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Accelerate your growth with SEO (in 5 minutes)

There are four main pillars: technical SEO links. Content is really important and there is also all the user engagement and experiencing we are on Halloween. I think that it could be fun to imagine that, together with you guys, we are like an online candy store.

The first step, really important step is to really identify your kubera. It’s not really a matter of it’s about how you can do with those tools. What you want your cheer to be, is you want them to have a high search volume? You want them to have low competition, that is to say that the fewer people are competing to this specific keyword, the better. But if you have competitors, it’s it’s good to look at them and look at their strategy keywords.

The second step is we to optimize the architecture of your website. You remember our competitor. The structure of their website is this kind of structure. You have the homepage, you have the product, one product to product people, root for product, 5, etc, etcetera, and this type of structure is particularly wrong for su. The ID is to structure your website through what we call consummate. You should structure your website through different things.

Semantic things that are important for your business. If we still take our example, it will be like that we are again the store, so there is a homepage, Halloween candy. This is the the page. We really want people to go in. We can do the different project. We have both, but what could be interesting is also to develop concern to run big questions. The user have instance what types of kanji for Halloween we can make a page around this type of keyword and also how to prepare all Halloween.

So all of this imagine there are pages and the idea is. I have these pages that will talk about these different themes and the more you go above the more you will detail around the keyword you are targeting. After that we talked about keywords. We talked to better architecture, it’s about producing your own content, so remember this scheme when we try to have like a concrete example about it. This page how to prepare Halloween could be on this model.

Here you have how to prepare a Halloween here. We will have best mark best makeup for Halloween, so we will write a few words about what could be the most make up best makeup for Halloween and so on, and you will directly link to this other page that will only deal with best makeup tips. For you and the last part is to source different backlinks. So a back link, it’s quite simple! It’s just that a website is linking to your website when one of the strategy you can do after that is contacting all the this website and say: hey I’m doing a kanji Halloween themed page.

Can you put a backlink here on your website that link to my website? Another different strategy is a pure. It’s always good to ask the media’s if they could make they could put a link to in their articles to your website. So, as you can, you help you increase the traffic of your website and the different steps that we saw is one really intensify your strategy keyword to really think about the architecture of your website produce your own content and last step is really to sorcerer the different Thanks,

By Jimmy Dagger

Find out my interests on my awesome blog!

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