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Digital Marketing Presentation ~ Becoming A Digital Entrepreneur ~ Part 1

Well as a marketing professor. We are stunned by that amount, the number of people that are accidental of to be him, so we get to Stuart Alaska now and they did to Searle activity.

A few of you have okay, it’s a very beautiful place. It’S it’s right on the coast, and it has these big mountains called mountain marathon, which is right behind it, which actually run up the mountain during the summer. But would you like the fourth and it’s beautiful, with the Kenai for its Glacier National Park, which is right to the south, and so I go and meet even during the class? A Motorhome and fundamentally he’s telling me about his lifestyle.

Chris and G are what we would call digital marketing entrepreneurs he graduated from ISU in 2008. I won’t steal all his thunder, but fundamentally what he did was he chose to say, I’m going to travel and try to figure out a way of living and making a living at it. And so what happened? Was I formed a Basecamp team which is base camp set of project management? Software and Chris was on it he’s Sean with the era.

Who is the director of the student marketing company back there, and I would call one of the finest social media technician skilled professionals we have on the campus. I was in the background, along with doctormick Eska, dr Bowman, and we’re all coming Katty because we’re trying to help Chris, but we’re also trying to learn from Chris and what he’s doing, because it is not very easy. Going from just a few hundred people on YouTube to forty-eight thousand five hundred, I think, as we checked yesterday, and so when it comes down to is we’ve been working with them and amazing.

We were able to really help them in a lot of ways, and so we’re very proud of that. He’S also taught us a bunch of things about what he does and how he’s doing it. So in essence, what happened is you have digital marketing entrepreneurs in front of you? These people are literally going out traveling around the country going on national parks, beautiful places and they’re making a living at it. When I was growing up, I traveled around this country, but I could never figure out how to make a living at it being on the road and that’s, what’s wonderful about the digital marketing tools that you currently have.

You lived in a very exciting and fascinating time because of these digital marketing tools that are available so without further ado, like a warm welcome for Christian and Gina. Thank you everybody. So I first of all I’d like to thank everybody for coming in today. Those that were here yesterday and also those that came in today, this lovely Indiana weather I walked to class, just like you did so.

I appreciate you all being here today. So the first thing that I want to talk about today is just if you take one thing from this presentation today, one thing at all: it’s not about the digital market. You might know everything that I’m going to tell you. You might already have a plan in your head, it’s something that you plan on doing, but what I want to you know remind you, and this is something that started my philosophy on traveling and just kind of the way that I view things is that everybody thinks They have all this time in the world to do what they want to do.

But if the average age in this class is 21, then you only have 20,000 days left in your life to do what you want to do and that doesn’t include your senior years when you’re not able to go out and do what you want to do. So if you’re in a major right now or if you’re doing something, because your parents want you to get done with something or you feel like it’s a societal expectation to what you’re doing right now and you need a little slap.

You need to wake up because the fact of the matter is you don’t have that much time to do what you want to do in life every day that you wait to do what you want to do that’s a day late, that you’re not able to do Anything in the future, because you’re more free right now than you’ll ever be in your entire life and think about that, like literally tomorrow, you’re less free to do what you want to do.

So it’s very interesting for all of you and something that I’ve found out is: do you have all marketing majors graphic design? Is that pretty much the consensus of this room right now? Because if that’s your major, then you are free to travel the world? You can live from your laptop when we went to Thailand. We were living on about $ 40 a day, and that includes a bungalow on the beach that includes our moped rental.

That includes three Mills that we ate out every day and we were living on an island on the beach and you can work remotely from your computer and make 300 400 hours a day. So you can pay like put money back and travel the world. So, just if you take one thing from this presentation, I want that to be the one thing you take away for sure if you gather some other things along the way cool, but on a lighter note.

So, as you can see here, this is G and I the lovely, miss G in the in the back short for Regina. We travel in this class a Motorhome that we call Atlas. We spend our summers up in Alaska, like you just heard, and in the lower 48 we just kind of bounce around. This upcoming fall we’re transitioning into full-time work through our digital marketing. Through our work with companies, they’ve offered us the opportunity to take their gear.

Go from RV show to RV, show around the country and sell their gear. So now we went from the Alaska work, so in Alaska we had to have a job, because we were at a tipping point. We were spending more than we were actually bringing in. So we had to go to Alaska we’d, worked the tourist season and make a lot of money and then live off the YouTube blog after that. So we’d have a supplemental income and then use our money from the summers to you know kind of break-even for the year and right now we just barely you’re making a little bit more money than we’re spending.

So we’re at this very awesome tipping point. It’S very exciting for us. The presentation today will be a little bit different for those that were here yesterday, because it’ll be a little bit more about how I got started in travel. How I went from you know not really traveling at all to you know just living full-time out of an RV. What I’m going to do right now is show you a quick article. The article I want to show you is when we first got the motorhome.

My personality is just jump into stuff and see what happens. I don’t really think about it too much it’s like. If I want to do it, then I’m going to do it because it’s something inside me told me to do it and then I’m going to figure it out after so we get this motorhome and we’re in Louisiana. At this point, we went from Indiana down south because it was warmer and then we decided to take the scenic route and all of a sudden.

We got on this detour and we had to take this back road and all sudden. This bridge comes up and we’re not exactly sure how tall our RV is, but we know that it’s clearance on the bridge is 13 13 feet 9 inches. So I’ll show you this article real quick. This is just a little snippet from from our travels, you got to see the crowd chapter xlix, so that’s the basis of the blog right there. It’S just our misadventures traveling around in this this class, a Motorhome cuz.

