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$700 Daily In The Zombie Niche Affiliate Marketing, Youtube & Blogging Strategy

Yes, you can make a living doing literally any thing in today’s world. Okay, you can monetize anything you’re, passionate about any weird thing that you like or any cool thing doesn’t matter, because it’s cool to you.

If you like to do zombies – and here you go – and I’m just showing this as an example, whole strategy – you can do and make good money, because our world is so much more different than the past okay. So let’s get started we’re going to build out of kind of a whole business plan strategy and obviously not build it out in one article, but I’m going to show you like the whole strategy and everything in this article.

So that’s good okay, so I typed in zombie and if you just do space right here, zombie mask a zombie dies. Zombie strike, nerf, gun toys, monster truck survival, kit pack and survival guide. Okay. So when you are an affiliate, you can set up an affiliate like store an affiliate page in your affiliate account. Okay, easy to do. You can figure that out, but why that’s good is you won’t have to make a website? You just link 1 link in your YouTube and we’re going to be using YouTube and blogging if you want to have a website.

Anyways have one link to this. One thing: if you have your own merch, do that too? That’s another monetization method for this in each each. If you’re teaching something link also to your info products, right, don’t have too many links in your description when you start out, okay, typically, you should do it all free and then we target people who view your blog and market to them they’re way way powerful, advanced Stuff right there, but anyways, if you want to make big money, learn the advanced stuff.

If you want to make a living you can. You can learn the basic stuff, okay, but anyway tons of offers here if we scroll down very scary zombie, stuff yeah. So a lot of books, you can definitely link to books, but the thing is most well. Don’t do this? What I’m about to teach you, because they don’t know how? Okay I’m going to teach you how all right we’re going to type in zombie. Okay! Here we got a bunch of things: zombie, bad Wolf’s, zombie, cranberry, zombie, song, zombie apocalypse on the game, zombie movie, zombie, nation, zombie movies and zombie cover okay, those are big, big searches right, it’s a huge niche and you’ve got.

You need to validate this with keywords everywhere or go into keywords: planner on Google AdWords, but get keywords everywhere and you can see. I’ve got the numbers here and you can see how big keywords are, and these are great keywords. I’m also going to show you another way. We can find a bunch of keywords for the whole niche. You just want to know your whole keywords, write it down on a big paper and then combine them together to make different article ideas and that’s what I do actually a lot of the time to create article ideas and I’ve got hundreds, I’m kind of overwhelmed.

I got to make them all but anyways, when you type in zombie here you’re going to get ya, typically music, because people. This is a big secret and I don’t know if people already are aware of this. But if you figure out a generic word and you make a song about it – YouTube is big on music articles, so you will rank for that generic massive keyword, crazy right. So just so, you know, if you’re a music artist there you go, make a song and you’ll get views for a generic keyword and has to be a good song but yeah, as you can see.

Michael Jackson, Wow six hundred million okay anyways, you just kind of find article ideas like we could just instead of doing all time, but that helps with you coming up with article ideas. You can make your own songs and stuff and link, but this month so topic top articles for this month for the keyword zombie, you can get a ton of ideas also what’s trending and if you look at blogs that have less subscribers than the views they got.

Go make a similar article. Look at this, for example, zombie apocalypse cool stickman in Minecraft there you go, make something similar that you’re going to get similar results because look they blew up 4.9 million mm, I’m using cute, I’m using vid IQ right here and it’ll. Give you information very, very cool tool, youtubes, where it’s at guys, I’m not even talking about Instagram for this strategy at all.

You can also have people linking to your Instagram, so you’re more on me, present and also Instagram is almost like building an email list. Just so, you guys know but anyways moving on from that and people having people on other platforms. It’s just like having a big email list. Okay email list is obviously the most powerful, but you can it’s kind of the same thing, though, on other platforms. So that’s powerful just so you know here, no not that one but look you can just do the skits and stuff for zombies.

So basically, what I’m doing here is I’m just coming up with a bunch of ideas: okay, combining what works together and yeah. So that’s that and then, if we go over here is zombie we typed in zombie. Okay, zombie apocalypse is the biggest the cranberry zombie. I don’t know what that is zombie lyrics. That must be a song zombie movie. You can make your own zombie movie, or there is a zombie movie, but that’s a keyword right there.

You can leverage our zombies real, just like this is what people are searching for, combined things together and you can and then like take ideas from like top youtubers and how they do things. You do make up suddenly random, like a zombie challenge or zombie prank, and I’m telling you you can what I’m telling you right now. You can make us serious, killing crazy living off of this okay. So you start making articles you build.

You YouTube blog. You make content your own content and you monetize, with Adsense, with Amazon’s affiliate program with info products with merch, and I think that’s about it and you can make a killing and you’re financially free and you’re doing what you love. If you like zombies, if you like basketball, if you, if you like racecars RC cars or even toys, or if you like you, know cars or anything literally, okay, even knitting, you can make a blog and there’s so much money here.

Let’s look at this tool. I love called similarweb. As you can see. I have a lot of Chrome extensions, a lot of bookmarks but anyways 24 billion, okay monthly visitors, the average view duration is 21 minutes. That’s an average of people. Reading, like 1 2, 1, 2, 3 articles or more that’s powerful, ok and you can take advantage of that and every article is going to get views. Regardless of what happens.

That’s what’s so cool you upload a article and YouTube will promote it to test and see how it does it will give it impressions. Ok, click. The rates huge having good content for high walks time is greatly important. Capitalizing off trends is greatly important. Like I taught you here this one’s a great one for this, for example the one we were looking at this the stickman thing and then like skits and just funny funny stuff, even music and gaming, just all sorts of things you create content for it and you Build a massive brand, hopefully you build a personal brand or or just make content just make content and get views.

You could do that, but there you go come up with unique article ideas and link to those nomination methods and there you go and that’s the strategy guys. I hope you liked it leave a comment down below of a question. You have think of something and, like the article and I’ll see you in the next articles, guys binge-read check out new stuff in the description of course, I’ll see you in the next article peace out,

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How Much Money I Make From YouTube and Amazon Affiliate Links by Creating s.

Apparently it was just a myth. I heard your nod to talk about how much money YouTube paid you. I readed a lot of other youtubers articles that now have revealed the amount of money and they seem to have no ill consequences from it.

Well, other than me people being shocked about how much money they make. You may not be shocked, or maybe you will about the amount of money I make. I don’t it’s it’s not as much as I’d like it’s not as much as some of the other big YouTube stars, but it will show that there is a plan to making money on YouTube now. First, if you could take one second and click the like buttons, I’m posting this in YouTube, and this is going to be on Facebook, so wherever that like button, is on either one of those platforms.

Oh, that does help our algorithms driven life to let other people know they may be interested in learning about this as well. So we’re going to get to the revenue in just a second. Don’T worry, snot clickbait, I’m going to show you all the screenshots here of how much I directly make from YouTube and talk about that. But I also want to say there’s two different ways. We make money. I was a couple different ways, but we’re going to show the revenue from YouTube show the revenue from Amazon affiliate.

Those are the two big ones that are like recurring revenue, but we do get a lot of inbound leads from this. So that’s part of our sales process, how we do another article on that of how we get inbound leads, but essentially it’s we give everything away. We dump articles out there that are deep, in-depth tutorials that people go hey. This is cool. Here’S a good tutorial on this, but they still read the tutorial and end up hiring us, which a lot of people seems to think is a counterintuitive thing that if you told someone how to do it, they still wouldn’t hire you to do it.

That’S completely not true by having all these articles over 800 them on my youtube blog, many of them being tutorials and showcasing. You know exactly how to do something, we’re talking about a project and the methodologies that we need to do it. That brings us a lot of inbound leads, that is still the majority and as bigger than any of the revenue numbers here like I said, I probably do a separate article on that and it’s it’s like the projects and the bookings and my whole flow for that Is going to be it’s kind of in-depth and goes beyond the scope of this all right now, the reveal we’re going to press this little button and switch right over to the screen.

So, for the last 28 days I have made 25 to $ 568 in estimated ad revenue. It’S always estimated. Now. The first thing is: there’s no clear answer to how much I make per article and the reason. Why is because the article ad rates change dramatically with where the article is viewed and the type of article it is? So if the article is deemed monetizable by YouTube, as in friendly for advertisers? That is what drives YouTube.

Is someone has to pay for all the bandwidth it takes to have people viewing my articles so if they deem it worthy and content non-controversial? This is always the big debate with YouTube of they’re censoring things know they need to pay the bills and they’re going to be driven by their advertisers and what the advertisers want or don’t want their ads showing up on so the ad buy rate will vary greatly.

It turns out, if you do, articles talking about Finance, the ad buy rate is high. I think toy articles. Okay, there’s always varies and it comes down to who’s advertising. I know we see different rates go up and down based on each individual article. We do, and course that’s going to drive what the advertisers are buying at the moment, so not really easy to tell you exactly how much per article but cumulatively right now I am making this every 30 days about twenty five hundred dollars from YouTube.

Now, let’s look at what I did for all of 2018, so we go over here 2018 and I made fifteen thousand in total. But if you added twelve times 25, isn’t that a different number yeah, it is and let’s break that down at the number of articles. I had towards the end of 18. This is cumulatively what occurred in revenue and by the way, the monthly number that you see is 25 hundred right now, but it was only about a thousand for this month last year.

The difference is more articles and it’s cumulative as long as the articles are still relevant and people are still viewing them and people are getting value from them and reading them. Those articles continue to make money. The articles that people just don’t read anymore, because they’re older a news article from two years ago, when there’s no interest in it, those fall off and quit making revenue because they no longer have any views.

So it’s always a cumulative of articles that are kind of rolling forward as long as they’re relevant of still making money and because there’s more articles overall in the platform that I’ve uploaded and especially this year, quite a few of them now this year. So far in 2019, I’ve made sixteen thousand three $ 56.00. So that’s a cumulative of what’s going on right now and if I look at a monthly snapshot come December in November of either year that Patil’s, the particular months are where the majority of the money spikes up, because the ad buy rates are higher because it’s shopping Season now moving over to Amazon, this is the other primary source of income earner here, and this is my last year how much we received an Amazon.

Now these are affiliate links, I’m not doing dropship, I’m not doing anything thing being special you’re just clicking an affiliate link below we have them labeled as such, on our YouTube blog and what happens is if I review a product whatever that might be. I say: hey, here’s a you, know, handy dandy, tool and you’d like to buy it. We all have an affiliate link and we get a very small percentage and I see very small.

You can see the rates here shipped revenue of four hundred. Eighty six thousand eight hundred twenty three dollars. That means there was that much ordered through my Amazon affiliate link. So half you know the. What is that? Half a million dollars yeah about five hundred thousand dollars on lesson revenue and my earnings off of $ 500,000 in revenue was 19 thousand dollars, but it required me to do nothing but show the link I did not have to ship it package.

It deal with returns or anything Amazon’s taking care of the whole process. There’S a lot more money made. Of course, if you do direct sales, there’s better merchants, etc, etc. We’Re focusing on this that way, yeah! I can just do the article with our goal being an inbound lead that, or just you know, sharing information or the inbound lead that comes in it has brings revenue to our company through following up with that and processing, either a consulting job or some type of Contract work, we get that’s still the bigger goal, because that pays so much more, but this is kind of that steady revenue that comes across.

I just want to be very public about it when you help, but I say help the blog by clicking the link below. I mean help the blog by clicking link below it’s as much as I like. The inbound leads for all that they it’s kind of this big mix of you’re, trying to optimize everything, and I think people should be honest. I mean I, it takes a lot of time to make over 800 articles process. Um learn the skills put it together in a lot of the articles.

I know I’m not going to get a ton of revenue because I like sharing some of the business stuff and I don’t have anything to really offer other than just wanting to see the community better, but those things helped me produce those articles. You clicking those links. You putting all its, I mean it doesn’t cost you anything to click these links here, not paying a higher rate from Amazon. I’M just amazon’s being told that you bought something referred by me.

So I get this that’s really simple. Now this is what I did and so far this year. No I’m sorry! This is this is last year 2018 and this year is a little bit more as a blogs gotten bigger. So my revenues thus far as of August 21st, 2019 are 13,000. So last year we made in total 19,000. So far in August, we’ve already hit 13,000 and I just like to be very public about how my business works, how we do the articles and where all this money comes from so to speak, when someone else’ll, is it? You actually make money with YouTube, yeah, it’s accumulation of things, and I think it’s a very fair trade for me to put together of all this stuff, I mean I would like to make more, and some people make a whole lot more, especially some of the financial Articles Wow, some of those people make a lot just based on the ad revenue from the articles, or you know, or some of the affiliate stuff or if you have a cool product YouTube, is a really interesting platform for this.

I encourage a lot of people get involved in it, but I did want to be very clear when people said. Oh, you just want us to read your articles to make money. Well, there’s some of that yeah. I, like people, reading my articles that like when they enjoy them, it’s a labor of love, but it’s also a way to make money and enjoy what I do as a creator. I love to produce all this and put the time and put the content on air and for those of you that may have seen my shirt says.

Working with strippers all day make sure crimp hands strong. We sell silly shirts on teespring, that’s a another revenue generator. We sometimes get links for companies that give us like affiliate links, like text apply, direct and things like that. None of that is added up near to what amazon has sometimes the t-shirt revenue and by the way I use teespring, because they’re integrated right into YouTube.

So I’m not actually processing orders in shirts. That would be very difficult, but that means I make the lowest amount of money. So I’m only making I’ve had good months throughout may, like a few hundred dollars from shirt sales come but they’re being shipped to people automated ordering. I just see the orders come through and it’s a few dollars a shirt literally just like he’s like dollars. Couple dollars of shirts not much it’s, not the revenue um, but they’re niceties to help out people get a cool shirt.

