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Which landing pages are making the most sales Analytics

So what you want to do? First of all, I North analyzes, you want to go to Google Analytics and you want to go to the left of the content tab into the landing pages.

If you see right here, content tab landing pages, okay and if you click on either, if you have gold set up or e-commerce in this case, will show you ecommerce want to click on it, and here you’ll have all of your top landing pages are currently sorted By the visits but but a what you can do is you can sort by e-commerce conversion rate and filter, and you can basically see it all this data so right now, I’m going to sort my revenue, for example, okay, and you can see that the swiss army Read bands page is the one that converts the best okay, it converts at a three-point, twenty five percent.

So what that actually means is it gives us data to actually figure out. You know what are we doing? Well, what are we not? Maybe we can take a look at something like this page, which also has barely a lot of users or a lot of visits, but its conversion rates very low. So we want to look at that page and diagnose and figure out how we can improve it in order to further our efforts and one more tip or one more idea before we finish this article about why we actually want to use landing pages as one of Our metrics to figure out what’s going on is that now it’s 2013 and Google almost has given us a hundred percent of non provided or not provided a keyword, data for organic for PPC, it’s a different story but or organic.

So now we have to kind of use workarounds to get that data and because we know fairly, which keywords were targeting for each page. That’s why we want to use landing pages so hope you enjoy this article and let me know if you have any questions thanks. You


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Use Copywriting to sell anything with your landing page | how to create super high converting page

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All Yogi’s are quiet, marketing or CPA marketing dono quickly, a common ever here, Mojave bad, a pure true business castle. Beautiful there is truth is in learning basic care, say it nice square trick banana cares. Your school lead, magnet, sale, magnet when I something Musashi’s up Cooper table to be both you that deeply target so subtly your how much income or up quality, sir. It is a potato solos, yeah haha Gaffney board pay as usual.

Just like my iPod, a nice and hot Amish, is a deeply so hard. We deeply sub. Now it’s appalling guys. They go actual. You topic hammer yeah, use copyright to sell with your landing page to copyright or landing page duties on your bottom Allah Allah. We do already burn out to co-blog be a bead last week matter, but I t2 abducted Cheryl gave article section me that goes with those Coco schedule. They came together or social wind-up, a casa selling carton, Facebook, a woman recently taking led a those cobia team.

We do you take into accout was how to help me, lady, together, dr. Perrigo, cheesy cook headline: take a guy’s cook headline Kawasaki male kakapo example taking or giving behavior for the caboose page who copy, because after ticket whose page kahiko bigger he copies at a sale, Generate girls after whoopee up cook a second like salsa ballet hum no barking a hook hand line hook headline with a gigantic headline, but love copyright formula.

Guess a copyright formula, girl use Killa to example, yeah guys they could join my affinity and receive nine nine. Seven of three bonuses guys capture a mind me so chewy to free covered and each of three. You pour a concentrate like each cake, ECB, cheese Cooper up with a surprise. If LM going to be example, the other came back as a corporate formula use curtain. Just up put her on a big screen with the exact thickness.

I comment, which is post page to can see what I cooperate formula. So the hook up Karachi TC be landing page meant to be a blending paper. Rho CP, Achille, Sherrod marketing articles. We do cooler standard eight point with miss Kaoru gay to up comme si comme huzzah, huzzah, huzzah dollar mister up Hazara seals, miss card okay.This pond’rous seals be able to easily a could be point, become a de novo know who subsidy Rudy a book, ki aapke capture, Page with a ha Muji phone operator, cho su-kyong, with her join my and red team and receive 997 of free bonuses to up Jesse, aparajita ha ha Cato, page coding operator.

That is called hook butcher, who had Lionel Kaffee technology. But then this page papers basically review karate space. For example, the guitar is page OB c de c de barajas at it again. You see bitch who copy Gargamel is dean; –, sorry, teases, the use of copycat Capital, Inc change, careers, page co-owned concept, vehicle potentially so subset Bella, who kakapo Agra, Valachi, Putra problem or design guys problem or desire; male, the baggage, a yoga affiliate marketing mix.

You and me look I fill in my winning means lab, not business or part. You have to do three cheese you got desire desire can occupy. Second one in both the problem yard design. You do the cookies Castle capture who do we have up, reduce the captured? Oh yeah up animated. We do enough to Casa categorize how you could hear how I met Poor’s tyrant 70,000 in 10, guys build a bar ma up which are Nicolini linking lady out of school.

