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*Affiliate Marketing For Noobz*

So you know everything about it for a beginner to hopefully advance by the end of this article or at least moderate, and then you can check out my other articles and become advanced because most of my other articles are advanced tactics.

So, let’s get it so here we’ve got I just typed in what is it foot marketing so yeah, something to look at here or something I’m just talking to a blank screen, but affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an External website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals, so basically what it is, it’s basically sales, but over online. So let’s look at some images here right here.

You’ve got an image. That’s great! I’ve seen this image a lot. Basically, where does it start? Um looks like affiliate, probably right here, you show an ad or link for your. Let’s see where do you sign up? Does it say I guess it just starts here you show an ad or link for your store or your website to blog or social network. Customer clicks the ad or link customer are sent to the store with a tracking link.

So it’s basically your link, that’s a tracker and then customer makes a purchase on this store through your link. Affiliate network, which is what you’re signed up for, would record that purchase and the details of the transaction, and then the purchase is confirmed and it’s validated and then in the transaction is credited to you and then you get paid a commission voila. You made some money. Okay, okay, guys now, let’s go to Amazon.

Amazon Associates man. This is the best affiliate program because you can sell anything to everyone. Alright, you can sell anything. That’s on Amazon and I’ll. Show you how it works. So basically, you go here and it’s at the bottom of Amazon. You just click on be an affiliate or whatever at the bottom of the site. When you go to Amazon – or you can just go to this link right here – that I have right here – alright, but after you’ve done that you signed up it’s easy, it’s free here right now, let’s go to Amazon themselves! Alright – and here you can see that I have a site stripe up here, if you’re not signed up you’re, going to know that this this is different right so because I have an account with Amazon.

Basically, I have this site stripe and anywhere I go on Amazon. I can be an affiliate, I’m getting affiliate link, okay, so here’s my affiliate link for this homepage. Alright, okay, guys and if you want to know how much Amazon actually pays people I’m here you go so basically for the luxury and beauty and Amazon coins. You get 10 %, that’s very good. Most people don’t really buy that stuff, but most people buy in between so your average on Amazon is going to be around 5 % okay.

So I suggest you just find something in that range right here. Beauty’s great, you see a lot of influencers who are in the beauty and health space and if they just have an Amazon affiliate link somewhere in whatever they do just to monetize the following dude. They could just put it there and make some great income monthly. Just from Amazon and by the way anything that’s purchased or Amazon. If you didn’t know within 24 hours, you actually get paid for Commission okay off of everything they buy.

Also there’s this site down here. This is a great. I did I’ll show this real, quick um. It’s called this is why I’m broke calm these guys, making like a million a month with Amazon Associates. Alright, I’m showing it to you right here right now. These are the most popular things, basically they’re an affiliate for Amazon and affiliate, for you know startup companies. So, what’s it called? What’s that startups, I called I kind of forgot, but Kickstarter yeah, so their affiliate for Kickstarter and IndieGoGo and stuff like that, and they just find really neat products in their affiliate form.

Then they have a site very simple site, and actually I built a site like this from scratch. Once I needed to drive traffic, I need to be consistent, but because I was lazy I gave up, which was done because I invested a ton of time coding it from scratch. So at least I can start it up again and be just like them, but I’d rather somebody purchase this site as an asset. Oh that’s funny. Look Pano’s yeah! This is a they’re making.

If you don’t see how much I love this tool to go. Similarweb they’re getting 2.5 million monthly visits all right. It looks pretty consistent to me all right, very flat, so imagine how many people are actually buying through here, eventually from all those people. It’s probably like. I don’t know: 50 % of people over time are going to buy it they’re going to buy something through this site because there’s so many cool things and they come here to shop and look around.

Also, let’s see where the traffic’s coming from it’s going from direct. So basically, they built up a massive following of people who come back loyally and they also search okay, they’re big on social, that’s probably how they started. They also do have email like funnel hacked them and everything and figure out their business, but yeah. It’s not something. They’re doing up let some now transition to how you can get traffic to your offers and then I’ll introduce another network after that.

