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How Much Money I Make From YouTube and Amazon Affiliate Links by Creating s.

Apparently it was just a myth. I heard your nod to talk about how much money YouTube paid you. I readed a lot of other youtubers articles that now have revealed the amount of money and they seem to have no ill consequences from it.

Well, other than me people being shocked about how much money they make. You may not be shocked, or maybe you will about the amount of money I make. I don’t it’s it’s not as much as I’d like it’s not as much as some of the other big YouTube stars, but it will show that there is a plan to making money on YouTube now. First, if you could take one second and click the like buttons, I’m posting this in YouTube, and this is going to be on Facebook, so wherever that like button, is on either one of those platforms.

Oh, that does help our algorithms driven life to let other people know they may be interested in learning about this as well. So we’re going to get to the revenue in just a second. Don’T worry, snot clickbait, I’m going to show you all the screenshots here of how much I directly make from YouTube and talk about that. But I also want to say there’s two different ways. We make money. I was a couple different ways, but we’re going to show the revenue from YouTube show the revenue from Amazon affiliate.

Those are the two big ones that are like recurring revenue, but we do get a lot of inbound leads from this. So that’s part of our sales process, how we do another article on that of how we get inbound leads, but essentially it’s we give everything away. We dump articles out there that are deep, in-depth tutorials that people go hey. This is cool. Here’S a good tutorial on this, but they still read the tutorial and end up hiring us, which a lot of people seems to think is a counterintuitive thing that if you told someone how to do it, they still wouldn’t hire you to do it.

That’S completely not true by having all these articles over 800 them on my youtube blog, many of them being tutorials and showcasing. You know exactly how to do something, we’re talking about a project and the methodologies that we need to do it. That brings us a lot of inbound leads, that is still the majority and as bigger than any of the revenue numbers here like I said, I probably do a separate article on that and it’s it’s like the projects and the bookings and my whole flow for that Is going to be it’s kind of in-depth and goes beyond the scope of this all right now, the reveal we’re going to press this little button and switch right over to the screen.

So, for the last 28 days I have made 25 to $ 568 in estimated ad revenue. It’S always estimated. Now. The first thing is: there’s no clear answer to how much I make per article and the reason. Why is because the article ad rates change dramatically with where the article is viewed and the type of article it is? So if the article is deemed monetizable by YouTube, as in friendly for advertisers? That is what drives YouTube.

Is someone has to pay for all the bandwidth it takes to have people viewing my articles so if they deem it worthy and content non-controversial? This is always the big debate with YouTube of they’re censoring things know they need to pay the bills and they’re going to be driven by their advertisers and what the advertisers want or don’t want their ads showing up on so the ad buy rate will vary greatly.

It turns out, if you do, articles talking about Finance, the ad buy rate is high. I think toy articles. Okay, there’s always varies and it comes down to who’s advertising. I know we see different rates go up and down based on each individual article. We do, and course that’s going to drive what the advertisers are buying at the moment, so not really easy to tell you exactly how much per article but cumulatively right now I am making this every 30 days about twenty five hundred dollars from YouTube.

Now, let’s look at what I did for all of 2018, so we go over here 2018 and I made fifteen thousand in total. But if you added twelve times 25, isn’t that a different number yeah, it is and let’s break that down at the number of articles. I had towards the end of 18. This is cumulatively what occurred in revenue and by the way, the monthly number that you see is 25 hundred right now, but it was only about a thousand for this month last year.

The difference is more articles and it’s cumulative as long as the articles are still relevant and people are still viewing them and people are getting value from them and reading them. Those articles continue to make money. The articles that people just don’t read anymore, because they’re older a news article from two years ago, when there’s no interest in it, those fall off and quit making revenue because they no longer have any views.

So it’s always a cumulative of articles that are kind of rolling forward as long as they’re relevant of still making money and because there’s more articles overall in the platform that I’ve uploaded and especially this year, quite a few of them now this year. So far in 2019, I’ve made sixteen thousand three $ 56.00. So that’s a cumulative of what’s going on right now and if I look at a monthly snapshot come December in November of either year that Patil’s, the particular months are where the majority of the money spikes up, because the ad buy rates are higher because it’s shopping Season now moving over to Amazon, this is the other primary source of income earner here, and this is my last year how much we received an Amazon.

Now these are affiliate links, I’m not doing dropship, I’m not doing anything thing being special you’re just clicking an affiliate link below we have them labeled as such, on our YouTube blog and what happens is if I review a product whatever that might be. I say: hey, here’s a you, know, handy dandy, tool and you’d like to buy it. We all have an affiliate link and we get a very small percentage and I see very small.

You can see the rates here shipped revenue of four hundred. Eighty six thousand eight hundred twenty three dollars. That means there was that much ordered through my Amazon affiliate link. So half you know the. What is that? Half a million dollars yeah about five hundred thousand dollars on lesson revenue and my earnings off of $ 500,000 in revenue was 19 thousand dollars, but it required me to do nothing but show the link I did not have to ship it package.