We you paid for the time it took us to you, know, draw whatever design or think up whatever silliness that we want to put on there. It’S all these little cumulative revenue, things and I’d probably have to put a spreadsheet together to try and summarize all those and we’re always working on new pitches. The texts apply. Direct one is the most recent one where we get a small couple percent and you get 10 % off discount by using our affiliate codes and we have VPN sales and those don’t add up too much either.

If that’s a quantity thing to enough, people have to sign for account to make just a couple dollars, and we have a whole affiliates page that you can see in works that we’re very honest about any of the things we do because I like to operate. My business with transparency I like to operate my youtube blog and social media creation stuff with transparency as of right. Now, I’m going to upload this to Facebook, which means I’m not going to get any paid at all, because Facebook’s system is not ready.

Yet for such things that they have some beta pilots who are trying to pay creators, I don’t think any of it works well. Matter-Of-Fact Facebook may insert an ad and by the way I don’t get any money for Facebook inserted ads as of right now, yeah. I don’t know if they’re ever going to catch up with the way YouTube. Does it but YouTube’s the preferred platform? Because of that, but that’s it. I just wanted to let people know for those you go who own or how much he makes that’s.

How much I make this was the screenshots directly from you know. I I don’t think I need to go as far as to prove that I didn’t doctor these screens in some way, but you know I’m not just not going to bother doing that and for those you think I make 10 times as much. I don’t that’s exactly how much I make from these articles and, if you’re interested in talking about the process, keep an eye on my YouTube.

Blog we’ve dive into a lot of different topics, but we’ll be covering a whole inbound, lead process. We get from YouTube and how we put that together, using you can book me and Google sheets for inbound leads to process them. It’S not anything that secret. I just haven’t taken the time to put it together yet, but it’s absolutely those are the the entirety list of tools I use to manage inbound leads and booked them into oh and stripe to actually take the payments.

So that’s yeah, there’s my other secret. There are no secrets and if you want to get started in any of this, I have some articles like how we built the studio. I have articles on some of my workflow follow along on my blog there’s, a lot of stuff that just I give it all away man, I’m not shy about telling anyone. I’Ve had several people stop by Miss Judy would check it out because they want to know how we do it.

It’S I’m an open book. If you want to know any of this stuff – and it doesn’t cost as much as you think, to do some of the tutorial stuff, a microphone and a camera are not that expensive. Maybe I’ll do some budget stuff. I have a high budget, one where, like this entire studio, but I probably do a low budget one as well to kind of break down like your basic to get started in this. It’S a it’s not that difficult everything.

The challenge is all in the ideas and a little bit of skill and editing got ta have the idea. First, ideas are easy. Ideas are cheap, everyone’s got them, but then you can execute those ideas. That’S where the real have a story, execute the ideas. Put a plan together: that’s really the hard part buying this gear and all that that that’s actually the pretty easy part. It’S not super expensive I’ll leave links all this.

If it’s on YouTube and on Facebook, I’ll try to others, leave a link back to the YouTube blog Thanks thanks for reading, if you like this article, give it a thumbs up. If you want to subscribe to this blog, to see more content, hit that subscribe button. Annabelle like on, and maybe YouTube will sense you and notice when we post, if you want to hire us for a project that you’ve seen or discussed in this article head over to Lauren systems, comm, where we offer both business IT services and consulting services and are Excited to help you with whatever project you want to throw at us also, if you want to carry on the discussion further ahead over to forums out Lauren systems, comm, where we can keep the conversation going and if you want to help the blog out in other Ways we offer affiliate links below which offer discounts for you and a small cut for us that does help fund this blog and once again, thanks again for reading this article and see you next time,

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How to make an Amazon Affiliate Website 2018 – With WordPress, WooCommerce and WooZone

Today, in this article, we’ll see how to make an Amazon affiliate website now, this website is a money-making machine people on thousands of dollars per month with this kind of website. Now, for those of you who don’t know what an affiliate marketing is it’s a very simple concept, let me explain you this, so what we’ll be doing is we’ll be creating an e-commerce website.

You can see on your screen. This is the website that we’ll be creating in this article. Now, if you see over here when you scroll down, you have some products over here: okay, some different products. We have some bags shirts, let’s open a product and let’s see what we have over here now, if you see over here, we have this bag. You can see these beautiful images. All this title subtitle usually dispatched within 24 hours.

We have this short description. The price, the long description as you can see over here, so what is happening or your is – is this: this product is not even our own product, okay, with neither I manufacture nor I supply these products. What I have done is, I have installed, or I have simply imported this product from Amazon, and you don’t have to do anything manually. Everything is done automatically.

You just take on one simple button and thousands of products. If you want obviously thousands of products, if you want only single product, you can import any product from Amazon with one single thing and it will import everything. Images, price description, short description, variations and everything completely don’t have to do anything at all. But if you want to do some changes, obviously you can do.

For example, if you want to change the name of the product you can do so you can change the price description, images and so on. Okay, so this is what happens now when someone comes to our website, they purchase this back. What happens is they will do check out on Amazon and when they do this checkout and amazon amazon will give you or 10 % or 12 %, whatever the commission rate is commission on this product, okay source? For a, for example, a person has purchased dollars product from our website.

Now what happens is Amazon if the Commission rate is 10 percent? Amazon will give you ten dollars for that. You don’t have to do anything. The order will be placed on Amazon. The the order will be supplied by Amazon. You don’t have to do anything. Ok, everything will be done by Amazon. You simply import products on your website and the person comes to your website. They make a purchase. The order goes to Amazon Amazon dispatches the product to the customer, so you don’t have to do anything.

So this is a very good business model. To start with, you can earn really a good amount of money from this kind of website now. I hope it is clear what Amazon affiliate website is now, let’s see the demo upsells that will be creating in this article, ok guys, so this is the website that we’ll be creating in this article and for the design of the website. I have taken inspiration from the top ecommerce websites, like Amazon, flip card, Aliexpress, etc, and most of the time what I have tried over here is, I have tried to keep the cost as minimum as possible.

Instead of using a 60 $ 70 premium theme, I have used a free theme. I have used free plugins. Most of the plugins are free, a free page builder. Most of the things that you will see over here are free, but it’s in spite of using the free things we have not compromised with the design of the website. Design is top-notch. We have the best quality, your design, that you will see. Okay, so we have used mother most of the thing as free resources.

Ok, now there is a plug-in that we have used, which is a premium plug-in which is ozone. I will show you how you can get that and how you can integrate it with your website. Ok, so let’s see the demo set that we’ll be creating, so this is the website which you see on your screen at the top. We have this header and here at the header, at the left hand side we have a beautiful logo. You can replace this little place it and put in your own logo.

Then we have the nav bar the navigation bar over here and I will show you how you can create this mega menu. So this is a great thing. You are using a free theme, but you can create mega menus and everything that you want. Then we also have this button. Okay, so you can convert anything into a button. You know you’re at the at the header. Then we have the cart icon. When you hover the cart icon, you will see what product do you have in your cart? You can view your cart.

You can do the checkout and so on. You can search for products over here. Then we have the first section which you see. This is a hero section, the top section. We have some title subtitle some sale going on and we have a call to action button. So suppose there is some sale going on. You can redirect this button to some category some specific product or specific, a specific page. If you want, then we have a beautiful image in the background, then, after that we have this text or this section free shipping for orders over $ 100.

Obviously you can change the text. You can change the message according to your needs, then we have the categories that we sell on our website News, design trends. We have jackets bags, then sunglasses and shirts. Obviously you can put in your own categories. Your own images over here now I have used a very beautiful animation, as you can see when I hover this category, the image shifts towards the right and the title comes at the top.

So this is a very beautiful design. Then we have this section. Okay, again, a very beautiful section: we have submits messages showing up over here with some beautiful. I can send colors the first one is free shipping, so we have free shipping, then guarantee service 100 % money-back guarantee. Then we have product offers. So you can change the icon, you can change the message. Everything is very easy.

Making any change in this article is very in this website is very, very easy. It’S all simple, visual thing. Okay, you don’t have to do any coding anything at all. It’S all simple! Visual thing and, as I have said you earlier importing products, is also very easy from Amazon. You simply have to click on one single button and everything will be done automatically. Okay, so no worries. Okay, then we have our recently added products.

So here we’ll see how a single product looks like after this homepage. Now, when you scroll down, we have our brands. You can have your brand’s that you want that you sell on your website or whatever you want, okay, so basically that would be a better thing to showcase all the brands that you sell on your web. Then we have. The post post are also very useful in affiliate websites, so we will see a little bit about post as well then, at the bottom we have the footer, which is divided into four different sections.

We have the contact information recent post. Obviously you can add recent products. Anything over here in the footer I have added these things. Then we have some few quick links. Then we have some social icons now at the bottom. Footer I’d think you cannot see this, but at the bottom footer we have the copyright text. Now, when you click on this button, it will redirect you to the top of the page.

Ok, now, let’s see how single product looks like, so this is how your single product would look like. We have the title over here in the breadcrumbs. Ok, you can see under products, we have some category. Then we have this product. Ok, then this is the product page. There are many different designs that you can choose for product page, for example. This is using the left sidebar. If you want, you can simply remove this sidebar and you will have your product page full with ok, so you can do that as well.

Now the left-hand side you’ll see if we have few options like followers product categories and at present this one is selected because this product comes under handbags. Then, after that we have the top-rated products. As you can see, these are the top-rated products, then, at the right hand, side we have the actual product or when you hover this product it gets zoomed in, but because this image is quite small.

We cannot see this effect, but when you, but when you normally, however, a product you can see the image gets zoomed in then we have the title over here: the price there is some sale going on. That’S why the original price is tracked out, as you can see, $ 27.99 is striped out and we have this sale price now here it says as of July 10, 2008 een and this time. Obviously, if you want you can in fact I would recommend to remove this text.

I’Ll show you, in the tutorial later on in this tutorial, how you can remove this tag text from you. Okay, then we have this short description which you see over here. It says usually dispatched within 24 hours. Then, if you want you can, then we have the ACTU car category add to wishlist. Then we have the categories that this belongs to. Then we can all. So it’s all up to you. This thing is optional.

If you want, you can showcase this. If you want to sell in specific countries, this is good okay, so this product is available in India, as you can see the flag warrior. She shows that then, after that we have this this tab. So here description and all these things, this is the long description and everything is imported directly from Amazon. You don’t have to type a single or text over here then we have the frequently bought together products.

This is also imported from Amazon, so the person can select this or they can simply and take this, and they can add all this products to cart and they can do a checkout okay. So it’s all up to them. Then we have Amazon customer review. You can showcase the reviews of Amazon on your website. This is totally optional. If you want, you can simply remove this tab, then we have some additional information, for example, brand name color.

You can have some reviews over here and then at the bottom. We have the related products at present. It is showing only one product. This can show up to four or five products. I think it okay, so this is how your product page looks like single product page now, let’s see how this shop page looks like okay guys. So this is how our shop is looks like very much similar. We have the title the subtitle over here then the breadcrumbs at the left hand side.

We have almost this same sidebar. We just have this one extra thing, which is filled up by price okay. So this is the sidebar filter by price followers, product categories, top rated products and so on then here I they left a right-hand side. We have all the products that are shown. Okay, you can see when you hover this, the image changes. Okay. So this is all these things and you have many options.

If you want, you can remove the Add to Cart button over here. You can simply display the the image or you can simply display the price you can, you know, do a lot of customization option now now, if I say something, obviously you will not understand what I am saying. What do I mean by removing this button or adding some extra text or so on when we get into the tutorial when start creating this website, you will understand everything into much detail.

Okay, so this is your shop page. Let’S see what we have next, then, after that we have the wishlist page. As you can see, we have three different products in our wish list. You can add to cut one product is out of stock, so you can see the stock status. Then two products are in stock. We can add to cart, we can do checkout and so on. We can also apply coupons. If you want, so we will see how to create coupons.

Okay, then, after that we have the my account page. The user will have this. My account page, they can see their dashboard, they can see their orders now. No order has been made yet, but if there is some order, they can see the order they can track the order. If there is some downloadable products, they can see those over here they can change the address and all those things from your billing address shipping address now no address has been set up yet because we haven’t done anything with this website, yet they can see the wishlist They can change their account, details, their phone numbers cell number or name and all those things then.

After this we have the cart page. This is our cart page. As you can see, we have one product in the cart. Okay, so I think you can see the product over here. You can update the cart, you can simply click on proceed to checkout and it will redirect you to Amazon to Theor to do the checkout thing. Okay. So this is basically the demo website and I hope everything is clear. What is Amazon affiliate website yeah if it is still not clear, don’t where you can simply continue reading this tutorial, and you will understand everything slowly and gradually and your you know: knowledge on affiliate marketing using Amazon will be much clearer.

Okay, so I hope you guys enjoy the demo website. I hope you liked it. I hope you liked the concept and you, if you guys, are really excited to make this kind of website then stay tuned. Oh yes! So, let’s start creating this website. If you have not yet subscribed to my blog, then make sure you do so give a thumbs up to this article. If you think this is cool, if you enjoy free stuff, then make sure you give a thumbs up to this article.

If you think this is helpful, then you can share this article with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, wherever you want and if you have any doubt any queries, any suggestions for in throughout the article whenever you have any doubt wherever you get stuck, you can simply leave In the comment section below that, what you’re, what you’re, what is the problem that you’re facing and so on? Okay I’ll, try my best to get to you and solve your problem.