Okay guys. So here we are at YouTube: let’s type in real, quick, let’s type in tech reviews, tech, previews, okay, boom, let’s go to blogs. This is crazy, and this is how you guys can make some pretty good money. If I can find them, there’s a lot of blogs that do this first, I got ta find a jingle. Where are they? Maybe these are some? I don’t know I’ll go by view. Account sort by blog and view count.

Let’s see, there’s one there’s personal bring 11. Let’s just do those for now we might come across the ones, I’m looking for. Basically, it’s article compilations, okay, article compilations of basically tech, like top 10 camping gear, article and you’re not going to get copyrighted because they want you to do that. These companies do they want you to actually promote whatever it is they’re doing so.

This dude does personal brand and talks about like actual tech, tech, and he is an affiliate, 100 %, and I could show you that as proof and he’s making a killing he’s by far the biggest making a ton of money. I’m telling you right now just from Amazon, so if we scroll down here he’s got Philly links, he’s got also merch where says a Philly right here. Okay, so if I click this we’re going to go over and see, this is basically a shop.

He said if she set up with this gear, very, very cool – and I bet he’s making a great monthly income from this, because if you look over here another tool, a museum, vid IQ, the toll views monthly – is eight hundred thousand views actually every day. And then every 30 days is 24 million, so let’s say 1 % buy through and spend an average of something, but the Commission he earns is like two bucks. That is quite a bit of money right, so he’s deadly, making over a million a month with everything’s doing even Adsense to from his blog that’s insane um, but he started and very engaged when YouTube was smaller and he was he just caught the trend.

Man. So good for him, but let’s see if we go to his blog here to the home page and then we’ll see the side blogs right here. Um unbox therapy is another personal brand. One anyways I’m trying to find the compilation ones. Oh wow, whatever I’ll find him eventually, but that’s just one strategy you guys can do just create content. Also, if you just create your own content, not use other people’s content for the long run, that’s going to be way way beneficial for you guys.

So just so, you know that ya just create content. Put your fill it links in the description. Whatever you want to link to doesn’t matter. Actually, don’t you need to do reviews, but reviews are great, especially make them exciting, like top 10 tech gadgets of the year and stuff like that, that does well also, you can take ideas right from here and read what this says stuff like that or take content From here find a article about it, pull that content and here’s a tool you can actually use right here.

This is savefrom.Net and basically it downloads youtube articles for you and yeah. You just put the URL in here and then you download a article. Okay, here’s another tool right here: rapid tags, rapid tags; basically you type in whatever it is so tech, and then you get a bunch of keywords instantly for your district for your. You could do description, it’s not very um! So it’s not a good idea to do.

It’s not the best practice, but it’s great for tags. This is what it’s meant for it’s bad, to put like your tags into this scription unis have an actual description in your description. Also, when you guys do any description, link to other YouTube articles. It’s a good idea to do that. Okay, let’s keep looking into here just for fun. He’s got a lot of products. He promotes he’s, probably optimized this damn to the T of what people actually are buying.

There is a link, so those are all things people buy. So very powerful guys you can make a lot of money there, let’s get into the next network. Okay, that would be Clickbank. Okay, and these are free traffic methods, cuz you’re, a beginner. If you do paid traffic methods, I’m telling you check my other articles. I talked about very advanced tactics of massive funnels where you can monetize it crazy.

Like I’m in the health niche, I promote products from Amazon from Clickbank from CPA marketing networks, which are other affiliate networks which pay cost per lead. Okay – and I also do sweepstakes offers, have you ever seen like win a free, iPhone kind of thing. I promote those kind of offers and I’m making a killing there. So just so you know there you go, and this is Clickbank and I’ve heard of it in your beginner.

