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How to Get More Instagram Followers (2013)(No Hack)

If not here, you should end up here. If not go there and right here it says, search for a user and hashtag. You want to search for famous people, so that can be a celebrity or a famous shout out page and if you don’t have anything in mind I’ll be putting some users down in the description, so you can look them up.

I’m just going to do this. Shoutout page cuz, it has about two thousand eight hundred followers. That’s good enough for me, and you want to go right here where it says followers you want to tap on the number. Take you to this page and you will see all the people that are following that page. So what you want to do right now is start following a bunch of people as much as you can so just tap on, follow, follow follow.

Why is it doing that? Follow, oh my god. This is getting annoying, so you get the point. So, let’s just start following a bunch of people and if it says requested kind of like right there. I don’t recommend following him, because they’re probably not going to follow you back cuz. If you know they’re the type of people that would put their account on private, then I don’t know. But it’s you know it’s your choice but yeah so follow as many people as you can and wait about six hours at the most and within six hours.

What you want to do is look for the people that did not follow back and how would you do that? Well, there’s an app in the iOS App Store, I’m not about I’m, not sure about the Android, but I will find out and I’ll. I will be putting the link for the Android and iOS app and it’s called insta followers. Basically it analyzes your followers and it tells you breaks it into groups, it breaks it into the group, that’s not following you back and you know you get the idea.

So, basically, right here it tells me new followers. I have 15 new followers, us nine people have unfollowed me and 14 people are not following you back so which one I look at is the part where it says are not back, because we want to unfollow those people because they don’t know you know they didn’t Want to follow us so tap on that and unfollow those people now like. I said, I’m not sure if you guys have this app in the Android App Store, but I will make sure that I check I’ll check and I will and if there is I’ll, be putting the link down in the description.

So you can get it for your Android device, so basically unfollow those people that didn’t follow back and you know make sure you follow those people that are following back at him: easily unfollow them, and there are many third-party apps out there for both Android and iOS. That you can use to see who’s, not following you back and you can simply unfollow them from there. Anyways, like I said, Instagram is a big game.

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Tips for Building a Personal Brand From Nothing – VidCon Vlog 8 Jade Darmawangsa

This was my very first year at VidCon and, let’s just say, I was looking through the footage of this article you’re about to see, and it doesn’t make quite set to summarize everything. This just goes to show you how chaotic brazii lidded con was because it was really great time, but it wasn’t what I really expected.

Some of you guys know me if you don’t what’s up and I just moved out today recently, I don’t know why we’ve got. I had an interview, though most of this article is going to be kind of circulating around that contest and make sure you guys stay tuned very and, if you’re going to learn how to grow your brand a little bit more about VidCon. My honest thoughts about I’d be in for a roller coaster, so let’s jump into it guys.

So my name is Jade derma Wanda, I’m a 17 year old entrepreneur trying to make her way in LA. I feel like that’s when you youtube intro. I look II. Think I’m just trying to not financially deprecated. What is that per gate me depreciate, depreciate and try not to financially depreciate depreciate? I thought it was deprecated anyway. The first thing that caught I’ll link it below was crazy. It was five day.

Two is great. I met some awesome, tubers and then day three hit, which is where we’re at. What’s up, you guys welcome to my blog today’s day, sorry, a VidCon. This is my first year. I’ve been doing YouTube for like 7 years off and on and dreaming up this place. So I didn’t know what to really expect. I saw every single youtuber and maybe you’ve been there too, but like you’ve seen this like idea, VidCon and you’ve never really gone out there, but it always looks like funds and giggles.

You know it always looks like a great time. No honestly, most of this convention I was just walking around didn’t know what to do. I started my day off with avocado toe. I met my friend Brandon guys, I’m here with Brennan, so I’m here with Brennan to get avocado toast in Beverly Hills. So I got my poop juice, obviously guys what about that? This beauty? It’s really good you’re getting with the book the hair.

No, it’s great Brennan’s! A super cool dude hung out with him. Balloony me all weekend. He stayed on my freakin couch, so yeah me and Brendan head avocado toast, but here we have avocado toast, which was $ 17, I’m going to self depreciate more. I live in LA Orange County’s like a pretty far drive so when we made it to VidCon, I was actually kind of tired but again you’re just wandering. So we went to her first panel and Andy, but then I had to run to my first and everybody.

So we’re at VidCon danger and now we’re going to my first event, which is like a meeting interview with some people at VidCon, but I’m kind of late. Like usual interview was, like all night Libby shot up to, let be she’s working on a project for college units and universities. So I answered her a few questions. The first question I got was: how do you create a personal brand? That’s unique and attracts attention, so how do you create a personal brand, that’s unique and attractive how to create a person brand.

That’s unique! I think a lot of people need to realize that what makes them unique is that what the topic is it’s about, how you are and that’s very cliche, but there’s a lot of emphasis on your story and narrative. So if you don’t have a story, if you don’t have an epic like life, Bella, that’s, okay, what I’m talking about is a personal brand. That’s attractive, it’s all about before and after so what I would do is try to find your audience what a twit didn’t lack tell them where they want to be so, for example, if they’re trying to inspire people make sure you say this is why I’m credible.

