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How To Get Into Digital Marketing (And Earn A Full-Time Income With It)

Okay, so I’ll be going over. I’ve been doing digital marketing for the last ten years. I run my own business, which makes about seven million dollars a year, and digital marketing is a great place to be the average salaries range from forty to eighty eight thousand dollars per year in digital marketing.

And in this lesson, I’m going to be going over how you can learn the basics, the different ways you can learn the basics I’ll also be going over how to get an advantage in digital marketing I’ll be discussing with you how to get ahead of the curve. What are some four front areas that you can become an expert in and be an especially valuable person or employee and I’ll show you how to start gaining experience and then I’ll go over some pro tips at the end of the article, so that hopefully you’ll be Able to come away with this article with not only an understanding of what digital marketing is, but also how to make money with it so read and learn: hey John crostini and I just love marketing.

Okay, I love marketing and I’ve been doing it for ten years because I find it so fascinating. I you know growing up. I was always a wizard or a sorcerer in the article games I played and I believe marketing is actually the power of magic. It’s the ability to say a few words and effect thousands of people or millions of people all across the globe and going into digital marketing gives you that the ability to do that for a job right.

It’s not even work at that point. For many of you, you’re probably going into digital marketing because you think it’s cool or whatever it is, but what does digital marketing actually mean? Now digital marketing usually refers to a job in a large company that has enough departments that has a big enough marketing department to have separated out digital marketing from other marketing efforts. You know maybe it’s sales support marketing or basically, if, if a company is big enough to have digital marketing positions, it means it’s a pretty big company and usually you’re working for a big corporation and doing alright.

And that’s how I started. I started out in a company of about a hundred people. I was actually a PPC analyst, so I was managing. It sounds kind of weird PP analysts right. No, it’s a PPC analyst, meaning I was a pay-per-click analyst and I was analyzing and doing people’s Google advertising for them. So first to get started in digital marketing. You need to learn the basics all right. So what are the basics so learn the basic knowledge get in groups and learn from courses now.

First off knowledge. Now Google and Facebook have free courses, okay, which explains all of the terminology, all the stuff you need to know, but you could also learn digital marketing. Just by listening to YouTube blogs like this one, every article I do is related to marketing, so you can learn a lot of marketing from people like me and obviously, I’m a business owner making a few million dollars a year.

So I have some experience in this place, but you can also learn from the companies themselves, which one thing to keep in mind is that if you want to be an entrepreneur, I’d say generally speaking, it’s best to learn from entrepreneurs. If you want to be an employee might be, you know it’s just as good to learn from employees, because that’s the position you’re looking to be in and its employees teaching these but they’re not going to teach the real, cutting-edge marketing techniques that allows you to start.

Your own business, so just keep that in mind when going through the Google and Facebook courses. I also suggest groups, okay, so groups, I think, are a great way to learn a lot of people process knowledge in groups. Now there seems to be a tendency. I forget: there’s a study done somewhere, but basically men learn better solo, whereas women learn better in groups. Both men and women need to learn solo and in groups to really get the most knowledge and to really have it sink in the most possible.

That’s why we’ve created a few groups here there are links in the description for you to join our discord community, which is a way you can check. We have a subreddit, which is a forum which allows you to post articles and ask questions and get feedback. We also have a Facebook group where you can post and interact with other members, so I think all of those are great options. I think discord is actually the best community to join.

If you ask my opinion, I even drop into the discord, sometimes as well. Now, courses, I also suggest you go through some online courses. If you’re looking to get into digital marketing, I don’t really suggest school. I don’t really suggest college or Community College. If you’re looking really just to be a hype, late paid employee go, you know, colleges can work out. Fine. The education system is really meant to train people to be employees, so that would be a great place to be.

I obviously you can hear. I advocate people be entrepreneurs and that just affords you more time more freedom, more control, more money, more everything. So, if you’re looking to go the crazy route right, the unsafe route, which I actually believe is the safer route, you know take non college courses. Take courses from people who are all who are very successful online. What I’ve seen about college is that a lot of college professors, you know they’re boring and they’re old and they haven’t done whatever their profession is they’re teaching about in many years and they’re just.