This is Clickbank and they basically are info products and Amazon is physical products. So you can pick any category here and if you go to affiliate marketplace and you scroll down and signing up for this one super easy and free saying what that Amazon just I know you can get into any niche once again guys, okay, so what I want To say real, quick, the whole strategy and I’ll probably pull up that real, quick, okay guys.

So here is the funnel okay and then we’ll get back into Clickbank, okay um. This is the funnel for beginners for free traffic, and I’m going to tell you right now: it’s YouTube YouTube or you could do a blog, that’s more long-term. You can get instant results with YouTube, even especially, if you’re doing like trendy trending topics. Okay, so you could be an affiliate with Amazon, okay and you find a trend and I’ll show you that real quick, because YouTube’s algorithm literally will push articles that are for the current trends and news and stuff like that.

Also, if you go to Twitter trends, those are the major major trends that are getting a lot of traction for a longer duration of just one day. But if you do like one of the top transy catch it early for the day, you can get a ton of use row make your own content, don’t pull or take content. I’m telling you right now: you can get views. Okay, so basically can do that or create your own content or reviews or whatever you want to do for the long term, and you just keep making content content content on YouTube all right and then you can push to Instagram and Facebook and all these things and There you go what else snapchat or build an email list.

Ultimately, an email list is the best thinking you can build for this sort of thing, all right, so you’re just creating content here and you could push later to other blogs. Okay, you want to be able to reach people easier, eventually, okay, so next you push them to your links, and this is where you make money and whatever they buy through Amazon. You get paid and also YouTube’s awesome because you can get paid through Adsense, which is super lit.

Okay, so you’re monetizing, multiple ways. You also promote click funnel I mean now well, click funnels is great great affiliate program, but click make Clickbank offers and irrelevance whatever. It is you’re doing even if it’s relevant to whatever um trend. It is so today National Ice Cream day right, you find something related to ice cream and you put it you just type in ice cream in Amazon. You find some offers right.

So let me show you ice cream boom. You got ice cream, stop and you just send them here. It doesn’t matter anything they buy. If they go to today’s deals, which is actually a great one to send people to, because people love deals, people will buy. Hopefully anything they buy, you get money and most people are an Amazon Prime member. Okay, so people buy an Amazon regardless, so just send them. There bro also get an email list.

You can send your traffic to Amazon anytime, you want, but I’m going to tell you a super-secret tip. Real quick Amazon doesn’t like email lists, shout outs with the filler link, but you can send people to like an ad that you made like a post. Basically, on Facebook drive your chalk to Facebook and then from Facebook they go to Amazon through your post. Whatever you do want a fan page, I’m telling you right now, that’s a super powerful right there and it works, and it works extremely well and you can make a killing okay and that’s do that.

This is very simple. Okay, if I could do like a circle – maybe I can like this. Oh maybe I can’t oh my gosh, oh my goodness, oh wow, that was horrible attempt. I was trying to a circle of like saying, recycle, keep, making content, content, content and eventually more content. You have it’s like a bunch of army men out there, making you money or whatever a bunch of yeah yeah. I don’t know what I was going there, but this is like a great great strategy as you make money.

So let’s go on to Clickbank here and let’s show you how you can get links, let’s say your health and fitness nice very simple. You just click also policy to top offers. You just click to the search. Okay, you can see the top offers instantly, but first you have to be. Oh, we probably have to go back so before you click on a category. If you want to see the top offers which we’re going to have to just press, where is it? Let’s have to press right here and go back quick, quick, you just click search, and these are all the top offers.

Okay, oh wow, so he was there. Okay! Well, this one’s a new one right here, very cool: let’s see how this one’s doing it! It looks new to me yeah, I’m going to promote this okay, so three hundred thousand just went up it’s a new launch guys. This is a new offer very, very good offer and it looks like they’re doing it. Alright fat-bellied fixes a big one: Oh yep, Ted’s Woodworking. So basically there you go ton of offers that do really well.

