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Oh I love Thanksgiving all right. I am on a quick lunch break on Wednesday, heading back to Roadrunner Sports and guys in the 21st century. I fully believe that companies, including running shoe stores and running shoe companies, the ones that will survive and win in the modern world, because there’s so much competition out there now are the ones that emphasize customer service.

I love customer service. A couple days ago, an employee from Roadrunner sports reached out to me on Strava and said: hey, I saw your article about the levitate and the ugly sweater go, read it upper right hand corner. I liked this shoe in the store when I got home and I ran around the streets of Denver’s, for you know three miles the rubber through the midsole I just couldn’t get over it. I died. I don’t.

I can’t can’t do it, I can’t do it so she said come back in and we will take care of. You find a shoe that will help with your plantar fasciitis anyway. Here we go we’re going into the roadrunner sports. Thank you for taking care of me and it’s sad bah humbug, but they got to go back no, but I got a lump of coal in these guys, no they’re a great shoe and I’m sure there’s some levitate two fans out there, but you get you’re picking Up what I’m putting down art come on Patrick taking care of me? Oh, my goodness.

Okay, this one did not have the bongo 890 yep got. It did have the vongole. Okay, definitely worth a shot. Clifton, okay, huge success with plantar fascial tissues. Interesting yeah only knows that was like Jessica, okay and then you had mentioned so many shoes so little time what to do? What to do? I can’t even tell you YouTube that I was almost in tears running up and down here, cuz it because it felt no cuz.

It felt so good, no cuz the hoe. The cliff d5 felt so good, and this was Jessica’s recommendation because you had plantar a year ago, basically, okay and that went away. So I’ve also run in some Nikes recently as you’ve. Seen like I actually. I love the turbo right now and the plantar feels pretty good in it not perfect, but and then I guess I should also mention the I tried the Vaughn go today and I thought it felt similar to this.

It’S a little more stability but yep. It’S right here, don’t really feel that offset okay, you look at that, there’s so much more okay. So when you first try it on, you probably noticed like it feels a little stiffer, but as you get to running it, it’s really going to kind of guide you. This way, okay, and so that might especially because you’re running in neutral, so well yep. This might that’s interesting, but this is a really great guidance shoe for people who want that motion a little bit of motion control without being too aggressive, because it doesn’t have an actual medial post in it yeah it’s just this section of foam is a lot more Air padded, okay check guide you’re a little bit more to the outside.

If you usually tend to roll to the inside, when you got it and how does that? Compare to this guy says yeah yeah this one is just more fluid throughout. It doesn’t have as much concentrated, cushioning and support on this side of the shoe, so it’s just a little wider on the base throughout the bottom of the shoe, and it’s got that little bit of a meta, rocker yeah. So it’s just going to help your foot turn over a lot easier.

It takes a lot of the stress out of that plantar fascia region of your foot, because you’re not flexing so much in the shoe to toe off okay, it’s like yeah, I’m just trying to look. If you picture your foot, planting down barefoot and all the tendons are stretching your arches collapsing. This one will just cradle your foot more, it’s not going to let your foot flex so much. So it’s just can’t even tell you you like it was crazy how good it felt I was.

I told Patrick like I just I just shook his hand, because I was like so happy, so I think, but I probably leaned toward that guy. It is a lot of shoe you’re used to running in a lighter, faster shoe, like the beacon or the vapor fly, something that just gives you a lot more pop and a lot more ground feel you don’t get any ground feeling this shoe, but that’s why it’s So great for recovering some cleaner right and yeah, I use it as a trainer.

I haven’t raced in it or anything, but I’ve worn it. That’S when you sign up for our VIP club, we bring in too little celebration so yeah. So I’ve been running in this and wearing it to work, and you know walking on the concrete for eight hours. I just don’t feel anything, but I think this planter currently flared up it flared up in basically July and I think it flared up because I was running 40 nur’s and, like big, you know, mountain runs, Salomon shoes, very aggressive, not taking care of the feet enough.

I think that’s what caused it? Yes, yeah and if you’re doing all that Burt yeah – and I don’t know how yeah I mean that can that can really cause it a lot. I know that a lot of like mountain ultra runners have issues in their Achilles region. Just because you’re climbing so much and that’s so much torque through that heel and up into that soleus region yeah it’s kind of an avoidable and I’m not stretching enough and just you know, maintenance, yeah, doing the right kind of strength, work and exercise to keep that Strengthened enough to do all that climbing, so it’s what it’s November 23rd! No, what is it 21st, so I would the season for 2018 racing isn’t quite over so my break like I’m planning it.

Basically, a two-week break YouTube in December, but I don’t want to stop yet so I’m basically trying to push off the rest until basically like mid December. So I’m hoping that’s why I’m trying to experiment and figure out what yeah I mean. I would really try these just give him a chance and get used to him. Just because I mean I know that you know everybody’s different, but I’ve seen so many success stories with people recovering from planner in this kind of a shoe.

