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MBA 590: Search Engine Optimization, Part 1

So what is SEO well search engine optimization is the process of optimizing a website to achieve the highest possible ranking of the search engine result page? This search is a result. Page is essentially that page you get when, after you type your query into Google or Bing or Yahoo, the first set of results you get right and they’re usually ordered kind of they’re, not numbered, but they’re ordered in a way where there’s some results are close to The top and some that are closer to the bottom now, the very the ones at the very top usually are actually advertisements and we’ll talk about that in a separate article where we talk about search engine advertising today, we’re going to talk about the natural results that Appear usually just below the first set of advertising results right.

So one way to think about it is right that the world wide web is a haystack and finding your website can be the equivalent of finding that needle in the haystack right there’s so many websites out there. How is a user possibly going to find your your? Your particular needle in that haystack right so search engines try to solve this problem and the goal of SEO is to help guide them to your website for particular users.

Right now, fundamentally, you know it’s not like for search engines. There’S people who are like oh bob, wants pizza sites near Raleigh, I’m going to go and look right like they don’t do that. They have algorithms based upon data that they previously collected, which tell them which websites to return at the top of the search engine results. Pages right and then how to order the rest of them and so understanding those algorithms can really help you search engine.

Optimization really is about understanding how those algorithms work and then how that determines the ranking of your website, emphasizing how to emphasize those factors in your website. So before we get too far, let me say that there are two different types of SEO they commonly go on and one of them I discourage quite a bit which is blackhat SEO. The idea here is that there are some tricks of the algorithms cuz.

They are algorithms that you can try to fool right. You can use things like content, farms and keyword stuffing to try and create the illusion that your website is much more popular or it’s much more relevant to a particular topic than it actually is. They don’t really help your customers at all. They can artificially inflate your rankings at times, but if Google or the ancient search engine finds out about it, they can essentially result in your website being banned from the search engine completely and if you think it’s hard to find a needle in the haystack.

When you have a someone helping, you find the needle imagine what it’s like when there is no one helping you find the needle and in fact there are people pushing you away from the needle right. So I had tightly discouraged blackhat SEO, but you will run into companies and individuals who offer to work in that space right. What we consider to be the legitimate form of search engine optimization is what we call blackhat SEO, which means working within the parameters set by search engines to increase your rankings.

Usually, this means creating more better content now, in some of these cases right, it’s simply the fact that you know the searches just don’t think that you really need to do anything just for them right it to some extent. They would. Rather, you just create content, but unless you know what that content should look like for certain results, it can be difficult to do it. So that’s what this talk is going to be about how to create that content.

So what thing? What influences a search engine result? Page, and especially, what influences your rank on that right? Well, there’s kind of five different factors you can think about what is popularity. The number of pages that link to your page influence its overall results right. The more pages that consider your page to be a good page, the more likely you are another one – is a measure of authority right, and so this is how authoritative is this page – and this is usually measured by the kinds of other pages that link to it.

Right so if there are other pages, for instance hub, like pages that link to a lot of pages that link to your page – and you have very few links out, then you consider to be a more authoritative page. In many cases, relevance obviously plays a big role. The more relevant the content of your pages to the exact search term is typed in the more likely you are to appear through Saul’s trust. How trusted the focal pages, which is usually measured by whether other inherently trusted sites link to your site.

So, if a dot edu website, for instance, links to your site or gov website links to your site, then that is considered an indication that your site is more focal more trusted. Now it’s up cases, these sites will link and they will add, what’s called a nofollow tag which indicates that they actually are not kind of endorsing that particular page. But you know in general, these kind of links will serve at this measure and then importance.

There’S a measure of the relative importance of that site, which is usually determined by the importance of other sites, a link to it I’ll show you an example that, as we talk through the how the PageRank algorithm, which is one of the basic algorithms underlies a lot Of this works, so there are two big strategies to increase your search engine results relative to these influences, so the first is on-page optimization.

You can basically change the content, the code, the structure of your website, to make it more accessible to surgeon just so they can easily find on the content and also that makes it easier for your users to find and then there’s off page optimization. This means creating content on your website and encouraging others to link to your website in order to increase this Authority importance, trust and popularity of your page by some estimates.

Roughly. Seventy five percent of your search engine results rankings is determined by off page optimization. Only about 25 percent by out on page optimization right, so the network within which your page exists is very critical to your overall SEO strategy. So let’s take one brief glimpse into the basic algorithm that underlies a lot of the search engine results out there. So that’s! That’S basically the algorithm page Greek right now, just a small caveat before you get into this Google now says it says again again: the page rank, which is the algorithm that their founders, Larry, Page and Sergey Brin appended, have played less and less of a role over The years right, but the basic idea of page rank is still present in the Google search engine results right that is taking into account what websites are pointing to your website.

So before a Google. By the way, it wasn’t clear which web page was the most important topic. People would try and solve this problem by keeping a curated list of top pages Yahoo used to do this right. They used to have a very directory structure, oriented thing where you can say. Ok, I want to find a good website about climate change and they would you can go down to our science and then you would see these websites listed right.

That, of course, the problem with that is that you know if there were such a small fraction of websites that were actually listed right because it took me annually entering and curating them, but the other problem where it was a just. You had to constantly update that right and so Larry Page Sergey Brin and their colleagues decided that it makes a lot more sense to use the link structure of the web itself to help determine the importance of an individual page.

And this is their original paper that they publish on the topic, the page rank citation ranking, bringing order to the web right. Oh, and what do you think of patriotism? It’S basically pursuing the web as voting right. You can think of page rank as using links to vote for the best way as proxy links vote for the best websites and the more votes. A website has the more PageRank it has right so and then the more PageRank the website has the more it gets.

The vote for another website right, and so essentially this could all be formally this kind of mathematical problem and then, when they, when you solve it, turns out it’s you know it’s fairly easy to solve. You don’t need to know that so the whole structure and all these kind of things there are ways to do bounded versus of it, which makes it work really well, and so you know in this particular case is kind of a silly little demonstration of it.

But you know you have this big, yellow ball website that, for whatever reason has a lot of PageRank, and so when they point to the blue ball, that gives them a lot of PageRank and then they point to the red ball, like it’s um, sama and so Forth and these green individuals, no one points to that, but they all point to the yellow ball. The blue, ball and stuff like that right and so, as a result, is they’re kind of transferring all this PageRank back and forth.

So there are five main steps in proven: conducting search engine optimization. What about is making sure your site is search friendly. You need to make sure that the robots and the crawlers can actually access your site right. The second is developing a good list of key phrases. Right and so you wan na so the way search engine optimization often works right is that you want to have this list of phrases that people that people will often type in when they’re searching for something like your webpage and though that list should be well manicured And it should be part of the the actual the pages on your website right and you should be creating content around those key phrases right shop.

So do your best to make the links that point to your website popular and you should analyze your users to find additional ways to optimize by adding new key phrases, finding new ways to look at some of the other issues that are in there. So before I dive into all that, I’m going to pause and we’ll go to the next thing.

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