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How To Grow a New Website to Over 50,000 Organic Visits Per Month

Now, I’m going to say this right now: it’s not easy! It’s hard you’re going to put at the time his own fucking acts, no growth. Hacks no like, if you use days all of a sudden the floodgates opening a millions of people go to your website no way. I know that shit doesn’t exist, however, going to show you a proven skillful model they can duplicate and send off to your team, rinse and repeat: look at your analytics optimized based on your analytics and grow and grow and grow and grow and scale the right way.

Okay, so this is a model in a nutshell and keep this article short as possible. The system is called a who. What where and how system in this article just been talking about the where forget about everything else, but just let you know that’s where it comes from. So if we’re looking at the whole model most businesses, they will spend a lot of time focusing on their own platform. You want to start off with a start up.

You get your beautiful website, so you have your big website over here. You spend all this kind of money, creating content inside this website right through the money sign and you go out really cool. Look at my constant of my website. You do some social media posts see all of this. You know normal stuff. What they tell you to do and guess what nothing happens? No one comes your website because no one is a shit about your company.

No one cares about your brand yeah you’re, nobody, okay. So this is what you need to do. Instead, you still, you still need to build out your website, but don’t invest that much time into it, make it aesthetically pleasing, make it mobile friendly the standard stuff? Okay, so you have your website like so and basically what I want you to do is I’m going to spend. You know enough of your time creating three amazing pillar posts and what pillar posts are are guides or articles anywhere between two thousand words thousand words.

Beautiful images and articles like you really invest your time in and kind of like become the industry leader. In that specific, you know topic they were talking about, so you have three, so three pillar posts would call them, and you know, on average, like spending over between five hundred fifty thousand on the pillar post – maybe more maybe less – I don’t know – maybe doing yourself. Nonetheless, one three of them on your website: it really be strategic, pick three topics in your industry: let’s say your e-commerce of a product, maybe if you’re selling a pen maybe talk about them like cost of business for an office, that’s one and the second one is How to reduce overhead in your office, you get it just a bit, so three different topics with inside your industry and you create these pillar post on these bullshit 500 word cheesy little dinky articles and I fucking hate okay.

So now I got three polar posts. This is where the scalability model – the hard work, comes in. Remember what I said. Nobody knows you exist. Your website is in ghost town, remember the movie Field of Dreams. If you will build it, it will come down. Comes don’t cares about your fucking baseball field, okay, so, basically, what you need to do is this: you need to drive your Google Doc sheets and you’re, going to you’re going to do this you’re going to have one section which is called a GP another section which Is called podcast and if you guys can see that on this is garbage, so force markers seen need actually a fuckin marker business.

So we’re going to have there. We go we’re going to have a desperate, better GP and podcast okay and basically, what you’re going to do with GPS for guest clothes. You can use a tool like bus sumo, so this is what I do. I go to bus to go get the pro feature. Trust me don’t Chin’s out on that free feature Pro feature: invest in proper fucking software, go to bus, sumo and type in the keywords, your business, so we’re going to still use the whole theme about the marker based going to type in the keyword startup.

I’r going to type in the word and the consumer product and type in the word, maybe design so figure out the main keywords in the ordinate of your business and one side of us to move. There is a check mark for guest posts. You check that only that nothing else, and it’s going to give you all these articles where people have guest posted holy shit. That’s a fucking goldmine. So basically, what you want to do is you want to click the button on the right? It’s going to look for the most shares, so LinkedIn shares for the shares Facebook shares and then basically go by one by one, every single one, and what I’m looking for is I’m looking for hide the main website north of 40 plus domain Authority.

A great little trick you can do, is you take the URL of that website? You can plug it into a website called similar web.Com boom and you look for monthly traffic. So what you’re looking for is anywhere between north of a hundred thousand monthly hits? You don’t want anything south of that, because it’s not worth your time. So let’s say you go through the whole process of finding websites doing more than one hundred thousand hits a month domain of 30, 40 plus 40 plus and basically you’re making a list of least at least 30 guest hosting opportunities.

So you go to your Google Docs and Google Drive and you make content okay cool now, um go is due to podcasting. So basically, podcast is a little bit easier to leave any tools at all. You can go to six-year. You can go to iTunes. You can go to Google Play or Google podcasts and basically you’re looking at least the top 40 in your needs, so, let’s type in, for example, once again with this, maybe you, entrepreneurs, startup marketing, consumer goods, etc and basically you’re.

