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Does that for you here we have a large document with different font, colors and even images locate the select button on the editing sections down on the upper right-hand side of your screen.

We have four different options: we’re going to go through all of them. First, we’ll click on select all as you can see what this option, that is, that select your whole document from beginning to end. So let’s change the phone color of our whole document to black. Now all the tanks had the same black font color. Let’s now check out a select objects featured. If I try to select my text with this feature on it.

Won’t, let me see, will only select objects such as these two images to make everything selectable again, we go back to select and click on, select objects to disable. This function, let’s now place ourselves somewhere in the title of this document to show the third select function. We go to select and click select text with similar formatting and you can see the title has been highlighted, but as we scroll down, we see that all the text with the same formatting has been selected for us as well.

If you say very practical features, if, for example, you wanted to put a special theme, font size or color to all of the stuff heading in order for all of them to be the same with just that one step. And lastly, the selection pane feature shows you a list with the image files. There are in your document when you click in a different page. The list shows you the objects in it. Now that we have the list of our image is handy.

We can even rename them by double-clicking one of them and even a new name. If I subscribe to our Channel and even light to this article, so now you know the for practical select pictures of words, the select all option select all the documents, including text and images, select objects, will always select. The images sound in your document select text with similar formatting will select all the similar format sound for you select pain will show all the objects being the document, such as images pictures and shape.


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