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Diablo-S3 Long Range 3″ Drone from Cyclone FPV – Live Build and Prizes

I think we’re airing live, I’m waiting to see it pop up. On my side I got my coffee ready, so cheers to everybody. I got my cold drink, ready again cheers to everybody and the cutting that you guys saw the carbon fiber cutting just finished like at 901. That’S why I’m running about two minutes late or a minute late, because I just turned the machines off and I need to now go and clean those up all right.

So I’m going to I’m going to vacuum the pieces off real, quick wipe them down and those are going to be the actual pieces that we use on this build tonight. All right. Let me grab for you, the quad that we’re going to be building the quad that we’re going to be building is a is the new Diablo as three. This is the I’m still waiting. I’M not sure. If this is sorry, oh there, it is okay, I see it now.

We turned down my articles here. I think that we may have a 1 minute delay hey. I know we did this before guys and I’m probably going to ask you guys to do this again. Let me see if I get a stopread here and I can so I’m going to put this camera, I’m going to flip it around. So we can see what the delay is on Facebook. I know we had a delay of 35 seconds on YouTube. I say: hey David and Rudy and Dustin hey guys.

What I’m going to do is. Let me turn this one on real, quick, okay updates completed great just let’s just cancel and get going here. I said it later: don’t use it blah blah blah pass code options. Don’T use a passcode, don’t create a pass, come on already just turn the phone on hold on a second, let’s uh. Let me show you what I’m dealing with here. So I’ve got this stupid thing. Let me just click continue, continue stupid.

Let’S go continue. It started my lord okay, so I want to see what the delay is here guys. So, let’s see if I, which way need to go on this phone. Alright, let’s see what the delay is. So here’s what I’m going to do. I know you guys are reading. So karma and Lucian how’re you guys doing what I’d like to know is what the delay is here, because it’s going to kind of make a difference for tonight on something so here’s what I’m going to do, David, Dustin, actually Justin.

You did this with me last time, so let’s go ahead and give this a shot, real, quick as soon as I say go I want you to tell me I’m going to tell you a number and then you post the number on the screen. I don’t know exactly how long the delay is: okay, so Dustin. If you’ll do this, for me, please the number is 10. Now, let’s see how long it takes you to post that on the screen, we’ll wait, wait just a minute, sorry guys, but we have to do this.

I need to know because I need to know what our delay is. We’Ve got some prizes to give away tonight. I’M making up for a lot of nights where I wasn’t live and there were some things going on which I’m going to tell you a few things here: real, quick and then we’re going to get started. It’S going to be a fun night tonight I can guarantee you that we’re going to have some crazy stuff going away all right, we’re at 30 seconds all right.

So it’s about the same. We have about a 30 to 35. Second delay excellent. Okay. So let me reset that, let’s put that aside, so here’s what we got going on tonight, so we’re going to be building this right here. This is the new Diablo s3. This is a a seriously mini, very small quad. That flies like a full-size. In my opinion, okay, I’m obviously biased to this, because I created it, but I will tell you the things about it and then we are going to get to building one.

I do have to pull the parts off the table like I said they just got done being cut, so it is a as a three inch quad the arms are the arms. As you can see here, the arms have the arm lock feature in them, so they lock in place and then you tighten down for a request from a customer. I actually had this done in two ways with 30-30 boards it came out 30, 30 and 20 20. Okay – and so that was one of the things that was asked to me and then this particular build is only 10 millimeters thick, so it uses 10 millimeter spacers enough for an all-in-one flight controller and ESC and then on the back.

As you can see, there is the VTX and the cutout has been put in the top plate, and this is actually the HD LRC VTX there. You can extend this to 15 millimeters and double stack it if you want or do whatever you want to do, but for the low-profile design. This is it and I’m running the brother hobby well than chaos. 14:07 3600 kV motors they made for us, and these are the tornadoes here, the 1407 tornadoes I do have a CAD X on the front and all in all – and this has actually, this is actually made for long range, so there’s an 9mm inside it and it Flies a 4 s battery a 3 and a 4 s all right, so I have a 3 s right here.

This is the one that I used in the picture when we did this, and so it flies a full size battery. It is made to fly like a full-size quad. It handles unbelievably well. These are HQ props on here and then, as you can see, we can tighten it down. We’Ve got our full-size battery on here and let’s this will buckle right in I’m not going to fly. It right now, obviously, but I did test it. It was extremely smooth with stock pids to be honest with you so anyways.

This is what we’re going to be building tonight, guys and we’re going to start giving stuff away right. So I’m not about I’ve got a ton of stuff. I want to give away some cool stuff. I mean some fun stuff right. I’Ve got some announcements to make. I know that our subscriber count is climbing and as promised, when we hit 1,000 on our YouTube blog, I’m giving a a one of my personal phantoms, DJI phantom’aa way.

Alright, so I mean this is going to be fun once we hit a thousand, but tonight I’ve got I’ve got a bunch of cool stuff. I want to give away. I want to kind of make up for some lost time here and so give me a second I’ll, be right back I’m going to walk over to the table there and grab the parts I’m going to turn the back come on real quick! So you going to here for just a second and then I’ll clean them up at the table and we’ll get started and if you guys have any questions while we’re doing this, man look the night as George you let me know, but let’s have some fun.

Okay, so give me one sec I’ll, be right back, okay, so parts are off the table. I’Ll put this quad here and I will tell you what we’re working with here. They’Re fresh cut, so give me a second I’m going to grab. I won’t be sanding them right now, because I want to get into the build itself. I want to go over this with you guys and show you some of the cool stuff that we’re doing and kind of discuss the frame and anything else and also answer to questions you may have I mean I, you know it’s.

It’S we’ve got some cool things coming up and I’ve been reading about what you guys are wanting and what you’re hoping to see come out from us and what we can develop. So you know any brainstorming that we can do together. That’S kind of what I enjoy doing here and we do have some more low profile stuff. Now, what you’re going to notice on the frames is, I mean I’ve really cut back on the frames and started focusing on the ones that we had plus fine-tuning some of them, I’m not really looking as far as the quantity of frames anymore.

At the beginning, I wanted to have a real, diverse selection, but now what my goal is is to take what we’ve got and really just focus on adapting them to new to do changes new hardware and just making them better. I mean it’s it’s the way. It’S the way, I think it should be, and I don’t think you can do a hundred things and give your attention to all of it. So I’ve kind of slimmed down a little bit on how many frames I want to make and really just spoken up focus on making these better the input from you guys has been.

Does anyone have a synonym? I do not, but I’m sure there’s some folks in here in Germany that do hopefully somebody will be able to help you with that. If you have any questions but you’re more than welcome to ask anybody here, I mean seriously post, it’s not off-topic. This is drones. Talk about drones! Trust me, I’m about to change the topic a little bit anyway, so I’m going to make a small announcement here, yeah and then the giveaways thanks David, that’s right remind everybody! We got some giveaways tonight and remember to be entered in these giveaways guys.

You need to you need to be subscribed to our face bar to our youtube blog, which is youtube.Com forward, slash, cyclone fpv, and the reason for that is because I pull the names from our subscriber list. So if you’re not subscribed, you can’t win and that’s just a way to help us grow our blog. I had not focused on it and now I’m focusing on it and so we’re trying alright. So please do that. Okay, so let’s see we’re going to be giving away? Oh you know I have some helping hands here that I’ve had for like a long time.

They’Re really awesome actually and I’m going to be giving some of those away tonight and I really like them. I just put them away and forgot about them, and then somebody asked me not too long ago. If we have helping he hasn’t been, you know what we do well, I don’t get some of those away cuz. I know people need stuff like that. I’M going to give some toolsets away tonight too, and we’ll give some components away and whatever else we feel like doing, let’s just have fun and see how generous we can be and make everybody’s father’s day a really badass Father’s Day weekend.

Okay, but before I get started Jerald it’s going to be a long stream to the well it’ll, be long until I start dozing off, but uh yeah. It should be pretty. It should be a good good, lengthy stream here to be honest with you and during that time we’ll be getting Rudy. Oh that’s funny! That’S what my family is good man I mean we’ve had some stuff happened this week and I was going to you know. There’S there’s with father Day with Father’s Day, coming up thanks David okay, with Father’s Day coming up.

I thought that this would be a great time to also kind of make an announcement here and no it’s not that I’m having a kid, hey, Ben, how you doing so! Don’T don’t anybody any crazy ideas, nobody’s pregnant, always having kids but tell you what? Let’S take a break: let’s do this real, quick and then right after this we’re going to go ahead and give our first prize away alright. So, let’s let me first welcome you all and tell you how much I appreciate y’all tuning in okay.

No, I don’t sleep. I try not to sleep, I’m going to share a couple things with you and I’m doing this only thanks playing. I saved all of you all the dads out there happy Father’s Day this Father’s Day is going to be a very interesting one for me. So I what I’m going to do is I’m going to share something with you very quickly and this way on Sunday on Father’s Day, you may know to read out for this okay.

So, as some of you know, over the last year and a half person I have been in and out of court for my my kids, my boys right, I love them. They’Re there, the nuts right there the best and I won’t get into all of it, but I will tell you that you know for those of you that didn’t know and didn’t know what have you there was this guy and he was their mom’s fiance and the Boys had come to me and said that this guy was punching them in their hitting them in their privates right.

My two oldest sons, my oldest in my middle and this guy’s name by the way, is Timothy, Brooks Bert. I’M just going to go ahead and put it out there, because Tim this Father’s Day is a special one for you. Okay, so so they came to me in July of 2017 and they asked me for some help. They said dad he’s hitting us he’s knocked us to the ground. It hurts, he pulls his pants down. He’S plays these weird games: bla bla bla, I said okay, so we went to court Tim got arrested and but their mom took his side and said that the kids were not telling the truth.

Okay and I, but I battled that. Unfortunately, if you look at me, I’m tatted head-to-toe and our judge couldn’t make the trial. So we had an associate judge who never let us speak. We we were supposed to have 10 day trial lasted a day and a half. We couldn’t call witnesses and we did try to call a witness which was the guy that was hitting my kids. She said: no, that is now an appeal all right now, there’s a reason I get to this point, so it has been extremely difficult at the end of it all the judge didn’t know at the end of the day and a half, the judge did not hear Anything she actually didn’t even know about what had happened to the kids and the kids were supposed to be able to speak to her and she didn’t.

Let them speak to her. She basically, as a matter of fact at one point, asked, was trying to make a ruling, and I said he didn’t understand and I’ve got the transcripts they’re online and I’ll. Tell you what I go see him, but long story short. It’S an appeal. The whole deal got screwed and their mom stayed engaged to this guy or stayed with him right after she lied and said it didn’t happen, and then she admitted it did happen and that she was there.

But we never got to present that in court because it judge stop the trial right. It was trial spinners. So when you get to present it so long story short, this has been always about money and, if you’re a dad or mine, don’t you know it? Doesn’T that whatever point being is the court system? You tell your kids trust in the justice system. You call CPS, you expect them to do their job and they did. They were very concerned and they stepped in safe harbor stepped in and reviewed my kids and through those interviews, the Sheriff’s Department got involved and the guy got arrested, but both of them lied about it right.

They both lied said it never happened and only later on did their mom admit that she was present. Not only didn’t happen, things happen, but she was present for it and but the judge who actually start heard the case at the beginning, who wanted to know the truth, never heard the case again. So here’s what I’m doing – and this is I’ll get to this point – because it’s Father’s Day coming up and it’s my turn now to get things on track.

I lost time with my kids because of this I stood up for them. Cps got involved, and it’s so funny because you see all these kids getting hurt and they get abducted they get more. There is a kid recently on the news he was in. The doctor’s office had bruises on his face and he told the doctor that my mom he said my mom didn’t mean to hurt me, but she hit him with a belt. They tried to get CPS involved.

Cbi said there wasn’t enough evidence to keep the kid away from his parents. They killed the kid shortly after and buried him somewhere in the field in their home. Stories like that are happening all the time, but I called CPS and they got involved. But the court judge Stovall I’ll, say her name. Judge Stovall is a worthless, worthless judge and I hope I no see guys here’s what I do know I know and I’m not trying to get away from the build.

But I said I would do this because father Day is coming up. I know that my ex-wife or name is Marissa Marissa Maloof. I know that her attorney reades these because they used my articles against me. They take pictures of my inventory, claiming I have all this money and blah blah blah, so I hope they’re reading, because here’s my deal judge Stovall. You ask the bailiff for the gun, because you got tired of me saying I understand you and the lawyers had discussions about tattoos being in pornos and how basically, how dirty they are.