This maximum cushion just at least for recovering from the player, and then you can go kind of back to a lower volume shoe, but this is just I mean from my personal experience and from a lot of people have helped. This has done a really nice job. I mean so many stories of people just feeling better. Thank you for helping guys look at this. Look at this pile of shoes. They’Re! Not there there’s a lot of them cool you, guys Road Runner, Sports check them out wherever well, you’re, definitely on the west coast, because you started in San Diego, but also Chicago, I believe so good stuff Jessica.

Taking care of me. Thank You, Jessica. At Roadrunner, Sports, you’re, amazing, high five amazing right. She had planner. I have planner we’re going to figure this out. Thank you. Thank you. Oh my goodness, we got some goods guys. We got some goods for trade it in the levitate OU’s for the Hulk Eclipse and pies. Thank You Pratt thanks, Patrick yeah. You too go get Alex. Wow, hey! I left my phone in my car.

I just went back and got it. I was like ah shoot. Alright guys picked up Alex, you remember, Alex from the backcountry finishing me, and that was like the coldest run of our lives. That was a crazy race, alright Alex. What are you running in today? Thank 35s, no turbo peg 35 Alex. What did you pick up earlier in the week? That’S right, you got the vapor fly, 4 % flatten it and get it using tomorrow in a race nice.

Well, it’s always nice to you know you you runners, know like running. Solo can get a little lonely sometime. So a lot of miles a lot of time to think so, it’s nice to have someone to chat with found ground together. Hi. You never know what you’re going to find on your run. Look at this guy! What is he doing? Where is the owner? Where is the? Where is the owner? That is the question. The dog is ready for Halloween, that is hilarious.

The dog is just sitting on a stump with ski goggles on oh man. What will they think of next? Just this morning we passed 5,000 subscribers. Oh nice shout out to all the new subscribers. Thank you for pushing us over the five thousand mark. It’S crazy, open up onward and upward right, Alex nice work. You got her done little shakeout run. Hope you guys have a good time at your turkey trot. I’M sure there’s going to be plenty of them, yeah all right man.

I stretch it out all right life goals right here, life life goals, not you know not setting a PR in the 5k. It’S touching the ground. Let’S see it Alex. Look at this. Oh, can anyone stretch like that? That’S insane, I I’m not even going to attempt cuz. I don’t want to embarrass myself. Hey I gained a little bit of my foot. I believe your some of your speed. I’Ve actually got I’ve actually improved in the last two weeks.

There it is there, it is okay. The key word of the day is service service, because today, at Roadrunner Sports, I received incredible service from Patrick and from Jessica. Thank you both for taking care of me today with my plantar fasciitis issues. Guys again, I’m not exaggerating too much when I say I was almost in tears at the store because I ran around in this shoe pain-free pain-free. So I’m not going to give you my initial impressions tonight, I’m going to run around in it probably tomorrow afternoon.

After the turkey trot – probably Friday, probably Saturday, Sunday, Monday Tuesday, I’m excited Thank You Jessica for taking care of me today for explaining taking the time you guys saw it in the store. She took the time to lay out the details of the bongo, the New Balance. Bongo and the Hoka clifton v she crossed compared the to the specs, the different type of ride, you’re going to get underfoot, and I am just I’m grateful.

I’M going on this Thanksgiving Eve and Thanksgiving Day when you’re reading this I’m grateful for the opportunity to shop at running shoe stores. Now I do have a confession to make. I have a confession to make occasionally, occasionally I order stuff from running warehouse all right and listen. I’Ve got nothing against running warehouse. You know they’re a business, they got to make money, but at the end of the day I try to support local running shoe stores and therefore the question of the day is this: what is your go-to running shoe store that you shop at, because I asked that Question and why why do you shop at that particular store service, location pricing, the employees race series, all these different factors that go into running shoe selection? So why? What what is your go-to running shoe store and why do you go there? Now, okay, like I grew up in Buena Vista Colorado, two hours away from any running shoe store so in high school, like we had to drive to you, know to the big city to go, get our running shoes and yeah.

It was a little bit of a challenge. Now you can order shoes online, but obviously, but getting into a running shoe store where you can test the shoe before you buy. It is critical. It’S critical for us runners, you know like when you put on a shoe in a store and it’s got the right fit. It’S a heaven on earth, you’re, singing Alleluia and therefore that’s how I felt when I put on the hokey Clifton 5, and so that’s why? I’M giving the shout out a big shadow continued shout out to Roadrunner Sports, we’re taking the time again to explain this shoot to me.

So that’s the question of the day. Thank you for answering. I love running shoe stores. I don’t know about you, but I just love frankly like hanging out in there and just talking geeking out on running shoes. Alright, I digress. Happy Thanksgiving, have a great turkey trot if you’re out there trotting today and yes enjoy some pumpkin pie. I know I will and of course we will be back tomorrow with results for the turkey trot.

So oh, the paper fly for percents they’re, going to be they’re going to be coming out again. You know they will be alright. Seek beauty work hard, each other

Thank you for visiting my post about the video I found on Youtube. I hope it gives you a little insight into customers and how you should treat your customers. Remember, I appreciate you and what you have to offer. Check out what Allshouse Designs thinks about customer service.


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