recognition Stay top of mind And it’s saying top of mind Yeah.

So with your website a great think to do to start collecting those emails. You can’t just say: hey: Sign-Up for my newsletter, Nobody cares about a newsletter. You create a lead. Generator and what that is, is just something free, That you can give them in exchange for their email address. So if I’m a hot sauce and all Natural soap, maybe I’d, say, cool sign up, enter your email. I’ll, send you 20 % discount Or enter email.

You’ll get five Recipes to do this yourself, Things like that Cool And it’s kind of an Even exchange and then because then you build that List build that list, — You’re, giving me some really good ideas. I check my email when I wake up. I check it throughout the day. I check it in the evening, So it’s — It’s with me forever Yeah. It’s still very much a blog that consumers are using And checking frequently Yes, So it’s another avenue if you will to reach that next customer or, like you said with your regulars, just stay top of mind Right, you wan na, be Where your audience is and your audience lives on social and they live in their emails All right, so that’s a Wrap on today’s episode, I wan na give a huge shout out: To my co-host, Justin Nealey ( crowd cheering ) The expert ( Justin laughing ).

I hope he helped your Home-Based business get online If you have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you Go ahead and share below and in the meantime, Subscribe to our blog, See ya.

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Online Marketing

How To Start Your Own Small Business from Home

It’S exactly what I’ve been doing for the last 20 years, I’m going to share five important factors with you that I’ve actually utilized as a good starting point. When determining you know what company, what products and services would I market, and so what I want to share with you of these five factors? Actually, these five things are very prominent and very consistent with three very successful entrepreneurs, Donald Trump robert kiyosaki and also warren buffett, and so what they’ve shared in their books is.

You know five things to consider before going to work for another company and marketing their company’s products and services number one. You have to make sure that the company solid and well-funded. The last thing you want to do is go to work for a company just to find out later they were undercapitalized and they cannot afford to pay their own bills. You know kind of a start-up. If you would so, you want to make sure that the company is at least at least five years old, if possible.

The best scenario, according to these three gentlemen, is a ten year old company and preferably publicly traded it possible number two. You want to make sure that the company’s properly position themselves in front of a major economic trend or some sort of vertical movement in the economy. The last thing you want to do again is start marketing the product it’s in a stagnant or actually in an industry.

That’S in decline, number three: you want to have a company, it’s offering a product or service with mass appeal. This is something that everybody needs or something everybody’s already using again, you don’t want a product with a very limited demographic, it’s very difficult to be able to market to a limited demographic, so number four! You want a lucrative compensation plan, so you got to ask yourself: is this company going to pay you which your time and your energy is worth, and so you got to decide for yourself? You know how much time you’re going to put in and will they pay? You the equivalent of what your time is worth and number five, is the opportunity affordable for everyone see, because one of the keys to being successful and operating your own home-based business is to be able to duplicate yourself or replicate what you’re doing and share with other People to be able to do the same thing, so you can expand your distribution network.

These five things have helped me become. You know successfully independent financially for the last 20 years. I’Ve helped thousands of other people also make a good income from home. A lot of people make five six hundred dollars a month. You know many more make thousands of dollars a month. Some I’ve helped go on to replace your job income and all they do now is live on a passive residual income all from starting their home-based business.

Now, if you’re just getting started and you’re not sure what to do next, now that you, you know I’ve, given you some research to do, you can actually click on one of the links right below you. Either Wagga com, wwwaaa com or my vertical move com either. One I’ll share with you some more detail on what company I’ve chosen to be able to market products and services. For currently, I can tell you this company right now is being compared to Google, Microsoft and Facebook is 12 years old.

It’S publicly traded and its global. They operate in every country around the world, they have 17 different languages, they support in multiple different currencies. So it’s the perfect business in 2015. So I hope this has been helpful again if you think this has been helpful. If you don’t mind, just click on the link right below you and like our article and also, if you’d like to share with other people on Facebook and Twitter, that’s awesome as well.

We appreciate your time and again click on one of the two links below see what I’m up to and that might be a fit for you. I hope to see in the next article

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