You earn like, instead of I’m like 5 % average Commission’s on Amazon, you can earn like 70 % Commission’s with Clickbank, which is extremely awesome. So there you go, how you do this press promote, yeah and then you’re going to well. You have to be signed in, but basically say generate hop links and you just copy to copy your link whatever they give you and you just promote it and anything people buy through guys you get paid alright, so extremely powerful, extremely awesome.

Why did I talk about YouTube because YouTube literally, is where the future is going by the articles or where it’s at not blogs? Maybe in the past it was blogs. Now it’s article okay and if you already or have a big influence or whatever um you can do, you can leverage that just promote anytime. You want, and also taking into account like May web of, pushing your audience onto other platforms and also being omnipresent on other platforms and create an email list.

We could promote to them at any time on-demand, printing on demand. Okay. So this is how you make some money online. Just let me tell you that so, basically, that’s all those strategy guys. I hope you enjoyed this article. This is affiliate marketing for beginners, with free traffic, and everything like that – and I tried to give you some valuable tips in here now: go take action and read some other articles subscribe to the blog.

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$700 Daily In The Zombie Niche Affiliate Marketing, Youtube & Blogging Strategy

Yes, you can make a living doing literally any thing in today’s world. Okay, you can monetize anything you’re, passionate about any weird thing that you like or any cool thing doesn’t matter, because it’s cool to you.

If you like to do zombies – and here you go – and I’m just showing this as an example, whole strategy – you can do and make good money, because our world is so much more different than the past okay. So let’s get started we’re going to build out of kind of a whole business plan strategy and obviously not build it out in one article, but I’m going to show you like the whole strategy and everything in this article.

So that’s good okay, so I typed in zombie and if you just do space right here, zombie mask a zombie dies. Zombie strike, nerf, gun toys, monster truck survival, kit pack and survival guide. Okay. So when you are an affiliate, you can set up an affiliate like store an affiliate page in your affiliate account. Okay, easy to do. You can figure that out, but why that’s good is you won’t have to make a website? You just link 1 link in your YouTube and we’re going to be using YouTube and blogging if you want to have a website.

Anyways have one link to this. One thing: if you have your own merch, do that too? That’s another monetization method for this in each each. If you’re teaching something link also to your info products, right, don’t have too many links in your description when you start out, okay, typically, you should do it all free and then we target people who view your blog and market to them they’re way way powerful, advanced Stuff right there, but anyways, if you want to make big money, learn the advanced stuff.

If you want to make a living you can. You can learn the basic stuff, okay, but anyway tons of offers here if we scroll down very scary zombie, stuff yeah. So a lot of books, you can definitely link to books, but the thing is most well. Don’t do this? What I’m about to teach you, because they don’t know how? Okay I’m going to teach you how all right we’re going to type in zombie. Okay! Here we got a bunch of things: zombie, bad Wolf’s, zombie, cranberry, zombie, song, zombie apocalypse on the game, zombie movie, zombie, nation, zombie movies and zombie cover okay, those are big, big searches right, it’s a huge niche and you’ve got.

You need to validate this with keywords everywhere or go into keywords: planner on Google AdWords, but get keywords everywhere and you can see. I’ve got the numbers here and you can see how big keywords are, and these are great keywords. I’m also going to show you another way. We can find a bunch of keywords for the whole niche. You just want to know your whole keywords, write it down on a big paper and then combine them together to make different article ideas and that’s what I do actually a lot of the time to create article ideas and I’ve got hundreds, I’m kind of overwhelmed.

I got to make them all but anyways, when you type in zombie here you’re going to get ya, typically music, because people. This is a big secret and I don’t know if people already are aware of this. But if you figure out a generic word and you make a song about it – YouTube is big on music articles, so you will rank for that generic massive keyword, crazy right. So just so, you know, if you’re a music artist there you go, make a song and you’ll get views for a generic keyword and has to be a good song but yeah, as you can see.

