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I have a lot of different price range and I’m going to be going over all of them. So, as you can see, I’ve made a list right now. So let’s go over this list. Real quick, as you can see, there’s a $ 50 list $ 100 list $ 150 $ 200 $ 300 and, last but not least, the big boy baller list which has insane nice in it.

So if you want to go to any specific category price range, you can click on them, but if you want to read the whole article, just go ahead and we’ll get right into it. Now I do want to mention before I get into the list. There’S so much games and there’s so many different opinions from people that this is just my opinion on what I think is the best. If you have anything that you think should be different, I can’t do anything about it because hey this is my list.

So the first knife is the felt your knife boreal forest in field-tested condition. This knife goes for $ 45. The reason why I chose this knife is because of the animation it has. I generally think the felt should knife animation is pretty nice because you can like balance it sometimes, and it has like a nice opening. You can flip it around like it’s kind of cool. So that’s why I picked this one. So the next type on this list is the flip Mac Safari mash, and it goes for a field-tested condition for 50 dollars.

Now the reason I chose this one is because it’s just a simple knife and the field-tested condition on the flip knife actually does look really good. You barely can see the difference between your factory-new and a few tests at once. So I just think this would be a nice buy for exactly $ 50. The next knife on the list – or I should say knives – are the shadow, daggers stained and well-worn condition now the reason I chose these is because they’re exactly $ 50 and also they are a little bit different from the rest, because they are shiny and you know They catch your eye, a little bit more and for 50 dollars.

You can’t really complain about it, but I personally don’t like the shadow daggers because of their animation makes me feel like I’m some sort of Rocky Balboa or something, but anyway, I think for 50 dollars. This would be a nice Buy, so the second place for the $ 50 knife goes to a gut knife thrust code battle-scarred. The reason why I chose this – and I know it’s very controversial because no one actually likes rust codes, but I think they’re very original and barely anyone has them.

So that’s why I chose it. It’S kind of like you kind of go like against everybody. It’S kind of original because you don’t see a lot of rusts coat nice in the game and I actually think they do look very nice. So, for the best nice honest list, I would have to pick the Huntsman safari, mesh and field tested condition are the reason why I chose this. One is because it’s exactly fifty dollars as well – and you know you can’t really go wrong with a huntsman eye for this price, because I just think the Huntsman knife is very nice for the price, because it has like a nice animation.

It feels like a solid knife instead of the gut knife, like the flip, my pecker and it’s thinning or something it kind of has like some rear feeling to it. But the intima knife is actually very solid and yeah. I really like it. So that was the $ 50 knife list. Let’S get on to the $ 100 list, so for the fifth place I would have to pick the bowie knives blue steel and field-tested condition. Now, the reason why I’m choosing this is because a blue seal is actually very regular.

It doesn’t look very different from anything else, but it has like a kind of different feeling to it, and it’s about enough. I mean come on. The bowie knife is just an insane fake, big-ass knife. Everyone would be like whoa shit, that’s a pretty big knife and you have that shit from $ 93 damn, but for the fourth place on the 100 dollar list, is the butterfly knife Knight field, Tesla condition. Now this knife actually goes for exactly $ 100 and the reason why I chose is one is because if you have the knives and field-testing position, it actually looks pretty good, and if you get a feel festive one with a really nice float, I think it would Actually pass as a minimal where it goes on the butterfly knife.

The flow doesn’t affect as hard as on the other knife there for a field test. That knives would be a very nice knife for exactly $ 100 in the third place. For the $ 100 knife goes through the flip knife, Brightwater in factory new condition, actually factoring you. I did notice as possible, but this thing is only $ 79 and this flip knife, Brightwater in factory condition, actually is very different from what anyone else has, because I haven’t actually seen any one uses in a game.

So if you have this one, your very unique it’s a new knife from a new collection, so yeah, you already know, that’s like different from anything else. So that’s why I chose this knife. The second place on this list goes to the flip knife. Black laminate, minimal. Wear condition for 94 dollars and a reason why I chose this knife is because I really like the texture on the black laminate knife. It kind of looks like it’s sand washed.

It kind of has like a rough rough. Look to it and that’s why I like it and also this is from a new collection, so the chance of anyone else having it in your game is very small, so you will definitely have a unique knife. Whenever you have this nice, the first place for the 100 dollar knife goes to the m9 urban mask battle-scarred for 84 dollars. Now. The reason why I chose this knife is because many people called the poor man’s m9 vanilla and actually is almost like a vanilla.

