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How To Close A Social Media Marketing Client With Cold Calling

I’r going to open up the lead seem like I’m just well at my selling there is she and your pipedrive no well. I look like I don’t know if she knows, but she isn’t mine and on that note guys this is my sales guy, I’m ashamed to say navigate. This is so guys. This is my sales guy Esteban. Now we’ve got really cool article. I brought him over to the crib, because I wanted to talk about the topic of cold calling of sales.

What not, because I’m going to have very, very happy to announce that end of January they’re about I’ll, be releasing my social media marketing course. So so so many fucking people have asked about it, because I have a very interesting approach to my marketing agency. You know I talk a lot about like the systems. I’ve built to literally just get clients like through the door consistently and I’ve never done a sale.

A cold call in my life ever but you know who has my sales guy and, as I said, that’s why I thought I would bring him on here to talk about sales and whatnot. So I guess just to introduce yourself yeah okay, so my name is Esteban and I’ve had a past in sales for the last couple of years. Never really know. I never really went deep into cells until I opened up my own marketing agency on months back and I realized how big of an issue is.

Cells are especially for start-up businesses in the marketing industry. Businesses, like I’m sure you guys, are running so I started getting really passionate about actually how to solve that problem and yeah. That got me what took me deep into the rabbit hole, and Here I am now doing sales for mr. Demon yeah. So the way we actually connected is he came to my event here in London like two and a half three months ago and followed up with me, he did very well to actually land a meeting with me.

After yeah, we went for a quick coffee and he basically proposed the idea of cold calling, and you know coming on board as my sales guy I’ll be honest. I was skeptical as fuck when he first brought it up, because in my head and cold calling doesn’t work right and that’s actually the topic of this article, like the limiting beliefs around sales and how you’re limiting beliefs are holding you back right, because you know it Was unknown territory? For me, I had gone a completely different route in terms of my customer acquisition, so yeah, I brought him on board.

I said: look if you can land me like two meetings like like you know, let’s roll with it. Let’s do this. I think in the space of two weeks he got me six fucking meetings, all super solid, leads and actually went on to assign a few of those. So look, I thought I would bring him on and first of all, just ask him like. Obviously I had a bunch of limiting beliefs. What do you think as someone getting new into social media marketing like what are some of the new limiting beliefs that are holding people back and how did you initially face them sure? Well, the main limiting beliefs, guys is that cold calling doesn’t work.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of gurus out there. There push this belief out there that cold calling is not the way to do things. As I told you, I had a marketing agency myself, so I experimented with all the while all the methods now on but did cold emailing networking references of which I mean references are the highest. They got the highest conversion, radio, but in terms of getting a client really quickly from zero cold.

Calling is the way to go. You know, as when you’re starting a business, you want to get cash as quickly as possible, so the best way to go from zero to 100 is to start getting on the phones. Visiting businesses is, I know something that you guys do a lot as well, but the the bad thing about going to businesses is the amount of time that you waste on the phone. On the other hand, you can instead of going one day only visiting five to six locations.

You can ring up 20 in one hour, so I mean you: can you can put things together and see how cold calling can be soupier yeah? So um? Look. You know when you go down your sales process and we’re taught like obviously, everyone starts somewhere and a lot of people on the other side of the screen are literally at like Ground Zero like what did you do to train yourself within the realm of sales, with, Like getting comfortable with all this stuff, you know okay, so the number one thing you have to do when, when you start selling something is you have to believe in what you’re selling okay so get comfortable? Believing in what you got? Bro start believing in your service.

It works just be comfortable with the fact that you’ll be able to do it, especially with this guy’s help. You will get the right information and you will get the right strategies to pull through once you got that belief. You just have to pick up the fucking phone and do it and also built yourself a little script just so you can have that extra comfort behind you, that extra confidence and to actually happen to have some sort of strategy to actually get where you want to Go because without a strategy you just won’t be able to close any deals: okay, yeah and now that script that he talked about.

That’s big because I have been studying, that’s kind of like my new big thing is sales over the past. Like a few weeks because, literally like two weeks ago, I closed seven and a half thousand on the phone, which is roughly ten thousand dollars in. Like five days right, but these are all warm leads or hot leads, like people were going to buy anyways so um. But you know last week like I had like, I think, like four calls.

I’d only closed like to Kate on the phone last week and you know like the results weren’t as solid, and you know I like, I didn’t feel as good and, like you know, things went off the sales process and whatnot. You know if you could look at like Durham Buffett’s like straight line. Persuasion, I’m you know I’ve studied that one know like, and so obviously I brought you in because you’re a master at sales like I just really really respect what you’ve done within that room, and you know all the help that you’ve given me and I you know Obviously I brought you into the crib last week and I’m like you know like do.

I need a sales script like how important is the sales script and obviously you were like well fuck yeah, like you, you can’t like yeah. Can you ever heal anything yeah? 100 %, you can’t just go in there and fucking wing it like if he again, if you don’t, have some sort of strategy, you’re never going to get to your end goal and that’s the most important thing number two you’re not going to get you’re not going To feel as confident on what you want, you have it to say: number til! You won’t see what you’re getting wrong every time you make a phone call because there’s some objections that are very common, so you can actually write those down right.

