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Digital Marketing Tips With Emmanuel Obuya

So this the topic right now is about digital marketing, and I have the main man himself he’s been here before, but before I introduce him readful for blog on Twitter. Right, therefore underscore blog on Instagram and right.

If F on Facebook is the way to interact with us, don’t forget: we have something special in conjunction with Panera for Easter and the question was simple: what would you have in your Easter basket and why this is a basket that you’re going to give somebody special In your life during Easter, what would you have in there and why – and this will give you a chance to win a double ticket or a ticket for you and your other person that you want to take out so keep them coming, we’ll announce the winners towards The end of the show, so the main man himself is here with us: the digital marketing guru guru, Sam, yes, good – to see you good to see you again, don’t forget to give your camera is number four.

Maybe you can reintroduce yourself? Okay, my name is Emanuel Ax, my digital marketing strategist, and I also a student yeah, so students at KCA School of Business, studying vit all right and you’re a digital marketing guru. Yes, so you have your own company. Yes, I have my own company, where blogs, so we basically do digital marketing and also social media management, digital marketing and social media management.

This is something you had a passion for way back since ice cream yeah, you just turned 20 by the way. Yeah, it’s a digital marketing is your phone, but before we get into that craft of digital marketing and why the need for digital marketing in 2019 – the brief history about booyah, so people can get inside, whom I study so way back in from to in high school. At passion for social media, you know cz to call your Facebook, you are enthusiastic, you a little care, so you could compete likes and all that and follow us.

So I realized that we have opportunities online because right now many people they are trying to venture in towards the in thing now and that is their social media and stuff like that. So when I complete school in 2017, so I decided to do words, my passion, so that is online stuff, also yeah. So last year I realized that we have opportunities online. So I get I got support for my family and now I it turned your business.

Your business, your social media, what type of support did you get from you? You know for our business, you have capital, capital is number yes number, and so that is the key thing. This spirit, determination and also hard work, all right, yeah so cap. So you got from your parents yeah. What did you spend on your capital? Oh, so I did my branding. You know you need to get a website. You need to do your branding like the local stuff like that yeah.

So that is basically what I do with my captors and also you know you have to register the business. So it’s a registered company yeah, so you’re a blogger as well. Uranium touch them. What is your topic of conversation in your blog, so I’m trying to okay in my blog, I’m trying to like get the business. You know right now, I’m trying to tell that story that the impact of social media for business. You know right now, everybody’s many businesses.

They open daily, but they don’t know how they don’t know how to vent into social media. So I’m trying to teach them how that is done through social media and also my part of my target is the youth you know many of them is use social media. It’s not about the likes and the followers, but you can convert it to some social medias. You can earn from social media. So that is the story that I’m trying to tell that.

Is it sure, you’re trying to tear on your blogs how to read some of your wife? Oh you can just log on to weblog calm. Also, social media handles are to be a blog, of course, yeah across every social media. Thank you very much. Mister we’re. So our topics today not too complex for somebody like you, we don’t adverse experience like this I’d like to start on the branding tip. What is the importance of branding and what is branding mean to you for business for Neiman who’s? Reading, okay, you know branding is like your CV for a business so for digital branding.

You have to understand what you want to venture into like your audience. You know, if you, let me say, you’re an equal casual like company. You cannot target entertainment. Also, you have to understand your audience and also you have to create the content that it’s inline in the audience. So the understanding your audience is very key and also the type of content that you create for your audience is very key people say also, you know, branding not about the logo having the logo.

Maybe you print t-shirts, so you have to venture into your audience and also the content that you give yeah. The brand needs to be understood goes past. The t-shirt goes past, the cups, the guards – and I can’t say everything branding – goes past – that yeah the people need to understand the brand yeah. So this, how do the people get to answer so? I have business, say: buddy muscles technologies. I have my logo there.

