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How To Advertise On Instagram For Beginners In 2018 (4 Strategies That Work)

This is the 2018 version of this article and I have four strategies just for you. Welcome to this article, I’m very excited you made it here. My name is Vince Reid and in this article I’m going to be sharing with you how to advertise on Instagram for beginners. This is the 2018 version. I’M going to be breaking down four strategies that are going to absolutely blow you away, especially if you’re a beginner, and you want to get results immediately.

Now, for those of you who stick around to the end, I have a special bonus for you. It’S an advanced tip that will help you get results ten times faster, so make sure you stick around to the end. Now, for those of you who have no idea who I am, my name is Vince Reed, I’m the founder of several marketing companies. My company Internet traffic factory consists of my digital advertising agency, set up my ads, my marketing company, which hosts all of my products and my courses I leaders, which essentially teaches the paid side of marketing on social media.

I also have a live event: company Internet traffic live I’m also the author of the book internet traffic and leads so make sure you get your copy on Amazon. In fact, I’m doing a cool promotion for individuals that engage subscribe to the page and comment. Ok, what we do is we pick one lucky winner, each and every week, and I cover the shipping. I cover everything and I’ll, send you out a copy of this book.

So that’s pretty cool, we’ll see how that works. All right now, in this article I’m going to be sharing with you how you can advertise on Instagram, specifically for beginners. You know I get so many students that come to me and they say you know what I should be using. Instagram I’ve tried it, but you know, for whatever reason: people don’t follow. My page, nothing happens and I feel like quitting, and I don’t want you to do that, because it really comes down to strategy and that’s why I’m going to be sharing with you this article.

So I commend you for taking action and actually going out there and searching and finding more ways to get better rather than quitting. Now I’m going to be sharing with you, four tips, as I said earlier, but I want to share with you this extra kind of bonus tip before the bonus that I’m hearing at the end, because I think it’s important when you create your actual handle. Your actual page on Instagram make sure it’s targeted to your specific niche, so, for example, if you follow me eventually live on Instagram, you know I actually promote more my personal brand, but let’s say that I was selling.

You know something in like the pet industry. Maybe like noon nutritional treats for dogs or something like that, my page would be really targeted for that. So maybe the name of my page would be dog, treats something like that, make it specific to what it is you’re trying to offer, because in the beginning, when you’re getting started, you know I’ve been doing this full-time since 2008. So you know I’ve been able to build a personal brand, but if I were to start today, no one would know Vince Reid right, so I wouldn’t be getting as many followers so make sure your page is targeted to what it is that you are trying to Offer all right, let’s dive into the tips, tip number one make sure you tell your followers to turn on post notifications, okay, this is one that I don’t see a lot of people talking about, and you know back in the day when Instagram first basically went live.

You know the algorithm was a lot, how a lot like Twitter’s used to be where you would just post and every post would just show up in front of all of the followers that you had now. Instagram has an actual algorithm, so all of the followers do not actually see your post okay, so you need to turn on post notifications all right and what happens is if the people that are following you turn on post notifications.

Okay, whenever you post on your Instagram page they’re, going to see essentially what is it you put you post it, because, if not you’re going to do all this work, and this is why a lot of people struggle because, like I got a thousand followers, but when I post something: no one actually engages with me and it’s because they don’t have notifications turned on in terms of your followers having that turned on for your actual post.

Alright. So the question is: how do you actually do that right? So what you actually saw was the screenshot. I went to someone that I was following his page and I clicked them a little dots on the top and I can see the posts notification tab to basically turn those on for that individual that I was following. So the best way that I found actually do this brings me to step number two. What I advise you to do is Instagram stories.

This is a very effective way to get on the top of the people who are following you page. So you know, for example, with the algorithm your posts aren’t going to always show up in the news feed, but what I found is with stories they actually do show up. On top and most people who are using Instagram don’t do a lot of stories for whatever reason, so this gives you a better chance to actually still show up.

