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Firestick Info And Low Income Internet Plans And Much More

We are cut that one off I’ll need that when I got this one right here not going to get started for a few minutes case, people forgetting them like for seven o’clock, so make sure you come up. Your thumbs up, I take my time out to share things with yard that I feel is important. Like I tell you, I will be doing so much stuff on YouTube, but as a mom as a you know, a person who loves to be frugal and try to save my coins and figure out ways to still enjoy life, but not overdo it and don’t have To overdo it or whatever the case may be, I try to share as much as I can and when I share something with you or not find something new about it or find out.

Something is wrong with it or whatever the case may be. I come back and tell you that a lot of times people share stuff and then they just leave it like that. They don’t tell you the ins and outs, the badge, the goods and stuff that may happen behind the scenes that you know cuz we’re not. On 24/7, they may not tell you, oh you know this happened to us or oh did you know this. This didn’t work out or you know, after a while.

That’s why I’m always updating and throwing information and about things that I know that I still get emails about that. I still get comments on as far as on DIYs, and you know my my reusable sanitary napkins that we use all of us are now using we’ve been using them for over a year now, and they have been awesome, and I shared that so just things like That I definitely want to share and if I tell you guys, oh I got something, I’m all excited about it and then some happens where it’s not exciting anymore or a broke down or not working like it was intended to I’m going to share that um.

So yeah I’m waiting for more people to get in and I wan na tell you about what happened to us um the other day, and I’m telling you this because I’m pretty sure you guys are going to say hello Wendy, I love Shanta. I’m pretty sure you guys, if you have the fire speak, will probably encounter this or probably have encountered this and didn’t know it was real or didn’t know, probably thought it was a fluke or probably thought it was something that just happens to pass by a computer Or passed by TV, depending on what kind of setup you got in your home hours passed by our TV, which the guy was like wow he’s never heard of it coming on somebody’s TV, so yeah.

I want to share that with you guys, but I’m waiting for more people to get in. I don’t intend to be on here long um yeah. I got ta get back to someone like some actually some new clients, that’s three new clients. That’s called me about here. So I have to get back to them and takes them and try to set them some appointments. Hello, Love Wins. How are you, how are you I just love? My skin feels so? Oh, my gosh, my products are the bomb.

I’m sorry my skin. Just I just be loving the rub on me and my kids and us just our skin, just a soul, just my baby skin and I’m not just saying that, like anybody touches, my skin is like. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Yes, so guys um. It says that it’s ten people in here I see ten people, it’s crazy because it went from zero to ten, which is weird, but I can see y’all talkin to me um. So please thumbs up the article.

I take my time out like come on. Now we are human, I’m a whole wife, a whole mother, and I have things that I’m doing, but I took my time out to come and share information with y’all that will save your money or save y’all frustration or save y’all are having issues with certain things. So please take the time to thumbs up the article so guys, I’m coming to y’all hello, hello, um D G, shy down in the house lights on in the house, girl um.

I thank you so much for being here, love Wednesday G Shanta and a windy, and whoever else is in here that I missed. I don’t intend to, I think, y’all for being here cuz, I’m going to share a lot of things, even if it doesn’t apply to me or I can’t use it. I like to share the information because I’m pretty sure sewing in my community or someone I know – may need this information and you may know someone is information.

Everybody needs internet right now right, I don’t care. If you don’t have cable, everybody needs internet right. So I’m going to share some things with y’all and also um, something that has nothing to do with internet to that. You probably know that you can get for the Lolo and not pay regular price, so alright, so firestick. What happened um was about what was about a couple days ago: um nyah screen.

She has a smart TV and across her screen it was a big copyright thing pop up, and it says third, copyright violation alert from spectrum. That’s what it says, and so I my work so I’m thinking I’m like there is a download something and didn’t tell me because usually she shows she always come to me and say: hey mommy. Look at this. Can I download this, but that was the first thing, because I’m thinking shitty youngest automatically thinking in my brain, she downloaded something.

I went all over the place. I went to Google. I went in different places trying to find out what is this third: copyright violation alert from spectrum? Third, I don’t remember the first or the second hello, Gladys, hello, Deborah everybody. I was having a good evening from beautiful, Las Vegas, hello, hello, okay, so um. I immediately start googling to find out because a lot of times when you get alerts on your phone or you get alerts on certain things, you can literally um put it in on YouTube.

Google and different things and it’ll form a pop up or something to pop up where people have had that alert and they’ll start talking about it. Well, the floor of my phone was a spectrum for them, and then I found another one from the old Time Warner. Cable cuz, you know this time we’re a cable before it became spectrum, and I did not see anybody with no resolutions, so I’m like okay, I must do a article because I am frugal.

