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We need to do my makeup just a little bit, just the slight something white, something sample, look who’s running in, say: hi, hey, alright! So in this article today we are going or I am going to be, showing you my lash room here at home. I do lash from home, I am licensed, don’t get it listed.

Okay, if I really anywhere to work out cuz, I don’t want to work for nobody. I kind of just want to work on my own, make my own money or something to give it to nobody. I’ve been looking for like a rental space, but here where I’m from or where I’m at personally there’s not really any buildings where we can rent a like a space. I think they are building one a little bit down the road, but until then I’m working from home and I’ve been working from home for almost two three years now, so I’m going to show you my little setup I have here is a little cute.

Oh, what of aww umm but just keep reading, because I do have my 1k giveaway in this article, so keep reading. Ok! So when we first walked in here we have this space that is so Kade 1k giveaway. But I have nothing on this wall. I was kind of thinking I would do like a setup right here, ish and kind of film and use that as like my back drop type of wall but anyways. I do have a fan right here on the floor because honey it gets hot as hell with this ring light.

I have a little chair set up here. This right here is a little shaker that I use for my glue. I kind of plug it in here. Sometimes got my little chair and then as we get over here, I have my wall, so be you be beautiful. I have some cleansers just a little sign, some nice flowers and then so here is my shelf of goodies. I originally had a shelf kind of thing here, but I felt like this room looked very crowded, so I took it off and I bought these shelves on Amazon I’ll link everything down below.

I bought these cute little cubby thingies from Amazon as well. Here I have my iPads and I have my tape. I have business cards. Aftercare cards might raise my goody glue in my rice. I have this right here for cleaning and then I pass them when they have runny eyes. Another tray. Here I have my water, my lash cleaner, my brushes my glue rings and then here I kind of just have a few manuals. My fan, the tweezers that I use currently in there, my dental mirror and then up on that shelf.

I have my waxing stuff, along with my barber side, to clean my tweezers, so I have my waxing stuff there that there’s nothing really in there. It’s kind of thing for you here I do have my certificates. I have my certification of completion for eyelash, and I have so many more in here in this little folder like so many more certificates and stuff. I just have a hung up because I like to hang with the same frame, but I can’t find that frame at IKEA because that’s where I originally got it and then my school diploma up there for aesthetician license so and then we get down to this goody Right here, so I have oh that’s nasty.

I have my wax here. My sticks here, my waxing strips some more sticks, hand sanitizer, essential some larger waxing strips a hard wax. My laksa, I can’t say it out loud because and then she’s going to try to record or she’s going to try to listen, but I got my hard beads here: some more sticks down there, just extra stuff and then down at the bottom bottom. I have my teeth: whitening equipment, so I have gloves and then I have all my teeth – whitening stuff here so yeah, that’s my little cart here and then I have to the gem equipment here and then right.

Next to it. I have my teeth: whitening LED light. So then we get over here we have my. The lighting in here is so bad, so we got my bed. We have my ring light, which is why I have the fan to kind of face me when I’m lashing, because when I have this down here, that is hitting them, and it’s hitting me as well and it gets really hot. So then I have this mirror that I custom-made so I bought the big mirror at Walmart last year for Black Friday was $ 15.

So I was like you know what this is ugly. Let me DIY it, so I did I put some flowers. I was going to go all the way around with flowers, but momma was, like just add some bling. So that’s what I did. I added some bling hello. I got these little frame things from Target there when it’s Christmas time they put out a whole bunch of different decor, and I got those during the Christmas time and I just put some Christmas lights up.

They’ve been up but they’re never on, and here is another mirror that I di wide a long time ago and I used to live at home. I have a TV, yes, it works, but it’s never on and in here is kind of like nobody ever looks or sees in this closet. You guys, so I have like all my jackets that don’t fit in my closet. In my room I have backdrops. I have my mannequin head for when I decide to make wig my body.

Contouring kit is in there like the gel, the everything I need for body contour in there, my old light um just junk pretty much lashes stuff, my Barber’s um yeah. This is junk in here pretty much that I don’t really necessarily pull out for any need. So this is always closed, so you walk in it’s always closed and then down here. I kind of just have a few products and shipping stuff. So I have like all my trays and stuff in there.

I have shipping stuff in there and I have a whole bunch of cool rings and stuff in there. So that’s kind of where I keep all my supplies. Alongside of right here, I kind of have my go-to trays that I have in order right there and guys if you have any way of how to take glue off of a wall. Let me know I know how to take it off the floor. Pretty much. I just put the remover and it comes off, but off the wall I don’t know how to take it off without actually damaging the wall.

So let me know if you guys know any way of taking this off the wall. Now, let’s get into the fun part. Okay, you guys um if you’re part of the Instagram people who came to subscribe to me. The secret emoji is a crown emoji yeah. So comment account emoji down below in this article and go comment it on the photo that I’m about to post again for the giveaway on the basics, Co on Instagram and you will be entered to win this thing of goodies for the giveaway.

I do have three eyeshadow palettes. I have this rain by covergirl eyeshadow palette right here. I do have three more freshest morphe brushes in here. I have three so good, so for eyeshadow palettes in total, I have the warrior three by julius. I have the warrior two by julius and i’m moving here, showing you guys, I’m not even in frame and then I have the Nubian. So I have the Nubian yeah. What were your two and the warrior three.

So in total you guys are getting four pallets. Very beautiful colors and all up in his grill, I got lip balm. Facial mask a few of them actually keep itself clean honey with these facial masks against make facial masks with these facial masks, make sure you’re washing your face, and I put some mists clear. No make clear facial water here to clean bath bombs a whole lot of the basic items, so we have the mini glasses.

We have the squeezy lost lip glosses. We have one and I last year, another eyelash here and then we have the three here boy. Three here, so you got one two, three, four, five, five eyelashes in total. You get the Gucci shades here, these so mama. These are the only shades that I use. Actually, then we got the bigger glosses. I made sure I put all of them in here, so we got the bigger glosses here.

This is my absolute favorite gloss right here. You guys, um. You got the two lip liners. You get a booty blender, you get anklets the gold and the silver that is on line mascara, eyeliner and pomade. For your eyebrows. Not tell me you guys, like all you have to do, is go comment. The crown emoji down in this article and down and the photo that is related to this giveaway. It doesn’t matter which photo as long as it’s part of the giveaway.

You guys go comment, the crown emoji and you will be entrance for a chance to win all of this stuff and honestly, you might be done one back front because he’s running around throwing it around like if it’s a ball. So this is your hole. Give of course, you’re going to get it in a package like in the mail or whatever, but this is what kind of where I’m keeping it stored for right now: okay, yeah! You guys are getting that lavender bath Bob you’re only getting this beth mom, because you hear he’s just throwing it around like.

If it’s a ball, don’t have kids, you guys don’t got kids, and I hope you guys, like this article, don’t forget to Like comment, share and subscribe to your girl. Oh don’t forget to comment account. Emoji, see you guys in my next article UUM up up. I see you move, you move, you move, try to rope, stop cleansing! Spa he’s over here. Touching everything! Ah, stop touching Shh! Oh get it! Oh my god. Don’t have kids! You guys he’s not even mine enough.

That’s exactly why you guys aren’t getting the lavender bath! Mom because he thinks it’s his ball to to kind of throw around so yeah. Actually I’m going to sum one day like the I go through with this little kid because he’s not the angel everybody thinks he is this boy. So, okay, I’m trying to record edit right, have to do with thought. I let you guys see.


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