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5 Things You Need To Know Before You Start Blogging or Vlogging

If you’re new here hello, my name is Monte Suggs, I am a writer and motivational hacker and what you will fly it on this blog are things about writing and personal vlogs and shopping and anything and everything to do with personal development growth. I love setting goals and talking about it and helping you to reach your own goals, and this blog is all in hopes to inspire you to go for your dreams.

So if that sounds good to you make sure you hit the subscribe button and that you also hit that little bell so that you get notified when I upload it. So you guys grab your favorite beverage coffee and let’s sit down and talk for just a few minutes about the things that you need to know about. If you are starting to work more on the internet, if you’re, starting to blog or if you’re starting to sell things on the online, I was blogging for 5 years.

Without doing any of these things – and I lost a lot of opportunities to make money and to just get out there and meet other people doing the same thing as I am as I was doing so get rid of you guys, because I’m about to show you The five things that you need to know about, if you’re, just starting out on the world wide web, let’s get started. Ok, you guys here we go so the very first thing that I recommend, if you are starting on the world wide web, doing anything regarding the public is that you create a landing page.

If you do not have a website, if you have a website even better, but I’m starting, let’s say from the beginning, if you were just starting out and all you have – are your social media sites, I recommend that you create a landing page or a web site, But I’m not going to get into the whole website thing, I’m just going to give you the basics of a landing page for a landing page. I recommend that you use MailChimp.

It is free. You can create landing pages with MailChimp, as you can see here, and you can create beautiful pages like you can see here in just a few minutes. So the next thing that you need to do is you need to create your email list right. That is so so important you guys when you are working with the public. It is important to start getting your own contacts, don’t just depend on Facebook or YouTube or Instagram or LinkedIn, because all these things can one day disappear, and then you have lost every single contact that you’ve made every single connection that you have made, but with an Email list – this is yours, it is priceless right, so you use MailChimp to create a landing page use MailChimp to create a to start.

Creating your email list, one of the best ways to start getting people to sign up to your email list, is to give something away for free. So whatever John Wright you’re in, I recommend that you let’s go here. I recommend that you use canva with canva. You can create all kinds of goodies to give away to your audience as an incentive for them to sign up to your email list. You can create anything that attracts them in your in your niche.

So if you’re, a writer, maybe you can do a checklist of things to do for like say, NaNoWriMo, that’s coming up. If you are in the cooking industry, you can do a recipe and tell them to to sign up to your email list to get the full recipe and maybe five more and you can create all these beautiful things with canva and canva is free, oh, and so Is MailChimp by the way, all free? So, as you can see here, I use canva for everything I create my quotes here with for Instagram, I create my trackers.

I create an outline anything that I want to give away to my audience. I created first in canva and then I lose load it onto my email program here with MailChimp and when someone signs up to my email list, they get a beautiful PDF. The next thing that I recommend that you do is that you sign up with the affiliate programs with Amazon or Target or any any of these big companies that you can sign up.

They pretty much. Let everybody sign up. I’ve never heard of anybody not being able to sign up, so I think you’re definitely a shoo-in, but what I mean by this four years for five years, I was blogging and I was recommending products and books for my audience to read and I never got a Penny for any of it when you join with the affiliate program with Amazon or Target, and you recommend a duck a product and they that person clicks on that link.

Let’s say you’re recommending a book and they click on the link and they buy that book. You get a commission for it, so don’t don’t don’t not do this, you guys it’s so important. Even every little penny counts as you’re growing in the industry. Okay. The next thing I recommend that you do is that you join Facebook groups, so many different Facebook groups, like you, can see here. I have author youtubers when I post a article on YouTube.

I can share it here. A little side note here, not every single group that you join, will let you post on their group, but a lot of them do so. For example, when I joined author youtubers, I can post my youtube articles here that I upload to YouTube and let them know hey, I just uploaded a article. I would love for you guys to check it out if you’re looking for this or that or whatever my topic may be another one here.

When I blog I can share my blog on this blog live on this other one. That’s called share your blog post and I don’t blog family getting noticed blog support group also see like power of thought. I can share it there I can share, and so my con aren’t so many Facebook groups that I had no idea that I could do this. You do this. Furthermore, you can post your books and your promotions on these other groups.

Kindle reading club. You can share it on these free, Kindle books, book marketing, free Kindles book, Kindle publishers when you’re running a promotion on your books. You can post it here and that’s more people that get to know about you and your book and people that are actually interested in either your topic or the kinds of books that you’re talking about or Kindle or whatever it is so yeah. You guys.