Maybe this is why you should listen to me, but then tell them the backstory and make sure you’re relatable, because the one thing is, if you don’t build that Epiphany bridge, no one will listen to you. You know that’s why people can’t relate to, like you know, Kim Kardashian. You know people can really link to like Emma Chamberlain, there’s a reason why there’s our market is gravitating towards like relatable content, it’s just because we can begin vibe with it and it’s more.

It resonates for who we are and like number one mistake that you see when people are trying to gain those clickbait use those keywords but they’re still not getting that attraction up there. I think you could be doing something right and doing everything right, but if you don’t have the right timing, it’s not going to work. So I feel like you could be, do something perfectly and every day you go at it, but it’s summertime and you’re knocking on the wrong door so being at the right time at the right place.

Is everything like, for example, I did YouTube for like seven years. It’s a little year ago, we’re actually starting off. So for me, it’s just like a lot of people is like, I think my biggest phrase ever is like Jane. I have tried everything so for that. I just say patience and literally being able to tweak with the market. So if you’re, just going into your articles, then you’re going to make X amount of content like 12 point series, be okay with making it maybe shorter and then moving on.

I think people don’t want to DAP, because it’s scary to change yeah, we have to realize it. Timing is everything so be at the right time right present, just like literally keep doing what you’re doing, but just have the patience for it tell us god, that’s perfect! Hey, let me know, do you have any questions for yourself, maybe like what like me, what led me to build this? For me, I have a bigger picture.

Like money doesn’t mean anything to mean, like literally, you could tell me, I’m going to make a million dollars, but now, if that was it like I’ll, be so disappointed myself, so I don’t think money motivates me. I thought it was like status right. I’m going to dress really well, then I realize I don’t. I don’t feel good when I buy something. Do you ever like buy something, and I see yourself or like wait.

I could have just saved it right. He says I don’t realize not like looking good. I think what it is it really is. I want to build a platform that gives me the credibility to help people so like. Basically, I just want to make connections with people. That’s it. I’m a people person and if I can get because like the thing is, if you don’t have anything to talk about that means you’re not blending something.

So I don’t want to get really good at one thing. For me, it’s marketing help so many people with it and that’s how I build connections see those are wonderful questions and I hope you guys got some value. We’re going to continue on with the day. Vidcon was honestly examine. This is when it had a turning point. After the article is also and dandy and chill after this moment, my life changed, I met some of you guys, so I had a meet-up readiness Meetup I just was assuming one person was going to show up.

I don’t know why I have their fear that no one of you guys, like my contact, all of you guys, came then 10, then you a whole crowd of them, and I was just so surreal guys. I met some domination people; they were I’m literally looking at you right now in this camera, and I want to say thank you for your love and support. I don’t really think about you guys as like a crowd. I just think of you at the same one.

In one relationship like I love this hike sitting down and talk to you guys and helping you grow your Instagram and that’s just what I love to do. So. Thank you for coming out to the Meetup. It was awesome so, for example, like the new owner frogmen your audience. So then you have more sponsorship to know like it’s a different audience, so in hip 10,000 sort of next blog and then now you have like our girl a lot of things yeah for sure.

Thanks for staying on so firm it you guys it was very great, like I was honored adrenaline high and then there was a pony. I don’t like party, I don’t well, maybe because I I was never invited to parties. Hey I got in high school. Never really did that there was basically a VidCon after-party for the top craters peoples, just important people. You know I didn’t get an invite okay, so I should I try to sneak in and it didn’t really work.

We went through security and they just stopped us because I didn’t have my wristband. I just turn around me and Brennen. Basically, we had dinner. This put, it was like 10:00 p.M. And you know what I’m not even upset um and I really realize guys is, after being this whole VidCon weekend, you’re just going to feel sometimes really small, because everyone wants to just know how many followers you have your worth.

It’s basically on a result – and I kid you not at that moment when I go catch, a free party and winning moments before, like just wandering off feeling in place, you have to realize you cannot put your identity in your results. Who you are is on what you do and I have to really make that quick switch because it was hard on us. Some people had millions and millions of followers and not what I really care and I’m going to like measure that.

But it’s important to know your self-worth internally before you think about external things. Vidcon taught me a lot. I taught me just hi net, where I kind of meet really cool people and also taught me to how to love myself, even if I don’t have a biggest following, as you know, all those convictions. I was really cool to me. People with like larger followings, not because of the number but because of you, know the ways they got there.

I love hearing the stories. I met something cool peace shout out to Hayley, Ryan and sitting. Basically, the only people are going out with this weekend. You know what there’s actually something we’re working on, really really last-minute, which is a song, and you guys will hear that and this literally like the people. I met at VidCon our friendships that I consider so so surreal and genuine to me and it’s not about the numbers.

It was hard for me because I feel like a small fish in a big pond or ever vention event and place where you don’t feel like. You belong realize that it’s all your mindset, which it and really become internally confident rather than external people, won’t believe in you. If you don’t believe in yourself hope I gave you some insight on how it was super fun. Super freaking lit this article and subscribe.

If you like it, like this article and subscribe bitch shut up to the comet literature comment on this post to feature the next step, this is you want to be an excellent winner. Make sure you comment below your thoughts on a bid card where you there did you hug me or did you like it Tom and below? I wonder your thoughts, but what do you thought about today’s article catch you guys in the next one good, bye,

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