And then you ask somebody to give me gloves to cover the tattoos on my hands. Remember using these tattoos with the crosses. That is a verse from the Bible, Corinthians 1 4, which basically says I thank my God for you. These were for my kids right. You insane woman, but you wanted to cover my tattoos and blah blah blah right. So you came out, be all kinds of waves and not once did you ask about the kids or who hit them or what happened.

So here’s what I’m doing guys and that’s it and we’ll move on. I have property. That’S one thing I do have that I’ve held that I’m giving to my kids, that’s for them not for their mom to take or anybody else, she’s been happy to take everything else: she’s, so money, hungry and so much after the money, and so is her lawyer And everybody else involved that I’m going to put up one piece of property on Sunday, it’s worth a million dollars.

Ok, it’s for sale for 1.2 million actually, but I’m offering to give it for free. I’M going to give it right – and I’m going to say this now so that everybody knows what the hell’s going on: Marissa Tim, Steve Jackson, her attorney, judge Stovall. Let’S see Saunders Roger Saunders, the doctor, who did the criminal, investigate who’s evaluating Tim and kid Harrison all right guys. Here we go. I have a bar worth: 1 million 1.

2 million. I think property. I don’t know I mean when it sells whatever, but it’s listed for 1.2 there’s no cash anymore. You guys have taken all that. What I have is a property. I’M going to put 10 statements. You made that you lied about in court 10 of them under oath. That you guys lied about or that you make comments about like Steve. You lied about something but you’re, not under oath you’re, just a jerk-off attorney cool who lies and you’re a dad by the way, but you have no concept of what that means.

So I’m going to put your lies out: live I’m going to put the transcripts up Marissa, I’m putting up all your lives Tim, I’m coming after you, but it’s Father’s Day and you screwed me with my family. So it’s my time to make sure that we get even on this one right 10 lines. Each lie worth $ 100,000. Every lie that you say everything that I put out there. That is a lie, and you say it’s right and I’m everybody hear this when that bar sells and it’s up for sale.

I give you each $ 100,000 for your lie. If it’s not a lot under oath lies all this that you said right, so Tim, here’s, your here’s, your thing, you said you didn’t touch my kids. You said you didn’t play this game. Where you pull your penis out in front of him. Marissa said you did all right and she said that under oath during her deposition, although she lied in court during the hearing and she lied during your criminal investigation, because you two were still engaged at the time one year after it came out that you had messed With my kids, I didn’t touch you, I didn’t screw with you now I’m going to go ahead and give you a hundred grand if you’re telling the truth swear on my kids $ 100,000 or whatever it is x, divided by ten.

When that bar sells for 500,000. You get 50 thousand 10 lies, if any of you guys told the truth that I’m going to put them up there on Sunday for Father’s Day. It’S time for you guys to answer. So that’s my thing to you guys for everybody else out there guys dad’s happy Father’s Day to y’all to my kids. I love you more than anything to my to my wife, who is the most amazing stepmom who’s endured the most ever.

I love you to death. Thank you for making me a better man and thank you for giving my kids an amazing house to live in to their mom to the guy that hit them and play these stupid games with them naked games. The one who put his hands on my kids and knocked them on the ground haven’t touched you bud and I’m not going to you’ll meet your maker he’ll you’ll answer to him, but God help you, man, I’m giving you a 50 to $ 100,000 chance here to Make some money if what you said was true, but if not everybody’s going to know, you lied same to you, Marissa everybody’s, going to know you lied and you lied about the fact that you were there when the kids got hit.

You lied about the fact that you were there when your fiance pulled his pants down and played games in front of the kids that were inappropriate that you admitted to later and to judge Stovall you made the you made the legal system. Look like a pathetic pathetic system. You didn’t do anything by the book. You didn’t care. You judge me on my tattoos. You had no clue whatsoever. What was going on you guys screwed my family up, it’s my turn to get even this father’s name now with that said guys, let’s get going happy Father’s Day to everyone.

I love y’all and God help y’all. If you end up ever in the position, I’m in, let me know because there’s one thing I can tell you: is they tell you, don’t go on the internet? Don’T do this and I’m like, why am I supposed to believe in the legal system? Because the legal system didn’t give me two seconds of time, CPS didn’t, do they helped that I mean they? They came in and got my kids away and put them in and then they have, they helped to put them here but boy.

I tell you what you know when you’re a father when your father going up and you’re tatted man, they paint you to be some guy, that’s a criminal. This is it no. So I sat one year and let you guys have your fun now. It’S my turn. All right with that said guys: let’s change subjects now we’re going to have some fun we’re going to be building something, and let’s give our let me get this set up to give our first thing away right.

So here’s the quadrant building, here’s everything right here, okay – and I do also want to send prayers out to my wife’s family this week. They they there when her aunt passed away unexpectedly – and I think that probably kicked me into overdrive. I love you all very much. All accepted me with my tattoos and everything didn’t judge me at all, but you know it does go to show you that you don’t know when your last day is and I’ll be damned if I don’t get to say my piece so that my kids know that I love them and I fought for them.

So let’s have some fun huh and let’s see what we’re going to do. I want to give a helping hands away. I said I had them. I want to give them away. Okay here we go. So let me show you what the helping hands look like and we will go ahead and do a drawing so make sure guys. Please make sure that you are subscribed to our blog on YouTube. Youtube.Com forward, slash Facebook. Let me open this one up. This is one that I had opened and tried to put together initially and thank you guys and I’m sorry to waste your time with all that, but I feel like hey.

You know what oh, what I was going to tell you. Sorry, there’s one more thing when none of them win their money right because they’re all lying and it’s going to come out live on Sunday. When I do the article I am going to give 10 % of the sale of that bar to safe harbor those people protected my kids, and they did what was right and they got those charges against him filed or they helped, and that place is amazing.

They help they help it’s a shelter, it’s great, so 10 % of the sale goes to safe harbor. If none of these things, if all these things are lie, so at least there will be some good out of the lies at the end of the day. So I want to thank the people at safe harbor for at least doing their part. It’S not your fault that that Judge Stovall is a Looney tune, and it’s not your fault that Steve Jackson claims to be a dad, but cares.

Nothing for kids cares more about. It cares more about the dollar and he does about the kids right so good for you, Steve Jackson, there’s a special place for you, my friend one day, and I hope that I’m there to read you get to and then for everybody else. Why not help the groups like Safe, Harbor and CPS? They are overworked underpaid and they do their best. So thank you to you guys and to the Montgomery County, Sheriff’s Department and the District Attorney’s Office for helping to arrest him and hit that part going all right.

Okay, so here we go and Tim I’ll see you soon all right guys. So here’s the safe, safe, here’s, the helping hands, I’m going to put one of these together and then we’re going to go ahead and get one of these we’re going to give this one away and then we’re going to get start with our build okay. So I hope you guys need them. I have plenty of them and all you have to do is pay shipping. That’S it okay! So let me remind you of the rules.

When you win, if you win, you need to email me Clark at cyclone, fpv, comm, just reach out to me somehow and you have to have an account, make sure you create an account on our website, because that’s how I get your shipping address and I can Ship this to you, you do pay for shipping, but nothing else. Okay, I don’t care. If you live in Australia, I had to ship something out to Australia. Tonight, cuz it’s a screw-up and oh boy, that cost me.

I shipped the wrong battery, and so I know how much it costs to go to Australia, but I don’t care we live as long as you pay the shipping. It’S yours, okay, I ask for your support and that’s it all right. So I’m going to put this goofy thing together because it is like an octopus here hold on one second, and then you guys can see it, and I will give one away hell I’ll, give a bunch of it I’ll give more away tonight and then toolsets.

If you guys need some tool, sets they’re coming so get ready. It’S going to be awesome. Let me see so. I’Ve got one here. I don’t know how you would want to scroll these in, but let me just attached, I look like you can get trying to do this. I know I’m sorry, let’s just assume this is screwed and this sucker is a pain with the wire on here. But it’s got a flashlight. You guys can see that there’s a flashlight there.

It’S got a fan right here and it’s not. I’Ve got to make this not tip over okay. So you get the point. This is the help. This is the helping hand. Oh my god. This is a pain, and here we go here. We go okay, I’m sucking at this. So let’s just make fun of the fact that I can’t even put this. I need a helping hand to put the damn Bell command together, but hold on I’ll get this eventually. There we go holy moly, alright, let’s just assume that screwed in all the way.

This is going to take me an hour. Okay, so I think I’m good here guys there we go it’s an octopus of helping hands. You got a magnifying glass. You’Ve got these clamps clamps, clamps flashlight, and then you’ve got your fan right here that comes with it and then you’ve got the little rubber stopper things here so that it doesn’t slide and the best part is. It says, cyclone fpv and it’s got our logo right.

There well, if you can see that okay, so here’s how we’re going to do this, and this is how we’re going to shut up with the toilet, cam, alright. So the way this works is – and I know you guys have seen this before I’m just going to at this point – share the screen and then we need to get going with our build. So let me put that here. Let me get on the screen here. So you guys can see it good luck to do.

Whoever gets the first prize for the night, and let me see, if I can add this – you guys can see it here, real, quick. There we go done and let’s go to our YouTube blog and you guys will be reading the screen in just a second you’re, going to see what I’m looking at. I just got this damn octopus, looking thing in my face so hold on a second. Where are we at? Where are we? At close? I got so many notices popping up here.

Okay, so I think I click this and oh, I know you can’t see what I’m doing just hang tight if you go to the old studio classic here. I don’t like this sorry hold on hmm, so we’re giving this away. Let me get my thing to pull up here. Okay, so I think if I click this and then I go to subscriber there, it is okay. So I’m going to copy the subscriber list like we did last time and then I’ll go ahead. Now, I’m going to show you the screen that I’m looking at there.

It is okay and I’m going to just school scroll down and take all the subscribers I’ll have to load them all hold on a second sorry. I don’t remember how many of you have. I know we passed 900 now, so thanks a lot for that guys. It’S been a long time. I have been trying my best to work on it, but we get we get bogged down with things and family stuff, but I’m almost done here it loads pretty quickly.

Actually and then what I do is copy, this put it in Excel real, quick and you guys we do a random number generation of the total okay. There we go so I think that selects all of them. It does so I’m going to click copy, I’m going to open Excel like I did before. I have to find it first, not right there. It is and we’re going to paste it, I’m going to do a new one and we’re going to paste here. We go ready and I think it’s just regular paste I’ll just I just paste it regular and what its going to do is, I think it imports their picture and their name or whatever.

But it should give me a count so we’ll see and then we’ll pull the random generator out and we won’t make it happen all right. So here’s how it’s going to go, I’m going to do a random generating number and what we’re going to do is we’re going to go to the number here. The last number will be: what is that 1037? Okay, so I’m going to pick the numbers and then whoever’s closest to it here, I’m going to go so if it passes you up it’ll go to the next person.

So if the number is 843 it passes here it goes straight down to 846. Okay and that’s how we make it pretty, I know how to pay steam – and I was just wanting to either do a paste special thanks buddy. I got you okay, so let’s do this real, quick. What we’re going to do now – and I cannot see your comments right now, so bear with me, but there is an app on my phone called random and I’m going to show you that app and I’m going to show you this we’re going to do this side-by-side Here we go so the random.

The number that we’re going to go to is from 1 2. Okay, now people are subscribing and I guess you’re going to see these post Saul right. Let me get back up here, so it’s, I guess, it’ll be a block. So yeah, so this will work right. So if we look at that we’re going to do from 1 to 1036, I guess and the way it would go is if you’re in this block, actually you would win and then from there. It goes to this block right.

So I guess that’s person number 1 and then we would go down okay. So this would be the whole block right here. So this person gets this whole block, so you actually have a pretty good chance of winning here. Ok, so 1000. What did I say? 1000? Something 1037, okay, so from 1 to 103, oh crap, 103. 7. All right here goes first one. This is what we’re going to be giving away tonight. So, let’s see what happens so we’re going to generate number 822.

So let’s go to 822 and a.22 is going to be this block here. So it’s going to be, it looks like it’s going to be well it’ll, be this person right here because well this person 822 would be. Let me see make sure I got this right. So a 22 is in number. I want to make sure I get the right person here. This describes this person’s list here, so 822 is going to be. Unless I read this wrong, if you guys want to confirm with me I’m showing that this would be this guy right here, which would be Joe Sutter, so I’m going to switch back, so I can see y’all’s comments now.

