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This is the show where you get to know about all the technological advancements that are happening around the world. My name is on going okay and in this particular show we are blessed to have two wonderful young gentlemen who are business partners. We have cahiim Angemon, who both work at the East African online company. Welcome to the show I’m happy to have you great.

Thank you for having us. How long have you been in Somalia – and I understand that you both were in Canada for quite some time, yeah yeah we’re both born a boy in Canada born in Canada, oh and now, you’re here from Island yeah. But this is only this is wrong, and how did you guys get to being involved in digital marketing, because I hear you’re, training, people or not digital marketing is like how did this start and while digital marketing will and the way we started, was we seen really A big gap in the market over here where and people were not used to anything digital.

You know they’re using traditional tools like you know, commercials or you know, and posters flyers, mail stuff, like that. You know so then on and when we first introduced digital marketing and we had our first project and the guys were working for. I were doing an another project for it. They started calling us engineers, you know it kind of. Did you know so I kind of motivated us, you know yeah and motivated us to uh to establish a company.

You know, how did you learn, you know and tell you know we found out guys that you know build toilets are called engineers too. You know so he told me oh yeah, yeah, so jamelia, the founder of east african online. Tell me you story like: where did it all stands? Yes, suddenly I’ve been here for two and a half years going on my third year. I shall assume it started. Actually, as a pilot project, you know to Sharla.

We said that there is a big problem here with unemployment, so there was many people they had many of the youth. They had no jobs and most of them they had this idea that they can’t work the government. They have to get from a chopper mm-hmm and, if you for me the idea of unemployment, it’s so it’s a figure. That’S an idea, somebody that they they. They believe that this this much of a percentage of people living in this land and they don’t have an opportunity to work.

What if somebody wants to work? It’S like the prophets of Allah release a large if you were to have true reliance upon your not, but there are lines that you are supposed to have upon it and you were to go outside seeking URIs Allah is going to provide for you like he provides For the birds, so the birds they leave, the house starving, looking for their profession and then when they come back home, therefore they have what they were entitled to that day, although he provides for every single living creature on this planet.

So somebody if he wants to work, you can work. Even if you look at the history of the world most of the people, they were either they learned their skills and they walked with their skill or they involve themselves with trade. So just this generation people they believe that the government they’re entitled to given me a job and they say the government is corrupt and ok, if you believe the government is corrupt, you’re going to worry you’re going to depend your livelihood on somebody who’s come.

You cannot know what you’re going to you can’t. Even trust me with who you are here. Are your backpack? Yes, Jenny. You want me to your I’m going to defend my livelihood on, doesn’t make sense mm-hmm. What we did was we saw that there’s a big opportunity for people to to work, unlike something called the digital economy today, so almost four billion people they connected to the Internet. Four billion people the whole world, maybe there’s eight billion people, almost the entire world, half of the one we on the Internet.

So if you look at, I had a case of our example. Our case has two million people, maximum two million and four billion they’re. Not the same so you can reach more people, yes, its own surface, its own market mmm-hmm. So if you give people that opportunity what they’re spending time, I facebooking doing things that there’s no no benefits for them, they can. They can make money office yeah the social media platform, so I started off one in two and Charlotte gave people an opportunity to work.

I’M the lessons day to officiate over 800 students. Those students under that is a number of success stories in Orissa where they earned income online no handle is digital marketing. People are used to the traditional ways of marketing. So what is digital marketing? In a nutshell? Him? Okay and digital marketing is basically promoting a product or service using an digital technology like phones and computer apps and and using modern technology.

You know reaching people, but the social media, social media, Google and email and that’s about it. So among all these tools, Richard is more popular for digital marketing, which n is more effective. Is it Facebook? Is it email with it Google search like which is which Facebook Facebook could be yeah? I think Facebook could be and a number one, the number one because and I think about Facebook – is it’s very easy to connect to a big platform at one time.

You know and your target audience you could you could and specify the people that you wan na you wan na target. You know your audience, you know, so that’s what makes Facebook different from everything else you know so like if I want to reach out to women – and I have this product of selling, I’m able to identify which groups the women are in or pages the best. This way is to understand Facebook, how they, how you’re able to even reach that woman in Boerum a were in my rope, yeah Facebook, there’s no company in the whole world that has more information and its users in facebook.

So Facebook, when you log on to Facebook, Facebook, a knows your email and knows your name in those. Your phone number knows where you live knows who your friends are and knows where you worked and knows where you want to score the things that you read on Facebook. If you go to soccer pages – and those are here – somebody who, like suck mm-hm so everything that you do on Facebook is recorded yeah, it has a database okay Jamal.

He is somebody who always goes on this page. We’Re going to put him under that category. Now, when you know that Facebook has the most data in the world – and you want to use this database, facebook allows you to use this database. So me, I used to work at a company called stats, Canada. That company is the best statistical organization in the world. What they do is they collect data, they sell their data, they put out statistics every single year so to buy data from a company its money because money yeah, but the best company in the world, the one that has the most date in the world’s Facebook and It allows anybody to use their data miss.