Okay, now to create this website, in fact, to create any kind of website. We need two basic things: a domain name and a hosting account. A domain name is basically the web address, or the URL or name of your website. For example, google.Com is a domain name youtube.Com facebook.Com. All these things are different domain names. The address of your website. Okay, so you will have to purchase an address for your website.

If you already have one, that’s good, if you don’t have, I will show you how you can get it for free with the hosting okay and then the next thing that we need is hosting and hosting. Is these two things are compulsory domain name and hosting? Without these two II just cannot proceed further. Now you know what is a domain name is a web address. The second thing is hosting hosting is a place or a thing where, in all your website, data is saved.

For example, if you see these images all these different pages, all these products, every data that you see on your website is saved somewhere, ok saved it saved in a computer or in a harddrive that is running 24/7, so that whenever someone comes to your website, they Can see your website live? Ok whenever you go to Facebook, you see live Facebook okay. Now because it is running 24/7. Whatever time you go day-night you will see the website.

You see all the data you’ll see everything. Ok, so that is basically what a hosting is everything all your website. Data is saved and at that place now, if you have a domain, but you don’t have an hosting that what happens is when someone goes to your website. They’Ll see a blank page because you don’t have hosting no there’s no data on your website. Ok, so both these things are compulsory. Now I will show you how you can get both this thing, because there are many different options that you can get.

There are many different companies that provide hosting and domain, but I’ll show you what is the best plan for you? What is the best company for you? According to your needs for e-commerce services, specifically, the website that we are creating these kind of website require different kind of hosting north irregular hosting. Okay, so I’ll show you what is the best hosting at the minimum price that you can get? Okay, so what you can do you can open a new tab and type in blog, TOCOM, slash PMD.

Now you don’t even have to type in this thing, there will be a link given in the article description below you can simply click on that link and you will be redirected to this page now. This is the cloud hosting page. If you see over here, it says cloud hosting, let’s scroll down, if you see that three different plans over here start our cloud business cloud enterprise cloud now this is a cloud hosting not a shared hosting most of the most of the times.

Whenever someone he redirects you to some hosting plan well, you’ll, see mostly it is the shared hosting now for e-commerce website shared hosting is not recommended. You should have a cloud hosting, but if you want you can go for web hosting share hosting. If you want share hosting you, can open this web hosting link in a new tab and you’ll get those shared hosting options. Okay, if you see there’s some price difference over here, the share hosting starts as at 295 dollars per month and cloud hosting starts at 595 dollars per month, okay, and so because there is a lot of difference between all these things.

If you want, if you, if you have a very small budget, you can start with shared hosting starter plan or business plan, whatever you like, or if you, if you are very willing to do some investment to earn some real money, then you can go with starter Cloud, ok, the cloud options, so it’s all up to you. You can start with any option you want. If your budget is very small, you have almost no money, you can go with web hosting the shadow sting or if you are ready to do some investment in this new business, you can go with cloud hosting okay, so you have both the options.

Now I am using the cloud hosting package, so that’s why, in this article I will show you how we can go with this process cloud hosting process? Okay, so, as I said you earlier, we have three different plans. So your starter cloud business cloud and enterprise cloud now, let’s see what other different features that this hosting company provides, and why do I recommend this because there are many different companies that I can recommend you.

Why only this, because this is this – has something special. Let’S see what is that thing? Special okay, so, first, if you see the first two features are very crucial: it says 6c pr6 core CPU and 6 GB of ddr4 Ram. Now, a few moments ago, as I told you that a costing is a place, our computer or a hard drive which is running 24/7, it has all your web website. Data is stored, so the computer, which these guys are using, is a really strong and robust computer.

It is using a six core CPU and six GB of ddr4 Ram, so that is really great, really fast and super awesome computer. Then we have unlimited bandwidth, which means that you can transfer an limited amount of data from your website. You can upload unlimited amount of data. You can download unlimited amount of data from your website, then the most important feature if you over here is SSD space. Now there are two kind of hosting SSD and HDD.

Now SSD is very more faster than the regular HDD planck’s. If you want to see the difference, you can go to Google type in SSD versus HDD web hosting. You will see all these different articles. You can read them. You’Ll understand about these different things in much detail or what you can do. You can go to images like what I do normally and you can open. The first result that you see over here now, as you can see, that three different criteria was your speed, IOPS and latency.

This orange part is HDD. This green bar is SST in the first one is speed at the bottom. It says higher is better. Now you can see, SSD is very more higher than the regular HDD. Then the second one is IOPS again, it says higher is better and you can see. The difference is around 100 times. Okay, so in IOPS, SSD is 100 times better than the regular HD D. Then the latency again it says lower, is better and you can see the difference is hundred times.

So you know you get the idea. Ssd is way more faster, better in terms of performance, then the regular HDD. Now not only that you get SSD, you have unlimited SSD space, so that is another amazing feature now. Another feature is unlimited website hosted, which means that you can host unlimited amount of website in one single hosting plan, so you don’t have to purchase a new hosting plan every time you create a new website.

Ok, so suppose, today we are creating this website tomorrow. You might need to create some other website, maybe another website for your business or a blog or something so you don’t have to purchase hosting again. You can host all the websites unlimited number of websites in one single hosting plan, which is really cool. Now you also get a free domain. Remember this support is really good. As you can see, we have the live chat option over here.

You can call them, you can email them. The support is really really good. Then we get a free, cPanel, ng INX web server. Then we have SSL. In fact, we have wild card SSL. First of all, let’s see what an SSL is now, if you see the RAM website, we have the secure socket over here. This is what the SSL certificate is now our. What I used to say is SSL is compulsory for e-commerce, but today, from this July, 2018, 2018 SSL is compulsory for any web site.

Ok now what Google has done is what, if your website doesn’t have this SSL certificate, Google will say that this Chrome browser will say that this website is not secure. So whenever someone goes to your website, it will say you know what this website is not secure. You should not enter your credit card debit card details or your phone number any crucial information over here. So that is a very bad thing for your website now, from July onwards, 2018 SSL certificate is compulsory for your website.

Now here we have wild card SSL, which means that you can install SSL certificates on unlimited number of domains and subdomains. Then we have optimum cash. This will improve the performance of your website, make it much faster and much easier than we have memory. Cache instance of 256mb again it will improve the performance and speed of your website. Then you see, the performance is three times better than these two plans and we have 60 day money-back guarantee okay.

So we have all these features. There are three different plans. Start our business and enterprise cloud if you’re creating a website for the first time and you’re very much sure that you’re going to create only one website at least four five six months from now – and you don’t need another website, then you can go with starter cloud Because if you see over here, you can hear in this starter cloud, you can host only one website now suppose tomorrow, if you wan na, create another website, what you can do, you can ask TMD to upgrade your account and they will upgrade your account to business Cloud or enterprise cloud, whatever you request and you can create your next website.

Okay, so you can start with starter cloud if you want, if you are ready to create just one website, and if you know that I am NOT going to require another website for a few months from now, then you can use this starter cloud or if you Are sure that you have to create many different websites, then you can choose business cloud or enterprise cloud. Both are really good option. Now I am using the enterprise cloud, so I’ll click on this button, which says get started now when you do so.

You will see this screen now here you have to enter the domain name, which you want for free, okay domain name, which you want for free, so you can type in your domain name or here you can select the extension if you want com, dotnet, dot org. If you’re creating this website for country-specific, then you can select a country specific domain extension like dot CA for canada, dot asia, are.Com dot in not com dot in for India, dot, uk’ for United Kingdom and so on.

Okay, but for most of you guys, I would recommend you to stick with com. So once you select your domain name and you extensions, simply, click on proceed all right now, here you have to put in some basic information about your company, like your first name. Last name: your email address phone number. Okay, your state countries, you’ve called all these things. Then you have to enter the payment information if you want to make payment through credit card debit card.

You can enter your details so here, if you want to make payment through PayPal, you can select PayPal and pay through PayPal. Now I would recommend you to pay with credit card or debit card. Okay, that is much better option. Then we have some more options over here. Okay, first of all, you have to choose the data center location. Now the one you have to choose the one which says nearest to you, for example, here Singapore says nearest to you, so I am selecting this one period is by default 12 months.

I also recommend 12 months. It never select one month period because you have to pay seven dollars extra per month, so that is not recommended. I would recommend you to select twelve months from you. Then, by default domain privacy is stigma. You can leave it tick mark. It will cost you around. Ten dollars extra per year, but I think it is worth it it will protect your identity from anyone. Okay, if you don’t have this tick mark, anyone can see who? Who is the person who has registered this website? So I would recommend you to just tick mark this thing.

Okay, now at the bottom we have a very important option, which is promo code. Now here you have to enter in a year seven and a double y AR and numeric seven after you do so. Click on apply now, as you can see, it says this promo code gives you seven percent of this purchase and seven percent is the highest discount that tmd offers on cloud hosting, so you are getting the highest discount possible.

So that is a great thing once you are done with all these steps, simply click on with your. I agree to the tmd Terms of Service and click on checkout. Now, once you click on that checkout button, you will receive our email from DMD hosting now. This email would look something like this, so you have your username, your FTP C password. You have your server IP name servers and all the important information that is required.

Okay, so L, all the important information are entered over here, make sure you save this email somewhere. If you multiple email addresses, you can forward these to those different email addresses. Okay, that would be better now, if you see at the bottom, you have this control panel link open this link in a new tab and copy your FTP, username and password from here come over here, paste it over here, okay, paste it over here and click on Login now, once you click on login you’ll see your cPanel.

This is see the cPanel. Now, what do you have to do because we have purchased the hosting and domain now it’s time to upload the website or it’s time to install WordPress on that domain? Okay. So, let’s go at the bottom, you’ll see under Softaculous app installer click on this now here we have WordPress is the first option when you hover this, you will see this option install button click on this install button.

You will be redirected to this page now from the top make sure HTTPS is selected. Okay, because if you see or hear the it has HTTPS okay, so secure socket as okay make sure s is included over here. Then, after that, you have to select the domain name on which you want to install WordPress, so I’m selecting the domain name for me, then, after that you you have this WP already typed in oh you’re, in in directory, make sure to remove this thing.

Okay make sure this this field is empty. Then we have site settings, you can put in your site name and site description so and I’ll simply put Busan tutorial by Nia Shaikh. You can put anything. Obviously it’s all to you. I am just putting site name, as was on tutorial and site description as binary Shaikh. Then we have to change the admin and password okay. So let me change the admin and password.

As you can see, my admin username is quite different. I have a uppercase letter, a capital letter to capital letters at the beginning. Okay, then few small letters – and I also have this underscore okay, instead of the space I have used this underscore. Okay, so make sure you have some things are using him. Something like this, which has upper case lower case and a few special characters, or maybe few numbers, if you can include okay, then change this password.

Let me put in my password over here, okay, so I am putting my password then after that make sure you also change the email address put in your own email address, so you go at the bottom, and click on install okay, so WordPress is getting installed on Your website, it will take few seconds. You can just simply wait. As I said it has taken few seconds now we get two different links. First, one is you simply your website link? That is your website: let’s open that in a new tab.

Okay, so this is how our website looks. At present, we have this beautiful SSL certificate. I did talk now. The second link is the dashboard link? Okay, let’s open this in a new tab, so this is the dashboard link. Okay, the control panel link from where we will be controlling everything that happens on our website. Okay, so this is the page from where you can create products. You can create post. You can create pages, you can create everything you can change this style.

You can do everything so whenever you want to come to one want to come to this page, your control panel, page, you simply type in your username or your URL address, then type in /w p admin all right. So we have seen this is how our product our website, is looking. This is how – or this is our dashboard now at the left hand, side you’ll, see few options. Don’T worry I’ll, explain you all the options, we’ll use, almost all the options that you see over here, okay, so the first.

Let’S do one thing: let’s click on appearances now, if you see well, your three different themes are already installed now for the for those of you guys who has seen a wordpress tutorial for the first time. A theme is nothing but the design of the website. Okay, for example, by default, we are using the 2017 theme and, as you can see, we have this snapshot over here. This is how the website will look like and exactly.

That is how the website is looking over here. Okay, now, if you use this theme 2015, this is how your website will look. You can see the snapshot this screenshot okay, so you can change it now. We don’t need all these themes. These are really boring themes, so we can simply delete it and we’ll use a very useful, very cool theme, which is a free theme. That is a great thing. Okay, so if you want to add a new theme, if you want to change the style and design of your website, simply click on this add new button.

Now here, let’s you will see that thousands and thousands of free themes available over here you can install and activate any one. You want. Okay, now, the one that we want is called ocean WP. So, let’s type in ocean WP in this search bar okay. So this is the plug. This is the theme, simply click on this install button. It will install this theme on your website now. Let’S activate this theme, so click on activate button.

Okay, so once you install and activate the theme, let’s come back to our website. Let’S refresh it now, as you can see, the design is totally changed, and now, after some time, we will convert this website. This boring website into something amazing like this. Okay, we’ll change the design completely now again come back here. If you see, we have one notice which says that this theme recommends this plugins and all these plugins are free.

So, let’s install all this plugins and by the way, a plug-in is a way to extend the functionality of your website. Okay, for those of you guys who don’t know okay, so you have used different plugins for different functionalities. For example, let me give you a very perfect example, which is blue commerce. Now, by default, WordPress is not meant for e-commerce websites. Okay by the default WordPress cannot create any product.

You cannot do all those options. Okay, if you want to convert your website into an e-commerce website, you use a plug-in to add they from all the functionalities and features of an e-commerce website. Okay, so that is what a plug-in is it it will add and expand the functionality of your website. So we have three different plugins, so here we have, which is a free and best page builder. We have ocean demo, expert, export and ocean extra.

