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What is the best example of customer service that you have come across?”? This is kind of a difficult question to answer. Especially if you haven’t prepared for it, because you have to draw in from your Own personal experience, As well as you have to demonstrate that you understand What the customer service is, What is the quality of a good customer service? Is So people who works in a customer service related field can easily answer? This, However, if you are a new graduate or you have no idea about customer Service, this is kind of hard to answer this question.

It might be shocking even for You So this is how you will tackle this Question the key areas you have to consider with when answering this type Of question: is You have to use an example wherein somebody has gone an extra mile when it comes to their service? It always has to be the extra Mile or the extra thing that they have given, So that is the best example of a Customer service and also remember that the part of the role of a cabin crew is to provide “ high level of customer service to their passengers”.

Tell them also what you have learned from this experience So take a moment and think about the best customer service that you have ever experienced. It could be from a Restaurant, a hotel or a hair salon Here is how I would answer this question “. The best customer service that I have experienced myself is when I was in line With the immigration and I was running late for my flight, So one of the airline Officers or the airline ground staff have noticed that I am in a hurry and They have asked me what flight I am going to.

I told them that my flight is going in like 30 minutes. I have to really go, but There is a big line in the immigration, So what this person did is she assisted Me to go right in front of the line in immigration to be able to get my papers. Done my legal papers done so that I would be able to get to my airplane on Time So for me that is going an extra mile. That is something that I would never expect from other countries to happen, but I was so thankful to that.

Person – I wasn’t late for my flight, So I really appreciated that and because Of that I have become loyal customer of that airline and I’ve always been happy When I am flying with them, So that is an example from me. It’S my personal example that someone is going an extra mile to help me with my flight or with my Service, So when you are answering this question, it’s very important you draw in from your personal experience, so that you’ll be able to tell the story.

Accurately, and as well as you are able to tell them what you have learned from The experience So I hope that this article helped you out on how to answer this. Kind of question, If you want to know more answers, the different types of Airline related questions. I do have a free download. You can check it out at Misskaykrizz.Com, All of these questions on this series have been written in a PDF format.

You can download it and you can study it before your interview. If you need more tips on how to ace your interview do check out my “ Ready for Take-Off Master Class”, It’s now available online. You could go to the class Whenever, wherever you are, There has been so many testimonials of my students. Who have been successful because they have done the studying on their own by Themselves – and this is very good value for money – guys because a flight Attendant school is so much more expensive and doing an online course on Your own, I have a lot of instructional articles that will help you out in the Different areas of the flight attendant interview and doing it in your own pace, Is very valuable and something that you cannot get from schools and other flight Attendant training schools Go ahead and check out “ Ready for Take-off Master Class” The links will be at my website, misskaykrizz.

Com and I hope to see you There Bye,… And fly with you soon.

Thank you for visiting my post about the video I found on Youtube. I hope it gives you a little insight into customers and how you should treat your customers. Remember, I appreciate you and what you have to offer. Check out what Allshouse Designs thinks about customer service.


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