Why would you want to listen to somebody who’s old and boring when you could actually learn from somebody who’s in the cut doing it? I’r making five hundred thousand dollars a month doing my business right now and I take time out of my day to teach people. So you can learn from somebody who’s in the cut in the weeds in the trenches doing lie, and you can take my course, which is the super affiliate system right.

You know, obviously, I’m biased here, but super affiliate system very successful course. Tens of thousands of students have gone through it. A couple number of people have become millionaires from the knowledge they learned and applied in it. So I would suggest you take that and if you want to learn more about it, there’s a free training which explains what the super affiliate system is. The link is in the description now.

Next, I would suggest you get an advantage. Ok, you need an advantage if you’re going into digital marketing, the job market is very hard. The job markets getting smaller as bigger businesses move to more things like the uber model or Amazon flex or postmates sword or really corporations are stratifying. So you it’s more competitive to get there’s fewer jobs, but it’s more competitive to get them and the rest of positions are sort of contract or based which are a little less stable.

So they get an advantage. They give yourself the best advantage possible to get a job is start learning how to do more things. Image and article editing is so important and if you can combine just knowledge of digital marketing with image or article editing, that’s that’s a good place to start. First, off I’d almost call it not an advantage. I think anybody need to get a job. Nowadays, it’s almost necessary to have an advantage, learn image.

Editing. You can learn it for free, learn, article editing, you can learn it for free online. These are great things to do great assets to a company. Most companies have their own separate departments for editing images, editing articles. So if you can come into a company and say I can do both of these, I can do that. I can do digital marketing and I can edit my own ads and images and articles that’ll be huge and that’ll make you a double threat.

I guess to make yourself a triple threat, which is what I believe is the ultimate in marketing. Is you learn website design and once again, you can learn this for free, there’s, no reason you should not learn it spend your time learning these skills. You know I I put out a lot of articles on how to do marketing, but a lot of people don’t even learn the basics. First, I almost consider these basics learn image, editing, learn article editing, learn website design get yourself an advantage.

Won’t go further on that. Just spend the time take a week for each of those to learn it now, if you really want to get ahead of the curve, I’m going to go over three different ways that you can give yourself a monster advantage over any other candidate if you’re looking for A digital marketing job, or just if you’re, looking to do it as an entrepreneur. These are three new emerging areas which will make you just super valuable human being number.

One is marketing automation. Now, a lot of the traffic methods I teach on my blog are using social media such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc to post to put up posts and to get free traffic from those websites. It’s great right, there’s billions of people using Facebook and you can literally just type in a post for free right, you’re, getting free traffic in order to fully utilize those platforms and just make it really efficient.

If you bundle in automation to software programs and other scripts, you can actually get that done way faster. You could message a thousand people, a second with automation, whereas manually you can only message. One person, a second with automation. You could post on 20 different social platforms in a second, whereas, if you were to do that manually, it might take you some time so learning, automation and automation, scripting and stuff like that is very powerful.

Another major advantage you can give yourself is learning paid advertising. Now a lot of companies pay a lot of money for paid advertising and many digital marketing jobs involve doing paid advertising. You can learn a little bit about paid advertising on my blog. You can check out my articles. I think theirs turn 50 dollars into five hundred dollars a day using Google Ads. I have some articles on Facebook advertising beginner to expert in Facebook advertising.

There should be some bubbles around here. My facebook advertising article is pretty long, so you’re going to have to be able to sit down for like 45 minutes to read it, but it goes over everything you need to know about Facebook, advertising you’ll be an expert by the end of that and there are Free courses where you can learn paid advertising as well, but I would suggest if you really want to get an advantage and really, if you want to work for yourself.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, if you want to do paid advertising for a living and you can market other companies products, you can take my course. It’s $ 2,000. It’s a six-week course. It’s intensive there’s a certification, there’s support. There’s coaches, there’s live weekly webinars. There’s a lot of stuff in it and you’re learning from somebody who runs a pretty big business himself and has done this for a living can learn more about that.

There’s a link in the description. That’ll. Take you to a that’ll teach you about the course and what it’s about and what you’ll be learning in there so check that out, link is in the description and, lastly, third major thing to get ahead of the curve is learning data analysis. So you learn data analysis. It just really ties in both data analysis and paid. Advertising are really two sides of the same coin.

