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How to Jump Rope for Beginners – The Setup and Bounce Step

First thing you got to do is figure out if you’ve got the right length of rope for yourself now, depending on your height and depending on what a rope you’ve bought. They usually come in standard sizes of either 7 8 or 9 foot lengths and most of them pretty much all of them are adjustable. So what you want to do is step on the rope with one foot all right turn the handles upside down and you’re. Looking for three different measurements, depending on your level of technique and skill, if you’re just starting out, you probably want the handles to be up a little bit higher towards the top of the shoulder.

Once you get more experienced, your cord length is going to decrease so that the rope moves a little bit faster, so the next measurement will be mid chest and the next one would be lower part of the chest now. This is mainly for people who are jumping very fast, who are very experienced jumpers. So I, like sort of the mid chest area here, works from my height works on my skill level as well. The next thing you’re going to figure out is: do you have the right length of handles for your jumping skill level? I like them in to be about nine to ten inches long.

It gives me lots of extra leverage to help move the rope around and it gives you a little extra space when you’re starting to perform more complicated tricks when you’re holding the handles. You want to make sure that you don’t go up towards the attachment point, because then you’re really losing that whole advantage, that you have from having a longer look longer lever, you’re, going to rest it and send the center of the hand we’re not going to death Grip it like we’re trying to turn coal into a diamond.

Do you just want a nice light grip on there, so you don’t wasting energy by just gripping onto the handle. Alright next thing we’re going to talk about, is we called jump posture, basically standing straight up and down like six o’clock to make sure that we’re not leaning forward or leaning back and putting extra undue stress on the knees and the ankles? So, just like, I said chest up shoulders back nice and relaxed knees slightly soft next thing you do is even just work without the rope before just see what it feels like just start, bouncing nice and easy remember: the rope is only a quarter-inch thick, sometimes usually Less so you don’t really need to jump that high if we end up jumping way too high, as we can see because very stressful, the knee is very stressful, the ankles so we’re just to start just doing a little basic shadow jumping right here from the side And from the back nice and easy now we’re fortunate enough in here to be working with a nice soft surface.

So it actually voids quite a bit of the shock we try and avoid jumping outside on concrete, because that does create a lot of extra stress again. On the knees and ankles, and if we start getting into that territory, we get into the dreaded shin splints if you’ve ever had shin splints, you know how horrible it is and how painful it can be and how will definitely deter your further training with the jump.

Rope so we’ve got a nice got our nice soft surface here. So let’s actually pick up the rope again. So next thing we talk about is the timing, the timing of the jump and the rotation of the rope. Because, obviously, if you don’t jump over the rope, you will jump into the rope or the rope will whip you in the ankles or in the back of the legs of the knees, not always the best thing that happened, but it’s inevitable.

It will happen, however, so now we’ve got our rope, we’re going to continue the shadow jumping, we’re just going to rotate the rope in your dominant hand, so I’m right-handed, so I’m going to put both handles in my right hand and just start moving. It forwards. Nice and easy we’re looking at the rotation, we’re thinking about pushing the rope down, we’re not pulling it up and around we’re, actually just pushing it down.

If you put enough energy into this part, the rope will naturally pull itself back around. So the only time you need to put effort in is by pushing the thumbs-down right, now.We time to jump with that. So we’re doing what were you doing before right, making sure that the rope is making contact with the ground, but not too far out in front, or else it’s going to throw off the timing. Yeah now we’re getting used to this? That’S not so bad! Alright! Now we’re going to get really brave we’re.

Actually you jump over the rope now so, as I said before, you will hit yourself with the rope, so don’t think it has to be perfect every single time you just get used to it. So you’re going to start with the rope behind your knees, hands up just like so we’re just going to pull the rope over once to jump over it nice and easy, pretty simple huh, and this is where it all starts. All the fancy moves.

All the fancy, tricks and skills all start with the basic bounce step two feet: leave the ground and come back at the same time, nice and easy not jumping too high and not landing too hard from the side, jump, nice and easy. Okay, so also keep in mind throughout this article, if you can’t quite master the skill right away, that’s totally fine pause. The article here practice. The move a few times then hit play again and continue following along we’re.

Doing now is we’re going to do through our five ten fifteen twenty to thirty. What that means is we’re going to stop after five reps we’re going to reassess our technique and then modify the technique to make it more efficient, a little bit safer. So most people, when they start jumping we’re going to jump way too high. At that height, I should be able to get three rotations underneath or the coveted double under or triple under.

We like to hear about so starting, which is five simple, jumps one two or five stop. Okay, if you notice that you’re jumping too high press pause in the article and try this a few more times until you get to five without jumping on the rope and without jumping too high okay. Next, we go to ten nice and simple one. Two three: four: five: six: seven, eight and ten perfect: alright, we’re going to turn to the side here, because this is my good side and we do 15, 3, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 13, 15, and stop what you’re, also going to notice at this point.

Is that you forget to breathe, and so that’s why I’m very important to have little pauses in between these fives, because it’s not just the combination of the rotation of the rope and the jump. But you also have to breathe as well and we’re going to go up to 20. Let’S see how you do here: ready: 20, 12, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20. Good. All right, like I said before, if you’re having trouble when you get to 20 press pause on here, try it a few more times and make sure you gave yourself a chance to breathe all right.

Let’S go to 25. You’Ve made it this far ready twenty five. Ten, twenty two three and five all right so again at this point in time, you’re going to start to feel a little fatigue in the legs, a little fatigue in the calves that is completely and totally normal, especially if you’re, just starting out so again take a Bit of a break shake the legs out a little bit, relax shake up the shoulders. Take a breath, congratulate yourself for choosing one of the best and most effective exercise programs in the world.

So now we’re going to go up to 30 if you’ve made it to 25 we’re definitely going to 30 jumps ready. Here we go twenty seven, eight, nine thirty whew there we go okay, so you’re going to practice the thirty reps, counting it out, making sure you taking this nice little pauses in between the sets of 30. Until you jump for about three or four sets again give your legs a shake out, make sure you give yourself time to breathe, get a sip of water and we’ll get back into it.

Okay, so you’ve been practicing your 30 jumps now. Your first goal is to do 100 jumps, unbroken, meaning you’re, not going to hit yourself with a rope and you’re not going to jump on the rope itself. Are you ready for this one? Okay, if you’ve got your 30 down we’re going right to 100 ready here, we go 10. 20. 30. 40. 50. 60. 70. 80, 90. At six, seven, eight, nine huh! No right on guys, if you’re able to follow along with that.

That’S fantastic means! You are this much closer to mastering the basic bounce step. Alright, so congratulations! If you got through 100, you do have another goal and that is going to be 500 unbroken jumps once you can do that, you’ll start to see the effectiveness of a longer jump. Rope set, like I said before, if you’ve been articletaping yourself or jumping in a mirror, always take time to readjust the technique, minimize the jump height and maximize the rotation of the wrists, and that’s going to make sure the rope moves.

Nice and quick and smooth. Underneath you until then guys keep practicing your hundreds until you get to that 500 and then we’ll see you on the next article, we’re going to teach you the alternating, footstep, all right, jumpers, good luck and we’ll see you on the next one. You


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