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Easiest Way to Create a Great Customer Service Resume in 10 Minutes or Less!

Have you ever had a hard time putting together your first resume? Well, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered here at sweet job spot you’ll get an amazing resume. That looks just like this. With all the information that you need for a customer service position, and especially for those of you that are transitioning from a face-to-face retail environment and might be interested in working in a call center working in an office of some sort, this is going to be a Really great opportunity for you to do that: transition by having a professional resume at an affordable price.

So here’s what the resume is going to look like in the very end it’ll give you the opportunity to put not one but two jobs in here, and I know some of you have had more than two jobs, but we’re going to keep with the format of Two, so that way it can stay on one page, and if this is one of your first couple of jobs, this is going to be great for somebody with about 3 to 5 years of experience, whether you went to high school, whether you finished high school, whether You went to college or even finished college.

This is going to be a great resume for you and we have two options for you: one for those who finished high school and one for those of you who have started or finished college. So let’s go ahead and get started. I’M going to share my screen and you’re going to see what is on with the customer service template. Ok, so the first thing you’re going to do is the resume questionnaire and now, as I said before, it will fill in pretty much all the words for you.

But we want to get a little bit of detail so that when you’re submitting this resume to somebody, they can get some key information about what you’ve done so far. So we’re starting off with your personal information and you’re, going to put in your name first and last: it’s up to you! If you want to put your middle name or if you have a suffix like junior or senior or the third or anything like that, you can put that in there now.

I only recommend that you put in your city and state because we don’t want to get too much personal information for privacy reasons. Also, it’s better for search reasons for those of you who are looking to relocate for those of you that may live in an area that is far from the job you’re seeking and so that you are not discriminated against based on location. I’Ve learned that a lot of recruiters tend to choose their candidates, based on how close they are to the job, and sometimes that could be a real hurdle for people that may live outside of town and their only opportunity is going to be inside of town.

So we don’t want that to be an issue. You want to pick the most most logical location for where your you want to work, the biggest major city for this kind of job and, as I said before, you, as I haven’t said yet, is you can adjust this depending on the job? So sometimes you may need to adjust it to make it more localized, but I suggest always going with the biggest major city because it’s easier for recruiters to find you now you’re going to put in your email address, and this is going to it’s set up really.

Like a job application, it’s it has a few more detailed questions, but for the most part, it’s going to be just a job application for experience. We have this little tool here, so you can scroll right, left and choose your experiments. Experience I’m going to choose four years for this example. Now the current or most recent company, if it’s your current company, let’s say it’s: your most recent company, you’re going to I’ve, worked at a clothing store.

So I worked at clothing, store number one, two, three four: it is a recent company for me, I’m no longer working there. It’S in Atlanta, Georgia and job title was head cashier right. Excuse me head cashier. Ah, okay, once I learned how to type excuse me, I worked there from February 2017 up until recently, which is June 2019, and for those of you that are currently working in your company. You can click current company and then the end dates going to be present.

Okay, now you’re going to have retail stores, retail stores, the type of company I worked for and I sold women’s clothing and the person I reported to was my store manager and my average number of customers. I worked with were thirty a day, so I was there. I was the head cashier, so I worked pretty much. You know 35 hours a week and um you know, is there for most of the day serving customers. So that’s my example right and you want to go back and think of your work experience when you’re putting in their customer account, because that’s going to be important for people to know what kind of volume you’ve learned to deal with.

So especially, we call centers. That’S really important for them. Now your previous company name. Now that’s going to be the company before the one that I worked at now, so that company is Berger Depot all right. I worked in also Atlanta, Georgia. I moved here. Here’S my story. I moved here right after high school and, and you know my first job was at a burger place. While I was in college right when I just got out of college when I was just getting out of school out of high school, and so the company type is fast-food restaurant, you want to make sure you put in the full type of company.

So, instead of store clothing store instead of fast food, fast food, restaurant make sure you have that whole name in there and the products that I offered were burgers and french fries. You can also use the term American fare. That’S also one that people people like right. American fare that that means that’s like an Applebee’s. You know burgers fries shakes. You know salads things like that, so you could put American fare in there if you’d like or Mexican food.

Something like that, and I started that the minute I got here to Atlanta when I first went started going to college and I and that’s what I serve so we’ve been here for four years, so I have 2016 excuse me. 2015 can’t count 2016 and I started there in June and I ended there in January, right after my semester break and that’s when I decided that I was going to go ahead and leave after semester break, you see how that story builds right there.