It deal with returns or anything Amazon’s taking care of the whole process. There’S a lot more money made. Of course, if you do direct sales, there’s better merchants, etc, etc. We’Re focusing on this that way, yeah! I can just do the article with our goal being an inbound lead that, or just you know, sharing information or the inbound lead that comes in it has brings revenue to our company through following up with that and processing, either a consulting job or some type of Contract work, we get that’s still the bigger goal, because that pays so much more, but this is kind of that steady revenue that comes across.

I just want to be very public about it when you help, but I say help the blog by clicking the link below. I mean help the blog by clicking link below it’s as much as I like. The inbound leads for all that they it’s kind of this big mix of you’re, trying to optimize everything, and I think people should be honest. I mean I, it takes a lot of time to make over 800 articles process. Um learn the skills put it together in a lot of the articles.

I know I’m not going to get a ton of revenue because I like sharing some of the business stuff and I don’t have anything to really offer other than just wanting to see the community better, but those things helped me produce those articles. You clicking those links. You putting all its, I mean it doesn’t cost you anything to click these links here, not paying a higher rate from Amazon. I’M just amazon’s being told that you bought something referred by me.

So I get this that’s really simple. Now this is what I did and so far this year. No I’m sorry! This is this is last year 2018 and this year is a little bit more as a blogs gotten bigger. So my revenues thus far as of August 21st, 2019 are 13,000. So last year we made in total 19,000. So far in August, we’ve already hit 13,000 and I just like to be very public about how my business works, how we do the articles and where all this money comes from so to speak, when someone else’ll, is it? You actually make money with YouTube, yeah, it’s accumulation of things, and I think it’s a very fair trade for me to put together of all this stuff, I mean I would like to make more, and some people make a whole lot more, especially some of the financial Articles Wow, some of those people make a lot just based on the ad revenue from the articles, or you know, or some of the affiliate stuff or if you have a cool product YouTube, is a really interesting platform for this.

I encourage a lot of people get involved in it, but I did want to be very clear when people said. Oh, you just want us to read your articles to make money. Well, there’s some of that yeah. I, like people, reading my articles that like when they enjoy them, it’s a labor of love, but it’s also a way to make money and enjoy what I do as a creator. I love to produce all this and put the time and put the content on air and for those of you that may have seen my shirt says.

Working with strippers all day make sure crimp hands strong. We sell silly shirts on teespring, that’s a another revenue generator. We sometimes get links for companies that give us like affiliate links, like text apply, direct and things like that. None of that is added up near to what amazon has sometimes the t-shirt revenue and by the way I use teespring, because they’re integrated right into YouTube.

So I’m not actually processing orders in shirts. That would be very difficult, but that means I make the lowest amount of money. So I’m only making I’ve had good months throughout may, like a few hundred dollars from shirt sales come but they’re being shipped to people automated ordering. I just see the orders come through and it’s a few dollars a shirt literally just like he’s like dollars. Couple dollars of shirts not much it’s, not the revenue um, but they’re niceties to help out people get a cool shirt.

We you paid for the time it took us to you, know, draw whatever design or think up whatever silliness that we want to put on there. It’S all these little cumulative revenue, things and I’d probably have to put a spreadsheet together to try and summarize all those and we’re always working on new pitches. The texts apply. Direct one is the most recent one where we get a small couple percent and you get 10 % off discount by using our affiliate codes and we have VPN sales and those don’t add up too much either.

If that’s a quantity thing to enough, people have to sign for account to make just a couple dollars, and we have a whole affiliates page that you can see in works that we’re very honest about any of the things we do because I like to operate. My business with transparency I like to operate my youtube blog and social media creation stuff with transparency as of right. Now, I’m going to upload this to Facebook, which means I’m not going to get any paid at all, because Facebook’s system is not ready.

Yet for such things that they have some beta pilots who are trying to pay creators, I don’t think any of it works well. Matter-Of-Fact Facebook may insert an ad and by the way I don’t get any money for Facebook inserted ads as of right now, yeah. I don’t know if they’re ever going to catch up with the way YouTube. Does it but YouTube’s the preferred platform? Because of that, but that’s it. I just wanted to let people know for those you go who own or how much he makes that’s.

How much I make this was the screenshots directly from you know. I I don’t think I need to go as far as to prove that I didn’t doctor these screens in some way, but you know I’m not just not going to bother doing that and for those you think I make 10 times as much. I don’t that’s exactly how much I make from these articles and, if you’re interested in talking about the process, keep an eye on my YouTube.