Jackie. They accept two coffees are the better or is mr. Holloman is self. That’s my email ticket to you desire local desire, focused pure logic, each T up like a rocket. I will do it again. A blue hooker grito to camp T score real girl. A way to circle a brutal and Rick desire back, he would be a couple together, a pure eyes or you, Japan is second-largest on your hair. Brutal may take a second our happy little gap for his knee, thus when they may pay up with us.

My name is Raja donkey at all. To see my NSA is they 20,000 per month on convey started off air escape. Our abacus MMA is cathodic, ah huzzah dollar, from building a product, takeout service up to key card that achieves a builder so yeah. This article pointer, whom I have put your mother key desire. Your house contains lab bad about you, cutting a little problem and scope. A circulatory speedo me, but I a key a passive uncollectible look as I use course of you to Tilly portly, true cheese, a Jew Borya pushes, but then a man, ia, hello hook or do sir desire of problem.

La Pira, obsessing H, is complete. Okay, the emotional connection or joke emotional connection, common phobia per article, he Cara y casi emotional connection in a new tactic, a nice and emotional connection, a connection to the Heike up real person of the real person castle, sub. Guess about how we cap real person real person up top but about a job up to school reality without a reality, the reality of comedian, my clubs unique.

I could open an opening up Kobe article use, constructive, yellow just say, hey TC, but I do my club truth. They get tuned. Are you detach? Yog recalled to the reality? Truth, you don’t keep a new district or point. I walk over the emotional connection taken hard landing. The job doable. Anything useful talks me aside, it is all about these are just via guys. Yagna agar aapko say needs name in Rijeka sales name area to encourage a beautiful scope, follow Lincoln once cornering car with auto sales name it will be.

Scenes is a odd, since is a physic physical game. Taking up also game caliper mm is a Capcom Castillo who comes card. Is a panic up us a connection, build government again a bientot key strategy that would be unfulfilled at all the 20 keys. I guys was so unusual and offer so obviously the good Jesse. It is completely who can be obstinate, but the pure throws a tension operator of TGR sympathetic, a desire or a problem is kisses.

Always a plan to see those little do offer offered are live in the moment in producing doodle a biscotti SKU copy concept, 106. Calling mark mark, could you comment, cut the nature or Agora be that lightning, yellow, please like or subscribe express co-op T strategies? Are you happen to chococheese ever offer to offer bundle a hard Aldi at again years ago? Your offer build effective sales, funnel website, save time and email automation sub and they apply business.

We mail, automation, village, has taken the go substance, her cheese, the Kohala line, check or build effective sales for a website or dies is funnel. Kishori is do landing, page, is Caillou’s manager or taken so information babies, testosterone or build effective sales for our website same time with email, automation, increase sales with webinars speaker sale. Your contact with our virtual education to pick a call for correctly they go higher, which is offer garage.

Oh Luke II, need her to her keys. Could you step across Nicaragua? Do you know whose name pure perfectly work? I have came mine, the pain muscle abdulhaq, a customer at work. Who said, I will leave the level of scam mind before I take a hard line, see that is called copywriting t case of copywriting. It today would cheese. Car Chari over the arch are over. Go for the jeweler could enhance achievement, yet so abalone chip are denying it again musical objection with her plus 15 orders, digital marketer tool and the business opportunity of a lifetime up the who is offered niches silently go for pass yeah plus fifteen others should not oppose Our is my other tools, be handsome cop, whose mother Yoga Yoga benefit risk are those who have benefit bizarre rich artists.

Amenities are complete, we’re making 15 blog beach is an extra million plus neuropathy code and the business opportunity of a lifetime. Okay, guys band a business opportunity of a lifetime but love my internal tools can use Kirk a business because at all the excitement message vote ahead: yeah /, / Quezada, a chaser, wisely Blake yeah. I got that. Oh, yes, our each is a connect. Lilo put it team but happy to happen easy, but our or maybe a PCB course messages in a bizarre that I met.

Duty, though, benefit see the benefit scheme added to benefits. They could have a builder high, converting affiliate program, obviously pure benefit package. A hundred percent commission Lapua taken orally hundred percent commission 30 percent 3 commissioned lifetime aku Pattaya builder plan may KO hundred percent commission with 30 percent up to monthly Commission will that that is called reckoning.

