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Ready Or Not Game – What We Know Weekly?? | Instagram Photos | Reddit

So here we go so. First of all, I just want to apologize to the people that created the just paste it link or page. There was a bit of a miscommunication on my part when they had actually sent the link. I thought that they had actually found the page when in reality they were the ones that created it so whoops, my bad since then they have updated the page and keep adding more things to it as more things come out for ready or not.

Thanks for the stellar work, guys keep it up almost meeting since there hasn’t been a whole lot going on, but on today’s agenda, we’re going to be starting with Instagram savvy viewers will notice that there is a brand new image and said image is named rescue in All caps so really rescue. What do we see on training? Obviously it doesn’t look like the Sun is out, but the reflections on the SWAT officer may say otherwise, but then again it could also be some lights or lightning.

I really don’t know because the picture doesn’t show the other side on the right side of the image. There seems to be a structure that seems to be under construction, because that looks like a lot of scaffolding. Could this be a homage to the old granite hotel? Now from SWAT for you, one go ahead: new one SWAT is needed for hostage rescue commander to zero atom requests to respond to staging area at 1700.

West Seventh Avenue by noon. Individuals with respective military ties have abducted at least two hostages at the old granite hotel suspects have been in contact with local news media and issued demands for twelve million dollars in red u1. Roger show us in route ETA driving time, okay, men, this one’s a zoo and it isn’t going to get any better. The self-declared militia group America now has taken real estate, heir James Betancourt, jr and lawrence adams, his general contractor hostage.

Apparently, they were touring a current project, the old granite hotel and were taken while inspecting adams work. Now the suspects are holed up on the top two floors of the hotel, demanding 12 million dollars ransom by midnight. They claim that Betancourt investments owes this as a down payment on their debt to the ax men and people. America now is a small but active domestic militia group. They are fiercely isolationist opposing immigration, free trade and foreign owned interests.

Most of their previous actions have been against foreign owned properties, either sabotaging them in the building stage or engaging in serious vandalism, making the properties too expensive to maintain this is their first kidnapping and it may indicate a shift in the group’s tactics given the public nature Of the incident, the group is clearly looking for publicity as well. We’Ve spoken with the media and received some cooperation.

However, it’s not clear how long that will last expect the America now suspects to be well equipped and to act as a group, but they’re inexperienced with hostages may make them even more dangerous to the civilians. Take extra care now on to the victims. James Betancourt jr. Is the son of the CEO and majority owner of Betancourt investments, a French based property development company six months ago.

They purchased the granite out of bankruptcy for 12 million dollars and have been renovating it ever since jr. Has been in charge of the renovations and was doing an inspection of the renovation work when he was captured. Lawrence adams is the general contractor and the architect in charge of doing the renovation work. The suspects are on the top two floors of the hotel. The sixth and the seventh you’ll find the blueprints on the board.

We’Ve cut power to the elevators and one of them is trapped between the fifth and sixth floor. You can either go up the stairs or down the elevator shaft. Recent gunshots were reported coming from the seventh floor, so it’s time to go in mmm. I don’t know it could be, or I could be overthinking things as I usually do, but it seems interesting either way. Moving on underneath the structure, we have what looks like some type of box, which I believe is a shipping crate.

But I can’t really say for sure I mean at first. I thought that it could be one of those nets that keep people away from construction areas, because it does kind of look like it’s attached to the building, but then again that would be one giant caution. Tape, if I ever done seen one the caution. Tape could also support the construction building theory, in my opinion, why? Because, usually, when you see tape like that at a crime scene or like a you know a police thing, it doesn’t say caution, it says police zone or whatever up.

Next, we are finally going to look at the SWAT officer. He appears to be carrying someone which I believe is a civilian more than likely. If we turn up the brightness on his back, it says HRT what is HRT it. Could it be a patch a part of the customization or I did a google search and it reveals that HRT stands for hostage rescue team? The hostage rescue team is the elite tactical unit of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation.