Looking for the top 40, you rip that data out you go to a Google Doc and once again guess what name content boom. That’s your list! Okay, and this is what you do. Let’s start with the guest post, you go one by one and email them and I usually ask permission based marketing as opposed to just pitching them. Like literally this will I do subject line trying to connect or to blow the name of the person.

So let’s say to Mike from a mere: are you accepting guest post question line and a fucking story, literally more than 80 % of the time to email me back what you got? What do you have in mind? That’s privileged space marketing boom, open up the relationship and that’s when you sell them. So basically what you want to do is you know those three pillar posts that you had. So this is what you do around those topics you pitch them: a good guest post that it’s congruent with their audience, not what you want, but congruent with their audience, based on those three pillar Cosi you’re talking about – and this is where the traffic part comes in – Because if you’re looking at Google rankings, they care about backends for your website, they care about bounce rate, they care about how many other websites that people are talking about your website and anchor linking to your website, etc, etc.

So let’s say the first person accepts our guest post. You start writing a beautiful guest post on their website addressing their audience. Talking about the three color posts are roughly around the three pillar post ideas you had somewhere in that post your going to have a link to one of your pillar posts and the whole idea how we do how we do it usually is: let’s say we’re going To call this on our pillar post, one so pillar, post one is: we have a campaign for each pillar post, so pillar, post one is we’re looking for roughly and we’re between five to ten guest posting opportunities in each of these guest posting opportunities.

They have one link, so anchor text based link back to pillar post, one more or less you’re, creating an organic personal backlinking network, as opposed to paying in and controlling your own. That’s a whole different article, but this is an organic way. Different websites different website different web sites. You have now pushed their audience, you’re, building links back to your pillar post, and that’s it simple as that.

So once you’re done p1 go to p2 p3, you get they just divisible down the whole. This you get ready for rejection, sure keep on moving forward if moving forward and moving forward. The whole idea now you’re telling Google that you are a trustworthy website. The people deem you as an authority and will see you above all when you get fucking exposed to like mass amounts of audience. Like imagine getting a guest post on, like I don’t know, website doing the million hits a month and then they put in the front page.

You can’t buy that type of media. It’s too expensive. You got it for free you under community. You get it back into your website times that by five six seven, ten, twenty five twenty five guest posts – you do the math. It really does help your company. This is scalable quantifiable. You can look your Google Analytics. You can see how many people are coming from every link, every post, bounce rate, etcetera, etcetera, become very become.

You know, use Matthew advantage. You know I wasn’t number from the beginning. I realized how important numbers are so really digging deep with your analytics and see what’s happening? Is you going on and then optimized from their podcast a little bit different, so podcasts are obviously not guest hosting you’re, not ready for them. We reach out, I figure out what the angle of their audience is pitch.

Your idea pitch your story and just be you be fun. We’re in and have a good conversation, be interesting for people and usually for the most part, use podcasting. You have a spot where they link back your website. It’s not obviously to your article, but here’s a little tip on top of that. If you are in a position where you can offer something special for their audience, create a unique page for the audience.

So let’s say going back to the markers: maybe you can have like entrepreneur and partners, John Lee Dumas as a podcast and all these other people a podcast or you know, art of charm, Jordan Harbinger. You can have art of charm, comm, slash goal marker, for example. So from our to charm, Jordans page they click it. They go to market page, a special offer just for his audience. Okay, so make a unique make it personable just for their audience that that little extra goes a long way.

That’s it! You go down the list. You finish that, but I mean that’s how you get traffic to your website. It’s not you just focusing on your website. If you do outreach, you building the bonds or relationship with everybody else in your ecosystem and also you getting exposed to other people’s platforms. That’s the most important thing, your message, your brand, everything that you want to sell is now exposed on these platforms have millions and millions of readers or followers and Watchers.

That’s it I’ll leave you with that. You got a comment coming below. Let’s see you later, peace


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7 Brilliant Strategies To Promote Your Blog For Free

These are actually the nitty-gritty stuff that works stuff that you actually got to put your time in it put your effort in it to actually get results. It’s not simply as cut and paste put your link there and all of a sudden people and come back to your website there’s a lot of hard work involved. I remember what successful people do they do things that other people don’t want to do. They do the hard work.

