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Hack #10k FB Page Likes | Grow your facebook fan page in 2019

So I’m very happy. But Facebook is like a great social media tool to get exposure, especially in the start, and I actually got 10,000 Facebook page lights within two weeks without spending a lot of money. Yes, you’re going to run ads, but these are legit people, as you can see. On my page I have 10,000 likes, and here my page my posts are engagement and get engagement as well, but your post needs to be good, but here I get 42 likes.

So I’ve just been doing this for two weeks and now I already have this kind of page. So I want to show you guys how I do that, because this is obviously a YouTube success for me and I’ll show you guys so what you’re going to do? You’Re going to go to the ad manager, the Facebook ad manager and, as you can see here – and this is actually another proof – it is actually another proofing. As you can see here, I ran one campaign to entrepreneur, page likes and I’m carnage going to show you how to make this campaign in a minute.

I actually shut it off because I’m pretty content with 10,000 page slides right now, but I got around 10,000 page likes. I reached 50,000 people with my ads, but as you can see, 20 percent of those people were converted into page wise. So how do you do that? And it only cost me one cent per page light, which is crazy, and here you can see the total amount spent. This is around 75 US dollar, so this is extreme cheap for debt.

Many people, because you’re going to have 10,000 people reading your posts, so that’s very good at the start. So let me show you guys how I do it. What you do is you’re going to create an ad. Then you get this screen. Then you want to click on engagement now, once you have done that you want page lights, obviously, and then we’ll just say it’s article test because I already made it but article test, then what you want to do is click your page, your Facebook page and make Sure your ad is running for that page.

Then you want to go here and you click away anything that’s standing here and you’re going to want to type in world wide once you’ve done that and you see this is actually a potential reach. This is a lot of people, so we want to narrow this down. My target audience is actually between 16 and 40. You can put your target audience so if you have like a makeup woman, kind of page or the time stuff to click women good.

For me, you click men because usually men are into creating passive income. I don’t actually know why women are less into that, but it’s just the fact. So I like to focus on men, because my results will be better, so really make sure to define your target target audience and make sure to click them here, but make sure to do put it worldwide. Because you want worldwide exposure and the results will be better than then the language will be English, because my page is in English and then here I actually put some things already, but I want small business owners.

I want entertainment, I want young entrepreneurs, you can add anything here. You can just say like business, Business Studies, Master of Business Administration, make sure to define your target audience and because I choose small business owners, because small business owners are interested in creating money for themselves. Without an employer, so my base is going to be perfect for those kind of people same for young entrepreneurs.

It’S actually same kind of group, but I’ve you can actually see the size of these people as well. Once you narrow that down, you see your potential reach. You want your potential reach to be pretty high, so don’t let it drop below like three million or like five million, because that’s not going to going to work for you. Then Facebook pages exclude people who, like your page, because we don’t want this advertisements to be shown to people who are they already liked the page, then just click Save and you can just keep it on automatic placements.

Then you put your daily budget, I put it on five. That’S a good way to start: it’s not going to cost you a lot of money and you can see if it works your target target audience, because you want to check every five to six hours to see if you’re still on one cent per result. Because that’s our goal, but so if you put a low number here, you won’t have to risk of pain like one hundreds of dollars for something that is not even working so start with low, say $ 5 all right.

And then, when my ad continuously, I do that as well. You can also say set a start or end date, but I want to continuously get page likes, so I just keep it running and it’s fun because then I go to bed and then I wake up, and I have like six four six hundred Facebook page likes, Which is really really fun so alright and then here you don’t have to change anything in any place. I’Ll continue. Then here it’s going to ask you, do you want an image? Do you want a article or do you want a slideshow? We want an image.

So here they want you to put in a picture with going to be with your advertisement, so I actually have a picture here. It’S it’s a man in the suit and what you can see it looks pretty cool. I actually got a lot of engagement out of this, and what you want to do here is you want to get people to like your page, so I just type something really easy but like in two rested in passive income, because people like my page would be Interested in passive income right then we say, then why is page and what this is going to do it’s going to let people like your page who are interested in passive income which works so well, so you can also do do you like dogs, then, like this Page, you can do it with anything, but just make sure it’s a question, because people will engage more on questions and then say like this page, so they click the like button right away.

So do that and then the headline is of course your page name, because you need to do branding and that’s it. That’S basically it and then you say confirm, and then you have your own ad and I’m not going to place confirm because I already have it. But then you go back to your ad manager, you will see it here and it can start running and what you want to do is I told you before, after five or six hours you check back in here and you make sure this is around one sense.

If this goes higher, you need to make some adjustments in your campaign so and just let it run and get the get the page lights. So I really hope this works for you. It really worked for me, and I want to show you guys this, but but yeah. If you guys like this article – and you guys want to learn more about passive income, then make sure to subscribe to this YouTube blog. I’M very happy with subscribers, because my subscriber count is really low right now and I want to make it grow so make me really happy if this really helps you.

If you don’t want to subscribe – and you like the article then please hit that thumbs up, because that’s going to show that this article was worth it and I’ll be making more of these kinds articles. So please do that. Thank you guys so much for reading, and I will see you guys in my next article

Have you heard the term "social signal"? If not, watch the video below.


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