If you can do both of these data analysis will make you more effective in paid advertising data analysis will actually just make you more effective in all marketing or just in life. Really so learning data analysis really helps with paid advertising, and I suggest you learn it or at least learn the basics, and I have a article another article on this blog, where you can learn the basics of data analysis.

Now. This next topic is very important because it’s about gaining experience, no matter what you do just being book. Smart is not going to help you out in life. If you read 10 books, let’s say you’re: 13 years old, you read 10 books on how to impress women chances are you’re not going to get out. There start talking to a girl and get a date on the first try: okay, reading books about how to make a woman love.

You is not necessarily going to help you, you know, get your first kiss or what not. How you learn to date is through experience. How you learn to be in a relationship involves a lot of experience. You can’t just read about it, you can read every book on sales and it all goes away when you pick up the phone, so experience is the best teacher of them all. No matter what you do, even if you’re just trying to get a job, I suggest you get experience a couple places you can get experienced Fiverr.

Not only can you get experience doing marketing for businesses, but you can earn five dollars doing so. Actually, sorry, I think Fiverr takes a dollar, so you weren’t four dollars. Okay, it’s like four, so you can earn money and gain experience at the same time, so you’re gaining experience and getting paid another great site to gain experience on if you’re looking to get into digital marketing is up work.

I did a lot of jobs on up work. I call it practice right, although I was getting paid, I was getting paid five hundred dollars a month I was I was making from all my clients on up work. I was making four thousand dollars a month. In addition to my job, I eventually I became the director of marketing at the company I was working for and I was getting paid six thousand dollars a month now an up work.

I got paid an additional four K, four thousand dollars a month because I was working on so many clients accounts. So not only did I earn additional income, but you I was gaining experience. That was the most important thing to me. I didn’t mind if I was working all day. It didn’t matter to me because I wanted to spend more time gaining experience. If you look at things through that lens, it’s going to be very positive for you and, lastly, you can start with local businesses.

Okay, local businesses are in dire need of marketing; they suck it no offense if you’re a local business owner reading this, but they suck in local suck at marketing they’re. Getting there just eaten out by Amazon, Jeff Bezos is just destroying local businesses, he’s just walking down Main Street and just like he’s like just a wizard with like fireballs, just destroying Main Street all hail. Jeff, though I think he’s like one of the smartest guys.

I studied him, I think, he’s fantastic, but a lot of local businesses. You could talk to local business and say: hey I’ll, do your marketing for free and you pay me what you think it’s worth if it’s all evil to you. I think that would be a great pitch and you could say I’ll: do your social media I’ll do whatever help out local businesses they need it and, last but not least, is Network. Okay, I found it’s so important to actually meet and talk with other people in marketing before you get into a job position now, schools won’t teach this.

What schools will teach you if you want to get into marketing, or you know digital marketing or get into a job or get in a new industry or profession? They’ll teach you to submit resumes. That’s just like a horrible idea. That’s like a way not to get hired. Ok talk to current or former employees of a company. If you know you want to get into digital marketing, find companies that have a lot of digital marketers that hire a lot of digital marketers and then look up employees in those companies.

Talk with them. Ask them about how they like it ask them about job security. Ask them about pay: ask them about how the bosses treat them. Ask them a billion question. Ask them about the culture. Ok, remember: you’re, looking for a job here, you’re looking to work for a company or, if you’re not looking to work for a company you’re. Looking to be an entrepreneur, ok talk to other people. Doing that line of work.

You know, ask them, ask us social-media influencer, you know, are you happy? Do you work too much? Do you work too little? How many hours a day do you work? Almost every job requires a lot of work. You know also reach out to the companies themselves. You don’t just need to. You know, submit your resume to companies that are asking for people to submit their resume. You’ll actually have a better chance of finding jobs.

If you talk to come means that don’t have any job listing, I never post a job listing I’ll hire somebody for something. If they contact me point being don’t just rely on other people be self-reliant. Reach out do outreach outreach to employees outreach to companies and also as you’re, going through gaining experience and learning marketing post your case. Studies on social media create a blog creative law.