So, let’s click on this begin installing plugins link. Ok, so all this plugins are here you can install one by one, but what we’ll do is we’ll take ma voiture. It will select everything and from the bulk action we’ll select, install and click on apply. Ok, as you can see, all the plugins are installed. Let’S click on return to dashboard. Ok, so all our plugins are installed and activated. Now we need few more plugins, free, plugins to eat or to add some more features to our website.

So what you can do you can hover plugins from the left, hand, side and click on, add new to add new plugins. Now the first plug-in that we need is obviously boo, commerce, ok. So what we’ll do is we’ll type in commerce, foyer, ok, just simply type who commerce okay. So this is boo. Commerce by automatic you can see it has more than 1 million active installation, so more than 1 million websites are using WooCommerce.

You know at present. So, let’s click on install now, let’s activate this plugin. Alright! Yes, now, once you activate this plug-in, you will see few notices over here. So what we’ll do is we’ll see all these notices later on? First, we’ll have to install few more plugins. So what we can do is we can simply again click on add new. Ok, the next plug-in that we need is Elementor, essential, add-ons I’ll give all these plug-in names in the article description below you can see those ok.

This is the one elemental essential add-ons by quartic. You can install this one. Okay, now don’t click on this activate button. We can activate all the plugins at once. First, let’s install all the plugins, then the next plug-in that we require is premium add-ons for Elementor. This is the one by leap 13 install it then, after that again, don’t click on activate, simply type in the next plug-in, which is Elementor add-ons and templates by cz light, ok, whatever it is by theme, I’ll.

Ok, you can see this one click on install now. Ok, and the last in that we require, is custom sidebar by WP mu, dev. Okay, you can see WP mu dev. This is the plugin click on install now now, if you see at the top, it says we need two more plugins WooCommerce variation switches and WooCommerce wishlist. So let’s get these plugins as well. Click on this link begin installing plugins. Okay, we have two plugins, let’s so dick Makaha bulk action, install click on apply; okay, so both the plugins are installed and activated successfully.

Now, let’s click on plugins from the left hand, side; okay, first, what? Whenever you? Wherever you click? You will see this thing. This setup wizard for wishlist button, so you can simply click on. Let’S go not a very important one: okay default wishlist name create automatically. Simply click on continue, don’t need to do any changes. Click on custom continue. Okay, not very important. Simply! Click on just may keep clicking on those continue and the last step.

Click on this button return to the wordpress dashboard. Alright, now, let’s click on plugins and we need to activate all the plugins that we have installed and there are two different extra plugins that we don’t need, which is a kismat anti-spam, so we can delete it and the other one is Hello. Dolly you can delete these as well. Okay, now, as you can see, there are few plugins that are not activated, so we can take McCoy here from the bulk action.

We can select, activate and click on apply. Okay, so all the plugins are successfully installed and activated now it’s time to install the most important plugin for this website, which is the ozone plugin. Now you can open a new tab and type in block to.Com, slash Busan. Now this link is also given in the article description below when you open this link. You will be redirected to this page. Okay.

Now, if you see oh here, we have the few plugins so here this is actually a bundle of few plugins and themes. We have one plug-in. We have Kingdom theme, we have discount fighter finder, whose own contextual, okay, so you can install this one. Okay, it’s around 70 bucks. You can add to cart’ and purchase this, but I have already purchased it so I’ll. Not do that I’ll simply cut this thing, so once you purchase, let me show what happens so once you download it from themeforest.

You will see a file like this okay, whatever, as if I you can extract this file from here. Okay, so once you extract it, you will see a folder like this. Okay in this folder, you have your theme, you have your plugins and everything okay, but this is not the theme that we are going to use. This is a very bad design. Unfortunately, I don’t like the design of Kingdom theme. That’S really bad. Okay, I’ll use the plug-in, which is over here ozone, Amazon, affiliate plugin.

When you open this thing, you will see a folder plug-in and you’ll see another zip file whose own okay. Now this is the file that we have to upload. Now. Let me do one thing: let us come over here, but before this, let’s see one thing when you hover media and click on, add name you’ll see over here it says: maximum upload file size is only 2 MB and if I see oh you’re, the file size Of this plug-in is 6 MB s more than 6 mb s.

Ok, so here I can upload only 2 MB file maximum and the file which I want to upload is 6 MB. So there is a problem over here, but it has a very simple solution. Let me show you how we can fix that open FileZilla and if you don’t know how to set up FileZilla, there is a article on my blog very easily. I have shown how you can set up FileZilla for free all right guys. Now, once you open FileZilla, you will see your website folder over here.

For example, if you see my website name is boo zone 2, dot, Nia, shake calm, ok, so I’ll have to open that folder. Let me find that folder here. It is Busan, totnes check, comm. Let us open this folder here. You have one a file which says the first file in fact dot htaccess. Now what you have to do is you have to drag this folder on your desktop? Ok on your website on your computer desktop, then let us do one thing: let us select stuff from your okay.

Sir Dexter is selected. Let’S drag this file on our desktop okay. Let me do it okay, so it says: transfer finished now. If you see on my desktop, I have this file. Let me open this file, okay, so this is how your file would look like okay. Now, what do we have to do? We have to paste some simple line of code away here, so go to my website. In fact, this link will also be given in the article description below okay.

If you don’t find that link, you can go to my website and let me show you that post, I think if it will be on second third page. Okay, let me show you that, ah here it is the uploaded file size whatever this is the this. Is the post that you have to open solved the uploaded file size exceeds the max whatever the it is? Okay, you see this. You can open this. This will. This link will be given in the article description below, but by chance.

If you don’t find it, you can go, you can do it manually. Okay, now here, if you go at the bottom, you’ll see five lines. Of course, over here five or six lines of code simply copy it from your go to that file. Paste it over. Here: click on ctrl s to save the file. Now you can cut this thing. Go to FileZilla refresh this section. Okay, now drag this thing: dot, HDX s and again bring it to your website folder.

It will ask you to overwrite it select all right and click on. Ok, ok, so transfer is finished. Now now, let’s come to our website. Okay earlier it was saying 2 MB maximum upload size. Let’S refresh this page now, as you can see, it says, 64 MB. So now we can upload any file of up to 64 MB. Okay, so again have all plugins and click on add name. Let’S add this plug-in now this time you don’t have to add a plug-in.

This way we have to upload a file because we have a file, so click on upload plug-in choose file, and let me go to that file whose own coupons say whatever the folder is, whose own I feel: Amazon, affiliate, plugin. Ok, this is the file select. This file click on open click on install now, ok guys, so this plug-in is successfully installed now, let’s click on activate plug-in. Ok, so once you activate this plug-in, it should ask you to ok once it will ask you for purchase code now yeah.

This is very important. You have to in insert the purchase code. You’Ll see the purchase code on you’ll, see this purchase code on themeforest. You can find it from there and paste in the purchase, but obviously I’ll have. I have I’ll have to hide this code from here. You can in just copy and paste the purchase code and click on activate now, alright guys. So once you do so, you will see this setup wizard now, let’s click on get started now.

First of all, it will ask you: what kind of website is this that you’re creating? Is it a blog online store, personal web site or something else? So this is an online store, so we’ll select online store and click on next then, what is this state of the website? Is it a fresh, install or you already have some content so for us it is a fresh, install, so select fresh, install and click on. Next, and what is the purpose of you want to use whose own so you have different options? Select the first one I already have a website and want to earn some money, easy money from affiliation.

Ok, so select the first one and click on next. Alright. Now we have some more options over here and you can take mark or and take this first of a few options of. If you see by default, are tick mark and few are antic. The first one is on site cut. Now this option will allow your customers to add multiple Amazon products into cart and checkout through Amazon system, with all at once so very important.

I think it is necessary so make sure you tick mark this now ninety-day cookies, if a customer adds a product into your app into the Amazon card and it’s kept there for 90 days and if the user continues shopping, you will still get the commission. Ok. So very important make sure it is tick mark if you want to show the Amazon reviews tab, which we have seen in demo website. You can take mark this or you can simply antic this okay.

So do you want to show the frequently bought together product which you see on Amazon, frequently bought together? Let me show you both these options: okay, let’s open this product, okay, so, first of all, we have this Amazon customer review. If you don’t want to desert, show this tab, you can come over come over here and untick. This reviews tab the second option. If you see under description, we have frequently bought together products.

If you don’t know, don’t want to show this thing, you can UNTAC this cross-selling. Okay, it’s all up to you, my product availability by country box. If you’re creating this, it’s it’s all up to you. If you want, you can take mark this or you can simply uncheck this, it’s all up to you by the way it will show this thing: okay, product availability in a country; okay. So if you want you can take this, not a big deal you want to show coupons, then we have check out email us, the user email address before this checkout process happens.

Now. This is not required. So make sure this one is an ticked okey. Then remote Amazon images, this option will display all product images from Amazon, CDN, so very important. We don’t want to upload our own images. We want to just import the images of the person. Okay, so make sure it is strict mark and if the product is free shipping, do you want to show that, for example, if you see over here, it says free shipping.

Whenever it is free shipping, it will say free shipping, or do you want to display this or not? It’S all up to you. If you want, you can simply take mark this and click on next. Alright, now price set up, Oh get price from Amazon or all the sellers, so you can simply select Amazon import product from merchants, make sure you select Amazon and other sellers. Okay. If we select Amazon, then you can import only those products which Amazon is directly selling, for example, Amazon, Kindle, okay, they have their own product.

Amazon is the merchant or the seller of the product. But if you want to install some iPhone, then Amazon is not the seller or the owner Apple is the owner, and so you will not be able to import that so make sure you select Amazon and other sellers, not import as published or draft. So whenever you import some product, do you want to directly publish them or you want to make you know you want to send them to draft? And after that you can, you know, check them, you can edit them and you can publish them.

So it’s all up to you because this tutorial this is for tutorial purposes, I’ll select, publish import product with zero price. No, we don’t want to import that, so let it be an taked import attributes. Now, basically, an attribute is, for example, we have iPhone 7 or iPhone 10. Whatever you have okay, so iPhone 7 has 32gb 64gb 128gb. So we have different variations. These are called attribute products.

Okay, so obviously we want to import all the attributes so make sure it is stigma. Now, click on next now number of images you want to import and number of variations. If you want to import okay, if you want to import only three images, you can select three over here. If you want to import all images, you can select all similarly for variation, you can import one variation, two variation or all the variation.

Okay. Now click on next and these changes can be changed later on. Okay, I’ll show you how you can do how we can change these settings. Okay, click on next now this is the customization option. Read redirect option whenever the person clicks on that checkout button. What happens is they will get a message? You will be redirected to Amazon to complete your checkout. If you want, you can change this message, okay and type in something else.

I don’t know why you would you do that, but you can do so. If you have some better idea, you can do that now redirect them in how many seconds. So, basically, what happens is when they click on that checkout button. That message will be there for three seconds: okay and after three seconds they will be redirected to Amazon. If you want to increase or decrease this time, you can do that from here, okay and by button by button custom text, we don’t have to do anything or your everything looks fine, just click on next all right now we have at the at the last step.

We have to put in our access key ID and secret access key and your affiliate ID now, if you have a different affiliate ID for different countries, for example, you have account with Amazon, Canada, also amazon, india, also amazon, us also. You can use all of them at one place, and here you have to put in your Access ID and secret key okay. So let me show you how we can get that open. A new tab go to google and type in Amazon, associate, ok, and it will show you the Amazon Associates of your country.

I am in India, so I will get this link affiliate program dot. Amazon.Com UK you’ll see affiliate program dot amazon.Com. You can something so click on this link. First link. Now you have to join for free if you are not yet join the affiliate program of Amazon. I have already done that. Ok, and that is very easy. It takes few seconds or a few minutes it is. It does not require a very high knowledge or anything like that.

It’S a simple form you fill in and you are. You join the club okay. Now because I have already joined that I will click on login. I have my username password over here: click on login. Then, let’s see what happens? Ok, so this is the screen. Ok, as you can see, this is the screen. You can see the clicks that my link has got got and the fees and all these things. Ok. Now, what do you have to do? What we require here is we want the access key ID and this secret access key.

So let me show you how you can get that go here and Howard tools and you will see product advertising. Api click on this link. Now, click on manage credentials; ok, now click on sign-in or if you are not created any account with AWS, it will automatically ask you to create one or it will create one for you. Ok, it’s very easy! Simply: click on login. Ok, now you can. Click on over here continue to security, inches and you’ll see your access key.

Let me show you you. When you see this thing access key, you will see. I have created many in the past. You can see all those things now. I can use any one of these. I have created some deleted some, so let me delete one and let me show you how you can create a new one. Obviously you will not have any so you’ll have to create a new one. So if you want to create a new one, simply click on this blue button create new access, key okay and you can show the key okay.

You can copy the key from here. Let me copy it from here paste it over here. Then we have the as secret secret access key copied from here again paste it over here, okay and make sure you download the key. Okay, very important simply click on this button and make sure you download this keys. Okay, very, very important once you do so simply close these things now come over here after that we have to put in your affiliate ID now.

If you want to see that again, let’s come back to this website affiliate program, dot, amazon, dotting at the top you’ll see this tour name and you’ll. Have this thing over here copy this from here? Okay, I have this link. This is my store name or ID copy it from you and paste it under your country, for example. This is India and pasting it under India, then after that main affiliate ID. If you have multiple affiliate IDs in different Amazon websites, you can select one of the means.

So for me I have only one – and that is India, and that is my main request. Type make sure it is auto, detect and import location. Where do you want to import the product from? Do you want to import the product from amazon.Com then select this one worldwide? If you want to import from amazon.Com is on India, you can select India, so I am selecting India and you can click on this button check Amazon, AWS Keys.