We’ve been without cable for years, and we are have firestick for about three years now, but all of us just now got him about a year ago, like in every room I put on by the year ago, um. So with that being said before that we had the Roku box, the Comcast, the chromecast, the Google box, we have all different things to supplement our cable and not have that cable. We always paid for don’t we always pay for internet, which is not bad right.

So um I also oh just so you know. If you have t-mobile, you can get Netflix for free with certain certain phone plans so check that out, because, if you’re paying for it on an Internet, not not internet Netflix, you maybe get able to get it for free with a certain plan. You have some just call team over and check it out to make sure that you’re not on you paying $ 15.99 cuz. You know that anyone of say friends is you paying $ 15.

99, but the plan difference on for you to get the free Netflix is only like a five dollar difference or you may not have to do nothing. Yes, Sprint does give who them for free. So she just said: DG just also told you I was about to say that Sprint, if you have Sprint, they get Hulu for free as well. Okay, so those are ways to say – and I also wanted to talk about amazon.Com. If you have a Medicaid card, the Medicaid card could just be for Medicaid or some places.

I know they have Medicaid in the snaps unconnected the food stamps connected. So if you have those cards, do you know your Amazon Prime is only five dollars and some change. So it don’t have it don’t matter, you can just have Medicaid, you could just have food stamps or either one long as you have a benefit card. You can get Amazon, Prime for $ 5.99. Most people pay um. What is it $ 10 or 15 or 10, or something like that $ 9.

99? Whatever the case may be, you can get it for five, nine, four, ninety, nine five, nine nine, something like that is way cheaper. Nothing is different. You still can get the movies Amazon movies, the free shipping, everything that the regular Amazon Prime gets. You can get that. So if you have a benefit card, you need to go and save your coins. Okay, so that’s one thing so back to our 179. What’s 179? What’s 117 Isis? Okay, so back to the copyright thing, here’s what they’re doing I mean I got my notes.

Cuz! I know I got ta have notes cuz. I don’t want to forget to tell you important stuff. So what happens? Is you get fire? Stick with the fire stick: there are multiple apps that you get in a hundred and seventy nine dollars for what for the year whoa. So that’s a good statement. Cuz you paying $ 6, but it’s $ 5.99 or $ 4.99 a year. That is a good save runs to get Amazon, Prime, if you have a Medicaid card benefit card, full stamp card or whatever you can get crying for $ 5.

99. So, oh, that’s too much, oh, okay! So the firestick copyright thing I know all the stuff. I read. I’m like, oh, my gosh. What happened is this somebody trying to tap into our wet Internet? That was like change your password. This is what all these people were saying. They’re, just throwing things in the air and people are trying to figure it out themselves, but nobody went to really find out what was really going on.

So I caught myself and the guy said yes um now, when you have spectrum or time 1 or whatever it is in your area, and I think it’s Finity does this to you get an email. Most people don’t use that email. I don’t use the email. So those alerts – remember, I said it says um third alert or violation a third copyright on notice. I don’t recall ever getting one and two. So when I talked to him he was like yeah.

They um went to the Time Warner account that you created. I said uh, okay, um yeah, I don’t like it most. People don’t use it. I said I don’t he was like year, so we send them to there. He was like you can either update your email or just start keeping the eye on it. I said well, what does this mean he said hold on, so he goes in and he comes back. He said, Oh on this day you read this movie on this day.

You read this movie on this day. You read this movie on this day. You read this movie, no see not saying you were sown in the house from that internet from your IP address. Read this movie and he was like these are copyrighted movies movies that are still in the movie. Theaters or movies that are um haven’t been released in some formal way to the public or something he was saying. I didn’t get all adjust, but I’m giving y’all enough to understand what I’m saying so, I’m like wow.

Not only did he tell you the movies, but he told you what apps they came from right. So I told my husband I was like babe, I don’t like I’m. I don’t know you know, I’m dumb, I don’t know what he’s talking about. I’m not going to admit tonight. I don’t know what the heck is going on. I I don’t know, sir. I don’t know. Maybe I don’t know you know he’s like you think someone got your in it. I don’t know.

Maybe so what they’re doing is you got ta be careful um? What do you think this is from firestick that happened, you’re looking and reading the free movies yeah? I was getting ready to there, it is but here’s the thing: it’s, okay, that’s why I’m letting y’all know this. It’s okay! You just have to now. This is what I asked them. I said: well, what does this mean? What does this mean? This is I’m going to am I going to lose my internet because it says um, somebody said something about their internet was terminated and they couldn’t get internet no more.

