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Amazing Customer Service With Bell Mobility

If you read my Instagram stories anyway, I vlogged a little bit about the fact that the SN that I had was broken and I figured I’d just keep you along for the journey for me trying to get it fixed with Belle. Oh, you know figured if it’s a good experience. That’S sherry! Why not give credit where credit is due, there’s too much negativity in this world and if it turns out to be, you know a bad story.

Well, we’ll just tell the truth and the facts. You know what happened. Oh I’m happy to report, it’s all over and done with, and it was excellent. It’S very very good. Unfortunately, that account, you know no longer is there they can’t hold or made the decision that you know we needed to split, which is okay. I agreed I should be for my own phone, but I still think I want to share this because again, there’s so much negativity out there and that goes for every single telecommunication company.

Everybody there’s always someone that’s mad about something so for once, let’s share good stuff. So there’s my name’s or whatever than now on the 20th of May so this has been a living truth, the 20th of May, and today we are the 13th of June. So I got the phone this one. So when the 20th Maine to the 13th of June, everything affects here’s how the phone came at yeah. I looked good, so the original problem that I sang in for cuz.

It was thunder the one year manufacturer, so we got it an August of last year. So August would be the one year manufacturer that comes with every phone at should I mean if it doesn’t ask? Oh, at least it doesn’t bail anything but when you’re a manufacturer, but it has to be something that you did not do. I was still under that one year manufacturer warranty and I was hiding problems from Lee GetGo.

I had called back in January and the whole thing was that call have to wipe your device in the bluff. That experience wasn’t necessarily that good that I could go through like tech support and he made it kind of impossible because he wanted me to like wipe the phone like while he was waiting on a hold and trying to tell him. You know I have to like sync this to my old phone, because I won’t lose my data that was frustrating.

However, they still open the ticket and I just never sent the phone in cuz. I was like you know what it’s not worth the hassle to not do anything, but I’m not like the beginning of May mid-may. I realized that no long, not only did I have like processor issues, there was a screen problem like it lagged from when I would touch no, I think, you’re trying to type in something and then there’s nothing at all this and like 16 letters would show up And there’s also the fact that the imprint of this keyboard was brought into the screen.

So if anybody out there is younger than like me, so if you’re under than like 35, you probably don’t understand what like burnt into a screen means. But a long time ago, when our computer screens were the CRT things, the big hunk of things, there was a reason why screen savers exist now screen savers are kind of just there to look pretty because that cousin it was a projection and long story short.

You can burn the image into the screen, so if you always had it on like you know that hello or Windows 3.1 screen, because I’m going that far um, it would burn the imprint in there. That happened on this phone, which is not supposed to happen on these LCD displays so by then I was like well, I may as well send it in so I started blogging in I I had to started going along with it, so it was good. I mean this account is you know my Mullins account and I’ve been lucky enough.

This whole time that I’m sharing the account with her and there had to be for myself, though um she did. That was really nice. That’S over other story um, but at the time I was still on the account. So I was always the one that dealt with everything and I don’t know if it helped or not, but our account that we’ve had we’ve had it for eighteen years. That’S a really long time to have it an account and because it was grandfather because it was grandfathered in from alliant to della Lian to everything in the middle.

We ain’t going to be in a small business account because that’s how they could only give you shared lines way back when again and we just kept up with them. Um the sort of over the years has not been bad. It’S called you know, and I was also one that called I’m the one that that made all the deals and figured everything out and whatnot. You know now I have my own phone. I was told that I had to get my own, so I did.

I went with Rogers, not that II mean I just didn’t, have a choice: cuz. Yes, there. It’S a penalty that comes with this phone because it’s the contract. Is it huh? However, I don’t have credit all right, we’re all aware that you know unfortunately invisibility I had to declare bankruptcy. There was no way than that could keep $ 37,000 car. I didn’t know I couldn’t so. I have no credit. I don’t have any credit.

Therefore, I can’t get this phone in this line, transferred over to Bell and open a brand new account and not leave her with the penalty, because I don’t spread it. I can only count whether I want to or not it’s not going to happen, so I had to go with Rogers because well, I have my home services with them, and I’ve had many services of them for like five years now, mostly because the building that I Live in isn’t wired for fiber.

Ah, you can only get Rodgers in this building and we’re not going to go into which company is better. Oh, what it’s a good! So that’s how I ended up getting you know another phone that had to get through Rogers, because I wanted to get my number all my social media, everything that is linked to everything that I’m trying to do um so for us successfully. That’S the hope it keeps going away, it’s linked to my phone number, so I really need to keep it, but the decision was made that I had to pay my own cell phone.

