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Dumb SEO Questions 350.

We have that Tim Kappa. There Tim is a webmaster CEO of online ownership, calm and he’s also a Google product expert. You can hear more about Tim, a answer online and ship calm.

Tim is based about a hundred miles north of London in Kobe, and David resume is about what would it be seventy miles almost in the English Channel, David is he’s a leading internet marketer he’s a copywriter of many many years standing. He can be found and dated David Rosenberg young he’s based in West Sussex, better tacky worser is based in Wimbledon in London. He is Google product expert in the and since community.

I think I probably forgot to mention that Tim was a Google product expert in me. Given my business community, all right, let’s get started, we’ve got eight questions tonight. Why take Islamic the first one is from Chris Greene question, one on our run list. It’s a 404 pages with Novell and 301 targets. That’s the title Chris said: hi guys we have an e-commerce store which has old for our pauperis with some referring domains.

If we don’t have similar products to 301, redirect them to the next best place to be the related category, for example, if the product is address a redirect to the category dresses and cheers yeah, I certainly do that also what I would double check before doing. I don’t know how many I don’t know how many you’ve got if it’s a handful yeah no problem, but you know, if there’s thousands, I would certainly double check some of them and just see if there is actually any was there any ever any traffic to those Pages, do they have any equity of any shape or form you know? Do they have any links to them? Things like that, because if they are, you know it.

You know if they were never getting any traffic and they never actually had any links to them. Then you may as well just see them for a force, because it’s you know probably no one’s ever going to be clicking on those. But, of course, if they were trafficked and if there was traffic to them – and they have been mentioned here or there before then, certainly due to the to the you know that the category excellent thanks Tim anybody else, all right number, two on our unlisted from Caleb Larkins titled, is it bad to have more than three h3 tags? She said I am make making a listicle and would like to use header tags, but I have more than three.

Yes, I don’t know if you got this idea from, I don’t mean to repeat what I’m Michael Musto says. It has never been bad to do this, so go ahead. Use them use them wisely. Yes, the things exactly right today, I, like my Michael Mike, misses center. All right: okay, let’s cross that one off and move on to number three, and I now run this – it says it’s from redress kicks it’s time, I’m really confused about the canonical tag.

The article goes on the say: I’m I’m really confused about the canonical tag. A the global site is in English, and the British side has /en GB and there’s a product page with the duplicate content found also on the global site. Do I use the canonical tag on the product page of the blow global site, but does that mean that then, if someone searches for that page from UK, they would land on the global page or would they still land on the UK page? Will the UK page still get the rankings and also, if the Swedish processes same URL them as the global page, apart from a slash, a ceaseless product page, will then all visitors land on the global page rather than the Swedish page? As the canonical tag made the global product page, the ultimate and true virgin, if that is made, if there has, since all right how about it yeah this isn’t a canonical tag.

Question. I don’t think it’s a it’s a Natura clang question, although the Canonical’s will be there as part of the hreflang implementation, I got a bit lost in in the in the depths of this question, but basically, if you set up a Chang as it should be done, You should the right the right. You should get the right traffic to the right page, because Google would know what is relevant to the yeah. So it’s it’s a it’s an air shuffling case and the global English site is the default for everyone, except Britain or English speakers in the UK, and for those who speak Swedish.

So that’s where that x-default comes in, because, if you’re not in, if you’re, not a Swedish speaker and if you’re, not English speaker in UK, then you should be seeing the global English site. That’s why the heck Steve? What would be the global site with Paige left flank, pointing to the UK version and the Swedish version each page? Each version can have its own chemical, because it’s the true copy for that version right.

So two separate excuse me concepts. Hev Lang essentially says – and this page is the equivalent of this page in a different language locale, whereas canonical states. This is the true copy between the location of this resource and, if you’re Swedish speaker, then the Swedish page is the true copy of that place. So each page can have its own canonical. I think I got it right succeed. It said it sounded impressive.

I think you, I think you convinced me, okay, let’s wonder alone, to number four on our list I’ll play through already this one from Albert prana and Albert. Ask a question: title emails: offering Amazon backlinks. Is it through my websites contact form? I don’t know why people do this, but I mean hassling people through their content from I could wouldn’t care if they were giving away free money. I wouldn’t deal with them there anyway.

He said I’ve been getting emails from link building services offering Amazon backlinks da ninety six saying something akin to this has nothing to do whether you sell anything on Amazon or not. We create a page for you and your website will be linked on a dedicated page. This is a very strong do follow, link to your site, a Google search brute, provides little info about the this supposin technique and an Amazon’s Terms of Service say you can’t link away from Amazon.

So what is this? Is there any validity to it? This is lies. Damned lies. It’s spam. It’s bad practice! It’s it’s something! You should run away from. It’s something that you really shouldn’t worry at all about its validity. There isn’t any it’s just another one of those schemes that that strange people keep trying to relieve money from us. Oh yeah, I mean you can yeah, you can go and create author pages on hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of sites.