Michael Jackson, Wow six hundred million okay anyways, you just kind of find article ideas like we could just instead of doing all time, but that helps with you coming up with article ideas. You can make your own songs and stuff and link, but this month so topic top articles for this month for the keyword zombie, you can get a ton of ideas also what’s trending and if you look at blogs that have less subscribers than the views they got.

Go make a similar article. Look at this, for example, zombie apocalypse cool stickman in Minecraft there you go, make something similar that you’re going to get similar results because look they blew up 4.9 million mm, I’m using cute, I’m using vid IQ right here and it’ll. Give you information very, very cool tool, youtubes, where it’s at guys, I’m not even talking about Instagram for this strategy at all.

You can also have people linking to your Instagram, so you’re more on me, present and also Instagram is almost like building an email list. Just so, you guys know but anyways moving on from that and people having people on other platforms. It’s just like having a big email list. Okay email list is obviously the most powerful, but you can it’s kind of the same thing, though, on other platforms. So that’s powerful just so you know here, no not that one but look you can just do the skits and stuff for zombies.

So basically, what I’m doing here is I’m just coming up with a bunch of ideas: okay, combining what works together and yeah. So that’s that and then, if we go over here is zombie we typed in zombie. Okay, zombie apocalypse is the biggest the cranberry zombie. I don’t know what that is zombie lyrics. That must be a song zombie movie. You can make your own zombie movie, or there is a zombie movie, but that’s a keyword right there.

You can leverage our zombies real, just like this is what people are searching for, combined things together and you can and then like take ideas from like top youtubers and how they do things. You do make up suddenly random, like a zombie challenge or zombie prank, and I’m telling you you can what I’m telling you right now. You can make us serious, killing crazy living off of this okay. So you start making articles you build.

You YouTube blog. You make content your own content and you monetize, with Adsense, with Amazon’s affiliate program with info products with merch, and I think that’s about it and you can make a killing and you’re financially free and you’re doing what you love. If you like zombies, if you like basketball, if you, if you like racecars RC cars or even toys, or if you like you, know cars or anything literally, okay, even knitting, you can make a blog and there’s so much money here.

Let’s look at this tool. I love called similarweb. As you can see. I have a lot of Chrome extensions, a lot of bookmarks but anyways 24 billion, okay monthly visitors, the average view duration is 21 minutes. That’s an average of people. Reading, like 1 2, 1, 2, 3 articles or more that’s powerful, ok and you can take advantage of that and every article is going to get views. Regardless of what happens.

That’s what’s so cool you upload a article and YouTube will promote it to test and see how it does it will give it impressions. Ok, click. The rates huge having good content for high walks time is greatly important. Capitalizing off trends is greatly important. Like I taught you here this one’s a great one for this, for example the one we were looking at this the stickman thing and then like skits and just funny funny stuff, even music and gaming, just all sorts of things you create content for it and you Build a massive brand, hopefully you build a personal brand or or just make content just make content and get views.

You could do that, but there you go come up with unique article ideas and link to those nomination methods and there you go and that’s the strategy guys. I hope you liked it leave a comment down below of a question. You have think of something and, like the article and I’ll see you in the next articles, guys binge-read check out new stuff in the description of course, I’ll see you in the next article peace out,

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70,000 Visits on Auto-Pilot | Pinterest Traffic Demo with Tailwind

000 visninger af trafik til dit websted på autopilot Jeg skal vise, dig nøjagtigt hvordan jeg gjorde det lige efter introduktionen [ Musik ] [ Musik ] [ Bifald ], hej, fyre, har, været, Arkell, passiv, automatisering, rolig, Jeg, vil, vise, dig nøjagtigt, hvordan, Jeg oprettede syv tusind brug trafik der er fuldstændigt på vores, hjemmeside, på, autopilot men, først hvis.

