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Email Marketing Copywriting HACK FASTER! How to do Email Marketing!

Calm, and in this article I’m going to show you an email, marketing hack that will allow you to literally write emails in under one minute. Stay frickin tuned show you guys an email marketing hat that was taught to me by a seven-figure digital marketer, and this hack is specifically for a few people right, whether you’re brand new to email marking, and you don’t know how to write emails or number two.

If, let’s just say, you are short on time or you have an extremely busy day, there’s going to save you hours of time or in minutes of your time to where you can go ahead and get an email send out to your list. Because consistency is everything right, it’s called emails, whites now. What is it an email swipe? I want to go and read a quote to you guys right, Pablo Picasso steal quotes. So basically, one of the most famous quotes ever is by Pablo Picasso he’s one of the most famous authors, one of the most fav painters ever and his famous quote – is good artists.

Copy great artists, steal right now, guys take it for what it is. Some people might like, oh my god, that’s not original, and then people who value their time, effort and energy – and I know successful digital marketers to do this all the freaking time right. What they do is. I have a Rolodex of email list that I’m currently on of people in my space. Now, what I mean by that is I’m going to make money online space.

So what I do I often to the list of people who are on to make money online. This now there’s a couple of things right number one: is you want to make sure that you’re opting into people’s lists who are actually getting results within their business and number two if they are getting results within their business? That means, then, you know what they’re doing within their email marketing right. So what I’m going to do is save so much time right is create a message in my a weber.

Account know if you always have to be already pre scheduled and the way that I do my email marketing is, I had to value and then I do one pitch right now. Let’s just say, I’m pressed for time today, I’m like holy crap. I don’t have time to write a freaking email, but what I can do is go to my my gmail account and I simply have a couple of how do you say a couple of emails that have been sent to me that are starred right.

What I’m going to do is simply open one of them up right, so it says read today if you’re still unsuccessfully chasing and that’s not my style right. So I’ve already read this right. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to go to swipe the email copy now what that means I’m going to go in and simply swipe the headline and put it in my word so boom read today if you’re still unsuccessfully chasing the laptop lifestyle, so Guys remember, I did not write this email right.

So what does lots of lifestyle mean to you for me? It is when I wake up sliding semester blues go downstairs and fire up my. So I want to change this up a little bit right. So I’m going to model this to my actual life. So for me it’s when I wake up slide into my slipper slippers go downstairs and fire up my laptop Wow. Let me see so instead of the Ness Nespresso machine, I don’t know I don’t drink coffee.

Why? What’s one thing that I do in the morning Wow my right after I’ve completed my morning rituals boom and then I checked my earnings reports and nod my head as the numbers appear on my screen saying I made five hundred twenty five hundred dollars since last night, Which I do have those type of days, so I’m going to go and keep that do. I have to work for her for these twenty five. So I’m going to say instead of B’s, I’m going to say this one, a five hundred nope are the clients.

Are their clients? I need to talk to you nope, unless I want to. Is there no idea what that is, but I’ll keep it so, instead of ego or obviously you don’t want to have the wrong person, so I want to say okay Eric, but this is a dream right I mean this stuff is out of a fairy tale. Nine out of ten times or excuse me nine out of ten times it’s a fairy tale, so we’re going to actually fix the grammar fairy tale, but there’s one exception, believe it or not.

I happened to know a guy who is figured out to make completely passive income. You make seven figures. Works 10 hours per week, takes four vacations a year and four vacations here. So I’m going to actually optimize this for my affiliate marketing VSL right. So, whatever you’re promoting right 48 vacations a year and live a life of complete time and location freedom, would you liked him to rebuild a secret, so what I want to do is you guys want to make sure that you unlink hold on or actually insert hyperlink We’re going to remove link, so I definitely not want to be sending them so his offer in this free training or going to do his links for my per link remove link.

So what I like to do is I, like the bold free training, so there’s two call to actions within this email guys remember. I did not write this email, and this literally has taken me like three minutes instead of and sincerely so I have my specific call to action. Your friend and mentor Eric Ellis jr. PS. Would you like him to boom and then I, like the bold, my call to action? It’s alright! So that’s simple guys! Now, let’s go ahead and swipe this damn you know so guys.

Look. I did not write this email. Here’s the email, marketing hat guys that all the six and seven-figure digital entrepreneurs do not want you to know, and they are too proud and bold to teach you this or tell you that they’re even doing this, but they’re all frickin doing it. And how do I know this because I learned this from somebody who is a seven-figure digital entrepreneur, so that being said, instead of reinventing the will right, do it works so boom? I have an email created now.

What I’m going to do is I’m somebody going to go to my links and I didn’t write this email just I just edited it now. It’s taking me a little bit longer because I’m actually explaining what’s happening, but literally. This would take me two minutes of my time, which would usually take twenty to thirty minutes of my time, and I already have an email so and then what I’m going to do with what he didn’t do is with my pitch emails, I like to always have A call to action in the beginning, so I’m just going to link laptop lifestyle to my article sales letter now guys what this is good for is, if you don’t not add right, email marketing copy, you can opt into people’s lists who are in yours space.

What you can do is you can go ahead and start leveraging their emails and commenting it to yourself or your a lifestyle, and then, as you continue to do, this you’re going to continue to read, continue continue to read the model at yourself to where this is. How I actually learn how to do email, marketing right, because I kept on reading other people’s emails, who were successful within my space, so doesn’t matter what your niche is guys right, so modeling successful people within my space and then once I got comfortable then I started.

Writing my own emails and from time to time for the most part, I usually write all my emails, but from time to time I actually when I’m freaking pressed for time, but I need to make sure I need to get my list emailed. What I do is, I simply swipe emails and, as stated before, Pablo Picasso said it best good artists copy, great artists. Still there was no shame in my damn game at the end of the day, it’s just like funnel hackers.

If you know russell brunson clickfunnels, it’s called funnel hacking. It’s called modeling. Yes, i’m modeled what he did and yeah. It’s called swiping its email market, you’re swiping people’s copy modeling it for yourself it’s going to teach you how to do email marketing and then once you learn, you can do it yourself and then, if you’re, a good email marketer most likely people are going to swipe Your fuckin content, so with that being said guys, that’s an email, marketing hack, that’s you guys can apply to your business.

They teach you guys about email marketing. She trying to write email copy and the best way is opting into the list and getting on email list of successful email, marketers or digital marketers or late marketers, and then once you get on their list from time to time, there’s going to start being some really Good emails and then what you want to do is just create a rolodex of all these freakin emails and just have them to the side and your little honeypot to where, if you ever need them, you just pull it up, really quick and instead of taking 30 Minutes to an hour like at first when I first started email marketing literally takes you 3 freakin minutes.

So if you guys enjoy that make sure to go ahead and smash that subscribe button to join the family and give me a thumbs up too show your boy. Some love now I do have a free gift for you, there’s an e-book. You can go to the link in the description or you can go to a Philly’s playbook calm that will literally show you how to actually use email marketing to follow up and create a passive income online with something called affiliate marketing right.

That’s what I do to actually generate a full-time and come on, live and number two. If you’re in digital marketing, internet marketing, online marketing right, you can either go to Eric Ellis jr., comm or a down below in the description. There is a ridiculous amount of tools and resources that I actually use to crush it in my online business. So with that being said, my friend make sure to subscribe, one more frequent song.

So that way, you can go ahead and get access to my daily uploads and hit that notification bill, because if you don’t hit it here, they’re not subscribe right now with that being said, I appreciate you guys for tuning in Eric Ellis jr., as always checking out


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