The thing is, they tell you: they only give you the da of the which I even hate, because it’s a thumbs up metric, but they give you this. You know of the actual site itself for the top line of the site itself, that actual little author page or you know sort of business page or I mean it’s essentially just essentially just like a some kind of citation on there yeah I just wouldn’t bother with Them yeah, it’s just a lot of rubbish: man, yep.

Okay, let’s go to the mix here we are here’s one from Sarah Adams. It’s titled emerging 5 at different sites into one mega site, I’m working with a publishing brand. That is going to be doing two big things in the next year: one merging 5 different sites and brands into one cohesive mega site. The big challenge here outside of tech, technical SEO of merging multiple sites into one is merging different brands.

Moving from a subscription model to a digital membership model with tears and paywalls, there are lots of examples out there in terms of publishing sites with pale walls and lots of examples out there of multi brand sites. But I don’t know of any that have both. Definitely not marketing by imitation here, but would love some examples of publishing sites, with distinct brands or distinct categories.

That also include digital memberships. Does anyone know of any examples? No, not with all different brands? No and I very rarely actually paid for, but just it won’t be up these paywalls, hmm. No, I don’t know of any multi brand on a site. Unfortunately yeah, I’m the same. Oh I like hate, paywalls, okay, anybody else right, number, six on our run list. It’s from Jacob album, it’s titled earning Google’s a rich card.

Jacob said hi, I need help. I work in a company called voice, one two three and we have tons of a voice actor profiles, for example the voice 1 2 3 dot-com / Brian st. I had my engineer set up structured data for all of the voice actor profiles, so we’d have the chance at earning Google’s rich card and when that voice actors name is searched, is there any way for me to easily check one how my snippet actually would appear In Google, if my snippet is appearing in Google, thank you well.

My first thought is that there’s a nice report in SEM rush that will tell you what what is appearing in terms of what’s appearing on Google, for four sentences for certain searches. You could put him the guy’s name or the woman’s name and see if any a nice features were being shown. You could also see if, if yours was appearing, you can do that for four different countries as well. I’r short, I’m not sure at all.

That would that would tell you what it looked like. I should. I feel there must be one around, but I’m struggling to think of one, but certainly this game rush will will give. You will show you who is appearing and all you could you could just do a search and see what turns up make sure that you used incognito. But you know you say: okay, I just checked your structured data on that page and you’ve literally used the entire.

You know for the description you use the entire page and, more importantly, you’ve got stars. Our star important voice. 1. 2. 3 is currently experience, so we have functionality issues your message through the system may not be reaching us. Please mate! You don’t need that in your structured data markup and I’m guessing if they did try and look at that. You know after the first sentence, that’d be like what is this like you’re already telling us that you’re just look you need.

I would edit your your structured data. I would not have that it. I would not have all this other additional stuff in there Idina like 5-star services, the name the game with Brian. No, you know if you’re doing a bad person you’re doing a bad person. I would certainly edit your your your structured data on that yeah yeah. I would certainly do that. Another thing is, is let me just search Brian. I mean I don’t know what kind of snippet you’re trying to I mean.

I already searched Brian Brian, you know and Google’s already saying, voice actors and their suggested, which is cool. But then there is a kind of featured snippets for Brian saying but Brian mercy and then he’s got his own site also and on IMDB so yeah you should be trying if you’re trying be the authoritative one that deserves the featured snippet for the the search query. Brian signs voice acts out, hang on.

Let me take a shot. Are you using same, as? Are you actually no you’re same, as is all to voice one two? Three, so it’s like see you yeah. I think you need to revisit this. Okay, there’s also been the question of in this case I just wan na search for me and the first on Brian st. And the first answer is: is Brian CENTCOM yeah yeah you’re going to have trouble, I think, ranking over the voiceover artists own site yeah, I Mean if they’re going to do an actual featured snippet in terms of the actor itself that would more likely come from either wiki or you know other axis, okay, what’s the Nexus? Now I don’t bother to remember these people yeah.

It tends to come from wiki and sort of other things whose profiles are these yeah, their own actual profiles of you own yeah. I mean like, if you’re going to do the same, as which I know in your structured data. You’ve got that as your organization, but if you were going to do same as I would be doing their own sort of social profiles and things like David said, I don’t see your site actually sort of hosted nuts posting that featured snippet per se, at least not For the not probably the bigger names, yeah yeah yeah, you may you may for other ones.

I mean, I don’t know who you have you know. The other thing is that Brian straight the example you gave has got an IMDB entry. You know that’s coming in at number two so which then actually links to his his own Brian CENTCOM, hmm yeah, whereas you don’t even you don’t even reference the sky you’re treating it as if it’s you is yours in that sense, but he’s he’s not in that. I would yeah yeah, I mean personally say if I was looking at this, I would I would like your pages.

Firstly, I would sort them out. I would really sort of your pages man stars important in capital, letters and you know your first line saying you’re experiencing functionality issues. I would really sort out your pages. I would get rid of all these weird star things. I would structure them exactly the same across every single one, so this is that this is the key thing. Yet I would really look at these and structure them across every single one.

