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Which landing pages are making the most sales Analytics

So what you want to do? First of all, I North analyzes, you want to go to Google Analytics and you want to go to the left of the content tab into the landing pages.

If you see right here, content tab landing pages, okay and if you click on either, if you have gold set up or e-commerce in this case, will show you ecommerce want to click on it, and here you’ll have all of your top landing pages are currently sorted By the visits but but a what you can do is you can sort by e-commerce conversion rate and filter, and you can basically see it all this data so right now, I’m going to sort my revenue, for example, okay, and you can see that the swiss army Read bands page is the one that converts the best okay, it converts at a three-point, twenty five percent.

So what that actually means is it gives us data to actually figure out. You know what are we doing? Well, what are we not? Maybe we can take a look at something like this page, which also has barely a lot of users or a lot of visits, but its conversion rates very low. So we want to look at that page and diagnose and figure out how we can improve it in order to further our efforts and one more tip or one more idea before we finish this article about why we actually want to use landing pages as one of Our metrics to figure out what’s going on is that now it’s 2013 and Google almost has given us a hundred percent of non provided or not provided a keyword, data for organic for PPC, it’s a different story but or organic.

So now we have to kind of use workarounds to get that data and because we know fairly, which keywords were targeting for each page. That’s why we want to use landing pages so hope you enjoy this article and let me know if you have any questions thanks. You


By Jimmy Dagger

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