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ASMR Affiliate Marketing Strategy With Youtube & Instagram ($100 a Day)

This is Benjamin Fairborn here and in this article I’m going to talk about ASMR, Plus affiliate marketing, Plus YouTube Plus Instagram strategy. Alright, and if you are interested in that strategy, stay tuned, because this is a big opportunity. There’s a lot of money to be made here and you’re going to love this okay, you can make a full-time living doing this.

Okay, let’s just say you can make a hundred bucks a day, alright! So, what’s a giddy okay, so I typed in ASMR into Amazon, and I found a bunch of stuff here: okay, people will buy this stuff right and you can be an affiliate. Obviously, if you didn’t know you can be an affiliate for Amazon and promote anything okay. You just get a text link here, put in your youtube description or or on your website what you link to and from many different areas like your Instagram or whatever we’re doing Instagram Plus YouTube for this one, mainly article content.

Okay, obviously right – and this is ASMR so we’re linking to books – articles music, audio, something I don’t know much about ASMR honestly, I just know it’s big, okay, ASMR, okay, right here, I’m using keywords everywhere. I can see the data about each keyword right. We’ve got a some our sleep ASMR eating in some our zombie, that’s very low. Who cares about that? One right, ASMR, darling, ASMR, slime and some are sounds – is more food.

Asmr tingles is some are tapping. Alright, the biggest ones is Amara, obviously, and then the extensional ones, a smart sleep and slime are the best. So let’s just do a s’more and look it up you sort by the view camp and get some ideas at the top articles. Okay, this is the top article. It’s three hours long, don’t make a three hour long article doing ASMR. It looks very hard to do to be honest with you, but if this is an example of the opportunity, do it you’re passionate about, but this is an example of a strategy and you can go implement the strategy on your own.

You can make kill okay, especially in she’s, outside of wealth, okay, outside of marketing business and wealth, and entrepreneurship. Okay, if smart, huge and as you can see here – 70 million – is the top viewed article Wow right. If we scroll down here, let’s uh filter by this month, to see the top working things – okay right here, it’s a great one right: here’s, a wonderful, okay and how I know that is I’m using vid IQ and basically how you know what does well is less Subscribers than how many views they got, they got nine point.

Five million views this month, okay, that was four weeks ago, and then they have very few subscribers compared to that amount same with this one, and not this one, not this one, not this one, not this one well kind of this one, because it’s equal. So if it’s basically equal to the amount of subscribers, then you know that’s a good working article topic I did and you want to make it better and even better than that, you want to kind of combine ideas with other ones.

Okay, this is very huge and we’re doing this to come up with content ideas, understanding the market and the keywords. Now you just type in the generic keyword of whatever niche you’re in into Google and you’ve got the keywords everywhere tool you can go into. Google Adwords and literally type in your keyword and look a Google Keyword planner and see a bunch of keywords there. This is way easier. I love this tool.

Alright is some, are sleep? Is a big one? Okay and it looks like the trend could be dying. So, let’s type in trend trend, alright a smart shines, let’s see if it’s actually going down, I’m not sure. I think it’s still good, there’s a lot of there’s a big market for it and I’m pretty sure they’ve got money. Okay, let’s see over the past twelve months, it’s been steady, that’s good! Over the past five years.

Let’s see it’s starting to go up. It went up for a while there. It went down again, but it’s still massive. So that is good for you to know of. Oh yeah and breakout keywords: this is a big secret okay and I love giving value to everyone. So when you go to Google Trends and you type in your generic keyword, you’re going to get breakout keywords and if you’re doing YouTube go to youtube search yeah.

This is about search enquiries here, so a smart slime is a breakout right now. Okay, it’s a breakout right now, abre, actually over the past five years. It was so let’s do for the past 30 days for the past 30 days. This one is do this. Do this? Well, these aren’t breakouts, but when there is a breakout, do a breakout, it’ll say breakout. If it’s a very go, this just means the search volume went up a deeper state hundred percent, that’s pretty good, but what I also like to do is what I was showing the top top top stuff for the whole niche over the period of time.

This is what the market loves. Okay, this is what the market wants. Ok, massage ears, sleep, eating, slime, okay, talking, etc. It’s it’s a big market and that’s what I wanted to cover it. Alright, how do you monetize guys? That’s talked about that you monetize with this. You monetize with merch you monetize by having ads you are allowed to have ads on your articles after 4,000 hours of read time and over 1000 subscribers, alright and then you’re, monetized and you’re ready to go so yeah.