I had to go down so now that that’s out there, this one’s actually up for sale, you want it and it’s brand new. Now let me tell you why, because again we sent the ticket open on May 20th, and I took about a week and they were really helpful, but they had to do was wait for the back office to close off the other order that had been opened in January and then send me the box for me to send the phone in, and there was all these legal papers that I had to sign.

That said that you know I’m okay, if I lose any data on on that whatnot because they do have to reset it. However, I had already factory reset from the s7. Anyway, I’ve moved everything over to the old s6 and whatever complicated I know, and this time it was easy to deal with them. No, I thought it wasn’t in the past. Sometimes it is, you know sometimes just depends on the agent and this time you might have to do with me.

I hadn’t done the DBT classes. I’Ve learned so much I’m going to communicate on how not to get mad and all sorts of things that I handle things. So maybe it was partly the fact that I’m better and not angry or whatnot you I they did understand that I knew it. It was talking about when I told them that, like hey, I love trying for my thing, so they do listen and they sent me the paper and they had all the things a little square.

That said, like all the things that were – and I added in the park that the screen image was burnt in because that wasn’t in there but I hand, wrote it in and signed it and again you just said that lose any data. I can’t keep bail. You know responsible, which is fine. I knew that already, and it said that I had to you know if there was a pin or a password I’d had to provide what it was, but that wasn’t the case because I had factory reset.

I was actually pretty easy to do with an amazing question so off it went. I had a Weedle number now if anybody looks at the articles because I’ll, I might add them somewheres in here, because that was a day where I had to go out on my own okay, that was when the whole fiasco has been that no longer the support Worker everything’s kind of got a do everything on your own and yeah outside is heard. Okay, I’m good in my apartment, I’m good at my job cuz, I’m used to it.

The outside world is scary, super scary. It’S called agoraphobia, but I’m working on it. Okay, I’ve logged my day out cuz. I had to go mail it. The mail counter happens to be so V’s of the road. It’S really not that far. For me, it looks like whatever it got done. I survived I’m still here. All my body pieces are still attached, I’m good. It was a great experience. Do it again someday not right now say it was tough, so send that back in I had a tracking number, which I was able to track and also Bell actually sent me emails.

They sent me an email telling me that they hadn’t received it and, as per our conversation that I had with the agent, I’m not going to say her name. But I have her name here and I think after this I’m going to call Bell – and you know your rikuo’s – why not I’ve worked in call centers, and sometimes it’s great to hear that you know he helped someone instead of how was being yelled at so inner Conversation, it came the fact that some of these things that weren’t working could possibly be my fault and if they have to fix something, sometimes they do, but then the bill the charge for it automatically ends up on the bill.

Now I had a problem with that. Already, if we were at the point where you know my mother’s had had to pay for my own phone bill or whatnot, but I still respect the fact that this is my mom’s account and it’s her credit. So we had an agreement that they were not going to fix anything that needed money that needed a charge before they were going to ask permission for two reasons. One I mean again it’s my mom’s account it’s up to her.

If she wants to pay that if she can or if she can’t you know with bets, I shouldn’t you know, I have the right to speak in a decisions, but I’m not a jerk. So the second thing is: is that if they tell me certain things are broken, maybe I can just fix it myself, because I know how turned out I didn’t have to. They took care of everything. So this is a phone, I got it back and it comes in this cute little package, I think, is great: what do they replace on it? They replaced the processor because there was a processor issue.

They replaced the whole LCD screen and the home button, because the home button kept sticking and whatnot, so they replaced. All of that. Did it cost me anything nope, nothing. The phone is here it’s in perfect working condition, and I think I haven’t tried it. It put a sim card in because you know it’s for sale now. Could I have my own thing, but my whole point is that I dealt with bail, and this was what I was going to talk about.

Was that was it going to be an easy thing to do the words they’re going to need hoops to jump through? Was I going to have to prove that I didn’t damage it myself or whatnot? No, none of that happened nothing. I told them what was wrong. They said all right, you know, send it in now. The reason why this had send it in, however, it took a little bit of explanation because were in the Maritimes and we don’t have actual Bell Bell stores like Bell link.