So let me make sure that I’ve got this right and we will make sure that we’re right I’ve got it as Joe Sutter. You guys. Let me know what you think. Let me get back to my comments, so I can verify with you guys what you think. Where am I at okay, so I I can see how’s comments now I see it as Joe Sutter being 822 and, let’s make sure you guys agree. So the number was 822. No wait. What was the number yeah 822? So no wait a minute.

Wait! Wait! Wait! That’S right down here! Sorry! 822 is going to be this person. Is that right? Does everybody agree with me? Sorry, what is it Joe Serb is the next one. Does everybody agree you guys? Let me know, because that’s how I’m reading it. So if that works, then it looks like it stops right here right. So it’s the block. After so that’s what we’ll do a 22 and let me announce the winner again, sorry guys Gerard.

What did your heart say? Gerard is right. Let me see George director, I don’t see Gerard’s comments. Oh oh, it is I’m sorry you made the person. Gerard sorry, guys been a long day, so yeah I’ve got it as actually this person do. We agree on that? Yes, okay, yeah! That’S right! Okay! Well, I tell you what I said Joe Sutter. It’S not right for me to say somebody so Joe. If you’re reading and you got excited, but you can have one all right wouldn’t be right for me, but a studio studio guy is the winner, so you get one okay.

So hopefully that helps and we’re going to be doing this all night, and I will not take this long to pick the winner, so yeah I’m going to I’m going to put it as studio, Jane Doe per, I guess and Joe Sutter. I said your name by accident because I had another wrong thing, but you still get to get one. If you want okay, you guys are the first ones to win the helping hands and we’ll just start getting a bunch of stuff away tonight.

So let’s get going darn it now the bill. Ah, all right! So now to the building. We go got my coffee. You got it where the hell’s, the building, okay, all right, yeah I’ll pull some I’ll do another subscriber list here. If you guys want okay. So what we’re building again is we’re building a three-inch. We are going to be giving the frame away tonight the one that we’re working on now just know that on this three-inch I did use two millimeter arms, because I was cut in one sheet.

So I could be done in time, but they will be in three millimeter like this one. So let’s get started. The first thing is we’re going to use a 30-30 set right here, so I’m going to go ahead and grab what’s right here, I’m going to grab the I’ve got a volte star for this one and that’s what I built mine out of so this is the Multi star but you’re missing, four v. What each line is about weight jacquard? What are you saying hold on? No, I I don’t.

I don’t know about that. Hold on a second. Let me see. Let me see this is the subscriber list I have. Oh, I see what you’re saying it says: 909 subscribers hold on a second. Am I not getting them all? Really all right I’ll have to cut darn it. You see every time I do something. I don’t convert that person, but you’re missing. Four for the yeah. I see what you’re talking about now, all right, we’ll figure this out.

I don’t understand how else you captured 152 subscribes. You only had one thousand each oh you’re right, you’re Iker. I got darn it. Hmm, hmm, okay, tell you what well as I’m putting this together. We’Ll just figure out something else: David put your brains on this one, please, because this YouTube crap is this stuff. I thought help me out with this one: well, I’m starting to build this, we’re just going to give an extra item away tonight then and make sure that we give everybody a fair chance.

We got I’m giving at least ten things away tonight. So don’t worry everybody you’re going to know that person would have here older person, you’re right. That’S very nice of you to say that, but still it needs to be fair. So David help me out with that. Would you please figure out how the heck I could do that and while he’s doing that, we’re going to get started this build? So what we’re going to be working on today is we’re going to be doing the multi-star.

This is the 30 amp all-in-one flight control. F for flight controller and ESC and it’s got OSD on it as well. Okay, so I could win Ben Anderson, all right Ben! You got it so we’re going to put this on the board and get started. I know let’s just get going to it. So let me get going with what I need on this one. We are going to be using 40 millimeter screws, so let’s go ahead and get those ready, Adam.

There’S the man that inspired this one. Can I see that Adam we got to keep that quiet got to keep that on the DL all right, so we’re going to use the 12-hour, sorry, 14, millimeter, 14 millimeter entries and then to hold him in place. We’Re going to go ahead and put the pull list from live viewers yeah, but that was the problem is oh okay, so wait! A minute! Jeff live viewers from Facebook, y’all figure this out help me I am.

I am still new to all of this, so you guys help me and I will make it fair. If you guys can give me suggestions, tell you what I’ll make you a deal say live say I say: live, ok I’ll make you, but you have to be subscribed to my youtube blog. That’S the big thing is I want people to subscribe. I cannot generate a single penny on YouTube until I have a thousand subscribers, and I need to. I would like to be able to, you know, have an advertising something to where I could generate a little bit on it, not like you’d, perfect or anything, but damn you know just something a couple bucks from YouTube it used to be, but then they change it To a thousand and that’s why I’d use YouTube in a while tell you what I will make you a deal.

I need to know what you guys are anymore okay, so whoever comes up with the best way for me to figure out who, how I pull the winners. I’Ll also give you a friend, but it has to cannot be one of my cannot Ubu David. So if you get it great, but I am with the live viewers but then again I don’t even know how to know who’s reading live. I can’t see a list because I’m building, so I don’t get to see that so, if you guys come up with whoever comes over the best thing, I’ll also send you a frame.

Just pay for shipping all hand cut your frame here this week and I will get it out to you by next week. That’S my deal, you guys help me and I help you in return by saying thank you and giving you a fur. Okay, don’t make anything off face, I don’t make anything off anything. None of this stuff does it. I do this to help everybody all said. There’S no money made, but I would like on YouTube. I mean they they you know.

I would like to be able to do something where I can at least have some commercials all right. Let’S just get back to business, shall we were building a quad? Nothing not for let’s talk, let’s have some fun, so I’m going to go ahead and cut this off here without trying to cut my fingers I’ll just pull this and see there, we go okay, I don’t know how to do that. I don’t know how to pull from a live viewer, because I cannot see the people reading.

That’S the problem. I can’t see who’s reading. Maybe you guys can I can the only other thing we used to do is: do a number draw? Okay, all right, all right! All right tell me how to do it. Yeah there you go. Thank you Lucien pure passion, let’s scare mama, yes, y’all figured out I’ll. Tell you somebody give me the answer. Whoever gives me the answer. You get yourself one of these frames too. Okay yeah.

I can only see this comforting. Alright, George, you got it okay, so what we’re going to be doing is we’re working with a top part of this, it is, is a pretty good board. I mean I like so far like. I have no actually no complaints at all, except that the the buzzer and the LEDs are. The buzzer pins are very close here to the end where these caps are, and that really bothered me for soldering, but other than that.

This is a pretty sweet board and that really shouldn’t be an issue for someone. So here’s how it’s going to fit the way this frame is done. The three dots in the front, the three holes in the front, represent where you can mount your camera on a stand, so that is the front of the court now on mine, I turned it sideways and I know you guys don’t like this. I did this for me. I just hard soldered this into the board.

You can keep like a little wire which I’ll put on this one – probably a wire or something, but I’m going to show you how this is going to fit we’re going to get this all put together and we’re clips and we’re going to build this sucker out. Okay, as soon as you guys have a way to do this, you let me know, I’m not ignoring you by any means. One other thing I did want to show you is this bottom plate right here is four here and the what it’s for is.

This is where your this is where your receiver goes, and this way you gain yourself about two more meters on top of the gap of 10 millimeters, so you get about 4 millimeters total and this can actually be removed. So if you have a problem, the receiver or binding or anything, you can actually pull this piece off without having to take the whole quad apart. That was something that I really wanted to do to make it easier, and this worked out real well now I got to find me an R 9mm, so give me one.

Second, I’m going to go grab one I’ll grab a mini. It’S just fine for me for what I’m doing and we’ll get to the binding process. We get to do all of that and have some fun. Ok! So Michael Lane, hey Michael Lane, what’s up big man how’re you doing. I appreciate those Diablo articles, my friend. Thank you, ok, so I’m going to go ahead and get this one ready here mm-hmm and I also need to do, and you also need to flash it.

So let’s go ahead and get that done and where is my translator, and I don’t know if you guys saw that article this week that I did but I did test the onefile flash update so far. It seems to avoid just fine. So that’s good news. It does not guarantee to work, it does not guarantee to work on every device from fresh guy, but it did work in this case. Ok, what Ben said Ben each time you go live, have numbers assigned to each live viewer.

Then, when you get ready to go, let me see what you wrote: give something away use that list. Oh man, you remember when we did this before. Oh, that was that was that number game that we ended up playing. It was a nightmare, but if you can think, if you think that might work so we’re going to do it, numbers is that right. Is that what we’re saying? Okay, if that’s, what everybody wait, were you going Jeremy, I’m going to sleep? Oh man get out of here with that noise.

I still think I can see the subscriber count. I’M still convinced. I can see that guy’s. I don’t see how I can’t how it says: have 914, how the hell do you see them all? I want to see all my subscribers, oh you’re, right, dammit screech, the scrubber is not shown. I want to see all my subscribers hmm there’s a subscribers report, you, oh, you, can listen. If somebody wants to do this, you can there’s I’m reading about this, and you can actually sign in to YouTube beta and get an analytics report and get your subscribers.

So I’m going to figure out how they do that as well and see so how the hell do you do that, if you guys can figure it out? Let me know because there is a way now. Apparently I new to beta that you can get your list of subscribers so see if you can find that out. I’D really like to use a subscriber list, and – and I think I see it right here – there’s analytics so you see what this says. While I’m getting ready for this, what a pain in the ass with all this technology, I can’t figure out a damn thing: okay, yeah, I know, but I just I really wanted to do something with the numbers, so it would be easier and I cannot freaking now.

It’S all backfiring. This is not working in my favor here to try to help and file a do this guys. Why am I racking my brain on this so hard? Can somebody just tell me how to find my list of subscribers and there’s wo way to do it, see if they, if anybody give you a search, real quick while I’m getting ready to do this, see if there’s a way to I don’t know type in Google, How to get a list of all your YouTube subscribers? I don’t know if that’s possible, but it is great that would be awesome now I’ve got to get my update cable.

So let me do that sort of delay longer. We can update this and don’t worry. I appreciate you all helping me work through this. I will make sure that everybody is taken care of. That is my promise to all of you also do not fret what you can’t do is try to help me find my darn. You know what I’ll just use this one, I’m just going to switch to lie around alright, so we’re going to go ahead and do this firmware update real quick, don’t pay attention to the wiring on this one, because the wiring is all happy.

Jacquizz is for a this. Particular cable is for an X 90 plus, so the wiring is different than the QX 7. When you’re doing a flash update, hey Sean there’s got ta be a way to get the list of everybody yeah. Alright, let’s let’s get this going, so we will do this route now, because my wiring color is all wrong because it’s for the wrong remote. Please, like I said, ignore this and ignore that okay, so we’re going to go ahead and do our update and let’s just switch these around and know why I’ll be back to normal.

What’S up Shawn Congrats Toronto is that Maple Leafs right, Maple Leafs you’ve got a lot of family in Montreal sure that they’re really happy that I’m being that sarcastically? Alright, let’s see what you got here, I can’t see I’m old time to switch cameras to so I can use the old man goggles all right ground sit, there positive sit there and smartboard sit there. No, it’s my vote. Let’S get this going, come on firmware r9 mini mm and we’re going to do this one and we’re going to flash the S port.

Tell me my connections, good! Please! There we go all right, so we’re going to flash that and what does this data’s FPV weapon? You see this advantage blogs under those trees over YouTube yeah. I saw that part. That’S what I ended up using though communities secure. You can see list of year. Yeah! That’S 200! That’S exactly what I got! Oh, you can see your total number of scar visit top page only shows you have chosen to share their subscriptions publicly.

Okay, so hold on a second. So I’m going to go to Brian. Let’S see should go to creator studio and then you said, click community. I’M going to go, can I use creator studio classic cuz? I hate this new one. It kills me on that community. Okay, there it is and then under community you said, click subscribers. Well, that’s where I was before you are you sure, that’s all 917, because it says most recent or most popular is that the sorting I tell you what we’ll find out I’m doing with you here.

So, let’s, let’s just while this is firmwares updating, let’s go because that’s where I’m at right now and you guys will be able to catch me real, quick Wow. This does look like Oh hold on, so I swear. That’S the same amount that I got right. No that looks like more. You might be right here hold on. Let’S see here we go copy, go to excel click, a new book and click paste. Oh Toronto, Raptors! No, my gosh! I tried I just got.

