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How to get coaching clients from Linkedin

There is a lot of out there about how to do it. So I’m going to share with you some real important things that you should be doing for your to get colored clients from LinkedIn to get coaching clients from LinkedIn now number one here I am NOT going to advocate you. Do anything! That’S against the Terms of Service of LinkedIn and I’ll.

Tell you why there are many people who say just send as many connection requests to as many people as possible and message them and say: hey, do you want this? You know, hit people up, connect and try and hit people up. Not only is it a bad business practice, but it can get your accounts banned or restricted LinkedIn’s Terms of Service make it very clear that you should not be doing that kind of activity trying to solicit people for business that you don’t know and haven’t got a Relationship with so I’m going to share with you a few quick tips that will help you.

If you want some more help, there’s a couple of things you can do. First, we have a free download guide that will help you give you some of this stuff in more details. I’Ll put the link in the description, but also we have courses we run around the country, we’ve got which go into intensive detail about how to go and build relationships with people and convert them into paying customers. There are three our intensive sessions and they are top rated on Trustpilot and raved about by businesses up and down the UK and into Europe.

So, let’s get started, I’m going to talk to you about a couple of things that you need to do immediately to sort out your Linkedin number one make sure that your your graphics on your profile are top-notch get something here. Your profile picture is really clear. So people I get, I can identify who you are and that your headline here really communicate what you do and who you do it for so make sure if you’re targeting business owners, it says something about business owners and the value and outcomes you can help them Achieve it make sure your imagery represents their outcomes and values.

You can achieve really important. The three things that follow your profile ever of your profile that follow you everywhere. You go well your profile picture, your name and your headline. Those three things are on every post and even comment on every message everywhere you go make sure you use them and use them. Well. Second, to that and if you visit my profile, you want to check me out. Please do follow chests of every day.

That will help you secure more clients and grow your business and really build a compelling message for your ideal customers. So as we go through the profile here, you’ve got your headline here, which mine is MD at maverick speaker, Wynn, on LinkedIn next level, master class sales marketing strategy, and then I put because I’m over 30k 30k people, click follow and you’ve got a follow button. If you look at my profile, make sure you fill out this About section here with some compelling information about what you can do for your target, customer, don’t fill it with CV, waffle, make sure it’s there and complete.

That’S really really important. The next thing, that’s really important and your profile. The reason I’m talking about your profile is this first stage here is because your profile really has a bearing on who sees you. If you have an incomplete profile, if you’re not investing the time in the profile, people will not engage with you. So if you’ve got no profile pitch, if your headlines, not great people, will consider them before they engage with you, whether they send you a connection request, whether they decide to accept your connection requests whether they respond to a message.

A lot of that is weighted by your profile and the better your profile is the more likely they are to respond. The other thing is that when you go into your profile, you’ve got some status here. I’Ve got all-star status if you’ve not got all star status. It means your profile isn’t complete and if you have an incomplete profile, it’s less likely that you’re going to be found in searches. Linkedin is like a dating service.

It’S matching people up all the time as people are going through. Their LinkedIn LinkedIn, suggesting people make sure your profiles complete, so people will find you it’s really important as well, that you make sure your search appearance is your being found for the right word. So when you click your search appearances, you can see the companies that are found you and you can see. The titles are the right people looking and then the keywords that you’re being found for so make sure you look at the keywords that you’re being found for and adapt your profile.

Make sure your keywords, your on your profile, are rich for the target clients you’re trying to reach. So that’s number one number two. When it comes to posting, you should be looking to share different types of content. I call this the content sandwich and it’s essentially you’re mixing the content up for different of different different reasons. You need to create some content that engages people and interest people and you need to create some content that really tells people about the value you can deliver with call to actions and by this soar signup or what have you, but you have to hold the two Of them in tension, if you do too many engagement posts, you become a really nice person, but nobody knows exactly what you do or nobody knows how to buy for me and if you go the other way sell, sell, sell, sell, sell, nobody will engage with you And nobody will see you your posts when you post on LinkedIn, your post is not automatically seen by your first connections, so engagement posts are really important because they can help you get seen by your connections and, generally speaking, on all social media platforms.

If you’re engaging with people on a regular basis, the platform will encourage you to be your posts to be seen by those people more often. So if you’re trying to communicate the value of your coaching services, you need to make sure you’re producing engagement posts which are related to the themes of what your coaching can do, but maybe more broad. So it draws a more interest from lots of people. Make sure that those posts also pose a question invoke an emotional response.

They demand an answer, because if you don’t demand an answer, why would somebody comment? Why would somebody comment if you didn’t want their opinion? Why would somebody comment on the same stuff? All the time mix it up and bring a bit of variety, but keep the themes tied to what you do. So, if you help people be more productive, you can share lots of things about and different ways of how productivity works and how efficiency can work.

You don’t have to stick to one particular thing: day-in day-out, could you just bought people, so that’s the other thing is make sure your content is diverse, engaging and promoting, engage and promote. In one of my workshops, I do on content. I talked about the three goals. Your content should be doing these are awareness, engagement and conversion, and you have to construct content for the three well.

If you want people to be signing up to your coaching courses and coaching programs, you need to be doing the three in another course. I talked about the pain points just to touch on these. It’S using pain points in content could be very powerful about getting relevance to almost get people to think wow. It’S almost like this post was written for me, so pain points have a look at that pain. Points are really powerful in helping you define and create content that really gets people to take action, so posts mix them up, use a Content sandwich alternate from engagement and promotion, engagement and promotion, sales posts and engagement, posts, mix them up and then finally make sure you’re Active engage with people, don’t just use LinkedIn as a broadcast blog.

If you just hit people up and say here’s my world, here’s my world, my world you’re, not building any interconnectivity with people, know relationships are happening and that’s how this whole thing works. All business is done on the basis of rapport awareness and trust and you’ve got to get out there and build trust, and that means you need to be seen not just as what you’re doing but interacting on the network.

So, if you’re targeting production managers – and you want to provide them with coaching or managing directors about time management or life, coaching for busy executives or whatever it is even personal fitness – you need to engage with people in a meaningful way. That’S relevant to them, not as some people do just comment on other people’s post. Hey do you want this coaching program or I’m running this? I think it’d be perfect, for you have meaningful interactions with your target audience, even if you’re not connected build those relationships in the comments that you put on their posts and not propaganda or spam comments.

So these are a couple of tips for you with your coaching clients and how to get more clients from LinkedIn. Using some key strategies make sure your profiles sorted out, make sure your posts are mixed and variable make sure you’re engaging with the audience you want to do business with and not just expecting them to come to your shop front. These are the things there’s. No quick wins in this, but there are systems you can use, and these are my free tips to help.

Could you get coaching clients from LinkedIn? If you want the full training, you can sign up for our course or our free download book below and if you’re really adventurous. You can book a one to one session with me and I will supercharge your Linkedin and show you how, in 30 days, you can close ten coaching clients with LinkedIn

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