I har lyst for at lære mere om affiliate marketing, om passiv indkomst hvordan man opretter en online forretning min YouTube-kanal har tonsvis af ressourcer er du velkommen til at gennemse, min articleer se noget mere jeg har talt, om tonsvis, af ting der er masser af gratis ressourcer. Her så hvis du vil abonner på min kanal, og tryk, derefter på klokkemeddelelse der skal meddeles med, kommende, articleer Jeg, vil vise, dig alt bag, kulisserne hvordan man kommer en online virksomhed, igang med, tilknyttet, markedsføring og, passiv indkomst.

I ville meget gerne have dig til at være en del af dette community men, jeg vil hoppe lige ind og snak, om Pinterest, jeg vil vise du prøver, virkelig bestemt bestemt at holde denne, article virkelig, kort, og, retfærdig giver, dig, nogle, utrolige nuggets jeg har en tendens; Til undertiden at gå sammen gør, jeg, ikke, vil, gerne, gøre, det men, dette, er, min statistik for en af ​​mine websteder det, sidste år, okay de sidste, tre 365 dage så Pinterest.

I har 71.000 mennesker der er kommet til min nu vil jeg gerne have at du viser, dig all-time stats; fordi min Pinterest trafikken accelererer og fortiden jeg fik ikke så meget så hele tiden jeg har havde denne, hjemmeside, ligesom, fem, år, er, kun, hundrede, tusind så. I det sidste år kan du fortælle at tingene virkelig er hentet og jeg vil gerne vise, dig hvad Jeg laver dybest set jeg bruger noget kaldet medvind Taylan er dybest set en planlægning af Pinterest Jeg, kan oprette pins, og, jeg, kan planlæg dem til at blive, bogført Til forskellige grupper til forskellige stammer, på indtil en og så kan du se, her på min hjemmeside data, dette er for fortiden et par år, kan du se, jeg havde intet, så, dette, er social trafik for Pinterest lige, her okay du kan se at der ikke er Noget til den første brønd I 2017 beklager min computer frøs op og så besluttede jeg at lære, mere om det.

I gik til nogle konferencer folk kan tale om Pinterest, Pinterest Pinterest og så jeg begyndte at bogføre og så, er dette, bare trafikken, på, sociale medier men. Du ved en dag 926 visninger og det er slags tilspidset fordi på dette specifikke websted, Jeg, har, ikke, oprettet, nye, pins, Jeg, vil, gerne, vise, dig hvad der sker hvis jeg får en e-mail, hver, uge fra, haleenden, og, dette er, bare du ved, 2.

September det siger Mig, hey 96 pins, blev sendt, dig havde tusind repin så jeg mener hvor, mange pins fik du I sidste uge fik jeg en tusind og jeg gjorde virkelig ikke, noget, fordi, alt, allerede, var, konfigureret, og, derefter, igen, 1015, dette var bare sidst, uge, fik jeg en e-mail. Så jeg vil virkelig snak hurtigt med, dig om medvind hvordan jeg gør det så dette er jeg logget ind rigtigt, nu-jeg har to forskellige konti en gang a det siger gratis prøveversion jeg betalte for opkaldet at dele en om passiv automatisering, som er min online forretningskonto tilknyttet Markedsføring Jeg er lige begyndt at få ben går, og så, havde, jeg, ikke meget data for at vise, dig men, hvad, jeg, laver, halen, og, nu, er, det hvis du ser, på planlagte stifter du rejser dybest set til Canada, hvis du ikke, er det, kendt, Pinterest, Jeg, Laver en anden article på det men, grundlæggende undskyld mig, kan du gå, til canva ro du kan, oprette, gratis ben klikker du bare på dette, Pinterest-grafik, er meget enkel de vil, bare indlæse lidt langsomt så der er alle disse forskellige skabeloner og du klikker dybest set på Et og derefter du kan, bytte det ud for alt hvad du vil have ret men kan lide at ændre, URL passiv, automatisering, rolig, og, så, kunne, jeg, siger ligesom, ti tip til nyt tilknyttet marketingfolk, okay, og så kunne du bare ændre, lad os gå for at indstille Mig til, okay, og slet, derefter det men ti tip til nye tilknyttede marketingfolk hvad du gør er bare ned, kan du udgive det til Pinterest eller bare download, det lige til dit skrivebord ved at trykke på download, hvad du gør eller der er et andet værktøj Taylor.