I was like wow, so I was talking to my sister about it and that’s when my sister also told me that AT & T this is where my sister told me. These two things that I want to share chopped AT & T has a program for low-income and and if your kids get free lunch or either if you get food stamps and it’s only $ 10 a month for Internet, but you can’t get cable it’s only if You want internet, but I wouldn’t want cable.

So if you don’t want cable, then you should be fine um. She was like um, it’s $ 10 a month only if you want Internet and it’s a fast speed, but as I was looking at that they said um Time Warner has one for low-income families and if you have low income, there’s it’s faster than AT & T. Three times faster than 18, but it’s $ 14.99 and it’s $ 14.99, but an extra $ 4.99. If you want Wi-Fi so 20 bucks for really fast internet.

So that’s something I want to throw out there to you. If you have low income or if you get free, your kids get free lunch and if you get snacks, it’s one of those three on any one of those three. I believe you can get it. So I wanted to share that with y’all, because you just never know who may need that um. So that’s one thing and then so when I ask the guy says so what does this mean he said? Well, we send notices to you every time it happens.

Just trying to be just be cautious of the what the apps so they’ll tell you what X, because some apps are not protected, some apps meaning open. So it was only one, thank God. It was only one in my husband knew, which one it was, and he said yeah that was a kind of iffy one and between us you know them say it was a kind of iffy one and he did read a couple times, but he own use it. Like that, so they will tell you the ABS just stay away from those ABS.

Do you get what I’m saying and I said so then what I said what if it happens again, he said well, it has to happen like tons of times, and I said then what he said. Then your then your account goes down a termination route. I said tons and then goes down, not is terminated so to me. I’m just left to believe that that’s a scare because, for somebody used the word ton, that’s ridiculous. That is so so so broad that means ton to me could be a thousand turn to you.

Could be a million you get what I’m saying so to give the word ton as the the number you know amount. So that’s something y’all need to know. They will let you know when you contact them. You don’t know, nothing, don’t agree, nothing. I don’t know nothing. I don’t know so boom definitely go to UM, call them and then they’ll, let you know Xfinity and them and let you know what apps and where it came from what day and all that and just stay away from those apps.

That’s what I said just stay away from those apps and get apps that are more protected, and we know that there are a lot that are protected because we read movies all the time and only like those two to specific apps that he just tried recently was Ones that popped up – and there are lots of people online, I’m looking at a forum right now where people are like hey, you know, turn off the cloud and your devices like people are stalking, because this one person said I received the first notice on august 11.

It started off with account number dear Internet. Customer has been a brought to my attention that your internet services recently used to improperly copy or share copyrighted content such as music movies articles and software’s, using peer-to-peer or torrent software they eat. The email stated that I take immediate action to stop this unauthorized activity and that’s what it said to us too. I asked around my family and made sure that no one was participating in any unauthorized.

Active activity then choose to not respond to the email thinking it stopped. However, on August 19 I unfortunately received the second copyright warning. This time it stated the file was apparently being shared, the name it says, Kendrick Lamar, bleep bleep, and this one is telling about articles. So this is something totally different, so it tells them – and she said this surprised me – I don’t listen to Kendrick Lamar – I use Spotify Premium for my music blah blah blah.

I wouldn’t have been sharing music at 3:39 a.M. So it could be that in her case on my tapped end, but the whole gist of this thing is that they are reading everything that’s being done even on a fire stick in there, only two internet provider. So you need to know that and if you do get that call them right away and they’ll, let you know when you just stay away from whatever they told you, you get what I’m saying and if you want to know some good ones I’ll.

You know email me and I’ll, let you know some good ones that my husband said that we are fine with nothing, never popped up and we’ve been reading them for over here and nothing never came up mind you. We only on the third notice and we’ve been we’ve had them all through the house over a year, but we had the fire stick. No, it ain’t been three years, because that’s how long I’ve been here, we had the fire stick since we moved in here and that’ll be about two years so yeah and that’s the third notice within a certain amount of time.

So it mind you, the notices could be like you readed it in June. On the first, don’t let you know until July 15th, you got a notice from a movie. You want you get what I’m saying. So that’s something to know something else. I want to tell you something I want to tell somebody just said something about I’m cast on low-income or free lunch for internet for $ 9.99. A month we don’t have Comcast here we have spectrum and that’s it yeah, a TMT, Direct TV and all of no new internet, but we got spectrum AT & T.