Okay – and I know you’re successful and I know you’re going to do the hard work. So the first thing is sniffily. It is a semi free service. It’s fantastic. I’ve been using it for a while. So let me just write it up over here: hey you guys see that sniffly so go to the website right now, snip link and basically, what you’re going to do. Is this I’m going to do a little trick over here, some tricks to the camera? So first thing you do: is you going to go to snip, lead and you’re going to find out a piece of content that you would like to promote? That is not yours.

I want to repeat that again: you want to find a piece of content that you love. That is not yours, so you can go to Google, for example. Let’s say I’m making a article right now about content promotion. I will go to Google I’ll type in content. Promotion now see the top five blogs to show up. I’r going to pick one blog that I love that I know provides value. I’r going to use that link. So I go to snip Lior you’re, going to go to simply and you’re going to paste this link into a simply box.

So right here going to hold this here. Hopefully, you guys will see an animation should pop up right there, okay, so basically what you’re going to do is instinct you’re going to paste that link. You want to share right there next thing. What you want to do – and this is what’s so amazing about sniffly – is any single time. If someone clicks your sniffly link on a web page they’re going to see a small CTA, a call to action at the corner of your site or the corner of that post.

So if you can see it right over here, you see another image over here. So you’re going to have your link that you want to share then you’re going to write in your call-to-action. Your write in, for example, you know, get your step-by-step guide for content promotion and then, basically, underneath is you want to put the link towards your actual article? So all the steps should be here. Let me flick it like that, so I’ll be a little easier, so the steps can see right over there.

The whole point is sniffly. Is this you want to share other influencers articles using a snippet code when someone clicks that link they’re going to see that article that you’re sharing, but at the corner of either the left hand, side or the right hand, side they’re, also going to see a call To action, maybe an image that you installed or, for example, I put on a box, a box pops up boom, and it says if you like this article, you would also like you know: seven steps to content promotion, seven steps to optimization and conversion nice, big green Button or an orange button and a click and what’s great about sniffly, is you’re doing a couple of things over here.

Eight you’re not just promoting your article you’re, promoting other people’s articles, also putting them on the spotlight and a great way to open up a line of communication and create synergy among other content creators out there. Second of all, you’re, not soft selling over here you’re, not just pushing your content, saying. Oh, you read my stuff or view my stuff is hey guys. I found this useful article that I use before.

I hope you like it. They open it up. I go. Oh thanks Amir and then basically, once they read it, they see a soft sell of yours. If you really enjoyed this article check out this other one over there. So that’s number one simply: okay, guys number two. Let me write this out number two, your tribe and basically, what you can be using over here is a software called buzzsumo. It’s absolute favorite. I love them so much.

Let me begin. I mean just right now: every single business needs to be using buzzsumo calm. I can’t live without this program. I think it’s in my top three software’s that I use right here. So I’m going to be explaining to you how you can be using buzzsumo in a strategy of reaching out to your tribe, so how about similar works is finds. The most popular articles shared on social media, for example, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, all the above.

However, what it also finds out is what other people have shared in the past and that’s really really important. So basically, what I do with bassoon was: let’s talk about this article again we’re promoting this content promotion article by go to bus zoom, oh and I type in content promotion on the screen. So let me put this up again, so you can see so we go to bus sumo and I’m going to write in content, promotion, buzzsumo and pretty much we’re busting was going to go.

It’s going to find out all the top articles that people have shared on buzzsumo, but this is what you want to do. You want to find the top three articles being shared around a net about, for example, content, promotion, there’s a key feature in buzzsumo, where you can click view shares – and this is some real ninja stuff over here. When you click view shares, it shows all the people on Twitter to share this exact same article and what you want to do is you want to find out their email if you can’t get their email find out or just get their Twitter account, but preferably you Want to find out their email there’s many different software’s out there.

For example, one a really good one is rapportive RPP ort ib e calm, it’s a chrome, Gmail plug-in you plug it in and guess the email. If you’re right, it shows you all the social profiles of the individual, so you get that email of all the people. They’ve shared your stuff, and you can outsource this to VA ninety-five percent. My stuff is VA. There’s a lot of SOPs that I share with my other clients that I have so basically, once you find out the list of everybody that shared the same article, what you want to do is now, like, I said, get their email addresses and contact it.