I hope that you found this helpful, like I said I blogged for so many years, without getting anything in return, so I didn’t want you guys to miss out on any of these opportunities. I wanted to give you guys a chance to know all the things that I didn’t know and I hope you get right on it. If you’re not doing it, maybe you already have your email list, but you’re not giving anything in returns, and maybe you can give canva a shot and try creating beautiful documents to give to your community.

And maybe if you do have an email list – and you already have a canva website that you use and that you give to you in products that you give back to your email subscribers. Maybe you haven’t signed up for the affiliate program and I definitely recommend that you do that because um, I think, if I’m not mistaken, if the timing is still right. If somebody clicks on your link today and let’s say you were promoting a book with Amazon, if they click on your link for 48 hours, if they go back to Amazon and they’re buy anything at all, it doesn’t even have to be the same book that they Clicked on you will get a commission for it.

Okay, so yes, you guys. That is all I have for you guys today. I hope you enjoyed this article leave me a comment below letting me know if you are going to try any of these things that you that I mentioned here on this article today and remember to subscribe and until next time stay safe.

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Quit Your Job and Start a 6 figure Digital Marketing Agency

You know they’re an Intelligent person, I’ve got a good job, but throughout that time like me, they Realized that the job wasn’t everything they only got a couple weeks holiday, Every single year and they’re looking for something else, but they didn’t want To do anything inauthentic, and that was the first thing they always say to me as They they want to be authentic, and I like that. The second thing is they Want to be able to do something and test it, so they can transition safely.

So what They’Re looking for is something that will actually help them. Go there safely. They’Re, looking for a side hustle to start it and see what happens? Is they Try a lot of things and typically they get into a place where they’re selling Tupperware or the next best nutrient supplement and always turns into one of Those weird pyramid things where you’ve got a sell, someone and a sell someone and sell Someone and eventually that burns out for them and they find themselves back At square one, so they look at all sorts of different opportunities.

I think Property or maybe selling on Amazon or starting another business here, maybe They become a coach or they look at all sorts of things, but really they Haven’T found their thing and what I always suggest when they ask me this, I Say Chris, what should I do? I said there’s one thing and this one Thing is the easiest thing to start. It gives you the number one skill to grow. Your business, any business long-term and it’s going to set you up for your future.

When you decide what it is, you really want to do and you can get paid really. Really well for it, and that is becoming a digital marketer. Here’S why it’s so Great number, one being a digital marketer. You can work part time also Being a digital, marketer, you’re able to solve a big problem for businesses, which Is getting them leads? Another thing that I like about it Is that it’s a science marketing is a science.

It’S really simple: it’s not a Huge crazy science. We have to learn all sorts of things. It’S just step by step. What you do for one person you do for every other one, here’s what I also like! About it is because you solve a big problem, you can make lots of money in Fact, a client of mine is making sixty thousand dollars a month working about Thirty hours a week – and I don’t know about you but 60 grand a month – that’s About seven hundred twenty thousand dollars a year 30 hours a week, would Sound pretty good, but here’s.

The best thing is when you learn this skill, you Set yourself up for any other business that you want to do in the future, so Three years ago I made a decision that I start certifying and teaching others how To be a digital marketer, it took me three years to get the program together. And to get it up to test it to measure it to figure out exactly what works now, We’Ve got that we’re able to show anyone in a six month program how to become Certified as a digital marketer to leave their job create a very high profit.

Slide hustle that really really helps them. Here’S a question I have for you: Think about this, how many businesses do you know they have a great product or Service, but could do with more exposure. More leads, more business, more sales, you couldn’t walk down any Street in any small town and not five. Four five, six Seven eight ten twenty businesses they should be selling their products or Services online true, and they don’t know how.

Typically, these business owners are In their late 40s, early 50s and even 60s, the Internet to them doesn’t make sense. However, if you’re reading this and you’re reading this on the Internet, I Bet you have an understanding of how to use some of these platforms. I bet you Have a bit of a base knowledge and I promise, if you spend six months with us, We’Ll show you exactly how to be a highly paid highly sought-after highly Profitable location free time free digital marketer.

So if this has made Sense, I want to show you exactly how this works, how a certification, Works what it is you do, and I want to show you how your first 10 clients just 10, clients will equal $ 100,000 income. I want to show you exactly how to do that. How to get started so I have a four day challenge coming up. It’S four days, you Can join it each day is about twenty minutes. Long and I’ll show you exactly One piece of the puzzle and on the fourth day I invite you to have a Conversation about becoming a digital marketer and about changing your life, Look you’ve got nothing to lose, go and check this out.

So click on this join in Spend 4 days with me, let me teach you and show you what others have done. Let me explain just how simple this is and if you’re an intelligent person that Thinks, logically, that can follow a system that can follow a recipe if you Know people need this, then you know that this is an absolutely amazing no-brainer. Of an opportunity so come get some more information I’ll see on the challenge.