It came across my Fox News. No, no! You see! It’S the same thing we’re in the same boat, where it’s stopping at whatever here that it’s not helping me at all then come on Bryan. You almost got me on that one same thing: I do we got ta, get something better than that um! Well, you Brainiac guys y’all figure this out, y’all yeah, I’m I’m the under I’m the newest person to all this Facebook stuff and YouTube stuff.

So help me: okay, anyways, our flash, our we flashed a firmware here, so we’re good to go with that. So let me go ahead and turn this off and we’re going to go ahead and mount the receiver and get the wires run for it. And, let’s see it is currently the time is what it’s almost 11 o’clock. So we have another giveaway coming up so guys it 11 o’clock. I think to give something else away. So hopefully you guys helped me get to this find the solution, while we’re doing that, let me go ahead and get this receiver ready.

Okay, all right! Let’S get their sieve already right now. I just got ta figure out how to get how to pick the winners here you know I mean I really don’t care. I want you guys just have fun to me. It’S if somebody’s going to win something okay time to go back to the old man goggles, so sorry, you’re not going to get the toilet bowl toilet bowl camera, let’s go ahead and get this thing soldered up! Well, you know what I did something different here wonder if this will help you guys I’ll.

Let you guys decide number game. I mean that’s that’s killing me, but if that’s all we got for right now. That’S not my solution, but that if that’s all we got for right now, that’s fine! So I tell you what that’s fine. You guys keep track. If you want. I hate to do that to y’all, but if you want to keep track of the numbers I will I will. Let’S see I’ll, do a number draw between, but you got ta be subscriber okay.

So, let’s make sure we got that right I’ll. Do a number draw between, I will do one in a hundred I mean is: I have a live count here, so let’s do between one and a hundred for right now and and then at eleven o’clock we’ll make that drawing using the random generator. So you guys keep track. Do not repeat the numbers. If you do, the person who put the number down first is the one that gets credit for it.

So please keep track of the numbers you use, then that’s a very easy number to remember. Good job. All right and then somebody keep track of it. Please if you would Lucien if you’re going to that’d be great. What was I doing here? Oh yeah, that’s right! I’Ll show you! I did this angle. I tested this angle out and it actually worked out pretty good. So if you guys liked it I’ll put this camera up there as well, but it actually gave a very close close up of the work that I was doing so maybe that’ll be something you guys like.

I don’t know if you see the damn things upside down so a lot. This might actually be good, for you guys bear with me a second cuz, this sucka yeah. He has a pretty good close-up of what’s being worked on there. So, let’s see, if you guys like that, so this way, I think I can zoom in much better on the part being soldered as long as I keep it within range right there. Alright, so that’s a better angle right gives you a better a clearer shot.

I’Ve got 35 seconds to wait for you to answer me, but when you do answer me, if you say you like that, then we’re going to leave it like that. Alright and now I need to find this right here. I just need to know how to get all my subscribers out of it on YouTube. However, like fine, but you know what I can see the I can see the idea that, but you know I don’t know I mean I would like to be able to also give the YouTube, because the point being is to subscribe on YouTube, helps the beginning of This tape – I don’t know I’ll – have to do some more research on it too.

I apologize guys. I thought I had it down, but you just point something out to me: that’s very true! Ok, it’s good, ok, good! So we’re going to leave that like that, and this way I could work and you guys can see some of the soldering. I guess a little bit better than from that other angle. Ok, so, let’s get to it time to work. Can you see me my eyes? Look really big. Is it? What does that? Look like yeah check this time.

What that looks like that? Look really look bad! You, okay! Just I check. Let’S do some work now. Shall we all right, so I’ve already tend the wires. I mean I’ve already tend the receiver, so I’m just going to go ahead and I mean I’ve already put the flux on it. Now, I’m just going to go ahead and turn it up. Real quick, don’t leave it like that for now and then we’ll go ahead and eat the library and then, if you guys want to remind me at 11 o’clock, which is about one minute from now, we’ll go ahead and draw another winner for something every hour or Maybe every half hour we’ll start doing that I’ll leave this wire along for you all right.

So, let’s strip this wire, okay, as soon as uh like holes up right, you come up with something you know. I can do something on the website where you guys can enter on there before the show, and then I can just randomly pick from the names, but you have to be subscribed. That’S the big thing more subscribers and then guys. Please tell other people about the Facebook or the YouTube blog. I know it’s not the best blog out there as far as I’m not better, but if, if you could help that’d be great, I’m barely 9 here, ok! So whenever you guys, I’m going to wait I’ll need two people to tell me we’re good to do the drawing Brian.

Since you are, you said, wait for something I don’t know what it was, but I need you to tell me we’re good to draw and then Lucian or David or somebody. Let me know when I can do the drawing and I’ll do the random number generator now, and that way we can have our next winner. Please and thank you and I look up here in just a second. I got 35 seconds from the time. I say that before you guys can respond, so you just get this thing to end up real, quick, alright! Well, that’s right! If you guys are looking at that camera, you can’t see what I’m doing so hold on a second that doesn’t help you at all.

Does it that sucks here I’m going to go ahead and saw this anyway, I mean today. My goal is to throw the trash away as I create it, so that I don’t have this crap all over the place. I just need tweezers real, quick, all right, but it is good there. All right, so are our receivers done. This is about. As far as what does it say, read the article pick a random YouTube. They figure we’re going to be on YouTube.

Have everyone come in there, hey bro, it’s because you’re playing to my what’s happening. Are we ready to draw? Are we ready to do the drawing? I don’t know what all these sounds mean like I you. What does that mean? I don’t know what the hell. That means sounds like you’re angry Arab, like one of my family members yelling at me right now, oh wait! Well Gerard! I have messed up tons of equipment to be able to solder properly so YouTube and solder.

If you want to go through happier in the dory and ruin it all, let me get a heat shrink and get this sucker secured. Are we doing the drawing guys? Are we ready everybody ready for the next drawing all I need. Is it yes, somebody say yes just yes, I don’t know what I you and all this stuff means. So just yes or no, that would help me. Okay. So now we can switch back and go here and bam there. We go.

Okay, get it out of the way all right, so we’re good! There send it. Yes, oh okay, everybody’s saying: yes, sorry! I was looking away okay good! So here we go random, generating number coming right up to the next. Drawing and watermelon shut up, Aaron! Okay! Here we go so random, random random. What did I say one in a hundred right, yeah, so one in a hundred. So let me clear this out and put a hundred remember.

I can’t see you guys comments. While I’m doing this – because you know I should just put this on my computer – so I can see what the hell’s going it’s all this stuff too much crap going on around here there we go. Okay, let’s see I’m pulling you guys up here. Real quick so bear with me, so I can at least see what’s going on in there so hurry up. Please and thank you whatever here goes, one in a hundred.

You guys tell me who wins? Oh, what did we agree as far as where are we at on? If you go over or under or whatever so is it person without going over? I want you guys. I want us to all be on the same page here. So where are we at with that? Somebody give me some information on that. Please anybody! I don’t know if this is refreshing on the comments, but if you can, let me know that that’d be great here.

Let me just see what you guys are saying: okay, so whatever yeah, so if we go, if you go over, what’s the deal, what’s the rule on the winner, is he going over under what? How does it work can’t go over? I’M with you on that one can’t go over so, okay, fair enough. So if you have 37 and the number is 38 then closest without going over, this is like prices right. Okay, so we all agree all right. Michael Parrish got his last night or whatever.

No, you got okay, that’s fine, so yeah if you’re 38 and it goes 39 you’re out then so it would go to the person next right or is that right right, or am I wrong with that? You guys have to tell me it’s all new to me. I need to build this quad, so it’s just 10 Brian, you can’t say numbers good, so we’re good okay. So if you have so, you can’t go over meaning the number. If the number passes you, oh, I don’t care.

Yeah, add the numbers banana. I got it. Thanks Aaron, so a guy’s real quickly. So we agree if you have like 10 and the number is 11. Are you out then, because it’s under it’s above your number or if you have 11 in the numbers 10, it doesn’t count because you went over the number which one is it guys. So I know without mistakes. You know I’m just going to pick a number and then we’ll figure it out.

I think if, if the number goes over your number, it goes to the next person. I guess I guess so. If you’re number 1 you’re screwed, unless you get one, that’s whatever we’ll figure it out man I mean this is just too much fun for me all right here. Let me just do a random number, damn it all right between 108 number, four, Oh, whoever is number four. Now we’ll figure it out after that. So number four is the number.

So please, let me know who got that and we’ll take it from there now. Let me put my phone back, so I can read how much hazing I’m going to get for doing this and not knowing that the hell I’m doing. Okay. Number four was the winning number now time for me to get back to work Lucien. If you’ll, please tell me who won I’d appreciate it, Oh guys, I will get it done eventually, I’m so worried about pissing everybody off.

I don’t know what the right way to do it is. I guess one minute. I think I got it next minute. Something goes screwy, so let’s just get the damn receiver done on this thing, so we can build a quad and if you have any build questions or anything while I’m doing this, please just ask me all right so on this one get this whoops get this to Fit properly, if I’m the partner well this yep yep and I’m doing – and I don’t know where I put my parts hold on – who won? Oh, he won for real wait.

Okay, see now, there’s an argument here: Oh number, one wins: okay, I’ll go with it! So number, whatever you guys decide, I’m not here to cause problems. So if there’s a discrepancy, we will figure it out and make everybody happy. Please all right again, it’s our first time to try to figure out this sloppy way of doing it. My I apologize, but okay, so on this one, what we’re going to do – and this is what we did earlier on the build – is I’m just going to go ahead and put a drop of hot glue right there all right and then I’m going to place this Right in the center and then whoops, I want to show something different, because I actually did this different and so on.

Let me get that back off and we will do it again because I want to put it upside down. Actually, I remember I changed my mind on this after I did the bill, because the Buy button will be on the bottom, then so you want to place it right and then flip it over and then move it to where you can see your bind button which, As you can see is right there this way you can bind this from the bottom of the quad and not have to mess with it.

Okay, so uh wine wins. Okay! Oh okay! I got you, I got you so it’s the person going over. I got you. Okay, so that works says so if the numbers to everybody loses accept, no, I got you numbers five then okay makes sense. So is everybody cool with this? If we do it like that, does anybody have any until we can figure out how to get a list of all the subscribers? Now then you are, it was Ben right who is it? Okay closes? Oh, alright, y’all figured out man.

I just want to give away. Okay, I want to thank everybody for supporting my stuff, and this is the best way for me to do it alright. So if you’re looking at this pill, dough getting back to the build, because that is what this is about kind of so the way I did this was I you know, I’ve got these two holes down here and I mounted it and turned it. So you can reach the bind button right. The glue on this is gorilla glue.

I use a. I use the gorilla hot glue, this suckers not going anywhere so we’re good with that Ben. Congratulations on that, so make sure to get in with me and I’ll. Send you one of these helping hands as well and then it’s 11 o’clock we did our drawing so at 11:30. Let’S do a drawing, for I don’t know, y’all figure out what you want to do, a drawing for that’s a fun, drawing on the half hour mark and we’ll do another one, okay and we’ll just keep doing these tonight – to have some fun alright.

So there’s that, and as you can see, what will happen is when this pops in here it’ll actually bolt into the 20/20 mounts. Let me turn it. This way, zoom out a little bit and it’ll it’ll bolt in like this, and you see how it could kinda it can go in and out without having to remove any of the components. So if anything goes wrong with your transmitter or you need to do any work on or any updates on it, it’s very easy to just take out the four screws and you can take your transmitter out, but it’ll sit right there and the cool part is: is The arms as you’ll see here they actually lock around it all right so that all that piece actually has a purpose of keeping the arms in place as well.

Okay, so let’s go ahead now and get started showing like for the 50th time. Michael sorry, man, I wanted to do it earlier brother, but I appreciate your support. Michael Lane, guys Michael, is a great guy and he put some articles up of our afraid that we sent him appreciate you, Michael for all your help and support my friend. Oh no. I can see my stuff on the computer. This is getting better by the minute.

Get rid of this trash you’re going here. Gerard take care of my friend. Thank you as well for your support. Sorry guys. I know this kind of got a slow start. I promise you I’ll make it faster and and stay on topic a little bit more. I’M just really excited to be doing this build tonight and I guess I get a little carried away, but you know y’all are great and I appreciate y’all very much Brian. Will you send out to me an email because I’m not going to see this – I probably won’t see that because it just keeps scrolling up, but if you could send that to me, man I’d really appreciate it.

