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M. Pacific and ending April 30th at 11 a.M. Pacific. I’M going to go over the blog post event, details and I have a really cool new mechanic that has never existed before in Wizards unite. So I’m going to talk to you about that, and I’m really excited about that as well, so make sure you guys stick around because this is going to be everything that you need to know about the nature and nibblers event from the blog post.

It says witches and wizards keep your eyes peeled for signs of a new oddity like combat encounter the poacher. This dastardly villain is targeting majnu ology fountain balls, and your help is needed to save our furry little friends. So please note to enable as many players around the world as possible to participate safely. This event has been adjusted to facilitate playing from home. Please remember: to adhere to local rules and regulations and be respectful of others and your surroundings from able to april 28th.

At 11 a.M. In April 30th at 11 a.M. Pacific keep an eye out for the following. A new oddity like combat encounter the poacher will appear on the map. The feeding the poacher will reveal magic ology traces, including nifflas moon calves, Billy Wiggs, young grap, horns, baby nippers, Akamai, eggs, unicorns and Newt Scamander successfully. Returning at race revealed by the poacher will result in additional rewards, such as rare potion ingredients tonic for trace detection potions.

Gold or silver keys, onyx for trace detection will increase the chance of encountering the poacher as well as a newt scamander special one-kilometer portmanteaus will appear on the map containing Thunderbird or okapi fragments a special assignment with rewards, including spell books or keys and gold. So I am very excited for a new type of encounter. It’S actually been a dream of mine or something I’ve been thinking about for a long time since, before wizard Jean, I even began, and it would be fun to have almost a boss fight like encounter, and I don’t expect these poachers to be particularly beefy.

But one thing that I’ve always loved in article games that I’ve played is when you defeat a boss or you defeat a foe and the loot just comes out of them like they just drop it. I mean that’s something that dates back to like runescape, we’re all the Warcraft all of those old RPGs that used to play, I think about all of the loot just dropping from the boss and that’s a really fun way to reward your players.

So I’m definitely looking forward to to being into this. So I’m going to talk about that in just a minute, but before I do that, I want to go over the tasks so, starting with the tasks we have defeat. The poacher twenty times for to erupt at Horn use three tonic for trace detection for to powder dragon claws earn 7,000 wizarding xp for one unicorn hair returned 30 matches; ology family found Abel’s for one unicorn hair returned ten nifflas or baby nifflas for 20 gold returned Ten high-threat fountain bowls for two silver keys and after you do all of the tasks, your rewards will be three spell books, one Donald Raph and three hundred Wizarding XP.

So I want to talk more about the poacher, so the poacher is basically going to be, like you know, you’re sitting at home playing the event and all of a sudden, you see an oddity pop-up on your map and you’re thinking like oh my gosh. What is what is this? What’S going on, so you go to check it out and you find yourself confronted by a poacher. What even are you now? The poacher is basically an oddity that collects and captures all types of different animals and I’m not exactly sure how that is involved with the calamity itself, but the poacher is essentially a batter worse version than mundungus Fletcher, very vicious and very vile.

So once you go into combat with the poacher and defeat them, you will find their loot on the ground. You can find things like I said before: tonic for trace detection, rare potion ingredients, gold, silver keys, all that kind of stuff, all of those different types of things, income from the poacher so make sure you’re. Aware of that, like I said it will basically be the loot that comes out. Those traces will come out of the poachers pockets if you will and you’ll experience those on a map and see them on the map after the poacher is defeated.

So that’s really really cool. I’M excited about that and I’m interested in seeing how that mechanic works and plays out, and now I want to talk about the store bundles. The complementary conservation pack will be free. So that is something that you will get for free and it will contain one silver key 50 spell energy, one tonic for trace detection, and you can only pick up one of those. There will be an intrepid explorer pack available for 420 gold.

You can buy up to five and it will contain four keys. One tonic for trace detection and 100 spell energy. The conservation champion pack will also cost 420 gold. You can buy up to five of those and that will contain four tonic for trace detection to dawdled rafts and 100 spell energy. Personally, I am way more interested in the intrepid explorer pack, just because of the silver keys if you’re into that sort of thing.

That’S great, if not that’s great too, you can continue to play for free, hopefully, we’ll see several silver Keys dropped from the poacher himself, because once you return the rewards and once you return the founder Bowls, that drop from the poacher you’re supposed to be able to See you know silver keys and gold and all that stuff, more often so, fingers crossed for that. I’M also excited about seeing Newt Scamander.

He is a found, a ball that I am lacking. This is basically my home Majid wala ji, family pages, the alchemy and the Thunderbird are going to be in a one-kilometer pork key, so you have a 50/50 shot at that. I personally wish that there were, you know a couple of different port keys. This is actually brought up by orange wizard that we would have different port keys that have one in each, which would be really nice, so that may or may not change after the recording of this article, but as of right now.

The way that it is set is that the one kilometer port key will contain a Thunderbird fragment or a naka me fragment, so make sure that you don’t open those port keys if you are full on either of those stickers until you’re able to prestige, because, like Community days in the past, it will just waste those fragments and you won’t get to collect those or use those on your page. So I hope that that makes sense.

That is all that I have for you today. I am so excited. There’S this week has just been huge: it’s going to continue to go out. There’S more news. I promise. So let me know what you guys think down below in the comments about this event. Are you excited about this event? Are you going to be able to proceed? Your pages, how are your pages looking for me personally, I’m getting close to being done with my new suitcase page, so that’ll be really cool to procedure that one to gold and hopefully get some really good progress on all these other ones.

If this is your first article that you’ve ever seen me do or make, I really appreciate you stopping by. I hope you enjoyed it if you did enjoy it, please make sure to leave a like on the article down below, as well as hitting that red subscribe button and turn it on those bail notifications. It really does help out the article YouTube sees that people are interacting and enjoying the content, so that helps out the blog a whole lot.

Thank you guys so much for everything. I really do appreciate each and every person that reades a article, and I can’t wait to see what happens. I’M going to be doing us a few streams, hopefully throughout the days coming where I’m going to be working through every single rune stone that I own. In doing the nightbus fragment challenges and all that stuff, so thank you guys so much. I hope you have a great rest of your day and until next time, peace

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