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We need to talk about what are the all the hints and stuff that is hidden in this loading screen, because there is big-time information today with this, where we know what leagues are coming next: we’re getting the team of the season cards in rewards. That is confirmed and many other items are hidden in that loading screen is EA likes to do in these recent promotions of FIFA.

So we’re going to talk about that loading screen today and what market impacts this knowledge has for us all right. So we’re going to take a look at this really quick and then also talk about weekend ly rewards because those are coming out here in a couple hours talking, we can link rewards stuff that could go up on the market. Maybe a few you know worries that. I might have about what parts the market might not rise like we originally thinking that they would.

But let’s talk about this first right team of the season. So far we have the card design with the CDM brazillian right here, which a lot of people are saying. This is either casimiro or fernandinho, and there was a couple people saying that supposedly these Morse code down here in the bottom left something to do with Man, City v, Fulham zero and make you know kind of proving that this is actually fernandinho.

So not sure. If that’s true or not, but either it’s fernandinho, it is casimiro. I guess it could be Lucas Leiva, but I don’t think they would put that on the the front screen. So that’s clue number one COO number two: if you can see down here in the in the right hand, side we have the e FL logo and the community most consistent logo. This is the same logo that they had in a loading screen yesterday for the community or a team of the season tots.

So that means on Friday we’re getting EFL and most consistent team of the season and then up here in the top left. This is the biggest thing for us market. Guys right, you see, the foot champions rewards logo. That means we are going to get team of the seasons in red picks again. Thank you, ea sports. That is amazing. That’S like the biggest thing that we needed to complete this promo right. You can have sweet cards that are in packs.

You can have good SBC’s, you can have good objectives, but the weekend league reward, since I did that last year. Team of the season would definitely not live up to the hype if they didn’t do that again this year, but they are so that’s a gg. Thank You, yay and then down here in the bottom. Right is actually another little thing that I saw today. Supposedly, these are our coordinates for somewhere in Nigeria, and that is signs pointing towards that.

We are getting a Moses Simon team in the season card, which a lot of people have been looking forward to and like hey. If Moses, Simon gets the most consistent tots if he wins some of that voting, that will be sick, so yeah. Basically, that’s all the information that we know from the loading screen and that was legit our only content on the day. We didn’t get any s, pcs or anything else in the game, but we got some valuable, valuable information.

If we go near two-foot champions and we actually look at the schedule, I don’t believe that it has been updated yet to contain team in the season cards, especially if you’re looking next week. It still says ultimate team of the week and player picks special items, but I do believe they will end up changing this. I do believe they will end up changing this this week. I would assume they announced it on Friday, so it’s technically after foot champion starts, but usually they announce this kind of stuff on Friday with the whole promotion, you know what they do with like the web page, if stuff like that.

So I would assume that will see this change a little bit later on in the week, but this this means that we’re probably going to see more of a market rise in the coming weeks. Now this week’s rewards today will not be team of the season based they’ll still be team of the week base you’ll be getting cards from the team of the week that came out today. Your reds and your team of the week packs will be locked to this team a week right here which isn’t bad.

I feel like this is the best set of team of the week moments that we have gotten so far so Gigi de and this one. But I want to also throw in this as well, if you’re, trying to save your red player picks or your elite team of the week packs from rewards this week and expect to open them next week and get team in the season cards. That’S not going to be the case because every single week those packs are locked to that week or they’re locked to the team of the week.

So like key, really packs, you can’t save those and get Tots. Next week, it’ll be locked to a team of the week, so I do want to mention that some people are saying hey. Can I hold? No, you can’t, but this TV week is solid, agrees: Minh a nice little Benzema, a balmy yang Paris. Such position change is really cool for star five star. This is going to be a guy for, like lower budgets. That’S probably going to do well for us, during, like Bundesliga team of the season, he’s going to get a lot of PAC supply.