Okay! So now let me just get focused on here, because I know this is why we’re here. So let me go ahead and knock this out and I’ll put the arms in real, quick. Oh that’s right and on this one I did do something different. I used a metal to hold that in place and then put a plastic washer on top of it all right, so we’ve got a subscriber. We just don’t know how to get the full read on them. Thanks Brian, I mean my thing is why I just keep everybody’s number the same for the whole night and I don’t know I’ll have to figure this out.

I’Ve got to come up with something better because it’s also more difficult when you’re giving more prizes than just one away in a night. So there’s obviously some things I need to work on with this and apologize for not being fully prepared. I thought it may be easier, but nope all right so first thing we’ll do is we’re going to go ahead and put our receiver in that uses the twenty twenty stack. So let me go ahead and get the antenna and get the wires in and we should be good to go okay, so you see how that’s going to fit there real well so once that locks in place so now you’ve got the arm lock from the motors.

I mean from the arms, but you also have the square plate sitting in place, so that’s working out real well to keep it solid. So let me just go ahead and tighten this down a little bit my wife’s yelling at the dogs – I’m not going here right now. They must be making her mad by the way I have these tool sets. What when is this fear, but it’s actually it’s online. Now I put it on I think this morning, so if you go to the Diablo it’s under the Diablo link, so if you click that one you should be able to see it there on that page by the way like I was saying, I’ve had these tools.

I had this kit. I’Ve got. I’Ve got a hundred kids here, probably I didn’t even know I had these I’ve been using those ratchet that ratchet set, and then I found the easier like man. This is great, so I will tell you guys this tool set right here. Is I really do like this one? I mean it really comes in handy, pretty solid and I think right now we had the Emax quads on sale and some other stuff, but uh I’m going to put these tools on sale too.

Here just a little bit, Oh Lucien you’re going to go crazy. I don’t think lesions keeping up with the numbers, I think he’s lost his mind. I’Ll come up with a better I’ll, come up with a better plan. I promise. But tonight let’s just give her buddy some stuff man. Let’S have some okay, so we got a receiver in. We got our arms arms in, like I said these are the two millimeter only because I was cutting a two millimeter plate today they are.

They are three millimeter arms where the hell is the club here, so they are three millimeter thick thick regular. But for this build just because I was cutting a two millimeter plate and I wasn’t going to have time to cut a three mil for this, but they do come with and then, as you notice, guys, the frames now, parts of the frames do have lifetime warranties. On this frame, it’s the base plate, we’re going to show you on this built piece, so it’s the base plate the battery plate and the top camera plate.

So any of those break basically send me a picture of it, and all you have to do is pay shipping. I send you a new one. Okay, so the arms will not there’s one thing: I’ve decided I’m not going to put lifetime warranties on there’s no way seen how everybody flies. It’S not happen, but on some parts of the this is the battery plate. Here, it’s very strong plate. I feel comfortable about the main plates that way, you guys don’t have to worry about that.

Okay, so you just let me know, send me a picture and you get a note and that’s on the genesis, Diablo and then there would be some more, but these are the ones that are coming to mind right now: alright, okay, so the board. So on this board, we’re going to turn this again and then we’ll go ahead and get the motors out. Let’S start, oh, I do want to show you something also that will be ready tomorrow.

I worked on this for a gentleman it was. It was a request. I have to give I have to make sure that I make the right comment on this doe, so bear with me a second I’m sitting here trying to do this. The same time, there is a cool quad that I made for someone, and it’s actually, I believe or a child, that he knows, and I don’t know the full story behind it. But all I know is I’m really proud of this project.

I do have to give props to the artist of it because I don’t know the person, but if I can show you this real quick, this is a dragon quad. Now it is I’ve taken a motor off because this was the preliminary frame, but I want you to see this. It’S really cool. The final will be done tomorrow, so here it is it’s in the shape. I don’t know if you can see that with all this, but it’s in its it looks like it’s supposed to be like a flying dragon right now.

I have to give props on this one and I gave her credits to it. So the drawing is not mine. It had the drawing original drawing has been modified. So what you see now is mine, but the initial idea came from a micro. I don’t know something really really tiny quad, I guess, and so what I did is I blew it up change some of the things and this is for this is going out to a I guess – a cool young child.

It’S going to get an awesome, awesome frame. So anyways this was the preliminary frame at 2 millimeters, it’s actually being cut at 3 and it’s supposed to be really cool. So I’m really excited about that. But I don’t want to sit there and say that I had the I borrowed a dragon drawing and turned it into a quad. That’S probably the best way to word it. I think I don’t know, but it was sent to me. I didn’t and I have written the person that did that did the initial drawing I’ve not heard back from them, but I want them to know that I am giving them credit for the work if they will just write me back.

So, there’s that Lusine you’re going to make everybody want to kill you by the end tonight. Sorry guys, kill Lucien, Oh get mad at me. They’Re just kidding all right, so we’re going to bring our receiver wire it through here will terminate that and now let’s get our motors okay. These are going to be 65 millimeter long wires. This I remember from doing the build yesterday, so I have my heat shrink.

I already cut to 65 millimeters, which is right here, so it’s really simple. Just take the heat shrink and slide it over the wire down to the base like that and then snip off the excess, and you have the exact wire length that you need to make these wires perfect and they will reach perfectly see a little little quick trick. So that you don’t sit there all day and try to make sure your wires match just get one eat shrink and do it that way will throw that box out Jeff.

That is the right here. Multi-Star. Let me see, I don’t know what the other details are about. It anyways, it’s a four in one multi star with a 30 amp ESC. It runs d, schat 600. It’S got OSD on it, so it’s got OSD, it’s got the ESC and I’ve got them on the website. If you want to go, if you go to the website, you’ll see them as soon as I’m done. Building the stack by the way, because if you go now, you’ll see that the Diablo s3 is online and the picture is actually of this one, which is the exact same, build it’s running the same board that is going to be.

The Biden fly setup as well, and so I’ll have the list of all the components in there with the price. I am going to push to start building more of the quads for people. I’Ve been asked a lot more to do that and I’ve tried to not do it because I wanted people to do it on their own, but to help everyone out. That is something I’m going to be doing more of and so you’ll get the price for a binding fly here shortly, but uh should be pretty good but yeah, that’s a.

I got the I got that from Hobby King actually and they had a pretty good deal on him at one time and I picked up a handful of them. So that’s what I wanted to try to use also to show that this can do a 30-30 stack and that came at the request of Adam so Adam thanks a lot for your input on that he’s Adam actually won the frame during a Genesis, giveaway, but cannot Fly a larger frame where he’s at he has to go with a smaller frame, and so I said, hey give me an idea of what you’d like to see in a smaller frame, and he did and part of that was a 30-30 stack, wider arms that are Durable and so forth, and so thanks to him for his input, yeah, that’s a Nolan one.

I mean it’s this. This is definitely an all-in-one but, like I said, that’s to get it down to 33 mm to get it down to 10 millimeters all right. If you don’t care about the height, then you want to go 15 millimeters. You can do multiple things and I’ll show you here in a second how the UTX is going to go and then you’ll see how it all fits where’s. My trying to find my little 65 he’s straight measuring figures all right, so we almost got all four motors ready.

Okay, so let’s get this mess cleaned up, make sure we get everything. Everything looks good here. Our receiver is good. This is the front. This will go. This way, and so we are safe now to go ahead and tighten down our flight controller, I’m going to go ahead and do that real, quick. It’S a actually I’ll, be honest with you, if I’m not talking, which is hard. But if I’m not talking and doing this, like with the live thing, this build just about a 1-hour build, I was really impressed with how fast this build went together.

When I, when I finished it, it’s very simple because of the board. Thank God. The board makes it a lot easier, so if you guys ever want to try this build, there will be a DIY price. If you want to build it on your own, which I think I should try. It’S pretty easy board to solder to there’s plenty of room here unless you’re going to get to the buzzer the buzzer I like, I said I was really not happy how how tight the buzzer portion was, but that’s out of here over there.

It still who got together just fine, hmm they’re, going to have some fun bro, that’s you’re sure you will have some fun. Okay, so I mean for all purposes. That’S it right. I mean that as far as that goes now, let me show you how the while that’s sitting there getting ready. Let me show you how the VTX works, so I did this for the HTR CVT X. I really do like this VTX and I wanted to make it easy to use now you can use any VTX there are.

There is the mount right here for it, and so I’m going to go ahead and mount that real, quick and you have. These are 2020 spaced apart by the way, so you should have no problem there. So let me show you how this is a good amount now on this cut, this is a cut for me. There is actually on the on the final frame – and I pulled this off before I even check this. If you look at this one here, you’ll see that there are 2020 holes in the back.

I did not cut through on this one, but there are dual mount. So don’t worry about that, but let me go ahead and just show you how this looks. Oh – and I knew one of the things we’re doing guys is our new vinyl system is here, so we’re actually doing all the vinyl overlays for your quad, which is really cool. I mean you know how you get those stickers and decals or whatever that cover the frame. Well, I’m doing those in-house now, so I’m really excited I’ll, be showing you that those will collect too.

But let me just give you an idea of what this is going to look like here now like I said it is done with the HD LRC, but you can use whatever BTX you want if it doesn’t fit this way, it’ll still fit on the 2020s. So don’t panic about that if you’re using a 20/20 it’ll fit the holes are fine, no matter what, but I did do that cut out for this one and I didn’t see any problem with it at the time. So hopefully you guys can benefit from that and most of the VTX to start taking the same shape.

Oh Paul, I just showed them that dragon one but Paul’s the guy getting the dragon one by the way, all right. So you see how that is now. So as this sits on here, you’ll be able to see your blog change and then your antenna goes right here right now, if you don’t use this, like I said, if you don’t use this VTX, it’s fine. You can still lay yours out accordingly, but I just wanted to put that in there as a feature and then I reinforced the arms.

If you look at mine, the arms are rather thin here, I’m not the arms with the extension area for the lipo strap. So what I did was it actually widened it here and brought it in so there’s definitely more strength and then, as you can see, the strap weaves through. So you can don’t have to worry about your clearance underneath the frame and then all I did was lay the strap across take a knife and then cut that path out.

So my battery sticks on the side. This lays and makes it almost perfectly even across so my battery gets a solid, very solid, I’ll call it if fasten is very solid to it. So that’s that all right, let me get the took these arms bounders Paul, I’m excited for yours. I may do something live tomorrow with that dragon Paul. I don’t know I’m going to try to see what time permits, but I appreciate you too.

Paul has had a tremendous amount of patience with me. Getting this thing done I mean it has been. It has been taking a while for me to get going and get it going, but I’m really excited about how it’s going to turn out so and don’t forget. You’Ve got to be subscribed to our YouTube blog guys. That’S that’s! The other thing is even though, if you’re not gets picked, you’ve got to be on our YouTube blog to subscribe.

Please, and that’s only because I need to help to help it grow so pass it out, help it out. I’Ve got more articles going up there. I’M going to do 10 flight controllers, a 10:00 flight controller article on building on assembly it’ll be 10 in one day. So I’ll be doing that. I think one of the nights this weekend, where you can just read it: I’m going to do 10 flight controller installation. How to connect them, how to wire back to back so this way we can knock some out and everybody can get a little piece of information with the need alright.

So there we go with that. Now our arms are on our flight controllers in our receivers in and now we just put some of this crap away and get going and are we at the 11:30 mark? Oh we are we ready Lucian when we’re ready when we’re ready you, let me know. Okay, I will look up at the screen again in just a second right now. I just want to make sure to get this going all right. Let’S get the motors done, so we’re going to go ahead and turn the motor wire real, quick.

Yes, there is, I think, it’s on the website under the Diablo. Oh, are you talking about for this Diablo or the other deal you talk about for the three-inch if you’re asking about the three-inch? No, I did not change the base. There’S one for the five inch and it’s going to be the same for the three inch just the base will be smaller, but if you’ll send me a message on that to remind me, I can have it ready tomorrow, you don’t care to win Michael, my gosh.

That’S the first time I’ve heard you say that and right now I can’t help you with your Zeus all-in-one, but I did get your message and responded to you about it, and yours is not working because you need to flash it. I think or try to flash it, so you were asking about a article and I believe I did find it and as soon as I’m done here I’ll, send you the link and that will be getting you taken care of my friend okay.

So we got the motors ready, so let’s go ahead and get them turned up. I might be out low with exodor microSD combo do I have to invert the or at 6 4 OSD? Oh well, your comment. Your question is kind of half cut. Also, can you talk about motor protocols a bit okay, so um, let’s get first on inverting the UART I’m for OSD hold on there’s my wife, hey mama, now well, acts don’t worry about it! I’Ll go after I’ll, go after you.