How you’re going to resolve those objections and then the next time they appear? You can actually feel more comfortable with dealing with them now. Another very important thing that I really want to put touch on is follow-up. Follow-Up is probably the biggest and most important thing when you’re trying to sell something when you’re trying to sell yourself when you’re trying to sell a product with anything, okay selling involves a lot of rejection, so a lot of the cells you won’t make them on the First phone call: that’s just the nature of cells, but if you follow up, you can turn a hundred phone calls into 400.

Obviously, because you got you got a hundred people that you can, you can talk to and with follow-up. That means you can call each guy five to twelve times, so you automatically made yourself have all the higher chance of actually closing a cell, if that makes any sense, but this is a really important fact that I want you guys to remember and when one comes, When it comes to follow-up, it takes usually around five to twelve times to close a deal.

Okay, so you have to call the same guy five to twelve times to close that deal on average. Once you got that in mind, and once you start actually following up on those leads, that’s when you’re actually going to see the real real big results, all right, yeah and that that’s big, like he always presses me on the follow-up. I’r just because, as I said, I guess I’ve been very lucky because I put I have like I’ve put such incredible systems in place.

I put such incredible email follow-ups in place. I’ve put such incredible follows in place. So such incredible social funnels, where socially, like I’m, building all these systems so that people are funneling to me they’re, like you know, I I never really had to follow up like the in like people, came to me with the interest. So that was something he pressed hard on guys. This is his first time on YouTube, so, like most people shoot themselves in front of camera, but it would be fun if we just did a like a little a little roleplay of a phone call.

So whatever I’m a I’m a local gym, let’s say, for example, so yeah, alright, okay, so obviously it might come across as I’m actually just winging it. But remember I’ve done this so many times that there’s always some sort of structure behind what I’m actually saying. So if I’m going to ring up – let’s say a gym and let’s put this in the let’s put this in perspective – let’s say I get the the decision maker on the phone call straightaway.

Alright, so I’m going to be up like hey hello good afternoon. My name is Julian: can I speak to the business owner and he’s going to be like yeah? That’s me, it’s Eamon and, like ok, great great. Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you now. The reason for my call is that I actually came across your business online and I saw that we could massively help you get more customers every month using social media marketing and advertising.

Now I don’t know if you do anything like this. Where have you done anything like this before yeah? I have someone in-house handling it. Ok, that’s perfectly fine. Actually, a quick fun fact is that most of the businesses, I call today actually they’re working with somebody else already and the reason for my phone call right now. It’s actually not to sell you my service. I merely want to have 15 more minutes of your time, just so that you can maybe consider and see how we can actually make your business better, because one of the main reasons why I created this agency was because all of the other agencies out there, they Cannot deliver results, they just don’t.

Do the word grill pretty much now. Well again. All I need is 50 minutes of your time. I know you’re a busy guy. When can we do a meet-up, so you said you found my business online. Why did you decide to call me after looking at my business? Is it did you find something wrong or well I mean, then there is a lot of stuff that I have to point out. I mean there’s, there’s obviously stuff that you could do better again.

I’r not here, I’m not trying to I’m not trying to give you a phone call just to dis your business. I know your business down there and I respect you for that, but there’s obviously a lot of things that I’d like to show you this point by the way, guys like there’s a checklist that he goes to so, for example, close check stuff like is their Facebook Pixel installed on the upside and there’s no Facebook pixel install like 90 % of time, they’re not doing Facebook advertising or if they are, and they don’t even have a pixel install on their website.

That’s that’s an immediate like a towel that you should be calling me. So this one enjoy, I mean I said I put I’ve completely put him on the spot, guys like they just remember it’s first time on YouTube for a second for a camera King. But like look as I said that he would no, you know he tracks the analytics of their website. He tracks stuff, like their Facebook pixel, he tracks stuff. He looks at their social media, their engagement, you know their overall branding stuff like that, and he has you know through tools that we’ll talk about in the social media marketing course like.

He has a lot of actual info on the business before he even calls. So when I asked something like that, like you know like why, why did you decide to call me he can actually point out that info with it yeah yeah and also something that’s very important, the more you know about the business once you get and just once You get on the phone with the decision maker. You can pre-plan the objections that he’s going to have.

Obviously you can tell as a marker when they already working with a with a marketing agency, so you already know what to expect from that. Okay, now do prepare for a lot of objections pretty much. What we did right now is objection handling, but yeah the more you know about their business they’re, more capable you’re going to sell on the phone, the more comfortable you’re going to be, and the more they’re going to notice that you actually care about their business.

One of the things I always notice with you is you never you never block an objection which I find super like he never like, and I you know guys I have like so many coaches, so many mentors – and I have friends like he’s literally like he sorry Office my sales guy, like now one of my closest friends like like I like study and I learn from these people and one of these one of the things I always notice.