Income of a lifetime is that here thirty percent three Commission, prior to the club to operate direct silk user to 30 % of korah crinkle malaria who’s kept a job k2 uplands in lo vetere, Excel yeah, wouldn’t say he will say, be 30 percent. Lacquering commission will really the swell Molina the security cop around Sudoku. He cell can get me a charming concept or a Ganesha to free car at 100 University to get Jesse of sauce silk, Aloha, coupon, sort of harmony, Alexa, melted, chocolate, cartographer those Hussein Kazakh FeliCa harmony, melted, show up, you do buddy, but I offer to help recount Karate my sleep lately at the landing page me.

Thank you when the I to to the 90 percent chance. Okay, whoa is tae ji, a Pattaya hundred percent commission to stress me, but I get hurt peoples in reckoning, Condor egg cells, if you’re trying to maybe 30 percent, but the 60 percent up way. I say he be like: oh, it’s a chimera, but I get the sale. We have Kelly talk or recurring company konkey it nap as a pony and is a fake border to say silly Mary builder, co-promoter own, take a you look.

The part read is a benefit. Sushma Pattaya, a para cheese, wasn’t a complete, cardio or guys up guys sub, say, but it easy I to be yeah house name when they go kookaburra dieting a puka shells, you literally pukka pukka viraja, but yeah Harper – to subscribe, our gameplay yeah. That is called closing with logic and call to action. Tigger closing with logic, kappa guys, yo them all commission every much without extra work ticket subs.

If Allah gave me a copywriter, that’s bad, I shall do just a go and he summoned up in weapons a jockey. They could look in Daegu check each other up. Quiero Mita be up CPMA ya. Athlete marketing moves thought one poverty here: Yamaha Chile, marketing the best soccer ball, the top of CP monopoly CDMA up coup, run karna padega up co-eds, cookie CP, who died the target locally to add killer capacity for testing capacity.

Occipital perfect marketing zakopane aside, needs fulfilled here. That is called body body choose an app put atomically upon each a manic linked to the objects, Octavia the hopper care of up Kuna, but closing Connecticut Alec. How are they closing with logic logic, closing those but name, but but I have a look bullying iPod garage, the carpet, really, a political, no sleep, which is the highway ready to get a started with my training or yeah Harper, who sneaked like Yahoo search is over Gf image, which is was cigarette: it has got a full digital marketing.

Article lesser course is nephew freedom in saqqara, taken one or one access me any question. If we made a radical weekly group, coaching me freeway there, a builder platform, 20 marketing tools. Believe me, there are private digital marketing mentorship group, a freeway there. So yes is a ski toxic-free, ng Scott to talk or so ten nine, nine, seven plus birth, but his knees cook a turkey account is free.

There is a pro Qashqai cost Kingdom. Almost egg has a dollar costly, typical free media, or you have because I’m a call to action join builder. Today, I’m Jesse a clicker over to build on K is active on car Celia duponte, hey guys, yeah hi, hi sales person. Marketing me see the second number kaha sale person in our teaser dollar series: nada, synthetic selling, our linker belly or passive cinema bouton of Mesa administer a cheese or no cheese, no pattern.

Yes, I didn’t deeply Kuakini, but that is at a point, but we have added equipment at you up with higher points potato in Dehradun. Look we’ll get abandon into a sauropod potato man. I’ve got a quick point, but I get a landing page, but I think Eusebio forgive me her couch, but I appreciate cheese at point. In scopus, imaginary copy Kirk, a rock leukopenia miss a double ending peach banana matter to you, sir, it is the undergo all directions.

Seetharam every ball sorry benefit just the arrow Acapulco potala, my sales funnel, but avatar or Casa, Panettiere, ma’am domine I’ll go but are if a local newscast, again social media strategies. Guy used as a curtain here may occur, with ro chat pod Castle. Another idea – yes, I email or to mention the use case, a capping. A search is embedded resilient in cost sorry, arts or taller much love art, so much just taller, hair or yeah up with international market may Google me search concept or when a funnel making.

He became and she had bought keypad key, a many bad key email or automation, him anybody a landing page him. Anybody at domain, DT, sorry Chism, many types of 3 million gingka $ 850 $ 850 kostelec made the simple cool, is free air or occur up melody. Mccarty, who, to my place I’ll, see a sick home gone a link here or the link like a donkey aku his company, the person, the Aki use copyright to sell anything with your landing page copies are the effective we will ending benefit.

Other obvious sorry points come on over to this article, my guys this article technically boss, an actual Universal ago to Like It or Not sure, because our patent, I share only parameter yeah hopper millions of dollar key to courses, a very immediate I’m. Your during a heart is Optima. Patata are all deeply okay, so see you next article bye, bye, GN,