Though, and that’s the thing like, I kind of get bummed when I see a really cool team of the week like this, when we have an upcoming promo, I get kind of bummed, because I know they’re going to get hit with lightning rounds and that sometimes hurts A cards rise out of packs, but of course a Griezmann inform is cool, hey Roberto, Firmino inform is cool, I’m titty yeah. That’S our first inform for him this year, so that’s kind of cool Coulibaly as well.

Not bad and position change Hobby Martinez, but we’re not really here to talk about team of the week, we’re here to talk about the rest of this market. What’S going to happen today with rewards and with that new information that we have about foot champions rewards, is that going to make the market go a bit higher in the next couple of days? I think yes, I really do think it is going to make the market go a little bit higher and today, interestingly enough, some of these headliners men, I honestly think some people sell these cards when they don’t get into Team of the Week because they like for Some reason: every week they expect one of these headliners to get in Lubbock Dallas key headliner dropped.

Today this Vernor headliner dropped. He was like four hundred thirty thousand coins. I ball when I 389, I think he’s still right. Around 400 K you saw me, buy the salaah as well. Salah was down like 50 K from where he was yesterday. This inform was just down because it was low and then in wine all them. Why not have an party I bought all of these cards today? At their lowest, like Varney was 175 today, he’s, probably still you know, it looks like he’s still 185, but this is like the perfect type of card that I would expect to rise with.

We can lead rewards because it’s the lower budget and I’m going to talk a little bit more about like a lower budget you’re in a minute or so. But you know some of the headliners that I dropped. Some of the just overall special cards on the market dropped today, which I thought was really interesting. You can see we were at 108 points. Last night we dropped down to 103 actually to 102 right now, we’re still at 102 points.

So I’m interested is people selling. Some cards before rewards: does this mean the markets not going to go up? It rewards. I don’t think it’s saying that markets not going to go up, but I’m a little bit skeptical as to how much the market could rise at rewards tomorrow, and the reason we cool is just because I don’t know how many people are actually going to be opening Their rewards on the Thursday right before a new promotion and FIFA Ultimate Team.

So I’m a little bit. You know sussed out and a little bit, not that scared, but just a little bit cautious, because I don’t know if all of these cards are going to rise tomorrow, like we originally thought on Thursday. You know some of these cards are down like over. Charleston was one to five: Vinicius was four thirty. Some of these cards are up a little bit too, but you know these cards are still fluctuating a decent amount and I’m just a little bit scared again, not scared, I guess, but just a little hesitant as to how much the market will rise today.

One thing’s for sure, though right there’s a lot of people on this game right now. A lot of people that were, you would say, are quote-unquote casuals right and I would describe somebody a casual that it doesn’t even know about FIFA YouTube or, like maybe knows a couple feet of youtubers, doesn’t really pay attention to it. That much. You know somebody just kind of placed the game in there in their leisure time and doesn’t you know, get deep into trading or get deep into stuff like that, like we’re doing if you’re reading this article a lot of those guys buy their teams after week and League rewards and they either don’t understand a promo screen, don’t understand what’s coming or they just they’re just used to doing it every week, so they just continue to do it.

That’S those are the types of guys that I would see still buying some cards tonight after we can link rewards because we see the upward trends in that market almost every single week. The under 250,000 coin under 300k range on cards is definitely at a range where we see a lot of movement every week and that’s where I would focus tonight if you’re looking to get some last-minute deals before rewards just look at meta meta, Prem cards, especially if They’Re out of packs, I know I’m looking at son right now.

He was 100k flat on like Sunday. You know I’m telling myself that I can, if I can find him at 1:05 with the shadow, then I’ll, do it, because this guy’s probably going to be upwards like one fifteen hundred sixteen seventeen, maybe even a hundred twenty thousand coins, depending on how much the rise Is tomorrow, especially with that hunter chem style KBB with a hunter and like ninety to ninety three K is silent.