Is you never go like? If I, if I go, you know my audience, isn’t on Facebook like you, you would never go. No actually robot, you always know just kind of like loop around it. Well, yeah, you got ta, you got ta, you got ta, take the customers perspective right, like whenever you’re arguing with somebody. Whenever you got you a discussion, you’re not going to get anywhere just by saying that the other guy is wrong.

The other guy only cares about what you just said. So as long as you acknowledge it and then find a way to deal with that objection by offering some more information, the guy’s going to be cool with it again remember most of the objections you’re getting are just complaints. So as long as you have that in mind, okay, really good question: what’s the difference between an objection and seriously like fuck off like no well, I mean you can tell straight away like if you’re opposed to girl of the club and you grab her by the Arm and she almost tries to slap you or she tells you like – a solid.

No I’m not interesting on being with you, then you’re like okay whoa, like I shouldn’t just like, go ahead and try to go for the kiss now. Okay, she’s, actually he’s actually objecting a complaint, on the other hand must be like you come up. You come acquit, you come across. You talk to go and they’re like. Oh, no. I don’t have time with my friends, Olivia they’re, just complaining dude they just they just trying to see what your ration will be is like.

When you talk to somebody on the phone, it’s what’s known as a shit test yeah, it’s like a shit test, dude like if you go up the street and some guy just stops. You hey, what’s up man, your natural response, you don’t even know anything about this. Guy he might be about to offer you a million bucks. Your first response is going to be all no dude. I don’t have time. Okay, I’m not a jack thing, because if he told me he’s got he’s going to give me a million bucks.

I’d stop straight on my ass and give me a my give me money, but uh I just have a natural. I just have a natural tendency. Humans have a natural tendency to just create complaints, and that’s that’s what sells that’s what people do when you’re selling to them they’re going to complain, all the time doesn’t mean they’re, not interested, doesn’t mean they don’t want by your service, doesn’t mean that you’re fucking up.

It’s just what Nash does is just a natural, a natural thing for humans to do yeah and guys just remember they’re going to test like, and I even look, even like cold coal or know. If I’m at a meeting, there’s like they still give me shit tons of shit tests because they need to see how long can I keep up like my character for, like anyone can play a character or have an amazing seal script for for X amount of time? But then they’re going to throw these shit tests at hue, these difficult questions which you should have a sales script to prepare for.

You should know your objections, the more and more like he knows how to handle every objection under the Sun, but they’re going to do that kind of like test your character cuz. You know perfect analogy like if someone some random person on the street is about to give you a million like you need like, like what they’re going to give you something incredible in the same way, you were about to give your clients something incredible.

They just don’t know it yet and they need a nessam. You know they need some like they need it settled in their heart that, like you, like, you actually are who you say you are like. They need to sense that congruence and that’s that’s what we need that belief, though, because if you don’t have that belief, you’re not going to be able to push through the objections pushed through the sales process, because you know that you don’t actually believe you’re offering the Guy, a million bucks wish you bar guess.

I mean the guests. You’ve worked on your business enough that you think you are even if you’re, not it’s just if you know what you’re doing yeah and once again I said: that’s something we’re going to go over like hard on the course is the fact that, like most of you Guys are underpricing yourself, you don’t even realize the value that you’re bringing to these businesses and like that’s something, we’re really diving deep into in the course so that when it comes to picking up the phone well you’re about to give them the fucking world, like a Fuck, it’s not hard to sell this stuff, but um yeah.

Is there any like last closing, closing points yeah for sure, because I know it’s a lot of information and sales is something that is usually something that you guys don’t go deep into. So I don’t want to overwhelm you with all this. The main thing that you guys should walk with from this chat is that cold calling works, number one get out start getting on the fucking phones, no matter what your excuses and number two just do it.

Okay, sales at the end of the day is always a numbers game. You can you can you? Can you can race your closing ratios, depending on how much you know about your product about how to handle objections, but as long as you tomorrow start getting on the phone, even though, if you don’t know what you’re doing as long as you got a good attitude, You know what you’re talking about you know your product and you get in front of enough people you’re going to make sales period period so stop doing whatever the fuck you’re doing, stop sending those emails that get no response whatsoever and start getting on the phone to Do something different, your main issue is obscurity.

That’s it all right there. We have it guys. So I said my cool little way to announce the social media marketing course coming end of January. As I said, I would never fucking like tell you guys something that I’ve. Never practiced, which is why we’ve got this guy on for literally like six seven modules right like he’ll, there will be an hour of content straight directly from him, and I said I kind of put them like I’m going to be honest with you guys.

I kind of put him on the spot here like never done YouTube like this guy like take like it should mean a lot coming from me like this guy knows a lot, a lot about sales, and I was like I was just stunned by what he was Able to do for my agency personally, so we’ve got a little a full section on sales straight from Esteban hope. You guys enjoy this article and yeah I’ll, see you tomorrow.

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