On top of your of the news, feed other people that are following you. So here’s the cool part about this. So, for example, let’s say you did a stay photo or an image or article on your Instagram page and then you turn around and you do a story right after to let people know that you just did a post. Okay, that’s a way to get right in front of all of your followers and obviously let them know that you just did a post.

But more importantly, you can do a story and every week I would say you should do a story and say hey make sure that you actually go to my page and turn on post notifications and that way, when I post, you see all of my updates. So I advise you to do a quick, little story like maybe once a week, just letting your followers know that they can turn those post notifications on and that way when you post they’ll, be seeing more of your content all right.

So that’s how you do that. So the question is: how do I actually get followers to even be able to tell them to do what you just said? Vince, I don’t have any followers, that’s my biggest problem. Don’T worry, I got you covered all right, so number three. What you want to do is you want to like relevant content and pages all right, and I’m going to explain to you why and here in a second. So what you want to do is just basically in the search bar.

You just basically go into search on your Instagram page and just start typing in relevant content. So, for example, let’s say that I wanted to only target or find pages that had to do with people who are entrepreneurs. So I would hit the little search button at the bottom of my app and then I would basically go hashtag entrepreneur, hash test business and I would just go in and start finding pages and content.

Okay. So why do I actually want to do this? You see when you start doing this and you start engaging with pages that are similar to what it is that you are interested in. Okay, what’s going to happen is when you go to your Explorer page you’re, going to even find even more pages like this. So if you go to your Explorer page now and there’s no content relevant to what it is that you like or you’re interested in, that’s because you’re not engaging with enough pages that are similar to your specific niche market, all right.

So what you want to do is you want to make sure you find relevant pages start engaging with them more and you’ll start really just exploring and finding a lot of cool pages, and this is a great way to see what other people are doing and it’s Working and obviously find information that you can mirror to get better results because, for example, let’s say you go and you see an entrepreneur and they’re in the same space as you and they make a article and it gets tons of views tons of comments.

You can do something similar on your page and now you can target those same types of individuals with hashtags and other things like that. I’Ll make another article where I dive more into hashtags. I didn’t want to go into that because everybody kind of teaches you to just go: do some hashtags, so I wanted to go a little bit deeper and to give you guys some different examples, all right. So when you find good pages, engage and follow them.

So don’t just like you know, go on their page actually engage with their page. I do do some things, so here’s some things you should do all right. So the question people always ask me, is they say well? How should you actually engage with pages? So you get followers because you know I would engage with pages and I still don’t get anyone following me. So what’s the point of engaging with someone else, if that’s the case, well, here’s the deal.

Okay, you have to ask yourself this question. What would you want? Your followers to do on your post right, so you know think about it. So you’ve got a page and you know if you’re getting started and maybe you’re a little frustrated. You feel like quitting because you post and no one comments. No one engages no one likes your articles or your your pictures. Okay, that’s a little bit frustrating! So if that’s frustrating to you, what do you think it is to other people who are getting started or even people that are getting a lot of traction on Instagram? They still love people to like comment and share their information.

So what you need to do is go. Do the things on other peoples pages that you would want people to do to you? Okay, it’s the classic rule of attraction, marketing, it’s basically the classic rule of life. So if you want to get more followers, you need to follow some people. You need to engage with them. You need to comment. You need to do certain things on their pages. Alright, now here’s a really cool tip, and this is how you can actually engage, and you know get something back in return.

Okay, this is a good way for you to do it. So when you leave comments all right, so you should like people’s images in people’s articles that are in your space, but you should go in and you should comment, but here’s what you should do. You should ask questions. Okay, you should ask additional questions, and this is just a lot of things I mean I could go on. This could be its own individual article, but when you ask questions and you’re following a lot of pages in your space, one people are going to go through those comments and they’re going to notice your name and they’re, going to click on your profile and they’re.