What you can do. Can you give me a? Can you fill out my poultry yeah yeah? I finished so I’ll. Go sorry guys! One! Second! Thank you love! You mama appreciate you, okay, so I’ll have to yeah I’ll give to you Michael. I promise I’m sorry. I will make sure to get that to you. I have to think about that invert, the you know you don’t have to invert for the OSD, but I’m kind of trying to understand what I do have to invert the you are at six for OS t.

What on the David, what on the OSD? What is it that you’re trying to do what board was it again on there, because I’m not really sure I’m understanding the question to be honest with you, so I’ll wait for you to! Let me know about that and then I can help answer it. I got ta. Remember the board right now: I’m not remembering the board. Let’S go ahead and get this solder. Oh, I almost made that mistake.

Didn’T I give me a little bit of information on that and I’ll be able to. I just don’t remember right now what that was, but I don’t see why on OSD, unless you’re talking about getting telemetry and if you’re talking about telemetry, it’s going to come down to the receiver, but you should be fine, I don’t know which receiver you guys are Got the mini or the MM solution? No, please don’t do that guys.

You know we can do that. Just Lucien. We should only one with purple hair. I think thanks mama are you going to bed I’m going to go fold the laundry and then shower? Ok, I love you. I love you too. It’S going, everybody says hi right yeah. They says hi right, yeah, I’m just getting this quad built. I can’t figure out how to give anything away, because I thought I had all my subscribers figured out to where I could pull their names and their found out.

I’M only pulling the top hundred like the most recent hundred, so that’s screwed up so now we’re trying. Let me just say a random name: no you’re not doing around. Oh me, no! That’S out! Oh man, I got a carbon fiber piece. Nice hey! I got a splinter you’re supposed to help me get this out goodbye I’ll, just cut it out on my own. Thank you for your help, love you! That’S a nasty piece of carbon fiber and my finger hold on guys, ouch, my keys one.

Second, God just come fire her or what sorry technical difficulties here. This thing’s been hurting me all day and I just happened to look down and see it. Oh, it’s a pretty piece darn about two millimeters long that hurts all right: carbon fibers out fingers. Good! That’S a work! Is that pole, playing time crap to me, hurt all right got it out? All right motors are ready, let’s go ahead and get some hate rink on them and what I got here, let’s use it.

Let’S do I got idea: let’s have some fun with this. Why not yeah? I know right anything to get viewers shot up I’ll quit talking crap about mine, my splinters they hurt. I got a article, I’m telling you it’s a gory article. I had to dig one out and I did under a microscope that recorded it. It looks brutal, but that was that was was pretty deep. How inside all right, so we’re going to go. Do this pick a number Lawrence? I want to give another helping hands away or maybe something else.

Whatever you guys decide, I like to helping hands by feeling like a tool set or something. Let me know the block size. Can you tell me, go and I’ll do the drawing? What am I shrink tubing? My finger ass, duct tape is my go-to now well. This is a pretty good, build. It’S an easy build, so you guys really suck on go. He said, go! Okay! All right here goes. Anybody else sub. Did you YouTube that was enters to you? Okay, so here it goes, I’m going to go ahead and do the drawing and then we’re going to get to heat shrinking these and put this away real, quick.

Alright, here we go uh pull this up random generator. There we go okay. What are we doing? One to a hundred right is that right, one to one hundred yeah mobile definitely has a shorter delay than the screen. I think it’s one to one hundred. So if it’s 100 here we go 99, easing them y’all. Let me know who it is and please, if just make sure your subscriber on YouTube. That’S the only rule. I ask so.

Okay, let me know that. Okay, now all that’s going on. Let me get my motors ready. Please hey, congrats, congratulations to you! Kara or car up, I assume it’s Kara, but if I’m wrong, I apologize congratulations to you. Nice job make sure to hit me up to make sure. That’S that done, for you and also just these are. These are the tornadoes. These are the well that’s chaos series, but it’s a tornado 1407 series 3700, where it’s sorry, 3600 kV.

Yeah 3600 kgs yeah. These are really powerful motors, I’m extremely impressed with them. Brother hobby made them for us and it’s been really really good. The only problem is this is 2 millimeter, and I needed to do something better than that for this, I’m just going to have to go with a different. Let me just not crank it down that way, because it really should be a three millimeter arm, so the screws are about a millimeter longer than I would like, but hey it’ll work.

Alright. So now, let’s see what else we got. That’S three items I think they’ve given away. I think I don’t know I think I may be given four, because I said somebody’s name wrong. I have no idea, but whoever whatever no problem you guys just let me know what here I’m going to go away. Next any show, ah thanks man, I appreciate y’all. I just try to have fun with y’all. That’S the best part, let’s have fun yeah.

There was a lot of frames, but a lot of them. You know, there’s you know after looking at what people have asked for, and I’ve changed some things out, so a lot of them are getting redone or I mean the ones that are on there. Now are the ones that are under Diablo Leviticus and Genesis are they’re. Staying now, it’s some ex class work and and then some some really cool stuff, but carbon I talked to David today about doing carbon fiber molding.

I guess you know the equipment’s here to do it. I just haven’t had a big, I didn’t have a lot of people that were really seem interested in having a carbon fiber moulded, but I used to do fiberglass moulding and then I did carbon fiber molding. So I think we’re going to go ahead and get bring that back out and see if people minute now and then now, we’ve got a few other things up our sleeves that we’re about to do so.

I promise you guys will be happy and everything’s in stock. Here so, if you see yeah, I did change the side up. I did some that it’s to the site this weekend or this week to where the drop downs are easier. But one of the things to note is that everything you see on the site if it’s available, meaning you doesn’t stay out of stock and there’s very few things that stay out of stock. It’S here in Texas right! It’S here like right behind me, everything that I have is sitting in two rooms around me, so you don’t have to worry about it coming from overseas or delayed shipping.

I can’t promise you I’m not going to screw up your order, though I accidentally sent 3s batteries to Australians to the 4s batteries. So because the error was on me and it’s my fault, I replaced the batteries and paid for the shipping, which was because it took care of the guy. He. He was very nice to be patient with me and it takes a while to ship things to Australia. So I got him I think four day or five days, shipping now with the right battery, so I mean we make our errors to please understand it happens.

I can’t do it all right, but we keep everything here. So you know these take care of you guys. You have nothing to worry about in that regard, you may end up with five extra batteries or something because I got sidetracked. I tried to have my my youngest son he’s about to turn eight and I actually gave him a job, so he could earn some money by helping me and my wife pack shipments. He helped me on those batteries, but I’m going to take the blame for it.

At least he wants to work to make money. He sees the value of it, creating print of what that solution. Where I mean there’s Bryce right, this is Bryce guys. Bryce is doing some of our 3d printing. What 3d printing? What oh? Are you guys tell me what you owe me giveaway? Okay, okay, you guys do I’m going to let my guys figure it out solution and Bryce and David and Erin, if you guys are still on there.

I don’t think John’s on right now: y’all figure out listen to what they’re asking for what’s up big Bryce and guys Bryce is doing our 3d prints for our customers. He’S one of the you know he’s got all the material to do it, so we do also have a couple other guys that are doing it or who’ve asked to do it. I think Stephen Klein was one of them, but Bryce is somebody who’s in direct contact with me he’s obviously one of the pilots for our team and he is a very, very brilliant forward.

What are you 14 Bryce, you’re, still, 14 or 15? I think he’s 14. Wait, maybe turkey just said great a long ago, but any 3d prints. He gets the STL files. He takes care of it, so yeah, well, Brandon, I’m letting the battery deal run until they sell out it wasn’t a time time. I don’t like these time sales man, I really, I really don’t like them, so it’s kind of until the inventory wins out. You know.

So how about it? These time sales just make people have to spend money when they may not have it available, and I hate that feeling so just they’re there till we sell out okay. So hopefully that gives everybody enough time. Okay, when you guys are ready to tell me what we’re giving away next, please let me know I am all ears. I will make sure you my guys, don’t get crazy with the options, but I’m pretty flexible.

What’S the next price, a 3d print, oh yeah, Bryce, you’re, 15, that’s right! Okay, so well! Bryce is a very smart, 15 year old kid and very smart kid very similar. Okay. So we’re doing what’s the next giveaway a 3d print. I don’t understand. Is that what I’m giving away is that what everybody agreed on of all the stuff here, you guys take a 3d print. Now, I’m just kidding. That’S what you want! That’S a jewel! You got all night I’m going to keep giving stuff away civ, giving a quater Brian.

You are smoking, the crack, I’m not giving a quarter way. That is not happening tonight, not a full build quad, that’s crazy, but I appreciate you going for gold. Listen. I spell a note surprises so when you guys are ready to figure it out, y’all tell me micro cam, I can’t you look at X. Maybe I’ve got a cat X here, I don’t mind doing the cat. It’S thanks man. I think you appreciate that Lawrence.

Hey! You guys want to do a cat X camera. Let’S just let me just kind of get this ball rolling. How about we give a cat X, camera away, okay and then we’ll just follow, Bryan’s lead and just give a Ferrari right after it. You know, let’s do a cat X, camera everybody on board. With that say, aye aye, aye aye, all right! You better subscribe. Okay, cata camera! It is so ya, know Ferrari. Sorry, but you know what I am going to do, though one of the things I’m going to do is I’m doing.

I don’t know how many of y’all – well, I don’t know if any of y’all would actually need this stuff, but I’m doing some carbon-fiber work, I’m making a poker chip set out of carbon fiber. I’M really excited about this, because you know I pokers me great game and stuff, and so I’m going to be making a poker chip set out of carbon fiber with inlays to differentiate the chips and I’m a stirrer. I mean work, I’m going to show you guys that looks like it’s like a side project, I’m going to give my dad for Father’s Day.

Okay, so katic tambour! It is so you guys. Let me know when you’re ready, I’m waiting for somebody say, go for it and we go. Is it you’re right? Oh my god. Thank you, David thanks for paying attention. That’S what happens when I start talking things thanks for saving my ass on that one where the rest of y’all jeez, I was testing you. I was testing you Grady, you, the man, wait who said it? No David, you whoever said it was David.

Was it you? Thanks for reading it’s the last thing I need well, he have slightly okay. Let me know it already I’ll wait to hear. The word tell me ready and we go. I say: pull 1 to 100, so oh yeah, the mark for sorry I didn’t I did. I have two of them: are forged mark two sitting right here: yeah they’re, a chunk of change, that’s for sure, but they any print. It’S a hell of a lie to you. It’S really impressive, what they print and how they print.

I tell you what they could print money you’d be helping me pay me back for those damn things matter of fact. You see if I can figure this out. Oh, come on stupid. There we go where’s. That is that that one yep see that they’re through this mess oops right. What is my finger right? There, that’s one of them and then there’s another one on the other side of it. There yeah they sit there and they print.

They do good prints. For me all day long, oh man, yeah yeah, that’s for sure three systems make some hella fine stuff bro, but I’m not at that caliber. The only thing I’m thinking about getting is the mark Forge the mark X, metal printer, but I don’t see a reason for right now, but I’ve been waiting for it. I need them to guarantee aluminum and the last time I checked they weren’t guaranteeing aluminum, but they may have changed that by now about 13 for the ones I have not 15, don’t make them better than they are all right.

Let me get this: let’s get this motor soldered there! Okay! Well, you know what that’s the better the cameras for you see. If we can make this work and out of work, oh damn there you go now we can zoom out, and that gives a pretty decent picture. I guess that’s crap. I can never figure all this stuff out, but there you go yeah, let’s try it and then let’s just move it off camera all right. Let’S prep the board yeah.

I know and that’s one of the problems Chris I’ve been trying to figure out honestly. I just got a advertisement or a: what do you call it eight? What did it call as they send them like a email? That’S talking about the new stuff, emotional, email or whatever, and you know what I am. I am a little concerned about it so, but I did want to do something with a little bit more metal work, but I think by the end of the day, actually it’s a little misleading, because I, when I was reading their last in the last email, it Was talking about the cost differences, but what they leave out of the cost difference is the cost of the printer.

So, where they’re like hey, this would cost you five grand or two grand to have made blah blah or 600 bucks, and then they get to theirs and they’re like yeah. It’S only like nine dollars, yeah except it cost you. You know fifteen thousand dollars to get there so realistically, unless you’re, printing, a ton of those things, are needing a ton of them. I don’t know how they calculated the break-even, but I’m not really sure I’m ever going to get to that number.