It will check this skis whether they are correct or not. So, let’s click on this button. Ok, as you can see, everything is right. Okay, we can proceed further. Let’S click on finish, alright, so congratulations! You have fully setup boozing wizard. It is that simple and we don’t have to do a lot of things. So if you’re very, very simple, simply click on this closed well guys, so once you do so, you will be redirected to this page.

So we have a lot of notices over here. Let’S dismiss all these things, one by one: okay, let’s click on no thanks. This means this notice everything. Okay. Now we have this plug-in setup. We have everything which is awesome, or I guess now, once you do all these things. Let’S do one thing: let’s simply create few pages for commerce. We have to create some default pages. Okay, when you click on pages, let’s see what happens you see.

There are only three pages, one, the wishlist page because of that quick setup, a sample page which we don’t require. So you can trash it. You can delete it from your a policy page, which is the gdpr thing. Okay, draft page now we have to create few new pages, so click on add new. First create this shocked bits so simply type in shop now open a new tab. Let me cancel all these things and type in gue commerce, shortcode, okay, short codes: here it is bucum a short codes and open the first language is short code included with commas open.

This link you’ll see few shortcuts over here. So for shop, page: okay, let’s see what is the checkout page, my account page? Okay. First, let’s create the cart page. So simply select this copy. This shortcode from here boo commerce, cart come over here and let’s first create the cart page. So, let’s name it cart and let’s paste the shortcode over here, click on publish – and this will add the cart page.

Okay, let’s click on add name again and after that we have the checkout page. So, let’s copy this shortcode away from you and obviously you can see it says you need to install default WooCommerce page and cart, page and checkout page now. This thing will disappear now, let’s click on checkout, page okay. So this is our checkout page. Let’S paste in this shortcode for checkout click on publish alright.

Now after this, we have the my account page so copy this link from here click on add new page, let’s name it my account and that’s based in this short code click on publish. Now we have one more shortcode order tracking, but this is not required over here, because we cannot enable person to track order, because this these products are not our products. These are Amazon’s product, ok, so they cannot track order from our website.

So we have three pages. We here, let’s click on dashboard. Now, let’s click on pages. Okay, you have the cart page, checkout page all this page. Let’S click on add new page. Let’S create a shock page, don’t need to put any checkout. Also, simply, click on publish now, let’s open this product in a new tab. Let’S view this page now, as you can see when we view this page, we have this a shock page over here.

Ok, no, don’t don’t need to create or do anything now, let’s to view a simple buchamma settings. So let’s click on how, let’s our commas and click on settings, there are very few settings that we need to do over here, not write. The regular ecommerce have said there are very few settings that we do first. Setting that we have to do is journal settings. We have to put in your address, so I am putting Mumbai everywhere.

This is the address where your store or your business is pasted. Ok and let me put in the country as India, Maharashtra, ok country and your state name now, do you want to sell to all location or a specific country, so I can select, sell to specific countries and I can select India. So maybe I want to sell only in India if you want to sell in multiple countries, you can select more countries from here or you can sell in all the countries.

Now I want to ship to all the countries I want to sell to ok, which is fine, enable the use of coupon calculate coupon discounts of sequentially not required now currency, because I am selling in India and I am importing products from Amazon dot in. I will select I Indian rupee, which is Indian rupee here it is. Let me select this ok click on Save Changes. Alright. Now we don’t need to do any changes.

I guess, let’s see, let’s go products! Okay, you know we have this shop page select shock from your okay, the page that we have just created so select the shop page from your click on Save Changes. Okay, let us see some more changes now go to. Shipping shipping is not required now, payment account and privacy simply go to accounts and privacy. Now do you want to allow the customers to place order with without an account? So, yes, we do want to allow them allow customer to log in into an existing account during checkout yeah.

We want to allow them now. Do you want to allow customers to create an account during checkout? Yes, do you want to allow customers to create an account on the my account page, yes very important now, when creating an account automatically generate a username from customers? Email addresses not required. Okay. We, if you want the user to set up their own username when creating an account automatically generate a account password.

No, we want the user to set up their own password. Ok, now remove personal data from orders. No, we don’t want to remove them because we need those data. Ok, now rest everything. You can see your privacy policy. What you want to. If you want to change some text from here, you can change it now. Click on Save Changes after that go to advanced and under the cart page, select cart under the checkout page.

Select checkout under my account page select my account under terms and conditions page. You can select the privacy policy page, which is already created. Ok then go at the bottom and click on Save Changes. Now, let’s refresh this page, everything should be fine. Yes, fine, alright, so we are done with the main settings who commerce and whose own settings now, let’s see how we can import products from Amazon.

Ok, so let me do one thing from the left hand side, let’s click on Busan. Ok, it is loading. Now there are many different options over here. First is Amazon configuration? We can click on this. You can configure your keys if you want to enter your keys later on. You can enter them from here. Ok, you can see your keys are here. You can enter your this IDs and everything later on. If you want okey, let’s click on dashboard.

We have some more options now. Most of these are not very important option. The important one are two options. First, one is this. Now there are two types of option available to import product from Amazon. The first one is single product wherein you want, you can import products one by one and the second one is bulk. Okay, so you can import products in bulk. Now I’ll show you both the options and how you can setup those.

Now. First, let’s see how to import a single product: now we can import a single product using a free Chrome extension. Okay. So if you want to get that extension, simply click on over here, direct import extension, okay, you’ll see this thing over here and you have to download this thing. Okay, W zone directing text input extension from here, so you can open this link in a new tab. Now, as you can see, I am getting this option add to Chrome.

Let me click on this. Okay. I think I cannot do that. So let me do one thing: let me copy the title from your W zone: import a direct import cut it from your. Let us search from here, okay, W zone direct import. Let’S search for this here we have now click on this Add to Chrome, button click on add, extension; okay, it is checking ok. Now it is added. Now, let’s see okay now let us click on save settings.

Now, as you can see, it says, options updated successfully now at the top you’ll see this option, which says authorize now very important, make sure you click on this authorize button now it says website successfully added now, when you click on this button. As you can see, this website is successfully added, okay, so very good. Now we can import products from Amazon, so let’s open Amazon dot, whatever Amazon you are affiliated to and let’s open some products.

So let me open this first product from here now, as you can see when I open this product, I see this option over here at the top. Now I can simply click on this button and it will import everything all these images, the price, the description, the variations, if available, it will import everything for me, I if I want I can import this into specific categories, but I haven’t created any categories, as you Can see when I hover this, you get this option when you click on click on this option.

It asks you for importing category, but we haven’t created any category. That’S why we are not seeing anything and if you want to import any specific variation like one or two, you can select it from here. Okay, so it’s all up to you now, what I’ll do? I simply click on here on this button. As you can see now, it says product was successfully added now, as you can see within one second, this product is added, and now we can view this product on our website.

So, let’s click on this button view this product. Now, as you can see, this product is successfully added on our website. Ok, now we have everything we have all the images we have. This title, the price, all these things in the description. We have these things. Ok, we have frequently bought together and everything is present over here. So this is how easy it is to create and to create or to import a product from Amazon.

Now this was the first type, how you can import a single product and obviously you have to be on the. If you want to import a single product, you have to be on the product page. Now, if I go over here and if I try to import as you can see, if you want to import products, please go to Amazon product detail, page ok, so we cannot import anything from here. We have to go to Amazon product detail. Page like we are here on this page: ok, the next type is bulk input.

Now, let me show you how you can bulk import everything? Let’S click on dashboard again now, let’s click on this option. Ok, insane import mode. Let’S click on this option now here we can import product using categories or keywords or and all these things, for example. This is some brand name. I guess so let me do one thing: let me copy this name and paste it over here now. Do you want to apply this great keyword in all the categories or in specific categories? Okay, so I am selecting all the categories you can say, select specific categories like shoes and bags, and here we have luggage luggage in bags.

Let me select this luggage and bags. Okay, now, when you select those you get some more option: okay, all browse nodes bags and backpacks, or luggage wallets and pocket; organizer sure, okay, handbags and clutches. So I am selecting handbags and clutches okay. Now you get in some more option now in handbags and clutches: do you want only clutches or handbags or if you want against only if you want only this much and you want to browse all you can select all you if you want, you can select specific Brand name and specific manufacturer: if you want to import product which has maximum and minimum price, you can put the price over here.

Okay, if you want to import only those product which has at least 10 % sale going on, then you can select this or at least 20 % sale going on, select this and all those things. Okay, so you can select all this option. Okay, this is basically the import criteria. What are the different criterion that you need to import? Okay, so I have put one category a one keyword. I want this keyword only in this specific category and this subcategory and this subcategory and this the product should be minimum of this price, and maximum of this price may be minimum of one hundred and maximum of five thousand.

Only Prada only import these products within this price range and the product has minimum of 10 % sale going on. Okay, it’s all up to you. I want to import the first page or the first two or three pages of the result. Okay, so I want only the first page, so once you select all these things, click on launch search, alright. Now, as you can see, we have all the product that are on the first page. Now, if you want again, you can, if you want, you, can upload or install or import all the products at once.

If you want to import only specific product, you can take mark that and if you don’t want to import other product, you can untick that so suppose I want to import only the first product, which I, which is shown over here so I’ll, take mark this rest. Everything I’ll and take it. Okay, obviously you’re doing this to import bulk, but I am just importing one. I don’t want to import bulk, okay, so I’m I have ticked antiqued everything I have only the first one tick mark over here.

Okay, so once you know, and once you decide what or product you want to import, you can go at the bottom number of images. As I said you earlier, you can change the settings now. Here is where you can change the settings. Okay, number of images to install, so maybe I want only the first three images: okay to import number of variations. All the variations are, maybe few variations. It’S all up to you now.

Do you want to use the categories for Amazon or you want to create your own category and import them? So it’s all up to you so select these options and click on import products. Now, as you can see, it says product is imported and it took almost zero seconds. Okay, so you can close this box and, let’s, from the left hand, side. Let’S click on products, let’s see now, as you can see, we have two products imported okay.

This is the one that we imported using the the extension Chrome extension, and this is the product that we have imported using the bulk extension okay. Now, if you want, you can go to your shop page, you will see two products. Okay, now, as you can see, we have two different products over here, which is awesome. Now, let’s do one thing. Similarly, obviously, you can import unlimited number of products and if you want to do some changes, for example, let’s open this product now, if you see we have only three images, because I have selected only the three images, if you remember okay, now, if you want to Do some images some changes over here? You can very easily do so.

You can click on this edit button or you can simply come to this page. You have this edit product page. You can open this link in a new tab, and this way this way we’ll open. Okay. Now you have this description from here. You can change the description. If you want, for example, it says 1-year domestic warranty, I want six months domestic warranty, whatever it is. Okay, so I can change it from here.

It’S all up to you. I would I don’t know it sort of to you. I don’t. I would not recommend anything if you want, you can change it. If you don’t want that’s good, you have this category. So here, if you want to use your own categories, you can untick everything and use your own category. Simply. Click on over here create new category and suppose I want to show only back. So I click on bags, admin category and I can select this category from here.

Okay, I can add some tags and all those things now here we have the prices. I would not recommend you to change the prices, because this is synchronized with Amazon. So please don’t change the prices that will not be. That would not be a great idea. Okay, now product short description, you can change it from here. A short description shows over here, as you can see, so you can change your product, short description, images and all these things, okay, I would not recommend you to do much changes over here.

Only though I would recommend you to change few things, if you want in the in the description the long description at the top which you see if you want, you can add some SEO friendly keywords and so on, but don’t do a lot of changes over here. Okay, so once you are done with changing everything, simply click on update. Let’S come over here, let’s refresh this page. Now, let’s go at the bottom now, as you can see, it says six months, domestic warranty instead of one year domestic polity.

So this is a great thing you can do or some changes as well now. This is how your product page is looking at present. Now I have first of all here we have this thing which says as of July: bla bla blue, this state and that’s dead. If you don’t want this, if you want to remove this thing, let me show you how you can do that this will be a very good tip for you. You can use this trick too. You know on other websites that you create now whenever I want to do some changes.

What I can do. I can select this section right. Click, oh yo and click on inspect I’ll. Give you the direct code, don’t worry, but I am just showing you this. So once you do so, you’ll see this options over here now you can click on this button. This plus button, ok and you can type in. Oh, I think it is. We are displayed you type in display and then type in none now, as you can see when I display I type in display and none that thing is gone now, I can simply copy this code from here.

Ok, go to my website! Click on customize! Alright! Now, when you click on that customize button, you will see a screen like this go at the bottom: click on custom, CSS, J’s and paste in that code, whoa now, as you can see as soon as as soon as I paste it, that thing is gone now. If you want to delete these things as well, you can see. Do the same thing. Select it right, click! Oh you click on inspect, then you will get the same option again.

Click on this plus button. Ok, not this way! Ok, this time you have to do another with some. Let me show you, okay, yeah yeah this. We have to select this thing. Ok, don’t worry! If you don’t want to learn this, if you simply want the code, don’t worry I’ll give all these codes in the article description below you can copy them from there. Ok, so, basically, let me show you first, so you select this thing.

You click on this plus button. Again, you do the same thing display and none now, as you can see, that thing is also gone now. Let me copy this thing from here: paste it over here click on publish, let’s call cut this thing and don’t worry if you don’t want to do this thing. If you directly want these codes I’ll give them in the article description below, as I said, ok now, you can exce this out now, as you can see, those messages are gone now we simply have the price, the selling price and the main price.

Ok. So this is how it is done. I just wanted to show you guys. Ok, if you don’t want to remove them, it’s all up to you. So this is how you import products from Amazon. Very easy, very, very easy to do. Don’T have to do anything at all, you don’t have to know any commerce, any coding or anything. It’S simple one-click installation one-click importing okey. So this was the first section of the article wherein we do all the important settings how to import products from Amazon.