You know Conte, I’m 125 with a shadow. Those are the types of gold cards that will rise every week and you can still peruse around the market and look for how to pack special cards like a Mateus Cunha right. This guy was, you know, he’s been like 220 K all week. Maybe tonight you can snag one in the 200 lows may be like 205, and you could probably flip that card tomorrow for, like 227 to 230, you know and you’re making yourself a decent amount of coins.

I don’t expect a huge rise in the market tonight, even though we have the information that the team of the season cards are going to be in rewards. That would you know you would think that would create some more demand for the market and for people to go out and buy some teams, but I’m not so sure, that’s actually going to create demand that we will see the market rise after rewards. I just think people are going to be.

People already have good and tradable teams, so I just think there’s going to be more there’s just going to be more people playing. We can leave now because of those team with season rewards, but I don’t know if that really affects how stuff will go up on the market, because I think so many people are saving packs for Friday, that that really doesn’t take too much of an effect. So again, if you’re looking for some last-minute buys tonight, I would keep it in the low range like this.

Acha was just two hundred thousand coins flat he’s up to 218 and a fluctuation this cornet. I think bounces around between, like high 40s and middle 50s, a decent amount like he was fifty four thousand coins he’s barely dropped. Bro some of these cards have barely dropped. He was 52 1k down to 47 up to 54. So some of these, like lower tier cards, especially if their primary League, if they’re, really desirable, Florencia 148.

This is the type of guy with his links and it’s a good-looking card. He was 185 before the weekend went down to 147, his lowest, and if you look at his daily graph he’s been between, you know high one 40s, all the way up to about 160 ish high 150. So this could be a guy that goes to like 160. Tomorrow, you know: look through some of these old team of the weeks. You don’t open bids before awards tonight, future stars, I’m a big fan of these guys.

You know after a little boy rewards rise today, but I don’t think it’s going to be a crazy rise. You know, I really don’t feel like it’s going to be a crazy rise from rewards, even though we have this newfound info that we are getting team of the seasons to rewards, which is big right. Like that’s massive for next week, we’re really going to see the market effect of those cards and those rewards next Thursday, because that means next Thursday in elite team of the week, packs er elite team of the season packs.

There’S people that are going to be pulling out team of the season cards from tots, most consistent and EFL, and if there’s anybody in there you know it’s not going to be like they’re doing Prem right last year during during tots Prem. There were guys that made you know: 5, 6, 7, 8. Even some guys made 10 million coins from rewards. Last year I mean I can show you guys some of the graphs it makes sense while they’re making so many coins, and this is why we talked about the market really rising during Team.

A the season is just because of the amount of coins that are put on the market from these rewards right. So let’s look at team of the season prin. Let me just put this into perspective for some of you guys who may not have been around last year or really understood what was happening. So look at look at this team of the season. Right, let’s say: you’re getting elite rewards you’re, getting a elite team of the season pack or even if you’re getting Reds.

But the biggest thing here is the elite team of the season pack. So you know the three players from the team of the season or the 11 players. You know whatever pack, it is with your top 100 or just elite, but look at some of these guys prices first week right, so these rewards would come out on Thursday, and you can see here look when the market boomed the market really really boomed on one Thursday look at Wednesday this hazard was two point.

Eight mill. I do remember with rewards that these guys as prices they took like a pretty big hit like a really late. It rewards it was either panic selling leading into rewards, or it was like right at rewards when everybody opened up these team in the season, elite player picks and then they just absolutely Ballu. After that he was at 2.7 milind. He went all the way to 3 million 3.1 million on the weekend.

That’S what you’re going to have with these cards and think about a man. Somebody could pack this hazard. Imagine they get top 100 bro. They get 11 of these cards. You know, of course, it’s going to contain some cards from the the other league, the lower-level League, but some of these guys were pulling three team in season. Prem cards out of their elite rewards and you’re. Getting let’s say you pack, an Eriksen who is like a middle tier card during team of the season that a lot of people packed boom you’re getting nine hundred thousand coins from that card right there.