And then you can be an affiliate if there’s on Clickbank, if you know what Clickbank is it’s just for info products, affiliate marketing, if there’s an ASMR offer there, you can promote that also, you can figure out what other interests and some our people have, which is Very very secret kind of marketing strategy, but it just lets you open up another area. Okay, if you know what your market likes – okay, very huge, it’s kind of like cross, promoting upsells cross / cross selling, basically, okay, so things that are similar to the initial offers.

Okay or the niche itself, so the riches are in the niches, alright guys. I want you to know that so pick one niche and make articles only about that niche. You could also use Instagram. Let’s go to end to go into alright. Here we are on Instagram. Go follow me alright and there ASMR boom. If it’s going to die. Alright, yes, oh, I think it starts out there we go hey! Mr! Let’s see some of the top ones here I open up in new tabs boom boom.

Oh and what you want to do? You don’t need to make specific articles for instagram just like repurpose them. Okay, and here we go this one’s got 4,000 they’re just free up loading. I think it’s tomorrow, I’m not going to look at them, but okay next is and YouTube’s way better than Instagram. But it’s just another medium you can use and link to your website or or whatever you want to do, and there’s free website builders you can use okay also clickfunnels would obviously be the best if you have your own products and stuff, but you can use Google Sites no joke! If you go to Google Drive and you create a Google site for free.

If you want to do links dot, ooo, that’s a good one or links tree. You can put a bunch of links in one URL and it’s very powerful. It’s free! Okay! Right and if you just can start, you want to use free methods, that’s that’s good, for you. Just use free methods until you’re ready to invest, and you know what Instagram is kind of like an email list. So you don’t even need to build email list. Yeah.

Okay, you can wait if you want to build an email, let’s do it, but it’s just another way to get people and to talk to you guys right now is literally Instagram YouTube and Google leverage those three you’re set for life. Okay, that’s where all the traffic is okay, obviously, in other places, there’s traffic, but the most traffic is mainly YouTube. Google and Instagram Facebook Facebook’s own Facebook owns Instagram.

Facebook, I think, is starting to die. I think, because older people, you can’t teach dog new tricks right, older people used Facebook when they first started. They don’t really understand Instagram, but the new generations going up into Instagram. So Instagram is there for the future of social media and the something notes comes out. They’re going to get bought out by by Facebook also I’m going to be coming out with my developer in the future social media platforms, believe it or not.

In guys I have big aspirations. Okay, I’ve got just at any other, some random guy. Okay, I got big plans so anyway, that is literally the strategy. Okay – and I’m just going to summarize it real quick for you so sign up for affiliate programs that you believe will have offers all and especially Amazon, and you make a website with the free method or paid method builder. And then you put all you all you all of your links in there.

Okay, you start making content once you have everything set up to monetize, don’t link too much in your description. Guys, that’s huge! Do not link too much away from YouTube but start making content that you believe will do well focus on trends you’re going to get views. This is uh. This is a niche outside of smaller niches. Okay, its massive niche pick a massive niche in your set. Okay, even if it’s fortnight literally, if it’s fortnight go ahead, do everything with just the fortnight term: okay, research, your keywords right and start making article ideas and then make those articles be consistent on YouTube.

Don’t give up make articles consistently for, let’s just say a hundred days or 90 days, whatever you want to do make articles consistently. You could even do that without linking from YouTube in just to other articles and YouTube will like that way more and promote you way. More and then you can start linking away from YouTube. Okay, that’s literally how it works. Youtube, doesn’t trust you yet okay, but anyways.

Just do your best make great content and I’ll all comes down to content. Ultimately, do clickbait sensational content content that people are wanting to see also trends and then, if you want to make a site, you can start ranking and putting your articles into the side and articles about the article. So it ranks and people find you there. You do that and also link to your stuff and make a whole business about one niche that you’re doing you can make a big living out of this.

You can also have brands come to you in spawn for you too, so it’s just powerful guys, and then you have this basically like an email list, you’re building, then in the future. If you want to start giving people linking to an email list to opt-in and give something for free, do that too anyways guys? That’s the strategy check out new stuff in the description. Binge read all the other articles for more value, and I will see you in them: pizza,

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