Blog we’ve dive into a lot of different topics, but we’ll be covering a whole inbound, lead process. We get from YouTube and how we put that together, using you can book me and Google sheets for inbound leads to process them. It’S not anything that secret. I just haven’t taken the time to put it together yet, but it’s absolutely those are the the entirety list of tools I use to manage inbound leads and booked them into oh and stripe to actually take the payments.

So that’s yeah, there’s my other secret. There are no secrets and if you want to get started in any of this, I have some articles like how we built the studio. I have articles on some of my workflow follow along on my blog there’s, a lot of stuff that just I give it all away man, I’m not shy about telling anyone. I’Ve had several people stop by Miss Judy would check it out because they want to know how we do it.

It’S I’m an open book. If you want to know any of this stuff – and it doesn’t cost as much as you think, to do some of the tutorial stuff, a microphone and a camera are not that expensive. Maybe I’ll do some budget stuff. I have a high budget, one where, like this entire studio, but I probably do a low budget one as well to kind of break down like your basic to get started in this. It’S a it’s not that difficult everything.

The challenge is all in the ideas and a little bit of skill and editing got ta have the idea. First, ideas are easy. Ideas are cheap, everyone’s got them, but then you can execute those ideas. That’S where the real have a story, execute the ideas. Put a plan together: that’s really the hard part buying this gear and all that that that’s actually the pretty easy part. It’S not super expensive I’ll leave links all this.

If it’s on YouTube and on Facebook, I’ll try to others, leave a link back to the YouTube blog Thanks thanks for reading, if you like this article, give it a thumbs up. If you want to subscribe to this blog, to see more content, hit that subscribe button. Annabelle like on, and maybe YouTube will sense you and notice when we post, if you want to hire us for a project that you’ve seen or discussed in this article head over to Lauren systems, comm, where we offer both business IT services and consulting services and are Excited to help you with whatever project you want to throw at us also, if you want to carry on the discussion further ahead over to forums out Lauren systems, comm, where we can keep the conversation going and if you want to help the blog out in other Ways we offer affiliate links below which offer discounts for you and a small cut for us that does help fund this blog and once again, thanks again for reading this article and see you next time,

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How to ADD AMAZON AFFILIATE Links to YouTube with Smart Phone

I’M going to be showing you on iPhone, but this works for iOS devices as well as Android devices, because we’re going to use Google Chrome and you could use Google Chrome app on either Apple or Samsung. The three apps that we’re going to be using to do this is, of course, number one. The YouTube app number two we’re going to use Google Chrome app, which I already mentioned, and number three we’re going to use the YouTube studio app.

If you do not have this, you need to download it. It is great for YouTube creators. You can see how much views you have on there. How many subscribers you have your earning. You could even reply to comments on the YouTube studio app, so I definitely recommend it. Let’S get started. First thing you got to do is go to your google chrome, app. Google amazon affiliate program, click on it type in your username and password and hit sign in so this is a quick sneak preview to how much I’ve made in the last 30 days.

So not too shabby. I do like the income I’m earning from the Amazon affiliate program. Okay, now you need to go to the menu tab in the upper left-hand corner and then you’re going to click on access, the full desktop site. Now it’s going to take you to the home page and we’re going to look on search for product now, you’re going to type in the keyword of the product that you’re looking for. In my example, I’m going to use topic, hair fibers hit search.

It’S going to take you to a long list of products, so just search the one that you’re going to go with and hit get link now you’re going to find the tab that says text only and click on it look for the short link button and then Click on that towards the bottom middle of the page. So this makes the link a lot shorter than that long, one that you just seen on the page you’re going to either long click and copy or you’re going to click on the highlight HTML button and just a quick reminder.

You need to have 500 subscribers on YouTube in order to qualify for the Amazon affiliate program. You also have to have three qualifying purchases, meaning three different people have to click on the product and order it without returning it, and then Amazon affiliate program is going to review your YouTube blog, don’t forget to put as an Amazon associate. I earn from qualified purchases in the description box or you will get X out of the program.

Look at the description box in this article. If you would like to get an example, now go to the YouTube studio, app find the article you would like to add the Amazon affiliate link to and click on. It now find the edit button, which is the pencil all the way at the top right corner of the page scroll down where you see description and paste the link where you want it to appear. Don’T click off yet because I’m going to show you guys how to double check, if you did it right, don’t forget to click the Save button in the upper right hand corner now.

Click on a back button in the upper left now go to the YouTube, app and click on the article you just added the link to you could do that by hitting the search button in the upper right hand, corner and search for that article click on the Article click on the down arrow to view the description box scroll down to your link and click on it. If it takes you to the Amazon, login screen or the Amazon app, then you know you did it right if you found this article useful, please give me that thumbs up like comment down below.

If you have any questions subscribe and see you guys on the next one,

You have to sell this product on your Amazon affiliate storefront!

Spunks is an excellent food snack. Your buyer will be back for more.  I mean, the product has five stars! Check out this superb pumpkin seed product. The video below gives you a look into the guys behind this great product.