Let’S say you packed bernardo silva. That was like 500k and then let’s say you look at the value of cards in this team, like half of the team was over a million coins that first week, agüero 1.8 million coins going back over to even guys on the bench. Son was like 2/5. How much was money? This is why we talk about the massive market rise in the on the top tier. My name was 1.2 mil and he rose to 1/6 bro to 1/6, a bomb being was over a million coins.

I think luck is ette was even like upwards of a million. My dude was one two went up to one five, so this is the kind of stuff that you’re going to see. It rewards, of course, a lot of people packed Madison Anderson Allison. Those guys that weren’t worth that much but just the opportunity in the amount of cards that are going to be put on the market in the amount of coins that that puts on and generates for the high tier on this game is crazy.

It’S really really really really crazy how many coins this brings onto the market at rewards and rewards time with the elite and the top to your market and then, after that, what we’re going to see after rewards next Thursday is the elite. Tier stuff is going to start rising even more. So that’s why I’m thinking that after this weekend League, if you haven’t, bought any cards, yet that’s going to be your time right.

Whatever content ei chops this weekend, let’s say it’s big-time content: that’s going to be your opportunity to get in on some of these cards, if especially, your so you’re. Looking at, like AI, hides here for a birthday card, a team of the year or something like $ 11 ski 96, who would be a pretty elite card, this stuff is going to start rising in the next week because of all the coins that are going to Be down in this game through the reward, so that’s that’s the impact and that’s the biggest thing that we wanted to see with team of the season and it is coming it’s guaranteed and confirmed.

So I’m stoked about that. Some people have asked if they’re going to use is design for the red player picks, and I don’t think that last year in FIFA 19, they had like the team of season design in red or the red player picks. Can you imagine this in red? That would be freaking insane, maybe dope. I don’t know if EA is going to end up doing that. No, I think it’ll just look like a normal red inform version of a card.

Did you already have on FIFA? So that’s a little bit unfortunate. You wanted the cool car design, but these cards will be in red picks as well man, so you could, you could get, I think it’s gold. Last year you had to get gold and we’ll be able to clarify this once we get the actual schedule released. I think they had gold as the rank that was set for you to get guaranteed players from the first team.

So I think you had to get your your 17 wins of gold to get guaranteed players from the upper level League and if you got anything lower than that, you would get a team. The seasoned player above a certain rating, but what you weren’t guaranteed to get one from the print, so gold is what everybody started to kind of be working for it last year during team of the season. So again, people are going to be playing the full weekend and that’s something to kind of remember.

We might see more of a week in the xcel off, instead of it being on Saturday afternoon and Saturday night or Saturday evening, UK time, it’s probably going to be more of a Sunday sell off for the next couple weeks, because of just the fact that people Are going to be playing more games to try to hit that threshold, whereas they would usually maybe stop at 14 wins or maybe just 20 wins? If you’re an elite player, now you’re probably going to play it out to at least 23, so you can get yourself that elite pack and get some tradable team of the season.

So that’s something that is going to change this market and change this game a lot. It’S going to bring a lot of hype to this game in the next couple days, but I wanted to make this article tonight, for you guys talking you through some of those stuff. If you’re doing weekend, League flips good luck, you should see. I still think we’ll see a decent market rise today, not a crazy one, but I think it should be a decent one, especially on that lower to your budget.

I’M still going to probably buy a few more cards tonight, but I don’t think I’m going to go crazy man. I really don’t think I’m going to go crazy and then we’ll be maybe looking for some panic on Friday morning, as team of seasoned does actually comes. I’M super duper excited for that one. If you draw this article smash the thumbs up on it comment down below. If you have any questions and, of course subscribe, the blog, if you’re new, it’s been eight-foot accountant catch you guys later peace,

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