It’s on facebook, my facebook cover wall, my twitter, it’s everywhere some caps it on its own t-shirts. What is the next step for me for this branding? Traveling? Okay, for you you after getting that you must know how to engage with your audience. You know you! You have to engage your audience, you cannot have a dialogue ian’s. So after creating that content, you you can use tools. You know there are various tools that you can use to understand your audience and also engage with them in that line, and also would you I taught you on to achieve.

You know yeah all right so they’re questions that you ask yourself what what you want to achieve with a brand. Maybe what you you want to right now, event campaign, what you want to achieve for the event and all right, yeah, all right. So you need this down and you tabulate. You come up with a strategy with a strategy. Well now you’re going to get here. These are some of the services you offer as you do, your blog’s yeah, wonderful.

So when it comes to marketing, I like to approach it in a three-dimensional way. So where we have the we have the strategy, we have what you want to achieve and analysis here, hmm all right to coming up with the strategy. Some people will ask all right: how do I go with the strategy? I just have an event. Okay, I just I just want to sell clothes yeah I just want to sell suits. How do I come up with a strategy? Okay, your strategy will depend in in very many ways like I’d, say what you want to achieve like for running an event.

You understand your target, you know your niche after that also you’ll walk in there. If you want to run a campaign, you do budget. You know we have various like the online tools that you can use to do that yeah. So the tools are the next step, all right. So how do you pick the right tool for the right thing? Because we have so many tools we have from? What’s up to YouTube yeah as platforms, so with that for picking the right tools, you like, let me say for for right now, you we are trying to to getting into the trends what is trending yeah, so you can also use that like commands the way you Pick into here, because so you can, you can check into that and also because people may get use into it, and they relate that in into your your strategy.

Oh yeah, so what’s training is one of the ways you can and paper. What is the other way? You can use to pick a tool, see a tool that matches your brand. Okay. Also, you can use the influence of marketing. You can use storytelling yeah. All right, you can also use to italic yeah influencer marketing is familiar with me. What is this reach enemy? Okay? So this very telling thing you are trying to engage your audience.

You still, as you tell a story when you open up in Damn Channel, so you tell a story in relation to what you you intend to run yeah all right. So after you come up with the strategy, you come up where you pick the specific tools that you want. There comes the big task now of getting your data and analyzing this data and getting to understand the impact on what you’ve done, and maybe you can use this in what you’re going to do this, what you’re going to do next? How do you do this? That is very important, so we have tools like you know.

You have to to know how you are you’re performing, so we have various social media tools that you can use to analyze your data on Twitter. We have Chris desk, you can use you incorporate there. Let me say the application article, you, a social media platform, so you you will be able to gather starts and you know starts – are very important because you’ll know where you and what you intend to achieve.

Yes, and also you really improve on where you go wrong and all that, so we can use to desk on social media. You can also use some all. So there are various tools you can use yeah alright. So that is very important. You make sure every campaign that you have you have for myself in my business, I used the data to do my report for my clients, we, like, after certain period of time I have to do a report where I my and what I intend to achieve at The end of maybe a week or a month right, yeah, wonderful – that is, that is amazing in theory, but so we deep are reading us right now and say that they’re doing their own things online.

Some of them are actors. Some of them of some of them are tech, guys somebody creating an app somewhere and some of them, some of them. I have been cabdrivers, some of them are providing. I really mean had lessons makeup artists, so this is somebody will see thousands of followers and they want to take it to the next step, convert this to a business into a business. Yes, what are some of the tools you tell them? Ok, I’ll! Stick to your content, your content, you know, if you let me see if you post a picture, it has to be quality.

Content like it will make me maybe to comment or something or to like it. So yes, yes, your caption is very important because that is what drives me to your post yeah. So maybe, if you are doing marketing, so I love to check that so your content is very key. Yeah yeah, a lot of beauty. You even knew you know yourself like nowadays. Instagram is very that it has very that so like if you check on your content, it’s very key yeah yeah, so you will untie this dirty content, yeah you’re against it you’re against it.