How to set up Busan, how to set up commerce, creating pages and all those things now, in the next section of this article, we will start designing the website, because if you see this is not looking that good and if you go to your home page, let’s See what happens? Let’S see what we have, and this is looking very boring so in the next section of this article, we’ll see how to design the website. Okay, so see you guys there welcome back guys to the next section of the article.

In this section, we will see how to design this website. Okay, so let’s get started without wasting any time. So come back to your website, let’s go to the dashboard, let’s open the dashboard in a new tab. Alright, now the first thing that we have to do. We have to create a page that is the homepage, we’ll start with home page, so that we can start creating all these websites and so okay. So it’s really easy.

We can simply have pages and click on add new. Now, let’s name it home and let’s click on publish now, let’s open this page in a new tab, so we can view this page in a new tab. Alright, now we see some problem so here. The first problem is that we don’t want this sidebar okay. So let’s get rid of this sidebar, so at the bottom you’ll see under ocean WP settings we have content layout, select full width’ from there and click on update come back to this website.

Let’S refresh it again now, as you can see, that sidebar is gone, we also see. If you see we don’t have any of this title and all these things on the home page. So we’ll have to get rid of this title and this breadcrumb. Ok. So again, come back over here, select title from here and make it disabled. Let’S click on update come over here, let’s refresh it and as you can see, we have a perfect page now we can also do one thing: we can disable margin.

Okay, come back again and under margins, disable margin, because if you see I I know right now, we cannot see anything, but by default there is some margin at top and bottom. So I want to disable that ok, disable it click on update. Let’S refresh it now, as you can see, that margin is gone now. The only thing that we have is the header space. Ok, this space and rest everything is flanked at the bottom.

Now this is the perfect situation to create the home page. Now, if you see one more thing when we are on the home page on this website on this website, you don’t see anything like slash home. We just have the domain name, and here we are on the home home page and we have this website name slash home, so we have to get rid of this thing. I okay, when I click on this, as you can see, we are redirected to some other page.

I want this page to be my home page. Whenever someone clicks on over here, they should be redirected to this home page blank page at present. Ok, so we what we can do is we can go back to our dashboard and we can have our settings and click on readings all right and we can select a static page from the home page and we can select my house or we can select home. Okay, so under home page select home click on Save Changes.

Okay, now, let’s come over here, let’s refresh now, as you can see. First, let’s see here in the URL bar, we have home, let’s refresh and see what happens now, as you can see when I refresh this page that home is gone and when I click on this, I am still on this page. Ok now, let’s do a few more settings for yur, so under settings click on general. Now you can change your site name and tagline from here as well and make sure you tick mark this membership.

Anyone can register ok, very important and click on Save Changes, and after this under settings we have permalinks click on permalinks by default day and name is selected. We want a post name, okey, so select this link post name and come at the bottom and click on Save Changes. Ok, so these are the main changes that we have to do now. Again: click on pages and edit homepage. Here we have click on edit.

Now you’ll see this button over here, which says edit with Elementor click on this button. Now it’s time to start creating the page start designing the page using the free page builder, Elementor, alright guys. So when you click on that edit with Elementor button, you will see this screen and now we have to use this beautiful and free page builder to design the website design, the home page or the complete website.

Now. Basically, what we have is, at the left hand, side you have different modules for different purposes. For example, if you want to add text, you use the text module if you want to insert a article or the image in your website, you use these modules. Ok, so don’t worry, you will understand everything easily very easy to start now. The first thing that we have to do. We have to add this thing: okay, this simple text from here: okay, so – and we have this image in the background – so what we can do.

First, we click on this to get started. We click on this plus button to add new section and we select the number of columns we want or this structure we want now here. If you see we have only one single column, we have nothing else. If you see over here, we have four columns, but here at the top we have only one column, so we’ll select the first option, only one column: okay, when you select this you’ll, see edit section options.

Now we have to edit something over here. Okay, for what we have to do first thing: we have: we want this beautiful image in the background, so what we can do, we can go to this option. Styling option. First option is background, so we’ll select this classic, we’ll add an image. In the background, we can upload any image we want and obviously, as I said you earlier, you have all these images. Everything in the article description below you can download everything for free.

You will see this media and you’ll have all these images. Ok, so we have the image over here. Let me select this image: click on open click on insert media. Now, as you can see, this is how it is looking now. Let’S do some changes over here. First of all, what is the position? I want the position to be Center Center. Now, as you can see, the image has changed a bit then attachment we don’t have to do anything repeat, no need to do anything now, sighs make sure to make it cover, so select it cover.

Now still, it is not looking that good because of two main things first is the height is quite small. We want to increase the height and make it like this, and the second is: if you see this, there is some gap from both the sides. Now I want this to be stretched to be full full with full size. So let’s do these two things again go to layout and first select. This section stretch section make it yes.

Now, as you can see, this is stretching no in in the complete website. Now, after that, we have to change this setting height setting now, instead of default, select minimum height, okay and let’s make it to 600, okay. So, let’s type in 600 over here now, this is looking perfect click on update, let’s, okay, now, as you can see, this is looking perfect now, once we have this, we can click on this icon over here we have so many different modules, or here now we Can use these modules for different purposes, for example, if you, if I want to add this thing, if I want to add this text, I use the text module.

If I want to add some google map over here, I will use the Google map module and so on. So it is really easy. You don’t need to know much about it. You when I start creating the website. When I start designing it, you will understand everything in much detail. Okay, so first, let’s add this text spring /summer collection. So I will drag this text section over here and bring it over here and, as you can see by default, it says, add your heading text here and the default color is blue and we have some style.

We have to change change the styling and everything from your first. Let’S change the text and, let’s put in my text spring /summer collection. Now, let’s go to style, to change the style and everything. Now we have to change the color first now let me give you a very simple the trick that will really help you now. If I want to know the color of this text or color of everything on any website, I simply select that right-click over there and click on inspect and, as you can see at the bottom right, I get the color code.

I can simply copy this color code from you. Come back to my website. Now select this color. I can obviously change the color from here. You can see the changes live on the website. I can change it from your, but if I want the exact same color, I can paste in that color code. Okay, so we have the color now, let’s change this style, so typography now edit this section. First, let’s change the font family to monserate all right.

Let’S increase the size to maybe something like this. 43 is looking better and let’s make it a little bit thinner. So let me make it 400 width, looking perfect okay. So with this we have our first text now, let’s click on update now, let me show you how you can save some time now. If you see over here, most of the things are same, in fact, all this style. Oh here is same: all the three forms are monserate, so what I will do is, instead of adding all the thing from scratch.

I simply duplicate this thing, so I will click on over here. In fact, I will right-click over here and click on duplicate. Now, as you can see, we have a duplicate of that one. Now, let’s change the text. First, it says new arrivals, okay, so let me type in new arrivals and let’s change this style, so go to style typography. Let’S increase the size, the size to maybe something like 75 76 or I think so when t6 is looking better okay, so I am putting it to around 76 77.

It’S all up to you and, as you can see, this is quite bold. Oh, so let me increase the weight to 700. Looking perfect, okay, exactly like the demo website all right now. After this, we have one more text, which is this one 20 per 25 % sale. So again I will do the same thing I’ll hover, your right. Click on this blue pencil button and duplicate it now, instead of new arrivals I’ll type in 25 %, sale again go to style.

First I’ll change, the color to white. Okay, like this, then I’ll go to typography, increase the size a bit more to maybe around 90 91 pixels, oh okay and I’ll increase the weight to 900. Okay, looking exactly like the demo website, so once you are done doing this, you can simply click on update and if you want to see the changes that you’re making, you can click on this eye button. This preview changes button and you will see a new tab and you can see the changes over here.

Okay, looking beautiful now, let’s add this button over here. This click here button beautiful and simple button very easy to do so. Let’S add that so come again over here on this page click on this link from your this icon and now because we want to add a button, we’ll use this button module we’ll drag at the bottom okay. So this is the default style. We’Ll have to change everything. First. Is we have to change the text? Okay, we don’t have to change the text.

The air. The text says click here here also, it says click here, but we want everything, uppercase, okay, so let’s click on this style. Let’S see everything step-by-step first, we have to change the typography, so click on this plus button this pencil, but let’s change the font family to monserate for this one as well. Okay – and let me do one thing – let me transform it into uppercase. Okay, all the letters should be capital after that, if you see this style is quite different here in the demo, epsilon have any background to the button.

The button background is background less and we have a very thin border, color white border color, and when I hold this button you can see the background. Color becomes white and the text color and the border color becomes black. So let’s see how we can do that. So come back to this page and let’s select this one: okay text color, so text color is white, so we don’t have to do any change background.

Color. Let’S select this, let’s make it transparent, so you, if you want to make it transparent. You drag this. Second, one at the bottom: okay, simple, okay: this is for typography yeah this one. Let me see: okay, yeah, you can say first, you have to select some different color and then you have. You can drag this thing at the bottom. It will make it transparent. Now border type select solid and with make it one pixel.

Okay, it’s just like this now this is looking better, but when we hover over this, as you can see the color changes and we also have a simple animation. Okay, so let’s do that now, if you want now, if you see where you’re, when you hover this button, nothing happens. So, let’s change the hover effect, so select our let’s change the text color to black the background color to white the border color to black okay.

Let’S see now, as you can see, text color black pack, a border color black background, color white, but we don’t have any animation. So, let’s add an animation and let’s add this grow animation. Okay or you can add, this grow rotate. Let’S see now, as you can see, looking awesome okay, so you can add this animation and if you want to redirect this button to some page, you can go back to content and you can, under this link, you have to paste in that link of the page.

Okay, it’s all up to you once you are done, click an update and this page will automatically load as you can see, and this is how your website is looking at present. I think this is looking amazing. Okay, now, let’s start creating this section and as you can see, it is really easy to create these different sections. Very, very easy: okay, okay, so let’s create this second section again very easy to do so again.

Come back over here now again, click on this pencil button now bring this text section at the bottom or maybe what we can do, because here we have two different styles. First, as you can see, the first style is that this is bold and the second style. This is quite thin, so, instead of just adding this heading I’ll, add this two columns: okay at the bottom, okay, just like this! So once I have these two columns in the first column I’ll, add this text: okay and I’ll change the text to free shipping.

Okay, let me add this free shipping over here. As you can see, it says: free shipping and I’ll make it right aligned. Okay, as you can see, the alignment is right. Side and you’ll understand why? Because if you see over here, everything is in center, and here we have two different columns, so first column will be towards right and second column towards left, so everything will be Center aligned. Okay, now, let’s go to stylus change the color to white okay.

Now, when we do so, obviously everything disappears, so what we can do first, we can click on update, let’s update it and let’s change the background color of this section to black, so that we can see everything perfectly so how old this – and you have this thing At the top edit section, as you can see, when I hover this, it says edit section click on that first stretch, this section, okay stretch it go to style, select background background.

Color make it black. Now, as you can see, we can see everything perfectly now. Again. Click on this text and let’s do the changes, go to style: let’s change the typography: let’s change the font family to montserrat and more mt/s eatable r80. Okay, let’s increase the size to maybe Oh think, 42. 40. 42, whatever you like, I am putting 40 over here. Let’S increase the weight to 700, because this is quite colder, as you can see, so this is 40 and 700 and rest everything is looking fine.

Now. What I will do is I simply right. Click over here. Click on copy come to this section right click over here and paste it. As you can see, everything is so easy. Now I want this one to be left aligned, so I’ll select, left aligned, and I want to change the text to 4 orders over hundred dollars. Okay, so I’ll type in 4 orders over $ 100, and I want to change this style. Okay, so I’ll go to style, typography, let’s in decrease the weight to 400, and this is looking perfect now, if you see like this this, let’s drag this thing a little bit left side so that it looks perfect Center okay, so we can do it easily, like This okay click on update.

Now this page will automatically load now, as you can see, everything is looking so good. Okay, if you, if you see oh here, we have some space at top and bottom, so you can add those space as well. Okay. So, let’s see what we have next after that we have this next section we have a title subtitle and four different categories: ok, very easy to do again. Very, very easy! Ok, so come back again over here.

First click on this link. Now, let’s add a heading. Drag it over here: ok, let’s change the heading to new design, friends! Ok, let’s change it to news design trends and let’s make it Center aligned, because here in the demo website it is aligned at the center. Ok, now, let’s change this style, so go to style. The color is dark grey. You have some predefined color at the bottom, so select this second one that is the dark, grey color.

Now typography this time I have used a different font, which is really font. Okay, so you can type in are a Lewa Y will be, let’s increase the size to maybe 40 pixels and let’s make it a bit bolder: 900. Okay. This is looking exactly like the demo website. Now, let’s add this subtitle copied from your again click on this link. Let’S add another text below this one paste it over here. Let’S make everything centerline go to style, let’s make it light grey color, the third predefined color from here okey, let’s go to typography.

Let’S change the weight to 300. Okay, now, looking exactly like this one, we don’t have to do any more changes over here. Just one thing: if you see at the top of this o of this thing at the title and bottom, we have some gap. So, let’s add that gap at top and bottom, so what we can do you can hover this and click on this edit section again now go to advanced and we have padding now, if you see over here it is linked.

So if you type 10 pixels padding top, everything will will become 10. Let me show you when I put 10, as you can see, everything becomes 10. So first, let me put 0 now we can dealing this so click on this. It will dealing this now. We need to add only padding at top and bottom or you can add margin at top and bottom. So, let’s see you smudge, you know here top margin, let’s put 70 and, as you can see, when I put 70, he also bottom also becomes 70.