My friend is very interesting. Could this mean that they are in the game? I don’t know I remember them talking about joint operations in the AMA on the reddit, but I don’t recall if the HRT was mentioned in any conversations, so I found this photo very interesting and I got a lot out of it actually a lot more than I Thought I was going to, but literally the day after they posted a new picture which is called.

Who are you? The picture itself shows a bunch of people standing in line and they are basically wearing the same uniforms. A couple of them look different, I’m not sure what they’re wearing, I believe the helmet is called an ops Corps. He Boeing, my Dischord were saying stuff like condor gunner carriers. They were saying that the mice could also be a belter, AARC said or liberator two series. Headsets, so I’m not sure, what’s all in this picture, anybody in the comments want to drop down there and be like hey.

I know I know what everything is the uncle do-rag know. I think the thing that really bothers me what this fiction is like. What does it mean by saying who are you? Is that, like some kind of code like who are you who are we and then they started chanting about something we are police we serve and protect? I don’t know what this could mean. Who are you? Who are you we are Swan? Who are you? I think another thing that really has me raising a lot of questions is: why are they standing in a line like this? Is it like one of those things where they’re like at a protest or something and like they have like the shields up and and they’re standing on the line? Is that what this is like this? What do that? I don’t know this is a very curious picture.

I’M just like looking out all the hashtags that they have and it says, ready or not: PC games, Floyd, Interactive, SWAT police, tactical lineup, tactical lineup. That sounds interesting. Gun 3d. Real-Time screen caps, special police. I’M trying to think what police force lines up like this. Is it just swiped like I don’t know, but I’m curious to look up. Look it up, but I’m like what even I’m just going to continue reading cuz.

I didn’t find much. You need the boys. I’Ve scored tactical shooter insurgency. Damn did they like. I came to raid the raid. Could that be a name of the map or the mission black and white, I’m not sure what that could possibly mean. Maybe, like the lighting no well, then, is only really have to say about this picture, but it is very curious if anybody else has something to say it. Let me know in the comments below I’m cutting into my own recording by doing this, but later on on reddit.

Somebody had posted about this, and somebody in the comments was pointing out that they’re all different look at the curvature of the nose. The first guy has a Roman nose. The second guy has an upturned concave nose, there’s a black guy or a Hispanic down the line, showcasing the skinhead models and Gunther replies with. We wouldn’t show off clones. That’S for sure, okay. So a little bit more context into this.

I guess you know these pictures were posted back-to-back in two days. Will they post another one, it’s kind of record-breaking? No, I think about it. I don’t think they’ve ever been posted, like a picture like back-to-back like that. Alright. Well, I think I’m done with Instagram for today we’re going to be pushing on over to Reddit the wealth of information. That’S just my favorite, oh yeah, Oh we’ll get some pretty good questions and not you know memes as much as much as I do like the memes.

We’Re going to be starting with question easy, normal hard. Well, there’d be very little of difficulty now. I know this game will not be a casual game and I am much more interested because of that. I’M not a garbage FPS player. I play CS, but I’m just wondering if you can make a game harder or easy ish or just want feedback. If anyone knows thanks and the developer applies with currently, there is only one difficulty but we’re looking at possibly two core difficulties, but we prefer to leave it at most of the shift in difficulty comes from the missions as they progress, interesting, alright, moving on question.

Well, tasers always work because they don’t always in real life, see article. He shows off like a bunch of articles of people that are getting tased and actually falling down, but I believe there are certain people. If you do specific things with your body, then you can actually prevent yourself from getting tased, but I don’t remember how that actually works. I think he explains best in the article.

Somebody actually explains in the comment section here: taser technology is designed to hijack the nervous system, thus affecting the muscularity system, so it works on about 90 % of people, for example, the fatter, the person, the less effective, usually the farther the spread of probes, the more Effective on Monday tenant hit me with X 26. The lower probe went sideways on discharge and didn’t drop me, but gave a hell of a lot of pain and pain compliance.