If you get a really bad float in it now that might sound weird, the worst float you get on this knife, for it being battle scars the better. It actually looks because it makes it look more like a m9 vanilla and the m9 famila costs around one hundred and sixty dollars where this knife actually only costs you $ 84. So it’s almost half the price for almost the same look and that’s the reason why I chose this knife to be the first place on a 100 dollar category, so that was the $ 100 list.

Let’S get on to the 150 dollar list, so, on the 5th place, I’ve got the Karambit urban mask if fuel doesn’t condition for 126 dollars. Another reason why I chose this knife on the fifth place is because I like the Karambit, but I don’t really like the skins on it for this price range, so I had to go with the Karambit urban mask because it actually does look a little bit more. Like a scintilla – and it also has like a kind of a bright skin to it – I kind of like it, but for this price range and this knife, you can’t really complain so for the 4th place on this $ 150 list.

I’Ve got the flip knifes tiger tooth in factory-new condition. Now the reason why I chose the knife, I think, is pretty obvious: it’s flashes fuck, it’s very eye-catching and the knife has been around for so long. Everyone knows it and if you have that knife you’re kind of like one of the cool kids, I guess so the next life on the list is actually kind of a funny backstory to it is the flip knife Doppler face 2 in factory-new condition for 136 dollars.

Now I chose this one in the face to condition because my favorite color is actually purple and whenever I found out about the flip knife, Doppler and phase 2, this has been my dream life ever since, and once I got it, it was like a happiest kid Ever so, that’s my personal preference for the knife. I just honestly think the purple looks so sick on the knife and that’s why I chose it. The next knife on the list is the m9 bayonet Damascus, steel and field-tested condition for 132 dollars.

Now the reason why I chose this one is because the Damascus, steel knives are really flashy, they’re very fiber, and they reflect very nicely and the m9 is obviously a love knife. So that’s why I chose this one. There are not many other things to it. It’S just a very simple and clean looking nice, so the first place on the one hundred and fifty dollar knife list goes to the Huntsman knife, slaughter and minimal, wear condition for exactly 150 dollars now.

The reason why I chose this one is because on the slaughter knives on the Huntsman, the flow doesn’t really affect that much and you won’t see the difference very much between a minimal wear one or a factory new one and, of course, the slaughter knife. Just look. Sic in general – and I just really think the huntsmen knife animation is very sick because whenever you’re throwing a knife up with the red skin on it, it just looks so sick.

And that’s why I chose this: wants to be the first place for the one hundred and fifty dollar collection, so that was the one hundred and fifty dollar collection. Now we go over to the two hundred dollar collection and we’re starting off on the fifth place, with a bowie knife, slaughter and minimal, wear condition for one hundred and ninety one dollars. Now, as I said before, I really like the bowie knife, because it’s just solid take a swag knife and whenever you have a nice skin on it, especially for the slaughter, it just looks so sick because the blade is so fucking big.

I don’t know. I just really like the skin and the knife, so the fourth place on this list goes to the Karambit bright water in field, festive condition, and the reason why I chose the knife is because I just really fuck with the blue texture on it and, of course, The field-tested condition doesn’t even look that bad on the Bluewater skin and because the knife is only one hundred and seventy seven dollars for this price range.

I think it would be a very nice price for the skin you’re getting now the third place for the two hundred dollar knife on it. So this goes to the m9 bayonet free hand and field testers condition. Now this knife goes for 181 dollars and the reason why I chose the knife is because I really like the purple color. As I said, purple is my favorite color and it has a cool different set of patterns to it.

There’S much scribbling and there’s not much scribbling, as you can see the play set on his knife and the backside of the knife are very different from each other and of course this is an m9 which I think is the best knife in the game. For the second place on this list, we have the amazing, m9 bayonet crimson web for the amazing price of 161 dollars, which I think is fairly low for the thing you’re getting, because this actually looks very nice.

I love the black handle on the red top. It just looks so sick and the m9 animation on it just tips it all off. This knife is so amazing because there are so many patterns, for you can get big wet snow webs. I don’t know whatever you prefer. I like the web salaat, but you know you can’t ever get what you want, but for 161 dollars. This is definitely a really nice knife. Now, for the first place on the $ 200 lace is actually a 171 dollar knife.

It’S the Huntsman fade in factory new condition. Now the reason why I chose this one is because you can actually buy it for 171 dollars, but that does not mean you have a good fade on it. So you have a possibility of getting a really nice fade and overpaying by twenty nine dollars, which makes it up to the max of $ 200 to get a nice fade on it, and I think for $ 200 on this knife, you can actually get a thick Ass fuck fade on it, but I think a regular fade on this knife nice already, and that’s why I chose it to be the first place for the $ 200 knife collection.

