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Truth About Passive Income

If you guys been following my blog, I talk a lot about financial freedom. What financial freedom is is the ability to have your assets passively pay for your personal liabilities? What’s up guys Steven Steven vest helping real estate agents brokers as well as real estate? Investors grow their businesses and grow their wealth in the path toward financial freedom.

Now there are many ways to create passive income. You can own say real estate, for example, you could create an e-book. You can start a YouTube blog like this one. You can build a blog with affiliate links now. I think a lot of people are attracted to the phrase passive income. I mean I readed. Some of these guys on YouTube and they talked about passive income as if you’re going to press a button, you’re going to wake up at 3 a.

M. And find several thousands of dollars in your bank account. That was not there several hours before. At the end of the day, it’s just not reality. However. Passive income is incredible. So, let’s put all the aside and talk about exactly how passive is passive income. Well, let’s take an example of a article that I did about buying mobile homes with no money. Now, once the system is executed, you will in fact create passive income with minimal work, but what most people don’t talk about is how much work is involved to get you to that point, you’re going out on a daily basis and you’re scouting out mobile home parks.

You’re scouting out owners of the actual mobile home structures, you’re negotiating with them you’re going through and you’re previewing these to find out how much money it’s going to cost to put these into rentable suitable, safe conditions, you’re prepping that unit you’re you’re fixing it up. You’re scouting trying to find tenants, you’re doing the background checks and everything for the tenants, you’re doing the execution of lease and, in the instance that that tenant, that’s in place, isn’t paying their rent, you’re tracking them down for rent payments.

Your your even possibly going through the eviction process as well, so there’s a lot of work involved, as you can see with any of these passive income income paths. There is a level of work that to be implemented and executed before you get to that point of just sleeping and money being deposited in your bank account if you have millions and millions of dollars in the bank, and you put that into certain funds or certain Stocks and so forth, yes, you can sit back put that money there.

You can sit back and and collect these cheques that are going to come in off of dividends, but for the rest of us that do not have necessarily very much money or money at all. There’s going to be the level of work that has to actively and aggressively be implemented before you can even consider collecting these passive income checks. Now, if you are working a full-time job, you can do a lot of this stuff on the side.

Now, if you are interested in creating passive income for yourself here is my biggest suggestion. There are a lot of ways to create passive income. Again, there’s going to be a level of work that has to be implemented, but there are a lot of different ways to create passive income. What I want you to do is go ahead and research all the different ways to create passive income and then pick one. Only one to focus in on research, everything read every article on YouTube that you can possibly read by any ebooks or books off of Amazon research right now and then literally tonight or tomorrow start implementing the strategies to begin.

I can tell you once you begin the strategies, for example, even starting this YouTube blog. There are ways of making passive income from this blog, but you the learning process. The learning curve really starts to happen when you’re actually doing it. So once you start doing it, then you’re going to run into roadblocks we’re going to have to research more on exactly what specific roadblocks you have to get through to get to the next level in your passive income strategy as time progresses, I’m going to put out More and more articles on exactly what we’re doing over here to create passive income, and if you guys do like this article and you actually want to check out one of them, which is the buying mobile home parks or buying mobile homes, with no money down, you Can go ahead and check out that article next? I do appreciate the support and, if you guys enjoyed this article subscribe like and I’ll see you guys on the next article thanks a lot.

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Quit Your Job and Start a 6 figure Digital Marketing Agency

You know they’re an Intelligent person, I’ve got a good job, but throughout that time like me, they Realized that the job wasn’t everything they only got a couple weeks holiday, Every single year and they’re looking for something else, but they didn’t want To do anything inauthentic, and that was the first thing they always say to me as They they want to be authentic, and I like that. The second thing is they Want to be able to do something and test it, so they can transition safely.

So what They’Re looking for is something that will actually help them. Go there safely. They’Re, looking for a side hustle to start it and see what happens? Is they Try a lot of things and typically they get into a place where they’re selling Tupperware or the next best nutrient supplement and always turns into one of Those weird pyramid things where you’ve got a sell, someone and a sell someone and sell Someone and eventually that burns out for them and they find themselves back At square one, so they look at all sorts of different opportunities.

I think Property or maybe selling on Amazon or starting another business here, maybe They become a coach or they look at all sorts of things, but really they Haven’T found their thing and what I always suggest when they ask me this, I Say Chris, what should I do? I said there’s one thing and this one Thing is the easiest thing to start. It gives you the number one skill to grow. Your business, any business long-term and it’s going to set you up for your future.

When you decide what it is, you really want to do and you can get paid really. Really well for it, and that is becoming a digital marketer. Here’S why it’s so Great number, one being a digital marketer. You can work part time also Being a digital, marketer, you’re able to solve a big problem for businesses, which Is getting them leads? Another thing that I like about it Is that it’s a science marketing is a science.

It’S really simple: it’s not a Huge crazy science. We have to learn all sorts of things. It’S just step by step. What you do for one person you do for every other one, here’s what I also like! About it is because you solve a big problem, you can make lots of money in Fact, a client of mine is making sixty thousand dollars a month working about Thirty hours a week – and I don’t know about you but 60 grand a month – that’s About seven hundred twenty thousand dollars a year 30 hours a week, would Sound pretty good, but here’s.

The best thing is when you learn this skill, you Set yourself up for any other business that you want to do in the future, so Three years ago I made a decision that I start certifying and teaching others how To be a digital marketer, it took me three years to get the program together. And to get it up to test it to measure it to figure out exactly what works now, We’Ve got that we’re able to show anyone in a six month program how to become Certified as a digital marketer to leave their job create a very high profit.

Slide hustle that really really helps them. Here’S a question I have for you: Think about this, how many businesses do you know they have a great product or Service, but could do with more exposure. More leads, more business, more sales, you couldn’t walk down any Street in any small town and not five. Four five, six Seven eight ten twenty businesses they should be selling their products or Services online true, and they don’t know how.

Typically, these business owners are In their late 40s, early 50s and even 60s, the Internet to them doesn’t make sense. However, if you’re reading this and you’re reading this on the Internet, I Bet you have an understanding of how to use some of these platforms. I bet you Have a bit of a base knowledge and I promise, if you spend six months with us, We’Ll show you exactly how to be a highly paid highly sought-after highly Profitable location free time free digital marketer.

So if this has made Sense, I want to show you exactly how this works, how a certification, Works what it is you do, and I want to show you how your first 10 clients just 10, clients will equal $ 100,000 income. I want to show you exactly how to do that. How to get started so I have a four day challenge coming up. It’S four days, you Can join it each day is about twenty minutes. Long and I’ll show you exactly One piece of the puzzle and on the fourth day I invite you to have a Conversation about becoming a digital marketer and about changing your life, Look you’ve got nothing to lose, go and check this out.

So click on this join in Spend 4 days with me, let me teach you and show you what others have done. Let me explain just how simple this is and if you’re an intelligent person that Thinks, logically, that can follow a system that can follow a recipe if you Know people need this, then you know that this is an absolutely amazing no-brainer. Of an opportunity so come get some more information I’ll see on the challenge.