So this is what you want to say: hey Mike, just I’m assuming the guy’s name is Mike hey Mike. My name is Amir, and I just saw you share this last week about seven types of content promotion. Well, I just released his brand new article that expands on that. I thought that your tribe might like it. Would you like me to send you the link have a great day, looking forward to your reply. This is really important over here that I want to talk.

There’s something really important here I want to talk about, I said: would you like me to send a link? Not here is the link. Would you like me to so its permission based marketing you’re, pretty much emailing every single person that shared a similar article as your article and telling them I’ve created this new guide, I’ve expanded on from the old guide, and I thought that your tribe, your audience, might Get some value from this? Would you like me to send you the link permission, permission permission as opposed to here’s.

My article share my stuff. Here’s my article share myself. Nobody wants to share your stuff. Nobody cares about you. You have to be providing value towards people and you have to be always on Oropeza, always asking for permission. So if the person says yes, you send them the article and you thank them, and you want to do this for like 20 30. 40. 50. 60. 70. People, but you got to think about the compound effect.

Imagine now out of 70 people you’re 50 people, your conversion rate is in 5 10 %, and you get like 5 to 10 people, sharing it and out of those 5 to 10 people. Maybe each one has an audience of 10,000 to 100,000. You see the compound effect over here. It’s hard work, but this is the work. This is the necessary work to start promoting your content. So that’s number two using buzzsumo to find other people who have shared similar articles, such as your article finding out their emails and then emailing them and asking their permission.

What they’d like to see your articles? That’s number two. So number three one of my favorites. Okay alert alert, Google Alerts, it is so underutilized. I can’t stress enough how many people don’t use Google Alerts and it’s so easy if you’re not using it use it. I want to teach exactly what ideas. One simple step is many different things you can do with it. However, this is what I like. Okay, so basically, what you want to do is you want to go to Google Alerts, and let me put this up over here in the search port.

You want to type in site two semicolons Cora calm and your keyword, for example, in this article, we’re talking about content promotion. So my keyboard, if my keyword, is content promotion. If you don’t know what Cora is Cora, if it’s probably the biggest but asking questions and getting answers, form online high-level people on their SEO, CEOs venture capitalists of funds, entrepreneurs marketers, you name it like it – has every single expert.

You can possibly think about right there in Cora, asking questions and answering questions, and what you want to do is any single time. Somebody asks a question or answers or questions about your key. Were they looking for in this case content promotion? You want to jump in, and you want to answer that question and leave a small kind of organically want to tie in your article to the answer that you provide to send people back to your site.

This is a real small thing that you can do on the side that you’re not going to see exponential results right away. However, there’s two things: that’s going to happen over here, a even start: building credibility as an expert by answering all these questions and B over time. All these links slowly start increasing traffic back to your site and it’s a whole compound effect. You know, building traffic is an overnight thing.

It happens bit by bit by bit so go to Google Alerts type in sites, and I call it Korra, calm, slack or calm, and then your keywords. So let me put that right here. Bang right, you guys can see that Coolio number, four blog commenting. So that’s number four, this one. There is two different camps. Some people say no. When some people say yes, listen anytime. Anybody tells you any absolutes about saying yes or no they’re wrong.

There’s many different shades of grade in many different colors. There’s many different answers within an answer: the problem, with blog commenting what most people do? Is this don’t just spam? The blog, like, oh hey, I like to think here’s, my article, all cool post, here’s my article. It doesn’t work that way. What you need to do is create a conversation. So, for example, someone has a blog I’ll give you example a here.

The best way to actually tie in your article towards that blog is always asking questions. So basically, if you see it, you know everybody reads blogs every day and there’s comments, sections on 99 % of the blogs out there. What you want to do is like, for example, let’s say you want to leave a blog on my site, like hey, I’m here great article in this section over here you mentioned XYZ. I was wondering about.

Is this applicable to this because over here? So then, that’s where you can tie in your article over here in this article I wrote something similar, but I’m not too sure. If it’s correct, you know if you got a split second, I love your opinion and feedback on this. What just happened over there? A you’re asking questions and open up a line: you’re opening up dialogue, you’re opening up an area of trust, as opposed to like a great article.

Here’s my article asking questions, I would say, is one of the most underutilized methods when it comes to building relationships because the more we know each other, the more trust we have with each other. What’s the same know like and trust exactly so that’s what you want to do. You want to find all the blogs out there that you read. Let’s say your goal is 5 comments a day you want to provide value on that blog comment.