Then, of course, if they have their own social profiles, I would add those in so look at an irregular actors. You know, features snippet or knowledge graph right and then look at those and structure it. According to how Google likes to structure these things and you you, what you want to do is you you want to become the authority like IMDB, but for voice, and but you need to have a proper structure in place.

This kind of stuff just does not work. The way you’ve got this page stuck, you know, clients it just all should be in proper, structured sort of stuff yeah. I would I would really that that’s my own personal thing, if you weren’t going to go down that road all good points, all right. Let’s move to the next, nobody has an objection. Okay, number seven on a run list is from a bender raj dango, it’s titled implementing review, schema a Bindra said them after an algorithm update for Rich Snippets for reviews by Google.

I have this confusion on my mind. I can relate to that now. He said now. Do we need to implement review schema only through micro data or PDFs? Can we get a snippet even when it’s implemented through json-ld thanks in advance yeah, you don’t need to change anything as such. You don’t need to change the way it’s done. You can. Obviously you can do it in multiple ways, but I mean the ideal version would be just an LT.

It’s easy! It’s easy to implement. It’s probably the better ones. What you’re, not understanding, is the rules around when Google are going to provide the stars and in the search results they are not going to be, I suppose what they call self self-serving. So essentially, if you are a business you can’t you know you could mark it up, they’re, just not going to display it. So if you’re, a plumber and you’re going to put your plumbing page – and you know if you’re an optician – it’s not going to be up on any of your pages – the only pages that they are really going to allow them onto now our product pages as such, They will allow them onto the service page.

So if you’re a plumber, it won’t be on your home page. But, for example, let’s say you have a boiler page and you allow, and you allow users that this is the crucial bit. You need to allow users to actually add add their own reviews right. You can’t use third-party tools to extract them from one site to add it to that site. It has to be the actual site or the actual service or product that that that the user can can can review but yeah.

So so those are the kind of things in that sense. You can’t just chuck it across an entire site and you can’t just chuck it on two, because you know I mean, of course, if you’re, a single page cafe and you allow for views on there. Yes, they were, you know they would honor that, because it’s the cafe and it’s the customer, but if ten it tends to be a product now they’ve just restricted it on self-serve it.

So you can’t run across all sorts of different things and equally you can’t be using a third-party third-party tool. The actual reviews need to be on that page. Excellent Tim. Thank you for that all right! Let’s go to our 8! Then final question on tonight’s panelists: it’s from Kelly and cream sitting on a flamingo Kelly Anne said it’s. The question is titled the particular keyword in a particular country, Kelly and said: hey.

Does anyone know what is the best way to check rankings for a particular keyword in a particular country yeah? So, there’s quite a lot of tools out there on the market that can do this for you, you can set it by a country. You can set it by a city, a town, a specific location. I particularly use SEMRush, but you can use. I mean there are a lot and you could even use your Google search console filtered by the country you’re looking at and hopefully that keyword will be appearing within there and then it will give you known exact but it’ll.

Give you a very good idea, and you must fill trip, a country to give you an idea. The other flip side of this. You know Kelly that you need to start thinking about this know really. You know checking out a keyword by country that the point is where that, where that rank tracker is actually searching it for what IP within that country, you know it could be the north or south, it could be somewhere somewhere else.

You know just it very rarely. People search by it by by just by you know, a country and what you see from a tracker is not going to be the same for people in that country in different locations. Searching for that same thing because it may be. You know if it’s sort of affected by local that could completely be different. Very rarely people actually search from a country search setting very rarely so and and of course, even if they are in the country and they search for a keyword, it doesn’t have any modifier and in it they will generally try and return a local search to them.

Based upon their IP or their, if their phones, chair location, so actually just searching for a country not really beneficial, I mean for you like I’m, like put this way. I wouldn’t go and pay for a rank tracker just to check a country. I would use your search console and then it just gives you kind of an idea right if you were looking specifically localized, then yeah. You know that makes more sense, because you know if you’re looking at localized, you can try and understand well what we need to do to appear more in this demographic.

These are the demographic or these are the. This is the actual city we want to target, not just like it’s, you see what I mean, so I would just before you go out and like spend money on any of these trackers, I would just maybe read up a little bit more on actual where things Are going to rank how they’re going to rank, how Google tries to serve different results based upon the search query and the where the users located? Thank you, Tim may anybody else.

Okay! Well, that’s about it! For tonight. We’ve done it again. We’ve answered all of the questions asked on the dumb SEO questions Facebook group for this week, we’ll be back yet at the same time next week, but before I go, I must thank Tim, Kappa David Roseanne, Masatoshi versa. Thank you for your contribution. Oh my kappa sure. Cashner, it’s just joining us. Okay, Michael thank you for coming in, but we’re just about to get a green room.

Sadly, Oh Just My Luck, you like blue. All right must you still say if they think people like mottled, stricka, –, Michael Martinez and Richard Hearn, many other people who answer questions throughout the weekend, they’re very contribution that is invaluable. Okay, as I said that will be back at the same time next week, but for now it’s good night


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