So 80 is $ 10 bit $ 14.99 per spectrum, Wi-Fi extra $ 4.99 prime. I told you if you have a benefit card is $ 5.99 and you can’t have both. You just have to want the Internet and then oh, I don’t. I just wanted to throw this in there if you were having problems with a very dry skin and it’s not as hot outside I’m going to tell you a tip that someone told me some years ago when it gets hotter outside start taking cool showers.

So that way, your skin and when it’s really cold, it’s really hot and when it’s really cold then between time you can. You know stay with like a warmer wetter warmer shower, but try not to take hot showers, because hot showers basically dehydrate your skin and keep them drier. So we don’t take hot showers on. We try to take cool to warm shower, especially when it’s real hot and when it’s real cold, so that’s just a tip for you or for your babies.

If you dig, your babies have dry skin, even though they’re little sometimes they have real Giants dry skin because it’s inherited through somebody but try to keep your babies and yourself in cooler, water and not um, not hot hot water. If you use too hot hot water – and you know, I knew that and it’s so crazy, I will get off the shower block that still feel icky and want to have the arm asing on my other library, while you’re not taking the clue shot like, and that Was something I wanted to share with y’all but yeah? That’s what I wanted to come to you guys and tell you guys.

I think that is about it. I got my pulled pork in there with some sweet baby Ray’s and the crock pot. We’ve got the mix. Sandwiches and we need some chips, we’re not even doing tater tots cuz. I ain’t got time for that and probably sit down and uh after I respond to these people. Do some movies with Minds. Jenny was, you know if Cox has any specials on what fried steak? What is I don’t even know? What Cox is? I don’t even know what Cox is? Let me see, I got my computer packs, what I don’t, I’m just putting Cox another baby.

What’s it about Oh cable provider? Oh, is that in Atlanta um, usually the cable providers don’t have programs for fire sticks. This is not a program for fire sticks. This is a way to get around them. Trying to tell you you cannot do certain things on the fire stick and trying to threaten you, so you either feel like you got to get away from, get it get rid of your fire stick or buy cable. That’s what they’re trying to do! No, it’s not true, but I did hear that most cable companies do have some sort of program for, like I said, low income, or you know, families that are on some sort sort of assistance.

You may be able to get some type of help, so I would just look into it. If you are in you know, if you fit those criterias, I would look into that, but using these cable companies down, I want you to have fire stick. They want you to pay for cable and I don’t want it because I’ve been around so many people who got cable like if I go. Do they hear they’ve like it’s, so boring ain’t, not nine-year idvr.

What I want to read and half the time. I don’t even read it and I just I just don’t. I usually read a lot of stuff on YouTube. There is some good movies on YouTube: have y’all ever looked on YouTube and seen a lot of the armed black urban movies, just a lot of movies on there. It’s a lot of odd type of movies on YouTube, and I had no clue to this last year. There’s a lot of great movies on YouTube, so that’s something that you definitely want to look into having the internet will give you open range for a lot of stuff.

You don’t really have to buy that cable! That’s why we got rid of it years ago, but on with the fire stick, like I told you all of y’all new to this fire stick gives you everything that cable gives you a read on network. I read HDTV. I read the Food Network. I read a Lifetime movie network like regular lifetime. I read: I read Hallmark Channel, I read HBO one, two, three signature and family like a Showtime, everything is on the fire stick and I’ve showed you that before and literally cut the TV on and show they’re from BT all of those blogs you can get them On the fire, stick so long as you pay for Internet you’re, all good, so guys.

I hope you guys enjoyed this information share it with someone and see you know who you can help save some coins and not have to pay so much for their internet services. That will be a sub arm, so yeah check that out and see what you can get have a good even in YouTube Debra. Ladies all, you guys have a good evening. I didn’t want this to be too long just enough to give you the information I wanted to give you and guys.

I think that’s what I’m going to be doing until I kind of figure out in my brain. What I want to do, jumping on doing lies if I feel like editing some of the footage. I got like what I did in my front yard. I may throw that article out and random article. It was out between here and there, but um guys. Yall know sunday is my flush day and Monday is day one of the water fast. So if you are joining the water fast, I am flushing on the distant day coming up, I’m flushing with my mango seven day.

One will be Monday and I will be at least doing three days as my goal of a water flush to water fast, I’m flushing Sunday, but a water fast. So, as one should ask you guys all right, you guys awesome evening and I’m about to go, eat dinner and contact and good rec and yep more some movies or something yeah later Gators

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