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LinkedIn Training: How To Write Your LinkedIn “Professional Headline”

So what we’re going to do now is set up an optimized LinkedIn profile and the reason that it’s so important to do. That is because there are more than 300 million members on LinkedIn, and that was from April 2014 statistics. So it’s it’s even more now, but LinkedIn members are not just are not like Facebook members LinkedIn members are much more likely to be looking for services, programs, products, business partners, referral sources, business networking it is the biggest online business networking platform in the world.

It’S in more than 200 countries and territories, it says – and it’s just amazing so so when you optimize your LinkedIn profile, those 300 million members are looking for. Some of those people are looking for. Someone like you to serve them to partner with them to refer people to, and so you’re going to be much more you’re going to be increasing your chance of being found in the LinkedIn search engine as a result.

So I’m going to just expand this a little bit, so it’s more easy to see, okay, so setting them a LinkedIn profile. So, first of all, we already talked about this in the last lecture, so I’m going to move on now so now we’re going to talk about fully filling out your LinkedIn profile and if you have team members to have them, do the same thing. Okay. So let’s take a look at this and see what’s involved here and by the way I am speaking quite quickly because I try to make these articles shorter if possible.

If you find that I’m speaking too quickly. Please give me that constructive feedback and let me know to speak more slowly or we find that my speaking quickly is inspiring you at keeping you energized. Let me know that too. Okay, all right so first thing about your LinkedIn profile is your professional headline. Is probably the most important thing about your LinkedIn profile? Let me show you what the professional headline is when I go to my LinkedIn profile or actually, let’s just take a look here under people.

You may know so: Cynthia McGrath, that’s her name and then, and then Doctor of Nursing Practice, Family nurse. That’S the headline. The professional headline Chris Jensen, executive director has named Bruno Mountain. Read that’s a headline owner thus end the meeting game, salon editor and then, of course it kind of cuts off here. But there’s more. Let’S take a quick look here editor, but you see how a lot of people by default, I’m just an openness person’s profile.

A lot of people – OH editor, Kingston outlook, a lot of people by default, use their their job titles and I don’t think that’s the best use of professional headline. Let’S take a look at what mine is, so you can kind of see what I what I do here see my professional headline is Right: Livelihood! Okay, excuse me here, I’m going to just X this out. My professional line is Right: Livelihood online marketing, social media.

So in the first line, I immediately give people a sense of the things that that they should remember about me: I’m not just another business or marketing coach, I’m really a coach that deeply values the concept of aligning our highest values with the work that we do. Every day, in other words, Right, Livelihood is one way of saying online marketing, but I want people don’t mind to remember me as someone who can advise them on reaching a lot more people online.

I want people to remember me as someone who can train them and coach them on social media for business and therefore streamline business just to streamline the right life streamline. I should really write streamlining business for coaches consultants counselors in here. So how do you, edit? Your professional headline, you come to you, you you go to LinkedIn log in you, move your you can click directly on profile, and then you move your mouse over this area underneath the the name and you click on it.

And then this is where you write it and the maximum number of characters is 120 characters. So the way I like to do it is I like to go to a website called word counter. Dotnet word counter dotnet, and I really like to use this, so I why I’ve already you know I’ve already pasted it here. You can see it’s 119 characters is just about perfect. Actually, if I wanted to change like to streamlining that would work to streamlining business, okay, so I would cut, I would write us all out.

I would copy it by doing command C or control C on your keyboard command C, on the Mac, ctrl C on a window, I would go to edit profile click on this select everything here, delete it and then paste it paste in my new one and then Click Save ok, see there, it is ok, so professional headline is incredibly important because, as use as you saw from my earlier screen here, it’s being seen in all kinds of places see people you may know again.

These are professional headlines again. Most people are not optimizing. That that’s space use keywords that describe you well and what prospective clients partners are. Looking for again, like I said it’s the most visible thing on your LinkedIn profile beside your name and photos, so I wanted to just spend extra time on that. It’S incredibly important. The other thing you can do to get ideas of professional headlines just go to the search box and search for people who are your niche mates, people who are who are doing a similar service as you serving similar audiences you.

So, for example, for me or let’s just say for you, let’s say you are a relationship: coach, okay, so I’ll just search relationship, coach and that press ENTER on my keyboard and once the search pulls up, I’m going to click people to kind of filter by people And then see this is this: is the professional headline? Ok, so this again, this person is not optimizing. The number of characters, but this good that this person has some keywords in there see this person is, is doing a better job of optimizing.

The number of characters and her headline relationship consultant integrated life, coach notice, how I search relationship, coach right and then LinkedIn in the search results will will bold the the keywords that I searched for in the professional headline. So you see how important the professional headline is. Its figures in heavily into the search algorithm itself, so whatever thing phrases, words that you think your ideal clients are looking for on LinkedIn or would look for in a search engine use those key words, those words or phrases in your professional professional headline, if possible, the Ones that are most likely to be searched by your ideal clients when looking for someone like you, let’s take a look here, the relationship doctor.

So it’s it’s cool how this person she’s a PhD. So she calls from a doctor can use a sort of a tagline to have to make herself more memorable like him. She puts it in quotes, meaning this is what people call me. So I really like that intersection of biblical wisdom and personality science. So this is a really interesting headline: isn’t it because it really narrows down on people who believe in the Bible who really value the Bible and she’s really trying to reach other people like that people who also find personality science interesting? So this is a really good job Ronna for writing that certified Tantra educator.

So it’s nice that this person is is putting some credibility right into our professional headline as well. Conscious relationship and the word conscious relationship is a key word, a key phrase that some people are searching for, so it’s nice. I should put that in there jewel in the Lotus coaching. Now she really doesn’t need to put jewel in the Lotus coaching. That’S our business name, but unless that name is a household name in their industry, chances are people aren’t searching for that.

So that would be a bit of a wasted space. There psychologist dating relationship wellness coaching at dates, a soulmate again, there’s no need to use your business name unless it’s a household name in your industry. Okay, unless you work at a company, that’s a household name, coach workshop facilitator and that’s nice. That should put the word workshop in there, because maybe people in her industry are looking for people to run workshops so that you know that that if I were searching relationship workshops, you know that might hurt her name would come up closer to the top.

So I hope, just by giving you a couple of ideas here, that it helps you remember to search for your niche mates using different words to see examples of what other people are using and borrow emulate. What’S examples you’re really liking, so I hope that’s helpful. Next. We’Re going to talk about the other parts of your LinkedIn profile in the next lecture, see you there

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