Og jeg kan gå Jeg gjorde det faktisk allerede hvis du klikker, på denne, lille, Chrome-udvidelse lige, her på det websted du er, på, lad, os gøre, det, okay, lad os gå, her vi, er på min hjemmeside hit denne Chrome-udvidelse hvad den gør, er det viser et plus Af alle billeder og dig kan vælge dem og, offentliggøre dem så jeg Vælg dette billede Eco-plan det vises op. I halen og appen og du kan, Vælg hvilket, bord du vil, placere det på, okay, dette er en affiliate marketing bog, kaldet eksperthemmeligheder, og god steder hvor, jeg, kunne, tilknytte marketing, føje til højre.

I køen den blev også tilføjet til en stamme så stammen er indenfor når det er en gruppe mennesker der har lignende indhold hvor du alle, kan skrive. I stamme og del derefter hinandens pins, hvilket er en god, idé også, smart lube, Jeg viser at din, smarte, sløjfe, er, anderledes, end så, bare talent, hvis du hvis du ville for at planlægge stillinger skal jeg, her hvis du ville, planlægge indlæg, Intel og hvad du gør, Er at du planlægger dem for et bestemt tidspunkt og send derefter et tid hvad smart loot, gør smart loop, gør rammer du lægger alle dine pins.

I et specifikt bord og du udpeger hvordan mange pins du vil have ud pr, dag og det planlægger dem regelmæssigt for evigt så jeg har dybest, set en to tre fire forskellige smart boards, som du kan se at der er hundrede og fyrre syv stifter der løber Til fire bræt der er seks hundrede samlede stillinger og kommende og dybest set er det en flugt læs Udgivelse ved evigt, okay, så jeg ikke en gang jeg har konfigureret det gør jeg ikke, rigtig, rør, ved, det, hvad, jeg, vil, gøre, er, tilføjelse, af, nye, friske, trykstifter, Til dette board ind I det smarte program: så vil du vide at du fortsat giver, nyt, indhold, til, mine, læsere, til, dem der er, søger nu er der en omkostning på [ Musik ] medvind er der også en omkostning for smart loop, hvis du går kig, her Efter en hale og plus det er som et hundrede dollars, Jeg tror ​​for, smart loop, er, det, noget, lignende, rigtigt, okay, men, igen, hvad, jeg vil have jer til at tænke på som tænk på at have evnen til at have en pin der opretter en og peger På den offentliggør automatisk og derefter hvordan det sker på en tilbagevendende basis, og så opretter du bogstaveligt, talt indholdet en gang og det går bare derop for evigt og, altid, og, altid, vil jeg have dig til show show you my var et af mine, tællinger, kaldte andelen Og jeg har tre hundrede og halvfjerds tusinde månedligt seere og jeg må fortælle jer før jeg begyndte at gøre, tellen havde jeg, en par tusinde, og jeg, havde, faktisk på et tidspunkt op, til 1,3 millioner månedlige seere og ligesom jeg sagde at jeg, ikke, har, oprettet, friske, Pins for denne konto, som jeg gerne vil, tilføj, til min smarte, sløjfe og, så, meget nålene der deles eller måske ældre indhold og til, denne, blog specifikt, laver, jeg, historier der er venlige af tidssensitiv Jeg prøver at gøre, hver træder, på, mine, skrubber, og, sånt, men, det, Gør jeg ikke gør det hele tiden, alligevel, så det også du ved, alt hvad, det varierer med at have frisk indhold der også tilføjer til, din, lugtsløjfe hele tiden men, igen tre, hundrede, og, halvfjerds, tusind, seere, på, denne, Pinterest-konto, og, som de ser, disse stifter de er.