That also is really going to be helpful for you when you’re in your interview – and they ask you – you know what have you done, etc, etc, right so and at that job I was considered a. I was a cashier, also okay, but I was just a junior level person and we’re going to keep that we’re going to keep that junior level. Make sure that your job titles are in the uppercase. Excuse me and everything else is going to be lowercase and I reported to my shift supervisor and that’s in lower case and there I probably did about 50 customers a day.

I can always ask and see. You know ask her manager, hey, you know how many people are we serving a day about how many people it’s really helpful, and then you want to put in your college so right now, I’m attending Piedmont, Tech. I am getting my associates degree and business right. That’S why I want to go and work in a call center or I want to work in an office, because I want to work in business now.

I don’t want to work in the fast-food arena or in the face to face arena. I’M looking to see what the other side of the business is with the back office side use those skills, I’m learning in my school and I went to and that college is in Atlanta Georgia, but I haven’t graduated yet I still have one more semester, so I’m Going to go ahead and leave that blank and then I’m going to put in my high school, which I’m from California, so I’m going to put in my California, high school and right there and put my city in state, I’m going to apply the discount code.

For those of you who are reading this, I’ve got a discount code for you. It is YouTube. So if you see this on YouTube, you’ll get the YouTube discount code go ahead and apply that discount. You save 10 % and you get it for $ 8.99 click. Here on create my resume and your resume is going to be created. It’Ll. Take you to PayPal for that payment. Alright, now you’ve had your payment made you’re going to go right here to your inbox and you’re, going to see your new resume right here at the top.

It’S going to tell you thank you and in here once you click on it. You’Ll see your resume. You see here, I said I had four years experience. It’Ll have four years once again: it’ll have those skills listed that you have now. If you need to change some of these skills, you can always change them, but anybody who has worked in customer service has at least 90 % of these skills. You may have a few extras too, so if you have few extras, you can always put those in there.

Now it has my clothing store that I worked in city and state. It has the fact that I was a head cashier. That’S my title. That’S why I said you want to make that to be in your upper case: right, assisted customers with women’s clothing purchases right. So in here they’re going to see. Oh, I assisted 30 customers per day. Answering questions I develop relationships promoting customer satisfaction. I helped promote.

I achieve sales and regular revenue targets successfully promoting women’s clothing right here at burger depot. I reported to the shift supervisor assisting customers with American fare. You can say American, fair food, you can say Mexican food, whatever you want to put. I put American in capitals that way. You know people know what kind of food it was and that you helped people describing food. You could also write burgers and fries.

It’S really up to you, but, as you can see it’s in here now I have my education. My associates degree, Piedmont, Tech and Atlanta, Georgia right and my diploma, my sotius degree in business. As you can see, that’s the type of classes, I’m taking the diploma from my high school and then my technical skills. Okay. Now these are basic technical skills that pretty much everybody has anybody who’s you who’s.

Looking for a job in the office, it’s really important that you have some of these skills. Now, if you’re going to school for business, you probably have learned Microsoft Word and Excel, especially if you’re, a junior or senior in your second year of your associate’s degree, they’ve taught you some of this, so you can put that in their POS systems. We all know a POS system, that’s the cashiering system that you use when you’re scanning or punching information in electronic price scanners.

That’S when you’re, you know clicking the little thing and and they’re getting the price off the tickets, so you’ve used those things. So those kind of technical skills are already there. If you haven’t used them. This isn’t a word document. You can always delete it. If you have other skills, you can always add them. So here’s the best thing rather than paying a lot of money for somebody for your first job or your first.

You know position that you’re looking for you can start with this and you can kind of play around with it. If you read it and you say hmm, you know I didn’t really do that. You could take something out or put it in, but this will give you something basic to work with something you can be really proud of really well-crafted, and you know at a professional level, this has been reviewed by by recruiters and HR representatives and they actually really Liked it, they thought that this was something that you could use and they will accept something like this.

It’S great for job fairs, it’s great to send out to people to put on in deed or anywhere else, and the formatting is good because it doesn’t have too much stuff on it, but it has a clean nice look. So, thank you guys so much, and this is available to you anytime, just go on to the link and use that discount code, and we will we’ll we’ll see you on the other side. Don’T forget to comment whether or not you get a job, because I want to hear about your experiences guys.

So thanks so much sweetheart go ahead and follow me for more tips on looking for a job for keeping a job and for improving yourself overall in your career, so you can get out of the job of your nightmares and into the career of your dreams. Thanks guys, bye, bye, you

Thank you for visiting my post about the video I found on Youtube. I hope it gives you a little insight into customers and how you should treat your customers. Remember, I appreciate you and what you have to offer. Check out what Allshouse Designs thinks about customer service.


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