We have Bell Aliant and that’s not the same thing, because it was an actual Bell. Bell store, I could have just walked in with my phone handed it to them and gotten a second link. You know, so there was a little bit of Hoops, but they weren’t difficult to jump her. They worked with me and I walked with them. So again they sent me the box for me to send everything I didn’t even pay shipping or anything.

I find all those papers put the phone in sent it in the mail and not even a month later I got the phone back completely fixed, no turn whatsoever, and that’s it. So my conclusion – yes am I dealing with Bell over the fact that the phone that you know we purchased from them was defected. They fixed it for free and the whole process was less than painful. It was extremely easy, um give or take I mean the beginning part I mean one of the technicians were a little bit snotty, but whatever okay there’s like 4,000 employees, three of them I mean I ain’t mad at that all right and even over the whole.

Other years of the eighteen years again, I was always the one that would call him, for you know: billing mistakes, billing mistakes, um data issues and you know upgrades and whatnot. I was always the one that dealt with that and over all those years I mean every once in a while. I did have to escalate to supervise him only because I knew I could get better and did I he worked for Bell for a long time.

Yes, am I trained in law, Realty and all four lines of business? Yes, so I did know that you could get more. That was a little bit of my thing, however, with an 18 year old accounts, they’ll give you the moon in the stars. I mean within parameters, but they’ll bend over backwards and they did this whole time. So I want to thank all of them. Thank everybody that was involved. It was a good experience to get the phone fixed overall of the whole time that we’ve been dealing with Belle.

It was frustrating a little bit. Okay, we did have her her things when it came to upgrading, but again that just has to do with the fact that were in the bird new brunswick, where we don’t have Belle Belle, we have Bell Aliant. So sometimes you know things kind of get. However, I do have to say that, however – and this is really really important to say that yes, we did have really good customer service over the years, because every time that we would upgrade – and this upgrade was done with foam – they actually nailed the them to me And my mom in the mail, but every time before that we always went to an actual Belle Stewart, operand um.

I would call we get everything you know, figure it out playing wise phone wise over the phone and then he’d show up to pick them up and then that’s where the problems always happened, and there was always like this $ 30 activation fee. That doesn’t need to be charged. That’S just the store charging you the speed for their tie. Insert I don’t know. However, this is one see me a good customer service because I would call them them you like a look.

Why would have to pay for that? They would always put it. The moral of the story is yes. My experience with Belle was great. Am I sad I’m no longer a cell customer of Belle actually yeah? I am, I really did like them and northern that we’re not going to get into it, because it’s not the point, but the experience itself over the years was mostly positive. I mean nothing’s perfect, but for the most part it was good and when I recommend Belle yeah, I would definitely um promo, jumping back and forth that it can give you.

You know: savings in the short-term, but after 18 years of being with the same company. That’S when they start really really giving you awesome, deals and awesome prices because they are rewarding you, for you know, being a long-term customer for not creating. You know bunch of accounts back and forth in or not so just because the grass looks a little bit greener on the other side. You know if it’s just like a ten dollar difference between two companies like stick with the one you have.

I mean unless there’s problems, you’re not happy, but if you’re meteor awkwardly happy with your your servants and your provider stay there, the longer you stay, the more they’re going to give you. This is from from this is an insider tip. Actually, I worked at loyalty so when I wanted to give people credits because I have the right to – I would look, how long have they been a customer? Have they paid them bill one time everyone do they complain all the time.

Do they ask for credits all the time if all those things weren’t there, I get the moon. The stars like, I have a lot of credit that are given some people get a lot so overall, they’re fixing the phone with bail with a good, really good experience. Like five stars out of five, my overall experience with Bella for the past 18 years, I give it a four out of five stars. As for my experience with Rogers, I don’t know we’re just starting on the cellphone journey with Rogers, I have my home phone, my home phone.

You know everything else with them, maybe I’ll get into that. I don’t know if you’re interested in knowing what my experience of all that is leave me a comment. Let me know because I I’ll tell it, I don’t have a problem. So I’m necessarily oh man, so that’s it. I promised all of you that I would let you know if their journey was difficult or heard or what it was it wasn’t. It was easy. I recommend it no hard feelings, I’m sad, I’m gone but license on.

I got to do what I can do. That’S all I could afford so anybody looking for an SM, it’s brand-new, they just fix it um, but yeah. So thank you very much and everybody

Thank you for visiting my post about the video I found on Youtube. I hope it gives you a little insight into customers and how you should treat your customers. Remember, I appreciate you and what you have to offer. Check out what Allshouse Designs thinks about customer service.


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