So how do you use a database campaigns? You put up advertisements, you say I want to target. You know the women in this country that age group really. I only want to target the people who like soccer or who, like frankincense or like, and then Facebook will tell you. Okay, we have information on 100,000 people that are like, then, when you want to do an advertisement and you reach those people you’re going to put your budget, I want to spend $ 10.

Facebook will say: okay. Well, we can estimate it reach that many people every single day, the time you want and the people that you want, there’s no there’s no advertisement platform in the world that can do that right now. If I go to CNN or Al Jazeera – and I give them all of that money – maybe a few thousand dollars to put out a commercial just for one night – al Jazeera can’t guarantee with the people who are going to read the commercial.

They can’t guarantee me as much people as Facebook and guarantee me two billion people. They use Facebook, it’s the whole world, we think there’s not even it will bring it to me where people who are in Cyprus, there’s no TV network, cable now and the whole world has a reach of more than a billion people. So when it comes to Facebook has the most data you can target, whoever you want, you can reach a lot of large amounts of people mm-hmm.

My opinion is same, is kind there’s nothing like Facebook, Terry and even other digital platforms. Google search engine optimization YouTube. There’S no comparison to traditional music yeah, so you are telling people that you get value for your money. If you pay Facebook to advertise, you get value for your money as compared to when you do it, maybe on other traditional. If I ask you give me $ 20 and I give you 20,000 pieces of papers – and I say go to the souk, then I go to the market.

I want you to reach, you know just people in Hargis. This is an example. Visa handout, 20,000 paper study. When you probably got ta say it’s impossible, I can’t do that, match people or you’re going to say. If I do even that people at $ 20, it’s not a lot of money. For that, it’s you might. You might accuse me of Russia mm-hmm. So then, if you go to Facebook, you say I’ll, give you five dollars today it can reach not only that amount of people, people who you want to reach.

I give me twenty thousand papers and I say reach that specific person in that specific location. You’D, probably even if you want to do it, you won’t be able to be impossible graduates, yeah mm-hmm. What is Google search like there are times when you go to Google and maybe you’re searching for a handbag, and then pictures of a handle will come up and they have brands on them. How is that effective in digital marketing? So Google has a number of ways.

You can market on cool when it’s called Google search engine, optimization the process of being on page number, one on mobile. So if you want to you know as an example Somaliland that word when people search it on google, if I ask you you search Somaliland, are you more likely to go on the pages on the websites on page number, one or the websites? On the other pages, page number, you’re going to say page number, one will be out of 100 more than 80 % patient over 1.

They don’t go past it when they search something specifically that keywords so Marilyn has around 10,000 to 100,000 people searching at every single month those people. If your website is on page number one. You have around 10,000 to 100,000 people coming to your website that much if you have a store in our case – and you have 10,000 to 100,000 people coming to your store that month for your store is very successful treatment of 1 %.

They buy something from that store, so your website is right. Your store people, you need people coming into your store. Google search engine optimization is one way of marketing a product. You mentioned something about pictures of handbags. It’S another way. You can advertise an herbalist or advertisements. Google Adsense program Adwords, you pay a certain amount of money depending on the keyword the menu on the websites you want to put it on.

Google will take your advertisement and put it on a website that enabled Adsense and that’s another way of you advertising your product. It’S also a very effective way, and I would say it’s second to Facebook when it comes to very effective, a very effective. How many people have you trained so far, because I hear you guys are not just doing digital marketing like you’re, also trying to reach out to young people and then any young people in her case or who are interested in digital marketing? Wow.

That’S a really good question and first of all, iron Africans are people back home, especially Somalis. They love learning new things. They really love, learning, new things and they’re really fast learners. So, as my brother Jamal was saying earlier and over the span of two years and and we trained eight hundred plus people, a big number – yes, a really big number and that Damona success stories and that came out of that 800 people was phenomenal and the long We first started the program.

People didn’t even believe that you can work on just like Annie said people in Africa, but they love to learn and they love to learn. So after two years nothing go to the super-nervous you’re going to see everybody now, of course, online store online online. Many people are trying to earn income online mm-hmm. I haven’t come to the dollar store, mmm Delilah, so you’ve reached out to a number of people.

Yes, how have companies now adapted to going the digital way, companies in some islands advertising online as compared to Hangzhou before mm-hmm? How would you rate it? Well, when the conversion was was mashallah, and we were here before an odd change so alhamdulillah and handle we were ready for the change and and then hamdulillah. We seen whenever, whenever a hit the market – and we seen a lot of businesses asking for e-commerce websites and in social and non, how to social media market and all those and basically how did change their their and promotions and their advertisements and to the digital marketing And al hamdulillah, we we we, we took a we took and yeah.

It was a good, very good opportunity for us to basically and build our brand. You know yeah effort and people, not only in her case of all over and East Africa to really and get to know what we really do and you know hamdulillah and we seen the change. We seen the change, we seen the change physically. You know you seen the change in and HMDA led that demand is there now. You know, as in two before people were more asking questions on like the quizzes and I just really real.