Talk about what you’re doing it’ll be very powerful if you’re looking to get a job or, if you’re, looking to get clients or, if you’re, just looking to do it for yourself rating that network around you of people who are attracted to the case studies, you’re posting Will help you a lot now back about eight years ago I started posting, or maybe I was nine. I started posting consistently on this one internet marketers forum called stack that money and I would post a diary every day, I’d post what I did in terms of trying to be an affiliate marketer and I would host stats I’d post.

Like you know, I got you know: a thousand people saw my ad, you know: 100 people click 10 people box, you know I’d post, whatever it was usually a zero people bought, and I would post images of my ads I’d post, where I was advertising I’d post. My landing pages I post the offer – I was selling I’d post everything so that people could hopefully give me feedback, and I post a day after day after day after day, and nobody would respond.

Nobody would tell me what I was doing right or wrong, but over time as people saw that I was consistent, I would just Journal every day day in day out hoping that people might start giving me feedback or somebody might be reading how I’m trying things are. My methodology and I people started commenting and giving me feedback on why I wasn’t making any money why I was losing money every day. I think some people, just in that forum it has about 2,000 members.

Some people would just see me and think it’s painful that I had been posting for twenty days without making any money right, they’re just like wow. This kid wants. It he’s hungry, he’s trying, but he sucks and posting case studies. I continued to do that for years and be involved in that forum stacked that money and I actually built up a little bit of a following from stacked that money. And if anybody here is a stack that money member type in the comments below.

If you are a stack that money forum member actually, if you frequent any particular marketing forum, know which forum you are in in the comments below, maybe it’s my forum, jet-set or maybe it’s warrior forum. I don’t know what else there is wicked fire, etc, but just by posting in a forum, just a small group of people, 2,000 people not a big audience but very targeted. I was able to get feedback that allowed me to actually start making money and just really just quit my job at travel.

The world become a millionaire and you know, get married young and have HIDs young or younger than most other people, my age and all sorts of stuff. So networking I think, is really important in creating that audience around you and what’s great about when you’re posting about advertising or marketing that you’re doing or learning is that you’re actually attracting those people around you right now.

Most of the people that you surround yourself with probably a concern with you know: maybe the next Brad Pitt movie or the next x-men show – or you know the next in the newest series on Netflix and that’s great. But slowly. If you start posting about marketing stuff. You’ll start getting those people away from you, which is a good thing. You don’t want consumers around you. You want producers and producers notice, other producers and they’re attracted to that.

So you can start surrounding yourself with the right sort of people and you can start getting help. People will give you their help, but you have to show that you’re hungry you’re taking initiative and that’s your results-based whoo. I hope this has been enlightening and let me know if you are excited about digital marketing type in your excited below and also I’d, be interested in hearing. Are you looking for information about digital marketing because you’re looking for a job or are you looking for it to be an entrepreneur, type and job or entrepreneur in the comments, because I’d love to see kind of where you lie and what’s the most important thing? Also, if you have any questions or if you have any topics, you’d like me to address type in what you’d like me to talk about or the questions you have down in the comments below and for my other Watchers.

If you have answers to the comments below please answer them, I get so many messages a day. I just can’t handle it anymore. Now, if you’re looking for more interaction with other individuals check out my groups, we have a discord blog. We have a Facebook group. We have a subreddit where you can interact with other marketers learn and do things and just you know, soak in all that knowledge subscribe to my blog check out my other articles.

We have a lot of cool stuff on this blog about marketing. I release articles every single day, so enable notif patience and check all and check out these amazing stories from some of my students, if you’re interested in going to the next level check out my score super affiliate system and check out these stories from some of my Students about what they’ve been able to achieve with a super affiliate system – hi guys.

My name is Tim, Oh me, and I am part of the Jet Set program. I implemented what I learned in the program a week ago and I’ve made several sales already. I am a single mom in Tucson Arizona and have been struggling to pay my bills, and now I have an internet business and I’m so excited I’ve bought several other internet marketing programs. Nothing has made me much money at all, and the jet-set program made me money within two days.

I got my first sale, so everybody out there who wants to make money online start with the jet-set program. It is so easy to understand, and you get a lot of one-on-one attention if you need it, the community is great and I totally totally totally recommend it. Thank you. Thank you. John Chris Donnie.


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