I really don’t know anything about this thing. When I first got, I had no idea how it worked. We kind of learned along the road remember our first campsite. We actually stopped and figured things out. I sat outside for about an hour looking at the manual trying to figure out how to turn things on how to turn things off. We were little stressed that day, but we got it figured out, but now we, you know we’re we’re going along with it and its really helping out the blog is helping on our digital marketing.

But we’ll take a step back here, and this is my hometown of Montezuma Indiana and I don’t know if many of you are from small towns. This is a metropolis of about a thousand people. We have a caution light and you know about five churches in town. That’S about it, but there’s some things that I picked up from this small town that helped me be the person and the person that is just like hey. Let’S, let’s go for it.

If I want to do it, then let’s make it happen. So at the age of nine I was adopted by my grandparents, I was living. You know conditions that weren’t really that good for anybody – and I remember so my earliest memories are from that time, and from that I got the the impression or the idea that positivity can get you through. Anything like I went from a very bad situation to a good situation and that you know that kind of put inside of me this this reality that, when you’re positive, no matter what happens it’s going to be better as long as you stay positive, you go negative If you start going down that road, then you’re not going to get anywhere like you always have to be positive.

Also, it gave me the hard work ethic. So these these fields right here I worked on farms from the age of like nine to I guess my freshman year college. I still came back and helped out a farmer that I worked for and baling hay and detasseling corn will definitely instill a work ethic, especially when I think from you know the younger ages. I was making four dollars an hour, you know, and then it went up from there.

So I got a good work ethic from from this small town and then things progressed. This is a a picture from my first, my first rubber tramping experience as they call it. Traveling around in a vehicle – and this came about – because why was that? Is you after I graduated from my small town high school and went to ISU, which is only about 30 miles up north? I started get this feeling towards the end of my freshman year that I really wanted to get out and see what was out there.

The best way for me to do that was, in my mind, with studying abroad, is actually walking to my communications 101 class, and it was a lovely day like we have outside nice and nice and toasty out there and I sat down, and there was a flyer For studying abroad in Australia knows, I’m at a place sounds pretty warm. So I went to Jenna’s Halperin’s office and then I applied and I had a two-week window to apply and get accepted.

I got accepted right towards the end. I went to Australia. Two major things happen in Australia. The number one thing that happened when I started to go to Australia, I bought a whole new outfit, a bunch of new clothes. I had to roll a bags giant bags and a backpack I paid for extra baggage. I brought everything I brought my xbox. I brought literally everything that I thought would you know I’d need for Australia, which I really did it and I was rolling through in this, the scruffy guy with one backpack he was, he had a big beard, he just smelled horrible.

He walked by me and I just looked back at him. I was like man what’s what’s wrong with that, guy, like what what is going on with him like he needs, he needs some class going on in his life and fast forward to six months later I went to school for four months and then I scheduled my Flight to leave two months after that, so I did a total of six months in Australia, so I was backpacking around and I met some Australian friends and then we went on a camping trip right before I boarded my plane back.

So I hadn’t showered for like three days I had given away all my stuff sold my xbox. I I got a backpack for my British tran1 backpackers backpack and that’s all I had with me. So I’m walking through the airport back at LAX, and I smell horrible, and I literally saw people like doing like one of these, like kind of looking around see what the smell was. It was me because I was just like this – this dirtbag traveller now and I literally left one person and came back another.

That was a big thing that happened in Australia, and I remember it very clearly. I was reading Black Hawk Down is around 2:30 in the morning. I couldn’t sleep on the train and I was sitting there and I heard something on the side of the train. Next to me, it sounded like a like a bolt hitting the side. It was like tinging down the side of the train and I was like man, that’s really weird and the brakes went on really quick.

Everybody kind of jolted up and started looking around and my friend looked at me and he asked me what was going on. It’S like, I don’t know man, I heard something on the outside and I thought something happened with the train. I thought it was broke down and then the announcer came on and said that that we’d actually hit somebody – and I found out later that somebody stepped out in front of the train and committed suicide.

And what we heard was him hitting the side of the train. It was like his body parts hitting the train and I was just like holy crap. They had to stop the train, the bus came and got us and we were going into Melbourne. Australia – and I remember it was rush hour during the morning – and I was on this bus just like kind of I hadn’t slept, I’m kind of out of it and I started looking at the people in the cars going to work late.

Just had this look on their face like they were just out of it like they were just in this little zombie mode, and I was just looking at him and I remember very clearly, there’s a blonde woman with blue eyes and a ponytail and just a look On her face, I at that moment and people can look back at their lives and see moments like just like that that really changed their perspective and the way they view things.

That was a big one. For me, it’s like I am never going to do that. I’M not going to be a person, that’s doing something. They hate like working a job. They hate to buy things, they don’t need. So Australia was a big turning point for me and then after I, graduated oops must have pressed the button. Sorry after I graduated I bought this van on eBay for 1,800 bucks had a hundred and eighty thousand miles on it.

I actually won the auction over in the in the packaging lab over there at the School of Technology. I almost fell over backwards out of my seat. I was so excited when I finally won it, and then I I took out all the seats I put the bed back, but a futon mattress built some cabinets and threw a bunch of food in there and drove her out my dog for a month and a Half – and that was the reason why I did that was – is because you can travel very cheaply in a vehicle you pay for your gas, you can buy cheap food and you don’t pay for anywhere to stay.

I was saying in Walmart parking lots. I’Ve staying in you know anywhere, I’m staying in town and you know neighborhoods, because you’re in a van nobody’s really going to mess with you, and that was the first time that I actually had a the the realization that I could go out there and travel and Do it cheaply and see a lot of the world