It happens, but I’m not sure how super realistic they want to get. I mean a good chunk of people also crap their pants too, but I don’t see them adding that feature and the developer applies with definitely true we’re looking at maybe adjusting it based on if their user is overweight or on drugs, but we’re not going to alter Its overall effectiveness, since that would make players, choose the item much much less.

Somebody replies to him saying I know it’s late, but isn’t this kind of the point I mean I’m pretty sure tasers aren’t deployed all that, often by SWAT teams, unless there is an opening where officers can cover the officers deploying the Taser, because it might very well Not work because you have an out short, hey officer, gives you an auditory cue that they are covering you to deploy only possibly effective, less than lethal items and guts or replies to that saying.

The Taser replaces your sidearm if it was largely ineffective, it wouldn’t be very enjoyable to use. If it’s going to be innovative, you know before you deploy. Basically, it’s highly unlikely SWAT would deploy a Taser mid raid, but we’re building a game not a better simulator later on. In the comments section someone says, oh, you just reminded me: the ballistic plate carriers. Officers, use typically have a lining in them that renders the Taser essentially useless, for instance, if someone’s stolen officers taser, and they tried to use it on the officer, not sure what you guys have planned, especially for PvP, but thought that it’s worth mentioning and Gunther replies To that saying, there is a possibility, no or even could picking a Taser if we balance all the default gear against it, we’re all for realism, but sometimes you just have to make concessions so that gameplay is fun and responsive.

I totally agree. You know at one point: do you have to make it into a game? It’D have realism kind of just. You know fuck off. That was a lot of interesting stuff. So, let’s push on to the next one now, so the next post is talking about how they want to put a new picture, for, I guess reddit, like they’re, trying to like do a bit of a contest here and günther just says. Maybe maybe competition sounds fun.

I can’t guarantee annual rewards for anything, though that’s interesting, it’s always cool to have fun with the community every now and then I guess we’ll push on to the next one up. Next, we have. How will the replay value be considering this will be a single-player focused game? Will the enemy and other npc amount, behavior and location vary a lot. I like to SWAT 3 4 how you had to always be on your toes every room area, no matter how many times you played the map.

Also, the amount of suspects would ideally slightly vary. So that I can’t go only one bad guy left and the developer replies with that’s the plan, all right. Let’S move on to the next one, hi guys. It’S sorry it took a while, but my other account got suspended, and so I made a new account to share my next version of the R on sub icon. Why did it get suspended? So somebody in the comment section was basically asking for a deadline and when they want to, you know end this contest and günther simply replies with currently, I’m Way too busy to focus on a contest, maybe in a week or two when things are balls to the Walls we gone to the next.

We have steam community items, not sure if this has been mentioned asked yet, but will there be steam trading cards, backgrounds, emotes, etc, and the developer replies with yeah that’d be a good way to show off the artwork cool, where’s Gunther and the developer replies with busy Making a game you might have heard of it. I read every post though much love baby and that’s it for the serious section.

Let’S move on to the me up: next, we have it’s. Finally, there a trailer for the fingernail paint and dye hair. It’S actually funny the developer replies with Vogue DLC when this freakin article is hilarious. This is 10 out of 10 10 out of 10, no nice we have well. We have seasonal operators, got plans hard to add pepper and salt operators. First then, the Thiemann Bassel operators. Finally, following up with the dried mustard and paprika operators in queue for somebody replies but you’re just going to ignore the cinnamon like that doctor replies with big cinnamon has a stranglehold on the spice market.

It deserves no recognition. Goddamn it dude dude. These devs devs jokes are 10 out of 10 tonight and deaf jokes and end to the meme saga. Gunther developer hands over. So I guess there was like a whole meme going on about a gun that was being mentioned in the game like even in my desk or if people would come in and fucking ask for it, and it’s like what the fuck am I going to do. Not a dev, I’m looking at the ready or not discord like, I would see a shit ton of like reddit posts about the same goddamn gun I’m just like, and the developer replies with.

You will bow and that’s all we have for this article. I hope you enjoyed naigus. I will catch you in the next one. Bye, bye,

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