Now, let’s get on to the $ 300 knife collection. Now this is the price range you will be looking at whenever you’re buying things with keys instead of actual seam money, because all these prices are calculated with the average of the seam market values and these knifes tend to go over the maximum of what steam offers To sell so these prices can vary a little bit, but without further ado, let’s get into the fifth place.

Now, on the fifth place, I pick the Karambit slaughter in field-tested condition. Other reason why I chose this. One is because I just love the Karambit and I love the slaughter and together they go for two hundred and seventy-five dollars, which is actually a lot of money. But you know you’re looking at very expensive knives, and I think this knife is very much worth it for the money you’re spending.

Let’S get on to the fourth place, which I have selected, the butterfly nice fade factory new for two hundred and forty dollars for, and this knife is just an icon, everyone knows is nice and everyone really loves this knife. I personally think butterfly: knives are cool, but the sounds are quite annoying. So that’s why I tend to not like them as much as the other knives, but hey it’s a fade butterfly for two hundred forty dollars and because everyone loves it and I kind of like it too is the reason I put it in this list.

The number three spot on this list goes out to the Karambit black laminate in minimal or condition, and this bad boy goes for two hundred and seventy dollars on the SI market and, as I said before, the black laminate texture is just so sick. It looks stone washed or something sand wash. It looks like rough or something it just looks like you’re, a badass do with a thickest, fuck knife, and that’s why I chose it to be in this list now for the second place.

On this list I chose the m9 Auto tronic in battle, scar, condition for two hundred and seventy dollars now. The reason why I chose the Auto tronic knife is because I really liked the familial knife, but whenever you have the electronic skin, it is like you’re a little bit different from the rest. It’S like you like this little skin, but you also want something different. So you have the red stuff on it, which I honestly think looks sick and the reason why I chose this and battle-scarred is because it fits in the price range and it doesn’t actually have a wear on it.

Just the thing with the Auto tronic skin. Is it doesn’t really get damaged? It just gets darker and that’s why I think it still looks very good in battle scar condition. So for my favorite knife and the $ 300 price range, I have to give my man the m9 bayonet Doppler face to the props, because this thing is so beautiful. As I said, I really love the color purple. How many times have I said it in the city, but dude this thing looks so insane.

I really fucking love the purple with a black and – and this thing is two hundred and fifty three dollars which is actually very low for this price list, and actually I don’t know what to say about it. It’S just a beautiful knife and now for the ultimate knife list. On the 5th place we have the m9 emerald, Doppler and factory-new condition of the reason why I chose this knife is not because I really like the color green but dude.

Imagine you entering a lobby with this knife you’re showing it off to people. People like get a heart attack or something this thing on. Opie skins is $ 2,000 and that’s real money, not even steam money. So this is a fuck ton of money guys. So the fourth knife on this list would be the stattrak factory new Karambit lure for $ 1,000. This thing is just so beautiful. The yellow color really brings it out.

It’S just perfection, I guess and stattrak factor new. You know just really finishes the knife off now. Of course, I can’t let the Ruby and Sapphire go unheard on this list, so I put them in the 3rd place, the bayonet, Ruby and the bayonet sapphire. I put them on the 3rd place in this list and they both go for $ 850, which I think is still a lot of money. But dude these things are so nice. It looks like you’re having some sort of light saber from Star Wars in your hands and that’s why I really like those things they’re, just so intense and really eye-catching.

Of course, now we’re almost at the first place on this list, but of course, first we have the second place, and that is the stattrak m9 crimson web in factory new condition, which goes for 9,000, with maybe more than $ 9,000 on obi skins. It’S almost the most expensive knife in the game, i’m not sure about it, because there’s like case hardened knives, which I don’t really like, I don’t like case hardened stuff and this knife is something none of you guys, probably reading.

This article will ever get, and neither will I this is a dream – dream dream knife. I guess now for the last knife on the list, something you’ve all been waiting for. I had to go through so much nice to find out whatever the best was, and I finally found it. It is, of course you already know it is the gut knife Safari massive fields as the condition, not all guys. I don’t know what ever the best knife in the game is, so I want you guys to comment down whatever your favorite personal knife is in the comments down below.

Let me know whatever your favorite knife is, of course, if you liked this article leave a like on the article leave a comment subscribe to my blog and, of course, guys have a nice day and I’m out peace.


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