I’Ve kind of given up on the break-even, but how I got my wife to let me buy it, so I better. I can do something because one day she’s going to ask me about that breakeven and I don’t produce it I’m in trouble. Sorry, I don’t know if you guys are saying something or not, but I’ve got I can’t see, because I am doing this so bear with me a second: are we probably ready to do a giveaway guys? I will look up here and see if I am being told yes, because I believe we have a calyx micro cam to give away.

So why not? Let’S do it? I’M just knocked out yeah, that’s for sure, Jonny, but time it’s done man. I just think it’s cost-effective, I don’t think there’s a break. I don’t think I think a break even is a lie, but hey. I still love my printer. It’S just. I could have bought a small country for that. Oh, by the way, if anybody has a okay, we’re ready, okay, sorry um I’ll make my little simulator. Let me do a random thing here.

Huh here we go. So let me switch cameras. Damn there. We go okay, random guys. Here we go and it’s 1 to 100. So good luck, everybody! We shouldn’t get this go 100 and the number is 64 good luck. Whoever 64 is wish you the best. Please let me know who you are and congratulations and now back to my build the grats, though whoever wanted congratulations. I hope you enjoyed it for sure, oh yeah, so what I was going to say was, I need an iPad Mini.

Anybody has an extra iPad Mini and you need equipment or something. Let me know I mean if you’re selling a cheap, cheap or if you want to sell cheap great. My screen has just gone out and I really depend on it for these articles so and if you like, I said if you need equipment instead, I’ll swap you or whatever just putting that out there all right. So the soldering is coming out real nice there. Let’S put this one yeah, I don’t want to see who won so, who won? Who David ooh? Hey, David, congratulations and that’s awesome.

Congrats to you, brother you’re, very welcome. I didn’t mention. The camera is already broken. Wait! It’S an iPad me too, wait who said mini what happened? I missed something yeah. Is he ready ready? It’S an iPad Mini 2, whose god I’ve had mini. I need that David. It is a broken camera by the way, but it’s not really whether it works right. It’S just the thought that counts, so I’m just kidding it’s brand new.

Congratulations to you and we’ll do another prize here shortly. So hang in there, folks, hey man, you’re welcome and thank you for your support. It’S the only way. Best thing is the support I get from you guys. Thank you. What happened in this one where’s, the water? Oh, no, it’s there. I guess it just pulled through a little bit. All right, so motors are wired up I’ll. Give you a close-up on that yeah.

That looks I got one I don’t use, but it’s an iPad yeah. I picked me to be great Rudy. I mean let’s hook that up you, let’s, let’s make it work because I need an iPad Mini mate was fine. Let’S just message me and let’s see what we can do, because I need it ASAP, so I’d like to take that off your hands, then and get you what you need and we’ll make sure everybody’s treated fairly and happy. Thank you very much, David.

Congratulations and now get ready for your next drawing which will be coming up shortly. After a word from our sponsors, we don’t have any sponsors, so guess we have another drawing coming up shortly. Alright, so you guys go, there’s your make these wires. All look the same here in just a minute, but right now I just want to show you that it’s coming up nice here, everything’s even wire links, are all 65 millimeters.

No, it’s just a matter of making the pattern look good, so they all look identical before I fastened them down. No okay! You guys ever fly up in dallas-fort worth Chris, I’m going to fly. I wish I did, but I don’t get time anymore, but I’m going to, but if I do I’ll head up to Dallas man, if you’re flying on go hanging out, I don’t know really where everybody else is from, but I’m sure I know we’ve got some customers There in that area, all right, so let’s switch cameras down and get back to business.

Shall we okay? So we got our motors done. Everything looks good there. Now, let’s get to the rest of it. Um we’ll go ahead and we know dude put this on. So, let’s just grab a camera. Let me go grab a camera real, quick, Oh camera. Do I want to use predator after waiting, arrow micro who’s in favourable camera? All right, Dustin may get some sleep: brother, hey Cheryl micro, oh the Falkor, micro, red clothes, ready yeah.

Everybody did yeah yeah. Okay, that’s what we’re all predator after I just set in him. Can I just go with augur? Please use do them. How do I get backup? Please please, please all right. Looking good! Looking good, let’s get this sucker looked up. I don’t have one I do not have the monster mini crew, I don’t think so. That’S pretty good huh um. I don’t think I got those when I did my last order, but off to check yeah, I heard they were really good.

Yeah the cameras manner they’re starting to get really sweet. Now I mean where they’ve come from. It’S like you know. I remember when, like runcam, that was the camera to go with it, man, everybody is ready to be including me and then everybody else. You know. I don’t know if they just got tired. It’S kind of it was kind of like the the GoPro thing you know like Oprah was the nuts man, they had everything, and then I don’t know if they just kind of sat back, but everybody started passing them up.

They’Re still awesome, though I loved Oprah, but it’s like everybody’s now I need to overdrive on the cameras and it’s helping the price down the law while raising the ability of the cameras but yeah they’re they’re, pretty it’s really hard now to find even the cheapest camera That can at least shoot some decent article. Oh that’s going to look good. This town’s, going to look sharp on here. Nice Bryce appreciate that what can never tell the difference between these metal fasteners and the nylon, so I think all right, that’s metal all right or not, there’s that okay, so this is coming out pretty nice.

I really like this camera in here. You look good on so, let’s finish the rest of the build here and be on our way showing great. So I’m not sure about that camera man, I got it. I got a really think of idea. That’S the dual lens right! Isn’T that the dual lens one? You know I really haven’t figured that out yet I don’t understand what’s going on with that, but I guess I guess it’s something I know I could use the magnet, but when you’ve only got like one or two of the magnets, not on the same side, I Just you know just grab one touch my teeth if it sounds like it’s metal that it goes in the metal file, alright, let’s just bring it down a notch to make it easy.

I have a magnet on me all the time. I’M sorry! It’S taken me on Twitter, crap, alright, so yeah the duel is for catering yeah I mean I haven’t. I was talking with a buddy of mine about it and you know I’m kind of up in the air on it, but I don’t know yet, but I’m sure I mean we’re, you know we’re addicts dealer, but I haven’t ordered much from them. I don’t think I even I don’t know when it was. We were going to place an order, but things just no, but I mean I love their.

I love their cat, the ones I have now I just some of that stuff is just too too out there for me, and I don’t know if it’s been tested and works. I mean I’ve got Stillson Fox, your stuff that I’m not even sure about anymore. Sorry guys and you pull that away. A second second see this, but you says see there: we go the OSD cables in there and okay so on here. Everything sits on this side for this board, so I’m going to go ahead and make sure that these run here go ahead and wind that up we’ll run through here 804.

What I old many bottles again so sorry tables get messy now: okay, thanks man! I appreciate that it’s going to be pretty sweet when it’s done. I promise I’m going to make sure that I’m making a one-hour bill turn into four hours apologize, but I don’t get to talk to people much so at least I get to talk with. You offer a little bit oh yeah, by the way, if you’re going to do what I’m doing, please cover the board.

Okay, I get too many repairs in here where the solder has flown off like a shooting star, so to speak and landing on the board. But you can’t see it because it’s so small I put on the microscope and sure enough make sure to cover your board when you’re all right, where’s my sponsors trying to solder so that they can get it on the camera and keep it comfortable. For me is almost bare with me: I apologize.

I have to turn this quad a certain way to do that and not the most comfortable, that’s good. Okay, so we’ve got our camera in and now it’s going to come down by DTX and then we are going to be almost finished. I will leave the voltage wire for now and just figure out what I want to do with that in just a second okay. We’Ve got a receiver, so let me go ahead and do that. The only way are you guys remember if you’re doing this wire stripping, you only really want to take off about a millimeter millimetre and a half, maybe go more than cut it back, but just make sure to not let that wire pass your the soldering pad.

It’S kind of at that point be shows out cover this. Okay, that’s done, or it takes a little bit longer. All right. Are we ready to go sub YouTube, so good yeah, you win. If we’re ready to do another drawing you. Let me know right now: I’ve got ta, make sure I get all these wires laid out properly, and I do those look good time to move on to the BT X, which is right here. Okay – and I just need to get someone – do it we’re ready, uh.

Okay, so break all fields in everybody’s in so it’s time to do another drawing and what are we drawing for now? Guys y’all better have that answer, because I can’t help you there. You got to tell me what is it now Lucia? What is our prize you? Let me know, and I will agree or disagree – please I mean you guys in my new tool set or something like that: okay I’ll give a five pack of Kevlar straps away.

If you guys want that’s fine, I mean it’s. So it’s all fine to me. However, you guys want to do it, it’s all set okay. So, let’s just I tell you what? Let’S just do this? Let’S plan the next couple: giveaways and one will be a five pack of kevlar lipo straps and one will be a a hex toolset and one will be a socket toolset or whatever y’all lose. Crying is a quest. Here’S a bad thing. I don’t know if that means you guys tell me you’re the five pack of straps, please, okay, you guys will start with five pack of Kevlar straps.

Okay, let’s do that. I follow my man Lee and that’s what we will start with. First, five pack of Kevlar straps so here goes sit all right here we go. Let me zoom out, I don’t know what the hell’s going on here, but let’s go this way boom. Okay, he said picture my kids do that for me: that’s my 13 year old to do that when he was like two three yeah all right: where am I yeah? Okay, guys one two one hundred-eyed right now here we go ready and 25 good luck! Number.

25. Let me know who it is. Congratulations. I am appreciative that you’re tuned in and now I need to take this cable all right now back to soldering Congrats by the way – and this is going from back to front here. So let’s cut these three wires. Carmine carmine, hey good job; okay, that’s carmine! Congratulations! Meeting these real, quick and then we’ll get this VTX done and then we are about finished all right.

I need one more smart audio, but right now me just desolder on real, quick, oh man, I wish my wife would love you guys forever. If y’all could win all the props are just sitting here and I’m pleased that would be her dream come true. She hates me hope for that right now. That’S for sure, I’m not her bitch, I’m not her best friend right now, when I had a 18-wheeler full of props two crates, but she wanted to kick hey.

I’M thank you man. I appreciate your support. Brother really do, and I think your friendships out tomorrow so pretty sure, because that was what I was cutting today, so I was trying to get it out today, but time just didn’t permit so tomorrow it is along with the parts for it so congrats, my friend And thank you very much all right, so that’s it for the btx on four wires that we need. Okay, and now we go back to our build.

I chose them out here, send this out of the way we’re ready to close this sucker up in just a minute, so you need to get this attached so on this one on this board, like I said, the port’s really good so where’s that little piece of Paper paperwork here that they send. You does not contain the patch right there right, so the pads, though it’s a real small silkscreen or whatever you call that boot ground, 3-volt where’s it the blue button.

So you have ground three volts, Rx and TX TX being the lap pad on the board. Okay, so we’re just going to go ahead and put our smart audio there, and this will be our green one, so get that ready and also put in No so that will stretch it to fits like this. So we have about a few millimeters, maybe like a little excess just because that’ll be able to move the frame a little bit while you’re doing that, so that will just twist the wire up as soon as these go on.

This is a real tight fit here. So let me just I mean someone I took fright here, so let me just see if I can just kid: oh hell just go this way. It’S trying to fit this in such a way to where I could easily change it later, but I don’t want to get near the other pad, so I’m just going to come this direction screw it. This way call it a day all right, so our article runs over here and we have our article out right there, so this wire will be a little long, but go ahead and cut that real, quick.

I think right, probably price, probably past a pollution. That’S right before you leave we’ll do another drawing and then, if everybody’s tired, you can always finish the build tomorrow. I don’t want to stress anybody out. Okay, besides the build is almost done. Don’T forget, I still got ta, give the frame away. Oh right on man. That’S going to be awesome. Grady can’t wait to see those that’s going to be pretty sweet nice job.

Okay. So there is our article I’ll. Do the numbers don’t worry about it? I got you man. I appreciate all you’ve done, don’t don’t trouble yourself Lucien. I know you got ta get going to work. I got you homie. I got you so good, okay! Well, let’s see so last thing that happens our life a wire. So let me just go ahead and get knock that out and I will make that very short wire and for that we will just do very, very short, wire.

Okay, we’re not want ready to give away. So that’s that’s the part that I know, and then I don’t know after that, we’ll probably be very close to dead anyway. So Lucian, if you want, you, can make French shut up, you can make the next drawing for the frame and then let me see, I don’t know we’re on giveaways yet, but just keep me posted on how everyone do you guys decide I’m at your mercy, it’s Whatever you tonight, I still want to give a toolset away to sorry.