All right, probably publicist will say. There’s nothing like that: publicity yeah for business yeah so never goes bad or good content. Oh what people will presume or receive, but yeah it doesn’t really matter. Publicists will say: publicity is publicity. You you have anything against this. That is cheap publicity. According to you, yeah, you need to go for the expensive good. It won’t be desperate, shows desperation, anything all right, wonderful, so back to your company now so the services you offer yeah so far.

If I was to tell you give me a list or a brief bio of the substance you offer as a company, so people can get to understand what a digital marketing company okay! So it’s a digital marketing agency, so we are blog. So I basically do digital marketing and also more social media. So I manage the social media platforms on your behalf for your business. You know, let me say, like a Safaricom, you know we are various guys that do they they things at the back end.

People respond to us and now they are very like they try to engage you the audience. What I was talking about, like you, let me say, like somebody answers you replies with you, a more that’s laughs, and even people like that, so you manage such people. Social media planners – and you know it so – yeah yeah content creation want education, yeah all right so, which leads to my next question. Yeah say: I’m a brand yeah and another company is managing my social media.

Don’t you feel like there’s a mess between me and the people? I should be connected with they’ll. Be a mess. They’ll miss something yeah somehow, but you can do do everything yourself you, you must have a team to work with, gets to a point where you can do it. Yes, of course, and also like somebody who understand what it takes. Because, let me say you you. Sometimes you are not able to do that, so you get the right people to do it right as a digital marketing company.

What are some of the steps you take to make it as as possible as possible, even though it’s not by talking to the fans? Okay, he like that talking about also some of those that I’m trying to be unique. Yeah most you trying to be unique, yeah, wonderful man just give them your social media and also you can follow me across it. So we are blogs, and also log on to be a blog, that Yeah right uh-huh. So here is what we speculate and predict the future.

What is how the future trends you have seen in in digital marketing, digital marketing? You should be prepared for, like some skills that are ok. You are not going to be happen in 2020, just leave the villain, ok, so Facebook has become a marketplace and every business they are running into Facebook. They are doing promotions. So very many we put the check and Facebook and also what’s up, is rising at all so soon we’ll get marketing.

Also, even you know, what’s up statuses, so yeah so yeah yeah. So let me say: if you have 500 contacts, make good use of the contacts you can do marketing on, so only your words upset us. Let me say you have an event you can share and be sure one or two people may turn up. So don’t think that we can separate us wonderful, so what’s up is something to read out for what’s up here, Facebook is going to be a market.

If actually it is a market, it’s already a market yeah. What do you mean when you say marketplace? People are buying and selling goods what I mean by marketplace everybody’s on Facebook event, my show she’s on Facebook, so even the mom imboca are today as she’s able to log in and check so maybe if she sees something, maybe because she can decide to buy something On Facebook, so that is what I mean all right yeah, so she can see something really here, so it doesn’t be narrow down.

Yeah everybody very useful on Facebook. Here this is what you mean yeah. So it’s something to look out for yeah Facebook, if you’re not on Facebook and if you’re not doing your business will face me meat, basically business, basically business what’s up is a that is going to be your hands man. I think you mentioned Instagram or say I don’t know Instagram so has Instagram also Instagram stories yeah.

That is also some other things that are rising Instagram stories, some of things, and it is the best platform to engage with you with your audience. Your followers yeah yeah. Thank you very much, mr. Bullocks, as we wrap this up, I know you guys from business school unite and your conversation with boots. Okay, so I’ll not quit anything baby so like to my fellow youth, just be, you know, be consistent in what you do and also hard work.

I need termination, that’s all hard work and determination. That’s all thanks! So much mr. Booth, yes, we’ve come to the end of this particular segment, so I hope you brought some inside. If you have any questions for us. 25 for centers are white, 5, 4 and description on Instagram invites my phone Facebook, don’t forget the hashtag entrepreneurship, Tuesday or Y, and the morning Hilda with it, is coming up next with one of my best photographers in the country.

Right now it goes by the name. Beth Royce or Frost to graph on Instagram. You don’t want to miss this. Don’t take that down!


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