Igen alle disse pins, har, jeg, ikke, sendt, dem der okay de poster automatisk og de poster I to grupper de poster I to stammer og jeg er rører ikke rigtig ved det og igen hvis du se, på en fodertrafik jeg får, dig kender, tusind, tusind, mennesker, på Min websted pr år nu for dig når du bringe dem til dit websted ved du hvad skal du gøre, med dem selvfølgelig vil du have en føring fange side, på dit websted at fanger en e-mail, så de sytti, tusind mennesker, som, jeg, har, fået, ind, min side; Jeg har sandsynligvis fanget du ved at jeg, ville sige to til fem, tusind e-mails, fordi jeg har en e-mail-popup der vises tilbyder dem nogle du kender gratis information, så jeg want at gøre slags en virkelig hurtig og beskidt bare oversigt over 170 tusind visninger på deres hjemmeside.

Okay, du så at dette, er min konto, jeg er, ikke, udstationering, af, noget, af, dette, jeg, gjorde, på, én, tid, hvad, jeg, gør er at bruge et værktøj, kaldet, hale, slut, jeg, kan planlægge, alle, mine, alle, mine, indlæg, dette er, en som jeg, ikke, har, angivet, op, Endnu men undskyld mig opkald for at dele yeah Jeg, har 4.000 følgere jeg får følgere, hele, tiden, hver, uge, okay, og derefter, som Jeg, sagde da jeg begyndte at gøre dette ved du du kan tydeligvis se en forskel og alle, disse, fyre, det, kan jeg, ikke, fortælle, Jer hvor meget tid jeg har brugt på udstationering Pinscher-ting fordi det ikke er meget det er det virkelig ikke og, jeg, vil, gerne vise, dig en anden hurtig ting-et af værktøjerne Jeg bruger jeg bruger canva ret men et andet værktøj at handle stifter Jeg, vil, gerne, vise, Dig og en mange gange folk tror, ​​du har brug for oprette disse detaljerede stifter der er smukt og, bare utroligt, og ja, det er, rart men, det, er, ikke, helt, nødvendigt, nu, giver, jeg, dig et eksempel, som, disse, stifter begyndte jeg at oprette, til min websted min Nye webside kaldet muligt automatisering og de er stort set alle de samme og de er meget enkle de er ikke som super som, utroligt men, alt jeg, gør er at jeg, ændrer, dette, billede, og, ændrer, teksten, og, derefter, BAM, så, hvis du kan, opret et system, med, Stifter der bare dig du ved det passer, slags dit brand de kan genkendes måske justerer jeg ting.

I fremtiden ændrer skrifttypen lidt gran det op lidt men, brug ikke 45 minutter på at lave en pin kan jeg lave disse I to minutter og jeg er færdig så fyre blev hurtig og beskidte hvis du vil have flere oplysninger om Pinterest, kan du, give en kommentar Til denne article reagerer jeg ikke på hver kommentar Jeg hjælper, dig der er en virkelig fantastisk selvfølgelig tog jeg, som jeg ikke kan find mere online Jeg tror ikke det er tilgængeligt men, Kimmy fra, lyserød hexagon havde en virkelig utroligt Pinterest-kursus og jeg, bare kan ikke finde Det mere Jeg søgte alle hele internettet men, hvad jeg, måske, gør, hvis, når du ud, til mig, og, har, mere spørgsmål, om hvordan man, får trollingpladser hvordan man, konfigurerer det, trin for trin, kan jeg, tage, alle, hende e-mails, og, videresende, dem, til, dig og, jeg, tror, det, Ville være en stor hjælp men, igen bedre, Kel-pass, af, automatiseringskommission, Abonner, venligst, på min kanal, forlad mig en kommentar fortæl mig hvor du er.

I din Pinterest rejse, okay hvor mange hver måned seere du får, gennem Pinterest hvordan meget trafik du får fra, det ville jeg, være interesseret. I at vide, og vi, vil fange, dig på den næste article; tak fyre