I don’t know what everybody’s writing or if anybody did right, but I want to make sure that no not yet no. I have to find out why, though, I will check into that and see I’ll check in and find out what the status is. Why didn’t come in yet sorry, my captain I’ll have an answer for you shortly. I need a Rabanne, though anybody got a romantic, Hey holy crap, already paying attention that could have been a disaster all right.

So where are we at? If you think I’ve gotten your number? Don’T spam me, I don’t even read the NBA I will again was on. I come home okay, so somebody where we got please let me know so that if we have a drawing coming up, I can make it happen. Sorry I’ll go back a camera half second, just trying to get my shrink to down peace out might be uh price. Going tonight dude peace out, I’m thanks every few minutes.

I wonder I love the brutal honesty of this group. Sometimes it’s awesome, brutal and awesome. Lucian. Tell me where I’m at a tool set. Is that what you said: yeah Tulsa, I’m good with the tool set. I’M good with that. I’D like to get some tool sets out there. I know people need somethin, it’s fun and they got our name on them. Sure total set would be fine, got any other three got any that are three pieces or so I’m a four-piece toolset.

I’M going to go in the four piece tool set a hex set. Is that sound good everybody want a hex set up for grabs. It’S up to y’all y’all. Tell me and I’ll make it happen. That’S how you go get in trouble. Lords. All right! You should give me the Wichita when you’re ready and we’ll go ahead and knock that out, give away a three for peace tool set. I guess I’d be a four-piece head set, oh yeah! No tonight I decided I’m making up for last week.

I was kind of been kind of behind on giving doing the drawings and stuff so tonight is all about. Do it a bill giving stuff away having fun we’ve given a lot of stuff away so far, I think so. Hopefully, everybody’s getting taken care of I’m trying to make it as fair as possible. We had a little little drama there when I couldn’t figure out how to find the members after somebody pointed out that I wasn’t picking from all the subscribers.

So that was true. It’S not going to work on that, one! Okay! So Lucia! Are you telling me it’s time to drop we’re good? I just want you to tell me if you, I don’t know if you’re telling me it’s good for me or good for them to give you the numbers, you let me know homeboy. Oh there’s still people getting your numbers. Okay, I’ll wait till you say we’re good to draw it’s a lot longer than normal that I usually do that, but to hold that solder on there, but it’s acting kind of finicky right now.

So what’s it alright, let’s just start! Okay! Oh! Let me just drop this on here: real quick and that way, while it’s cooling, I can be doing this one second one more second, at the ground one end and then I’m good to go. Actually, I’m a little were cool now I’ll. Let that thing we’ll come back to that all right. Let’S do a drawing guys here we go. Did it dad? Did it down what the hell all right item number 1 to 100 1 to 2, no one! 200.

100, alright guys! This is for the 4 piece tool set all right. Good luck to all y’all here we go ready and bam. Number 11. Congratulations to number 11! You win, but I don’t know who you are. But congratulations to you. So let me know Lucian whoever it is. I appreciate it and congrats to whoever that is Jeff, congratulations, Jeff, don’t forget, you got ta, be subscribed and you need to make sure to have an account cycle on FPV so that I can get your shipping address so that I can even mail you your prize.

Please go put that on there soon, as you can. Congratulations to you and everybody else looks like we are going to make a few people happy tonight. It’S a pretty cool there. We go pervades that looks, good, looks good or anything solid that suckers on there solid. So that’s not going anywhere; it’s alright so got our stuff here set, and so now we can start putting rest of it together. Oh, I was looking through that.

Wouldn’T I sorry guys I said I wouldn’t do that. I did dammit, it’s wait. What happened ooh? What? Oh he’s no, not anymore illusions that what you’re saying well it’s up to you guys you want to do another one then we’ll draw it again. I mean the idea is yeah. It’S supposed to be from live folks, so, if they’re not on their not on give them a minute, the number was 11 okay, y’all decide. I mean I’m up, for whatever I mean I think they’re supposed to be, they should be on.

So, if not, I think you do another drawing. I don’t think you just go to the next person. I guess, but if you guys go to the next person, it’s all it’s all good to me I mean I I don’t mind. I want everybody to be happy with the outcome as far as the decision made, so you guys decide. Let me be the guy that gives the stuff away and makes the quad, but I cannot make that decision. So I leave it to you.

I defer read you the number okay y’all make me keep grabbing my damn phone you’re killing me fly control, I’m not even touching it, I’m not even on the flight controller, I’m only on the I’m doing. The wires right here haven’t touched that, but where are you relax you guys, who saw all right besides, look see my hand on that flight controller. Look at my finger right on there, nothing’s burning! It’S all good, not even it’s not even heat! I’M just doing these two wires right here, huzzah all right hold on.

How does this work? Let’S go here for that look here, go here! All right! Random number number is 22. There you go all right. 22! Please please! Somebody answer 222. That would be nice all right and there we go. Oh, I didn’t even see the winner. What happened where’s. My conversation, hey there. It is wait. Oh oh I got you I’m sorry, I’m a man, I’m slow. I don’t get all these things and I’m all good with that.

Let’S I don’t think we have it 20, I’m going to be honest with you. I am fine with giving it to Lawrence. However, you guys look guys, I’m telling you. However, you want to do it. I don’t care well, there’s everybody’s happy at the end of the day, the other side congratulations Lawrence. Somehow we drew twice and you still end up getting it. Just it’s amazing out these words by man minute to be all right.

Well, I’m going to put this this frame together and close it up and from there the only thing left is actually the buzzer, but I wan na. I think that we need to get to where we’re at the point of giving the frame away next. Oh, I just dropped a screw in my coffee damage. I have tools, I’m in Canada, so save charts, I’m shipping and pick someone who needs I have to us. Oh man, you have to do that now.

Didn’T you Lawrence okay, y’all figured out y’all. Give me stress now: no, I don’t know what to do. Alright, I tell you what let’s um, let’s do this? We are now what three hours into the build it is now we need to get the frame away anyway. Okay, well uh, well uh I’ll figure that out we need to give a frame away. That’S the one thing that we have to do for sure. So there you go okay, Cedric! You can have it! I take it away.

Look I’m just going to do this tonight because clearly, the way I’m picking winners is not ideal for how I was hoping to do it. So, let’s figure out, we got to get the frame way right so we’ll give her the frame solution. No, no it’sit’s! It’S all good, listen he’s gave it to lawrence. He gave it to lawrence to do what he wanted with it. Lawrence is giving it to you, so that is very fair, very noble, very nice lawrence appreciate it as far as this goes lucien.

Let’S do this now. No nice try no, let’s go ahead and do a drawing right now and I think, because of the viewers, what you’ve got said, they’re going to take the tools? Okay. So now nobody wants the tools, no wait. Okay, tell you what y’all-y’all killing you lawrence? The tools are yours: would you like to donate them if you’d like to donate them, don’t eat them? I’M not going to beg people to take my tools.

Okay, if not they’re, going to go back in the pile and we have a frame to give away, and I want to get that going because it is getting late. I know some of you are up late. This build is almost done. I’M just stitching it together. Here and it’ll be finished here and about I just go put the frame together now in the program. You can keep you later, I’m going to seal this off real quick because I’m not going to use it.

Let me go ahead and do that y’all figure out which one do I’m not looking at the screen right now, I’m trying to close off this fire and we’ll take it from there. What did you decide? I do Brian Brian Freddie. What Lawrence Cheers wait? What happened? Yeah Cheers where’s Cheers yes, sir. I pick Cedric take the bloody tools, I’ll hunt, the French, oh my god, okay, um Cedric. Thank You. Bryan I’ll, make sure you’re taken care of.

Don’T worry about that guys. We have a frame to give aways everybody ready to give the frame way. That’S all I want to know is: can we give the frame away and not have any arguments so for the frame Bryan? You can yell be 5-minute I’ll, get you I’ll, get you hooked up. Don’T you worry okay? So let’s do the frame Lucien, because I know you got to get going to work. So what I’d like to do for the frame is because you know people have signed off and stuff, let’s um, let’s just do a whatever you don’t figure it out.

Do your number thing and let’s get it done so I can congratulate somebody before everybody passes out and we can take it from them all right. I want to see people sell. My goal is that I will have this thing here finished in just a second at least ready to close up, and then that way I can finish this close it up and give the frame away at the same time. Let’S aim for that, shall we yeah. I was going to say pick new numbers too, like it has to be.

I mean there has to be a guaranteed winner because I’m giving the frame way, no matter what so, how about for the final prize, a grand prize, which is the frame everybody just you know whatever. Actually, I probably shouldn’t say anything: I don’t know what I’m talking about I’ll, let you guys handle it, just no fighting it’s the green and then look at the screen should be again for the final. Drawing don’t blame me, I’m not ignoring anybody.

I’M just trying to get this thing on here, so whenever you’re ready position, you give me the word so does this mean we’re ready for the to go to do this over night? Yes, hey man, this is all fun to me. I don’t know I like. I love this. The conversation that’s been taking place, so I’m not putting up with anybody all are great people. I promise you that yeah very much appreciated Cedric. What does are you guys telling me? Yes, we’re good to go.

Sorry! I’D not fall into oh good. All right here we go wait. Maybe I’m not seeing it right. Cue me there. So at least I can do thanks. Lucien Lucien. Are you ready to do the drawing I need to? I can’t switch out of this screen until you tell me yes, so you got 35 seconds. I guess I’ll wait! I’M sorry! I can’t tell if you’re saying all good isn’t good to him a little bit to me. Bro. Is there a universal power that can be used on any letters? Okay, yes, we’re late, Grady you’re ready.

Are we ready? Yes? Okay? Here we go Freddie. Yes, there is pretty much and so one of the numbers Lucien. What am I doing one through what was 30 or something just? Let me make sure I got this right very tense situations here, one through 50. Okay, all right here we go put the last screw in on this frame. I came on ice. I like that. Okay, all right, let me put that down. Let’S get started random. Well, I’m through 50 guys good luck to everybody by the way appreciate y’all hanging out with me this long here we go ready and 27 numbers 27.

So 27 is the number congratulations to whoever got that this is the this is the frame that you’re going to be receiving you’ll get one I mean I can get this exact build because that’s mine, but you will be getting a frame fresh cut line. Wait what happened? Oh so I need to change your standoffs on these anyways, so they match. But let me at least do you guys that idea, but we worked on tonight so here it is the Diablo s3 there’s still a couple of things I’m going to do to it.

I mean I’m going to put a dual buzzer on it and I’m going to put the cap on it, but at least you can see the build itself. I think the Falkor came out real nice on it and it’s super thin. So you’ve got about ten millimeters on there, so these are the two no props on here yet, and the wake of this one right now will be a drumroll. Let’S give you the weight of this one. Is it going to be 1:55 without the light bulb? Alright? So that’s it oh wait, wait is there an argument going on here? Sorry pay attention to what’s happening here, so you guys figure out who gets what I trust the decision, John making? No! No! If, okay, so if Grady called 27, then he got it.

So hey nice job, Grady and who else wait a minute who else that’s? Okay, but if he appeared here we’ll give it to him and so so Lucien you said it, you thought it was David and Grady. Hey, look, look, look read me read me read me. Both yelling, okay, I’m giving it to you. So I’m feeling generous. Why not Grady you get it David, you get it hell. There you go. I I don’t like what somebody’s name is called out.

Then you have to say sorry it’s kind of like the Miss America thing, it really sucks. So I get it. I promise you on the next drawing. I will figure out how we’re going to do this a little more fair, but it still has to be tighter than you two, both y’all win it, and so congratulations to both y’all. Okay, there’s the we’re family right, we’re supposed to be helping each other out, and I want you both there, you go so enjoy it guys.

Okay, very much and I appreciate y’all my family appreciates all your support. So congratulations to you too, and to everybody else solution. Thanks a ton man for helping, you are amazing tonight I you know, I guess part of this was given a bunch of stuff away and not having the proper way to do it. I hope nobody’s upset. I will fine-tune it. I thought we really could get all the subscribers, but please guys help me out by pushing people to subscribe.

Really, that’s my biggest thing is I really like them to subscribe and help get the name out other than that it’s uh we’re pretty much done. Came out. 156 grams, I really like it. It looks good I’ll, clean it up a little bit more and and put some pictures online of it and teach you guys enjoy. Really I mean I do it all for you, you. I can be home with my kids. This job allows me to do that so when they’d see him – and I couldn’t have done it without y’all – god bless guys have a great night.

Okay, convection is just all the waiters. Don’T forget to hit me up and let me know what you want and stuff and I’ll go back on this one and I’ll see you guys tomorrow for something new all right have a good night. God bless


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