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viralbao Review: Best Influencer Marketing for Youtube Sponsored s

I would like to share my views on viral bow. It’s an influence of marketing. You can see on the screen like promote our blog and tie up with the top brands on our network and monetize monetize. Further with your free app. They will also offer a free app. You can promote every YouTube blog, so it is an influencer marketing. You can link your YouTube blog with this, where elbow, and you can also share you – can also.

You can also share reviews on brands and you can promote affiliate marketing like this. You can see there are lot of futures here, social media, marketing, afraid marketing and social media promotions, app makers and YouTube. Monetization, you can see, is you can simply sign up using? You are a gmail ID and you can see if you type the blog name. You will get you’ll get the blog details here. It will fetch our blog name.

See here like this. You can picture fits the blogs here, blog details. This is my blog nyah article blog. You can simply select this one and you can enter the mail ID which you are using a blog and simply sign up. So after sign up you will. You will move to the dashboard here like this. The dashboard looks like this and welcome to viral viral Bo viral platform. Under you have a plenty of options today, you can see what do you want to start today? They have a promotion, tab here and a plate, marketing influencer sponsorship and app maker tips and tricks review marketing like this.

You can see here the promotion tab you can see. They are offering two types of promotions in the first they will. They will offer the free one and the second it is a creates. It is 25 credits for free from $ 25 free credits. So for first, you can also opt for this free promotion and, while you log into the viral bow first time, they are offering the free promotion. First time you can see. I already created the campaign here.

You can see in the promotion side. You can see the dashboard, what are the promotions we are running in the promotions? Total campaigns is one and it is a nya article, blog subscrib subscribers trial and it is not yet activated and my blog need to be verified and the once it is verified. The promotion will be started. You can see, you can create it the first first time it is free $ 25 promotion free, so they will get.

You will get you. You will get you nearly 250 subscribers using this promotion if in future, if you want any from paid promotions, you can opt for this. This is one type of future and let us go to the home. You can see another options here and the next one is affiliate marketing, so you make money on youtube with affiliate marketing, so we already send you a request for the affiliate marketing you can see submitted successfully pending approval.

Once you get the approval, you are able to see the brand’s this will. This will then be approved and match made with the running campaigns with the Pratt’s. They will send the running campaign details once it is done. You will be notified as your profile gets live for the marketing marketplace, so you can promote the affiliate products in your YouTube blog. This is nothing but a fluid marketing, and next one is influencer sponsorship based upon your YouTube views and YouTube blog subscribers.

You will get an option called influencer from sponsorship. If any brands you can see the campaigns, you can simply apply for the plans likely what you want to promote in your YouTube blog. It is like similar to it is one of the alternative for fill embed. You can see which is one of the popular popular influencer marketing trends. Our profile is once it is up submitted. You will see, you will see this.

You will not be able to access insular influence or sponsorship as ever YouTube blog subscribe below 2000. You can explore our promotion module to increase subscribers, see you got a message like you need to have minimum 2000 subscribers to opt for this influencer sponsorship. This is one thing and you can see the demographic data reference demographic data, so they we already get the clear idea like so for every for every influencer sponsorship.

For every blog we need minimum 2000 subscribers. Then only you will get a influence of sponsorship. So now go for the review marketing and you can see the profile here and you can simply review the you can simply review the products in Amazon. Flipkart under these are all like. You can simply you get, you will get the you will get. You will get the product and you simply review that product. You don’t want to pay for that.

You can see no cost free product, and if you want the amount you can simply review the product which they send and simply return the product. Back like this, like this, there are different different options in like a Flipkart Amazon and the Walmart. All these things are like this: you can simply review the products so app maker. This is one of the most famous and you can simply create your app using this option see this is my Naya article blog.

This is you can see in mobile. You will see complete articles which I uploaded in the YouTube. It will fetch from that, and you can see here they are offering a Android under Apple C. Like this, the app looks. So if you want to create an app, you can simply create a pre app and if you want, you can see the manage app here and super category and everything is here, you can simply click on this monetization app monetization.

You can simply create a app and upload this app into a Google Play Store and I store to promote our business, like you can, from whatever a YouTube blog and you can earn more money using this app. They are also offering the paid versions of app. You can somehow somewhere advanced through advanced and futures, are available in that app. You can simply opt for that. If you don’t want that, you can simply go for the free one.

So, overall you can see there are lot of options. You can see some of the tips and tricks to you through your improve your YouTube. Blog boost the engagements of your YouTube blog with the top tips and tricks the new marketing, app makers and influence of sponsorship. All these six features are extraordinary. This is a this. Is very nice you can simply try viral bow in that influence of marketing once and I will share my in the below comment section just check it check that review in my website I wrote a review recently.

You can simply check if I miss anything in this article, you can go for the review and check and the please comment your feedback. Thanks for reading my article blog

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