What is it yeah? Well, what is this you know till now, people are asking us questions that that are more and there are more on digital marketing and coming to us with things that we didn’t even know they knew about. You know yeah, so people are starting to take and they’re to learn about these things. Now you know so alhamdulillah. Now, if you go out to soup, you see a lot of young guys asking these on business people if they knew websites as a chance to train a lot of businesses exactly biggest turkey, telecommunications company nice, to meet you their stuff, the marketing department, everything that they Do now digital marketing mm-hmm was a changed.

It changed a lot and and we’re even getting contacted by by and NGOs big NGOs not who are trained and refugees and people and refugees and and people in need. You know on how to earn income other than the more traditional ways you know so I have today. Like you know, people are good people. I really like like something that yeah exactly the accepting it yeah really acceptable. Do you need any special skills to be an digital marketer and their secrets snake? Can you share with us a few secrets? You need to be online tuned for hours like what you need to have.

Is it just basic IT knowledge and doing how to use a phone like? What else do you need number one? You need a computer and then you have to do research, so it’s our it’s like any other venture. If you want to become a doctor, you have to learn how to become a doctor. You have to study a number of years. If you want to start a business, you should know you should do research before you get into that business.

So you can waste a lot of time, a lot of effort, a lot of money. Just give you an example when you want to advertise on Facebook. Facebook has something called algorithms system of Facebook. If you want to to people, they use the same amount of money. One person uses $ 10, the other person uses $ 10 same, not yeah. They both did a campaign. They both are good at the same location, but one person he reached 100,000 people in person.

He reached 1,000 people, so why? Why did one person reach a lot? Why the one person reach small amount, one person he put up a picture that picture had a small amount of words: three words LS the other person. He put up a picture with a lot of voids inside the picture, so Facebook’s algorithm system. Facebook will look at the pictures and see. Okay. This picture has a lot of words. We won’t show it to a lot of people.

This picture has a small amount of words, so just doing research beforehand, learning Facebook’s algorithms learning the system of Google learning the system of YouTube. You will be able to better optimize. Your campaigns engineer is the difference between articles like if I feature and a article which one will be viewed, I think I can answer that and the article is it’s not as nada. It’S not like a magic trick, or you know, as my brother was saying, you know, there’s there’s there’s just as a guru, those and algorithms is and when it comes to, as he said, the pictures less words you have the more people I reach the same thing With articles as articles is the shorter, the article that better cuz mom’s going to sit around for 30 minutes or an hour to read a article because as humans, we all have short attention span.

You yes, so then, and the best article, the best type of article, that you want to really target and to reach your target and a big platform over a platform and an audience is a article that is maximum three minutes with all the details. Yes, the basic details summarized maximum three minutes and, and that is that the best quality article to reach a target and a wider platform, and – and that is it’s – not it’s not magic.

Is you know it’s just you know yeah, but as as you go along, you know, you learn these things through trial and error. You know so then, just you know, keep trying. You know ya know. Technology keeps changing, they’ll be doing. Digital marketing in 2019 might not be the same that we used to do it’s, maybe in 2016 duty to keep up with technology like yes, it’s very important time, for example the one who goes to school.

He said his IT. He graduates in 2015 he’s not going to be the same as a person who graduates this year. Technology changes every single year, for example. If you wanted to be on the first page of Google and be more than ten years ago, all you need is to have the same domain name is what somebody is searching, so somebody searches some Island you’re, going to see some Island calm. Now, every single year, google has panda updates so this year, they’re going to add something else: the example this year in the year before social social trends, it’s very important what you want to be on the front page of Google.

So, just keeping up with the updates knows there’s a lot of factors they take into consideration the balance of website traffic yeah yeah yeah, so you know ready to give the people my personal fish, I’m not really not. Really. I want to keep a business and, as my brother said in East Africa online we have a Facebook page around 20,000 followers. We have a website, you know, and we have. We have a building and hosted yeah and the theater and downtown Hargeisa is behind and it’s in the neighborhood reiha-sama you can’t miss it and and – and you can come at the offices there you could come, we can and we’re open to anybody anytime.

You know and hamdulillah we’re we’re here, we’re here and Hum Dil. I know and we’re here to help our country you know and I’ll handle a lie. Lie lie, has brushed us a lot so far. You know yeah so hamdulillah and I advise people to consider digital marketing as a career. Does it be it’s digital marketing is a way to help them work so online itself, there’s many different types of jobs that you can do.

If you want to be a freelancer affiliate marketing, you just want to outsource mm-hmm. If you have your own type of business, you want to promote it online. You have a service you’re, offering people. Digital marketing will help you in every single Junction. If you want to just like marketing in real life – and you want people to come to your store, yeah you have to marketing digital marketing is the same thing.

It’S going to bring people to me. Well, thank you. So much for making time, I’m sure our audience have loved to hear from you. We’Ve learned a lot that maybe we did not know and thank you for being young people who are making a big contribution in our economy, because you’re creating jobs and it’s having people that you do not have to wait for official employments work in a government office Is money online? Yes, so thank you so much for making time for money and technology to our audience.

Thank you for reading have a wonderful day.


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