You want to ask questions, and you want to slowly within that question – tie your article back in there number 5 this one. I won’t spend too much time on, because this can become a whole course, as a million articles on this. It’s crazy, but Facebook Ads so set up going into this crazy, convoluted way of doing Facebook ads I’m going to keep it really simple for you, I mean extremely extremely extremely simple.

Instead of focusing on power editor and all these crazy different things, we want to do baby steps and I’ve spent thousands, I want to say, spent I’ve wasted, thousands and thousands of dollars on Facebook ads, because you know what I was trying to a strategy this strategy. I was running around not having a gameplan and jumping too big right away. You know spending hundreds of dollars on ads as opposed to spending $ 1 $ 2 $ 3, so one of the most simplistic ways that you can actually start promoting, your blog is Believe It or Not boosted posts.

Okay, so that’s that small button that you have over there. So let me just pull over here. If you can see that I’ll be like a abusive post over here and within boosted posts, you can actually have edit audience right now and in that edit audience you want to keep it really relevant. So, for example, in this article about content promotion I’ll have all these different targeting. I will target, for example, people who read growth, hackers, calm, inbound, org growth, hacker TV, anybody that reads anything from Moz anybody reads anything from Neil Patel.

Anybody that reads anything from all these different marketers and all these different startups around the world and target them that way, and I will only have it about $ 5 a day you can even start as low as $ 1 a day if you want check out An individual amazing job on Facebook, especially for the $ 1 they campaign, Dennis you, the guy’s phenomenal. Let me put his website right here. Boom check him out, study his stuff.

I highly recommend him. So that’s that when it comes to Facebook Ads, keep it simple and once you start scaling that way and actually start creating campaigns, then I highly recommend that you outsource Facebook Ads because you as an entrepreneur, building your online business trust me, you don’t have the time Nor the patience to be sitting on your computer screen linking all these different metrics and campaigns and headlines and copy and images hire the best and you’ll get the best results.

Okay, number: six moving along weekly round ups. In fact I would say this is six and seven combined because there’s two different methods, using though the same strategy. So let’s say well we’ll talk about weekly round ups, first weekly round ups and this one’s pretty simple. However, there’s a lot of tedious work when it comes to this, but the results are amazing. I can’t ress enough about doing the strategy so pretty much.

This is what you want to do. You want to go to your friendly neighborhood, google and you want to type in your keyword. So in our case, let’s talk about this, so we’ll just put it here, you guys can see that it’d be content marketing. Then, in quotations round up, and sometimes I even like to set content marketing quotations or content marketing quotations round up 2016, so finding the most relevant to this thing and pretty much what you’re doing is you’re.

Looking for Google for people who do round ups, people who say check out these five blog posts about a Content promotion check out these 22 experts that share their tips about content promotion check out these seven amazing people who have successfully marketed their startups. The whole thing that you need to do is you need to reach out to them and pretty much ask for for them to feature you, and it can be this simple hit.

My name is me: I’ve been following your weekly round-up and I really love the value that provide. Last week I found an article naming to round out that really helped me. I use this strategy from it and thank you so much just yesterday, I put together a topic on step-by-step guide for content promotion that teaches people how to do X. Y & Z, I thought that you might like to check it out and possibly include it in your next round.

Up either way, keep up the amazing work long time friend, all the best sincerely Amir, and that’s it a you’re thanking them for all the value to provide you’re telling them that they’re doing an amazing job and a your ask your asking their permission. You know what can you use my article in your weekly roundup? Obviously the conversion rates going to be. You know you can get anywhere from five percent honestly, for this we’ve had a lot of success.

We get anywhere from 20 % to 30 % conversion rates. Just asking people being human go figure, you know, being human actually works as opposed to automating everything. Don’t automate everything create those relationships, create those bonds create that community that you guys can work together. Everybody helps everybody as opposed to competition for this competition, and you can do the exact same thing for the resource guide.

So I mentioned the weekly round. Ups are kind of similar to the resource guide. So, instead of you putting up round up you type in content, promotion, quotation, resource guide and then basically that’s what you do. Okay, so that’s it guys. Those are my seven tips for content promotion. If you found value in this article, I highly appreciate, if you shared like this with your friends and family, also make sure to subscribe to my blog for more weekly marketing mindset and business tips, also, sometimes blockchain stuff till then.

My friends have an amazing day and peace adios

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