Now I want to change the bottom margin, so I will dealing this. I will click on this and I’ll make bottom as 450, maybe okay type 50, so the in this section, the top margin will be 70 and the bottom margin will be 50. Let’S click on update, let’s see how this page looks. Ok, so this is. How is this page is looking beautiful and after this we have this section. Ok, this beautiful section, let’s see how we can add this, come back to this page click on this thing, and let me show you what we can use, let us scroll down.

I think we have to use this one ok under premium add-ons. You will see this one premium banner. Ok, you can drag it and drop it over here. Ok, this is how it will look. So let me do one thing: ok, let me right. Click here and click on add new column, because we have four different columns again. Do the same four times? Okay, so we have four different columns, just like the demo website. Okay, one two, three four columns in the four first column: we have this jacket image and we have this text which says jackets.

Okay, so let me do you. Let me show you how we can do that: click on the first column, change the image or choose an image. So let me upload that image. Okay, that jackets image. Let me find that image. Okay here it is: let’s use this image. Click on open, insert media. We have this image over here and in the effect we have different effects, so I have used the effect one in the demo website, so let it be effect one now.

If you see we have some title and subtitle now we do on this subtitle. So click on content and delete everything from here. Okay, we just want the title and in the title, instead of premium banners, let’s type in jackets or whatever your product is and let’s make it Center aligned. So we have this at the bottom center line. Let’S make it Center aligned now, let’s change this style, so go to style title: let’s change the typography and let’s make it monserate.

First monserate, okay and let’s increase the size to maybe 38:39 would be fine. I am putting 38 and let’s make it 700. Let’S change the color to white okay, so here we have the color, let’s make it white now by default. We cannot put this background. Like you can see the background which I have put this black background. We cannot do it it this way. Okay, I will show you how we can do it. Okay. First, let me add one more thing: go to typography: let’s increase the line height to two okay, so make the line height to okay.

Now, click on update, let us let this pay the page reload now, once this page reloads, as you can see, most of the things are looking fine. We just don’t have that thing in the background that black color the background. Now again, it is very easy to do. I will again show you how we can do that. So I right click over here. Click on inspect. Now again, you don’t have to do that I’ll simply give the code, but I am just showing you for those of you guys who want to learn how this thing is done and I’m just showing you guys.

Okay, so you can simply click over here. Select this click on this plus button, ok and select background color, ok, not backgrounds, background color! Let me do again here we have background color and you can type any color, so I’m typing black okay. Now, as you can see, we have this thing over here, and this is looking beautiful. So again, I can copy this thing from here. Go to my website or, let’s edit, this same page.

Okay, let me delete this from here. Click on customize now, let’s see at present. This is how it is looking now again go at the bottom click on custom.Css and this time paste in this code. Now, as you can see, as soon as we pasted it, the effect has started okay. So, let’s click on publish, let’s cut this thing now, as you can see, this thing is applied over here. So this is how it is done and don’t worry you don’t have to do all this inspect element.

I simply give you that code. You can copy it. Ok, that code will be present under this article description. Ok now. Similarly, you can create all those different columns so or what you can do. You can copy this again right. Click over here, click on copy now, right, click over here, click on paste, paste and paste. Now you just have to change this style. Okay, so select the second one change the image to bags and title to bags.

Okay. So let’s upload the bags image IDs open this insert media. Let’S change the content, let’s change the title to bags. Okay, select the third one and it is sunglasses and we have style change the image. Ok, very easy select, this click on open, insert media and in the content it says, style. Fine, just like this. Okay, now, the fourth one is shorts. So, let’s upload this shirts image, this one click on open, insert media and let’s change the content title to shirts click on update, let’s review this page in a new tab, so click on preview changes, let’s see now, as you can see, everything is looking perfect.

Okay, so this is how it is done now. After this we have some gap at the bottom, so what we can do is we can select this section now. Edit section go to advanced first dealing this and at the bottom. Let’S add maybe 50 pixels padding of margin now click on update, let’s see, okay, now we have a decent amount of gap at the bottom. Now after this, we have to add this section of very, very beautiful section, okay, so very easy to do again.

Come back to this page first, let’s add some columns. So I’ll drag this columns over here I will right. Click over here. Click on add new column. So we have three. Do the same thing add new column, so we have four columns now: okay, in the first column, we have this thing in all the columns. We have the same thing used, so we have a icon, a title and subtitle. So to add this thing we use the icon module.

Okay, this one I can box module, drag this module under the first column. Okay, as you can see, this is the default thing. First thing is the icon. We have the truck. I can so, let’s change the. I can to truck fine, let’s change the heading to free shipping, okay change, the heading to free shipping and, let’s change the content instead of this, let’s put in our own content over here now, let’s, since this tile, okay, so the go to style.

First thing is the icon: okay, so the icon color is white. Fine. Now we have contents open content. First, we have the titles so title color will also be white. Let’S make it white okay, we cannot see anything so first, let’s do one thing: let’s click on update less since the background color, just like this okay, so that we can see the changes. So if you want to do changes to the column, you click on this.

Okay, columns, okay, you have this thing at, as you can see this gray color option. You click on this. You will see this edit column option now, go to style, change, the background and select a color. Let me select some color. I think we have used to this color. I guess some darker shade, like this. Okay, something have you have used something like this okay, so you can use this thing and let now we can see everything properly.

Okay, now again, we can click on this go to style, go to content. Now we have the title. So let’s change the title: typography. Let’S change the font to monserate, okay, sighs to 19 pixels and weight to 700 for the title. Okay, then we have the description over here again: change the color to white and let’s change the font size to 16 pixels, okay, looking better click on update now, if you see, let’s see how it looks, okay, so this is how it is looking now.

We need to do some more changes over here. We need to add, we need to make it full width. As you can see, this is also full width section, so we can do it easily. We know first select this edit section. The top section make it stretch section this time, also select this thing in the content with select full-width, okay, so two things we have to do now again how over here, you will see another section inside this section.

Okay, just follow my steps. Okay, we have done with this section now anyhow or this you see this section. Click on this do the same thing: full width and column gap. We don’t want any gap, so we can just type in no now, let’s click on update. Let’S, let us let this page reload, okay, we didn’t. Okay, we still have some gaps. So what we can do, I think in the first one I didn’t selected, the column gap so again select the top edit section, and here it is column gap.

Let’S make it. No gap again, click on update, let’s see again, okay, this is looking better now. This is a full width section, but when we do full width, we see one problem. We hear all the thing is touching the corners. Then this icon is touching the top. This text is touching both the sides, and this is touching the bottom, so we need some gap from all the four sides. Okay, so let’s do that so click on this icon box go to advanced and in the padding type in 50 pixels from all sides.

Okay, click on update: let’s see how it looks now. Okay, this is looking exactly like the demo website. So this is fine okay. So let me cut this thing now: let’s copy this from here right-click over here click on copy, right, click, paste right, click, paste, right, click paste now. Obviously you cannot see anything because we have. We don’t have any background color so select the second column. Click on over here edit column, go to style, let’s change the color to black.

So let’s select this background type classic color, let’s select black, so we have the black color select the third column go to style and we have this blue color. So select this background type, color, blue and select the fourth column. We have this beautiful color over here for style, background, color type or and and let let us see – ok, this beautiful color. Now, let’s change this thing. Okay for the second one click on this click on here, just click on this icon box, the we have the tags, oh, I can and it says, guarantee service.

So, let’s change the icon to tags. Okay, here you have and let’s see the text it takes to guarantee service or whatever it is okay. Now we can click on update and similarly you can change these things as well. Okay, I don’t wan na waste my time and your time showing these same changes and same thing again and again now, let’s see the changes now, as you can see, everything is looking perfect now, after this, we have this title subtitle again now what we can do, Because we have already created a title, subtitle I’ll simply right-click on this section and click on copy come over here and paste it now.

As you can see, we have everything just like this: we simply we have all the gap top and bottom all the design and everything we simply have to change the title which says: newcomers: okay. So let’s change this new trends into newcomers. Ok done click on update. Now, as you can see, everything is so simple and really fun to do you really enjoy when you’re doing this thing, ok, really awesome stuff.

Now, after this we have some recent products, ok or whatever products you want to show. So I am showing recent products. So what I will do, I will click on over here, scroll down and go under. I guess we have over here at the top. We have the WordPress section. If you have this thing, click on here, you will see all the WordPress thing now here we will have recent products. Ok, you recent products drag it and drop it over here now number of products to show a number of columns is to show ok.

So I have 4 4 thing over here and if you see here it says new in ok, I don’t want to show this new in over here, so I’ll go to title and type a space. Ok, now that new in is gone, click on update and, obviously because we have only two things, because we have created only two products. If you have more, it will show more now, let’s see how it is. Looking, ok, perfect, looking really awesome! Now, after this, we have this section, let’s see how we can create this section again, very, very easy to do.

Simply, let’s see what we have. Okay, we have the title subtitle again and then we have these things. Okay, oh we have this icon box. I guess or scroller okay, we will see what that is. First thing is we have to copy this thing? Okay, so copy this okay paste it over here and the icon it this time it says our brands, so, let’s type in our brands over here, fine. Now what we have to do is we have to add this thing, so I think it is called.

Let me show you alright. I think it is called yeah. It is image carousel, so bring it below this thing. Okay, bring it below over here now we have to add all the images that we want to show so: click on, add images, upload files, select files and select all the images that you want to show okay. So I am selecting all these images. Fine click on open – and here we have 1 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 images showing at one time alright.

So let it load everything so once everything is uploaded. Click on create a new gallery insert gallery now, as you can see, all the images are showing now. The first thing that we have to do is we have to change everything: okay, so first slides to scroll, slides to show those change, these slides to show to 8 because we want to show 800. Now again, this section is also full width section, as you can see, so, let’s make it full width.

Select this thing edit section, make it full width and also change the content width to full width. Okay, and also we have something over here. The background color is quite different, it is light gray and we have some gap at top and bottom. So let’s do that. Go to style background, color background color. Let’S change this to, I think e8 e8 e8 is looking better and, let’s add some gap at top and bottom so go to advanced and, let’s add some padding this time.

Okay, so padding, let’s add 70 pixels and bottom padding: 50 pixels! Okay, as you can see, the changes over here click on update. So with this we have this section as well. Now, the last section we have the title and we have some post now before showing this post. We have to create some post. So let me show you how we can do that. Come back to this website in fact come back to your dashboard, okay.

So let’s open this put in a new tab. Alright, so if you want to create a new post, what you can do you can have all post and click on, add name and you can put in the title. Okay, so the post title will come here. Whatever title you have, so it will come over here and here the content will come whatever the content is, so I don’t have any content at present. So let me go to lorem ipsum, calm or Lipson calm.

Okay, just to get some okay, the spelling is wrong. Just to get some dummy content, okay, so I go to Lipson calm and generate some lorem ipsum text. Let me copy this much and paste it over here. So you have the title over here and your content over here now you can add some text over here. You can add some hyperlinks some links to Amazon as well. Okay, you can add some products. You have this Busan thing over here.

You can add this product, you can simply select this and click on. Add products – and you will see your Amazon product will show up over here. Okay, let me show okay, let us bring it over here. Let’S publish this post now. This is incomplete, obviously, but I am just publishing it. Let’S view this post in a new tab. Okay, now, as you can see, you have this Amazon product over here, so basically in an Amazon affiliate website.

What you can do is you can write post about different products that you sell on your website so that he that post will be ranked on Google, and you can people will come to your website. For example, you can write a review of this bag of whatever it is, and you can write something about this and you can add this product in the middle so that whenever someone wants to purchase this, they have this option over.

Here they have this images option. They can simply click on this buy from Amazon button and they will be redirected over here and, if you see over here at the top, your tag is given. Okay tag is equal to. My tag is given over here, which say which you know which gives us, which says that you know your work. Your website is working and all these changes and settings that we have done related to whose own is working okay, so this is how you can create different post and you can use different our options like this to generate some more sales.

Now, let’s come over here. Let’S complete this thing, so we can add a category now. These categories are different, the earlier what we have created. Those were product categories, and this is post categories. Okay, so maybe this comes under bags. Okay, so I will just type in bags. Okay, click on add new category and, as I said you earlier again, this is different and that is different and if you want full width, if you want to remove this from the sidebar, you can select content layout, full width from here.

You can add a featured image and that featured image when, if you’ll be shown over here, as you can see this image – okay, so, let’s add a featured image. Click on set featured image, upload files select files. Let’S select this one: click on open click on set featured image. Let’S click on update. Let’S come back here, let’s refresh this page, a page now, as you can see, we have the featured image at the top.

We have this post in the middle and we don’t have any sidebar or so. This is how a post is created, or you can do some research on how to create a very powerful post. That is a very attractive SEO friendly post. Okay, you will see some articles or some articles. You can read those ok, but this is how it is done. This is the basic structure. This is basically how you create a post. Ok now, once we have a post – let’s refresh this page, so that we can add this post down on our website, all right, so, let’s scroll down and what we need is, after this section, we again have this title subtitle.

So let me do one thing: let me copy you, let me copy it from here and if you see something like this, don’t worry this is showing in Elementor, but on live website. You will see everything perfectly. So let me copy this from here. This title come at the bottom: let’s paste it over here: let’s change it to new design trends. Ok, so let’s make it new design trends. And after that we have. We have this post showing up over here.

Ok, so we have created one post, which means we. It should show ok, so come back over here and, let’s search for this one essential add-ons for elementor’s the first one is ei post grid bring this thing over here now, as you can see, it is showing your post, the hello world is automatically created, and this Is the post that we have created just now? Ok, so this is how you create your homepage. Let’S click on update okay.