Going to be like what is this person you know up to, but here’s the kicker when the person who you comment on comments back and answers your question. Okay, what’s going to happen, is people reading through that thread, they’re going to see that you asked a question? They answered you back and now your likelihood of them going in your profile to see why this individual actually replied to your content is much greater and then you’ll get a lot more followers that way.

This is a way for you to engage on people’s posts and actually, you know, attract some of their followers who are in your space as well all right. So this is different from you just liking and commenting this. Is you asking a specific question and be smart with your question? Read the article look at their image and ask something intelligent or something that you know is it. I guess you can say, even though there aren’t really any dumb questions, but I guess I should say: don’t ask any dumb questions right.

Ask something that actually helps you use it as a chance for the person who’s doing the post to mentor you. So if there’s something that they posted or said asked something that allows them to engage back with you. Thank them for it and, if you do this regularly on multiple pages in your space, you’d be shocked at how many people are going to start to follow your page immediately. Alright, so that’s a cool tip now number four.

What you want to do is you want to make one minute articles on Instagram, okay, I advise you to do one at least a week. I actually have a article on my blog, which I’ll put a link to here, where you can actually learn how to make articles on Instagram for your advertising. This is extremely powerful. Article is taking over there’s already tons of studies and people saying all the time that you know article is pretty much going to be.

The only thing you see on the web moving forward so be right to the point, and again I highly advise you checking out that article, where I teach you how to make articles on Instagram, and this is a great way to basically engage with your followers. Get new people to basically engage with you and brand yourself differently, for whatever reason most people still have a fear of making articles, but you know you have to get over that quickly because that’s where the world is going, it’s about doing the things that the average Person simply is not willing to do alright, so I have a special bonus to help.

You get results much faster, but before I dive into it, do me a favor make sure you comment like and share and subscribe to this page. But more importantly, when you leave a comment, ask me a question in other articles or topics on marketing and lead generation. That you’d, like me to basically answer or articles that you’d like me to make I’d love to hear your feedback and also, as I said earlier, for individuals that comment.

We’Re going to pick one person a week, we’re going to send out a book to a person to ask a question, or maybe you don’t suggest a good article and we’ll send you out a book we’ll pay for the shipping. We’Ll pay for everything and it’ll. Be really cool by the way you’ll love the book. Alright, so here’s the advanced tip the bonus make sure you promote your popular articles and images. Alright. Now I often my strategies are often use paid ads.

Okay, you’re going to hear me say that often, but I also want to give you an advanced tip when I share with you these tips. These strategies are these bonuses. So when you run an ad, what a lot of people do is they’ll send an ad and they’ll run it for a day or two days or three days and they’ll go what happened? Did I get any followers that I get any leaves, or did I get any sales think about the ads you run as a running commercial, especially if you’re targeting the people who already like and follow your page so like, for example, let’s say you just have a Five dollar, or even a one or two dollar budget every single day, and you find a post that actually got some traction, run an ad promoting that post to people in your space and let it run forever, don’t turn it off, spend five bucks a day and You’D be shocked at how that article keeps getting new likes, keeps getting new followers and keeps getting people basically coming to your page, liking it and following you alright, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money find out the article or the post that did Well by you simply posting it naturally then turn that post into an ad and let it run forever, never turn it off anywhere between one to five dollars a day and just forget about it and you’ll be shocked at how many new followers you get following you.

Each and every day, alright, so that completes how to advertise on Instagram for beginners a 20-18 version. I gave you four strategies that share through a bonus strategy when it comes to paid advertising, and I know that those strategies will work for you now. For those of you who want to dive into the paid advertising side, which is my opinion, is the fastest way to actually start making money make sure you click on the link.

In the description of this article check out that training you’ll be blown away expecially, when you see how you can gain access to all of my paid marketing strategies which can help you get results a lot faster with that being said, make sure you like comment, share And subscribe and I look forward to seeing you on the next article – take care


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