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Instagram Hashtags for Artists

You know I’m always thrilled to have you okay. So today we are going to get started on a four part, little mini series every other week for the next eight weeks. We are going to be working on growing our Instagram following now. The important thing to remember is that numbers are not the important thing to remember: okay, its engagement, its dedication, it’s um, it’s like real people out there.

You know what I mean. You don’t need a hundred thousand people to make your artwork feel legitimate, like think about, if you were in a room with your painting and there were five hundred people in that room. Looking at your painting, you would be like, oh my god, this a lot of people look at my paintings. So even if all you have is five hundred followers, that’s still a lot of people to look at your artwork.

Okay, so this is, does not have to do with being the biggest tickets biggest, I’m, certainly not the biggest Instagram artist out there by a longshot. I don’t really care to be, but what I do care to do is continue to be able to use in this platform to share my artwork and to have people see my art on a regular basis, because that’s the nice thing about Instagram is that it keeps Your artwork to the forefront of people’s minds, so that being said, this is going to be more about connecting with people that genuinely care about your art than just pumping up the numbers so stick around for the next few weeks, because I want to help you out With that today is going to be very basic, because you know I don’t know what you guys are in your Instagram game, so we’re going to start with the basics.

Today, I’m going to teach you how to use hashtags specifically for artists, you might think it’s just as easy as saying like hash tag. Oil painting, hash tag artwork, it’s not you guys. There are like 14 billion people on Instagram, so just general hashtags are not good enough anymore. I’M going to show you guys how to pick the very best ones so that people who actually care about connecting with your specific kind of art will find you so anyways.

I hope you learned so much make sure you pop that subscribe button, because I would hate for you to miss any of these Instagram articles. They’Re going to do us all a lot of good and yeah. I hope you guys learned a lot like. I just said, because that’s why I’m here, if you ever want any more help, a little one-on-one or whatever look down below, because I available for one-on-one art mentoring. It just takes a little little minute to fit an application to make sure we aren’t good fit.

So thanks. You guys, I hope, to see you for the next few weeks, so in order to get started hashtagging. The first thing you want to do is research related hashtags to your ideal. Art tags, like I said before, just using things like hash tag, oil painting, hash tag artwork is really not going to cut it. It’S too broad and you need to get more specific. However, it’s a good place to start, so let’s go ahead and jump on my page, we’ll go over to the search and go under tags and let’s just go ahead and put an oil painting now that is obviously going to give me way more results than I Am looking for, however, it is an excellent place to start, because once I’m in here, I can start scrolling along that top little area.

That’S going to give me other hashtag suggestions. These are going to help me narrow it down a little bit so I’ll pick, one that seems applicable here. We go oil on canvas and then look at that 49.5 ki am much more likely to get noticed using that hashtag than simply oil painting and then it’s just sort of a game of continuing down the rabbit hole. Now I’m going to try all on panel see about how many are in that hashtag.

This is not a short process, you guys, but if you do it right, you take the time it’s going to be worth it. In the end, the more specific you can get the better think about adding hashtags as far as, if you’re in process think about the size or shape of your artwork think about any predominant colors heck. You can even hashtag your own City Plus artists. There are so many things that you can do and I’m telling you, the smaller the market, the better you’re going to have more people view your work like that another great hashtag resource is other artists, find other artists that are similar to you in some way and Look and see what their hashtags are now definitely do not copy these word-for-word.

But it’s a really good way to get started in the right direction and, if they’re popular artists – and they probably know a bit about what they’re doing and while you’re researching your art tags. Don’T forget to research themes as well think about any reoccurrence that may show up in your artwork, for example. I happen to do a lot with plants, so I my hashtag various plant life or plants, make me happy or all kinds of various tags, because even though those people might not be looking for art, specifically if they see a painting of a plant that they like They’Re pretty likely to follow you because they’re into plants and stuff already, this is a really good way to break into markets that are not necessarily art oriented all the time.

Trust me a lot of people like artwork that are not necessarily hashtag. Looking for artwork all the time, however, if you show them hey, I paint some of the things that you like already. They are definitely bound to jump on board another one to think about our specific art terms, such as high contrast cure, oscuro, black and white in focus. That kind of thing is going to bring more artists to your page.

Now, artists don’t tend to necessarily be your biggest patrons or buyers in the long run. However, it can be great for building a community learning about other artists and just generally supporting each other, so think about art trends, but just realize that those are going to be mostly used for attracting other artists. Now one of your best sources of information for finding hashtags is other artists.

When you find a really talented artist, go ahead and take a look at their page just for fun, I’m going to use something other than oil painting and pick out some of their posts. Go ahead and look at the quality that they have of their photos, which, of course, without high quality photos. It’S nothing and tap them, see who they’ve tagged, I’m going to have a whole nother article, all about art, sharing pages coming up, but it’s not a bad idea to see who your favorite artists are sharing with and, of course, make sure you’re checking out those hashtags.

I guarantee you, the best ones are going to be specific for each piece that they’re working on here. We go another one, a beautiful mermaid with her little cat mermaids. And what do you know? She’S got it shared and tied with all kinds of relevant pages so that hopefully they will spread her work for her, and then we’ve got some hashtags in the end to make sure here’s another artist. This one was really fun.

A nice illustrator and she’s got it going on beautiful, bright illustrations, a cute little caption, and then she just literally tags away now, once you have spent all of this time and effort which it will be quite a fair amount of to get your very best, hashtags Go ahead and save them in different groups on your phone. You want to make sure to switch up your hashtags depending on what you’re posting, not only because you want it to reach the relevant person or people, but because Instagram does not like it if they notice that all of your photos have the exact same set of Hashtags, so I have probably a dozen different sets of hashtags saved in my phone that I copy and paste in the first comment of each post once I’m ready to tag thanks so much for being here guys, I hope you learned so much make sure you click That subscribe button for the rest of my Instagram series coming out soon.

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