So with this we have simply completed our homepage – ok, very, very easy and beautiful homepage. Now we can see, let’s see how this looks so we can simply go to our homepage. Let’S see how it looks. Ok, so this is our homepage. Okay, we have two products. We have all these things and obviously you can add animation to these things as well. I forgot to show you that, like in dem website, let me refresh this website so weak so that you can see the animation.

Ok, you can see the animations like this, so you can add this animation as well. You can add them to all these. All these things, ok, now to text you can add them to different columns, different sections and so on suppose. I want to add animation to this text. I click on this text go to advanced and I have this entrance animation so suppose I want this to zoom. In from left, so I select zoom in from left now, as you can see, then I select this text I select to maybe okay fade in right.

Okay, this is how it is button. I select animation. Maybe let’s see bouncing up? Okay, let’s click on update. Come back to this page, let’s refresh it now, as you can see all these animations okay. So this is how it is done, so we are done with the home page. Let’S see what we have next, okay, let’s, let’s start creating the menus. Okay, we have the menu over here we have this mega menu and we have all these things and let’s see how we can put our own logo over here.

Okay, so let me cut this thing now now: let’s first create a menu so to create our new menu. How would this – and you will see this menus open this in a new tab? Now, when you are on the dashboard at the left hand, side you’ll, see appearances under appearances or you can click on menus. You will come to this same place. Okay, so let’s give a name to this menu and click on create menu and let’s see what we have, we have the homepage.

We have all products track. Your order wish list my Khan shop now, okay, so we have home shock my account check out or maybe wish list click on add to menu. Okay, so shop now is at the bottom and instead of shop it says shop now. So let me type in shop now, okay, and we have one more page, all products. Okay, this is not a page – is just a simple link now, whenever you’re, creating a menu for the main section for this section make sure to tick mark this main.

Okay, click on save. First, let’s see whether this is working. Let’S refresh this page now, as you can see, the menu is showing up. Oh yeah, which means this is working, so we can work further, okay, so the first thing. What I want to do is I want to convert this shop now. This simple shop now link into a button, so it is very easy: we’ll open the shop now and you will see a CSS link which we don’t see over here, so what we can do quite tip-top.

You will see this option screen options open this and select this tick mark this CSS classes. Okay, take mark this now again come over here now, you’ll see your new option. Css classes under this type in BTN short form for button. Btn click on save menu come over here. Let’S refresh it now, as you can see, that thing is now converted into a button so easily. So simply, okay. Now, let’s see how we can create this mega menu.

So, first I’ll click, click on this custom links and I’ll type in all products. Ok, click on add to menu I’ll bring it at the top just after home and under this, if you see we have 1 2, 3, 4 5 columns and under each column we have different options. Ok, so let me show you how we can do that. So first, let’s enable Mac mega menu so under all products I’ll open this expand this and I’ll enable mega menu higher number of columns.

I want so I want 5 mega menu columns, ok and, let’s add the first column. Ok, so maybe in the first column you want to show all the bags I will type in bags. Ok, so this is for the first column, I’ll type I’ll bring it under all products. Maybe in the second column I want to show all these shirts, ok I’ll type this shirts over here and in the URL I’ll type in hashtag click on add to menu again bring it or all all products in the third column.

Maybe I want to show all these shoes ok choose category then in the fourth column, I want to show all the sunglasses not sangla. Okay, find sunglasses, ok, click on add to menu, and in the fifth column I have this image as you can see. So I will not do anything I’ll, simply type in hashtag and I’ll type in column. 5. Okay, I don’t want anything over. There now bring it over here. Let’S save this menu, let’s refresh it and see the changes now, as you can see, we have all product when I hover this, as you can see, it is already created into a mega menu.

We have one two three different four: five columns: okay, let’s add some more options under bags, so let me do it very quickly. Custom links put a hash tag over here and obviously you don’t have to put hash tag. Were your. If you have some category, then you have to put in the category link over here. Okay, now let me show you how you can cat get the category link, how old products you will see the categories open this category, so here? Okay, so you have this back.

Sling suppose you want this link. So what do you do you? You have this view link you right-click on the view copy link address come over here and paste in this link. Obviously, okay, so I am doing for tutorial purposes. That’S why I am putting that hash tag, but you have to put in the category link: okay, whatever it is now, link text may be a school bag or whatever, okay, so I’ll type in school bags, click on add to menu and the second one, let’s type In nylon bags, okay doesn’t make any sense, but still third one, maybe jeans bags.

Okay, fourth one, maybe I don’t know just bags and fifth, one I’ll type in PU packs. I don’t know why but PU leather, not leather, PU bags. Okay. Now, let’s bring all these things under bags, okay, so I will bring everything under bags: nylon bag since bags all those bags. Okay, fine, just awesome, so you’ll see all products under all products. We have bags under bags. We have all these options: click on save menu come over here, let’s refresh it okay, so we have all products under all products products we have bags and under bags we have all these options now.

Similarly, you can add undershirts shoes and sunglasses. Now I am NOT doing that because you already have seen how you can add under bag, so similarly, you can add under shots, ooh shoes and sunglasses, because that’s just the same process. Okay, now I will show you how to add this image. Okay, because this is something different: how to add this image in the 5th column so again come back to your dashboard now how our appearances and click on widgets now you’ll see this option over here.

Click on this create a new sidebar. You can name it anything! You want so I’m naming it column, 5 or maybe menu column 5, so that I know what this sidebar is useful for click on create sidebar. Now sometimes this happens. It will just keep on loading forever and it will not redirect you anywhere. So this thing happens with you. What you can do you can simply reload this page. Ok, let me show you now, as you can see, menu column 5 is selected or n created.

Now you have to bring image or think over your image widget under here. So let us search for image widget here it is image. Select this make sure mega menu, column or whatever you have created is selected. Click on add, widget. Ok, here it is under the one sidebar that you have select created. We have this image. Let’S upload a new image, in fact, let’s upload the same image here, it is click on this click on open click on add to widget, save it come back to again come back to menu, so under appearances, you will see menus click on menus now.

Select this one column 5 and just expand this thing and mega menu, widget area select that and select the widget area that you have created mega. I have created this one menu column, 5. Select. This click on save menu now come back over. Let’S refresh this page. Now let me hover this now. As you can see, this thing is showing now there is one problem again. I see this column five at the top. That is the title now I want to hide that title now, as you can see in the demo website, you don’t have any title at the top, so I want to hide that title so very easy come over here again, select this column five.

Now, in the CSS type in hide heading, ok, hide heading, simple, makes sense, common sense. Click on save menu come over here. Let’S refresh it now, as you can see, that title is gone, and this is looking amazing, okay. So with this, we have also completed this thing now, let’s see how we can add our icon our logo over here, and let’s do some changes to the menu. As you can see here, the menu is quite bigger.

The font and everything is quite bigger here. It is quite smaller, so you can do this as well. Click on customize, alright! So first, let’s change this logo. So what you can do in the customize you’ll see header option, click on header and select logo. Now you can select any logo to upload. So, let’s click on select logo, click on upload files, upload select files and select this logo, click on open click on select, just click skip cropping, and your logo should so show up over here.

Let’S see alright. Now, as you can see your logo here, you can click on publish now. Let’S change all these things. Okay, so come back over here and select to again come back and click on typography now select main menu. Let’S change the font family to monserate. Okay. Now, as you can see, the fonts have changed, let’s dig increase the weight and, let’s make it semi bold again done. Let’S increase the font size to maybe 15 pixels.

Now, as you can see done as well. Okay, you can add, do some more changes from yes, if you want click on publish, come back again, come back and go to footer bottom. You have this footer bottom select. This come at. The bottom you’ll see this copyright text over here copyright 2018 ocean WP. Now I want to remove this ocean WP theme by Nick, and I want to put it my name: okay, maybe theme by Nayer shake whatever you want: okay, alright reserved by your website; name.

Ok, it’s all up to you! This publish it and you can simply cut this thing. Okay, so with this, we have also done this thing and, let’s see what we have in this shop, page click on shop now page now this is our shop page and we have some. We have to do some changes over here, because if you see the shop page in the demo website, it is quite good. Ok, we have the filter by price followers. The right side is same.

We have the same products showing by the left hand side. We have the some awesome stuff: ok, some awesome widgets. So let’s delete all this regular recent post recent comments and add these things: filter by price product categories and so on. Ok, so let’s do that so again. Come back to your website, ok to your dashboard and click on widgets. Now, here you will see at the bottom WooCommerce sidebar.

Ok, so we have to drag whatever we want. Whatever we should. We want. We have to drag under WooCommerce sidebar, so the first widget that we want is filter by price. So come with your let’s search for filter by price. Here we have filter product by price of take on this and select buchamma, sidebar click on, add widget, and that’s it. Let’S click! Let’S come over here, let’s refresh this page now, as you can see just by doing that, you have this widget over here, which is awesome now after this we have this social icons.

Ok, followers social icons, so here at the top you’ll see this one, ok, social! I can select this make sure who comment sidebar. I selected click on add widget. Now here you have to put in all your social links. Ok, so I am just typing in this hashtag every time so that I don’t have to put my links because it will take a lot of time, copying and pasting all my links. Okay, so you can put pasted any amount of Link’s over here.

Click on save come back again, let’s refresh it. Okay, as you can see, it is also showing then, after that we have product categories. So come back to this widget, let’s search for product categories. Here it is product categories, click on add, widget. Let me first okay, let me first minimize this yeah. We have product categories now I don’t want to show the hierarchy. I want to show the product count.

For example, if you see in the demo have said it says, for product 0 product the product count. Okay, so I want to show this product counts, so I will take mark this click on save. Let’S refresh this page, let’s see ok, so this is also showing and the last thing is top-rated products. Ok, so I think for this we have products not filter product by rating. I guess let me search yeah here. It is filter products by rating select, this click on, add widget and done.

Let’S come over here. Let’S refresh it, ok, because I think we had, we don’t have any products that are rated. That’S why it is not showing. I guess I think that is the reason. Okay, you can change the title to 2 operated product. If you want ok top rated products. Click on save come over here, let’s refresh ok, so I think that is the reason. Let let me rate one product, let’s see what whether that happens, let’s go to review, let’s rate it five-star click on submit.

Ok, there is an error we have to type in the comment: 5-star good product, fine click on submit, ok, it is still not showing, which is which means there is some problem. Ok guys. I think this was not the widget. Let’S see, let’s delete this one and let’s include this one products by rating click on add widget and number. I think once the one, let’s see, let’s refresh this okay, so this was the one okay, it is products by rating okay.

So with this we have all. We also have completed this one or the shop page shop, how you can display the shop page and different sidebar for this one? Okay. Now, let’s do the final thing, which is to change the footer widgets. We have some widgets used in the footer. Let’S add these widgets okay. So again in the same page under the footer one, what we will do first one is: we have the contact informations, so we will select this which at the second one contact info select.

This select footer one click on, add widget. Now we have to select and change your text from here, whatever okay, so I am changing this text. I am deleting text in this text. Yo, you don’t have to do anything under. I can class just change the title and content okay, so address change your drink, not even the title. Just change the content. Okay, your address content phone number, your phone number content.

If you don’t want to display the mobile number, you can delete it from here. Okay, delete everything. If you do not display the FAQs, you can delete whatever you want. Okay, if you want to display email, fine website, fine again, if you don’t want to display Skype, you can delete it. Click on Save Changes – let’s refresh this page and as you can see, we have the contact thing. Showing next thing is recent post.

So again come back over here and at the top we should have. Let’S see here, we have recent post. Let me first minimize this select recent post, this time select footer to click on, add widget number of recent posts to show 3. Ok, minimize this come over here, let’s refresh it, okay, we have only one, that’s why it is showing one then, after that we have some quick links or useful links. What do we call it? So I think it is added using custom menu.

I guess a custom links, okay, select, custom links, select photo three click on add widget, ok, so by default we have this useful link, tags and number of links to show. So maybe I want to show four links. First URL is hashtag and text is women. As you can see, URL hashtag text women, then we have men brand, A to Z, a to Z, latest fashion arrivals. Let’S use all these things: okay, second, one men; third, one brand, a to Z.

Fourth, one latest fashion: arrivals click on save, come over, let’s refresh this page okay. So we have these things and the last one. We have the same thing: social icons, so we have this social icon. So I guess, let’s see here, we have social icons, select the footer for and you can again put in your social icons, okay, so I’m just putting hashtag again for all these social sites. Let me put hashtag hashtag hashtag.

Okay, click on save come over here. Let’S refresh alright, so we have this social icons as well. So this is how you create all your website. Now there are more things that you can do. For example, you can create different pages like about us and contact us page. So for that I would recommend you to read some other article, because you know the main thing we have covered now those things you can see different articles on my blog, you can go to youtube and type in nature: shake Elementor, okay, you can type in my Name, slash Elementor, and you can see some latest article an element of, for example.

This is nine months ago. This is one week ago how to create a ecommerce website. This is three months ago, so you can read this one: okay, how to make our website for free theme and all those things here. I have shown how to create about us and contact us pages. I have also provided the free layouts. Ok, so this article will be very useful. You can see the the thumbnail over here. You can see the image over here.

You can decide whether you want to read this or not okay. So I think this article will be very helpful. I will try to give a link to this article in the article description below once this. You can creative about us and contact a space, adding wanted to include that, because that would make this article quite long, one okay, so it would increase this article. Two three. Four hours article, so I didn’t want to do that.

You can read this. It’S really easy to do. Okay, alright guys, so I think this is it for this tutorial. If you have any doubt any queries, any suggestion comments for me: you can leave them in the comment section below. Ok, thanks a lot for reading guys see you soon.

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