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HACKED! Music Networking On LinkedIn

Com, and this particular clip right here is a great session where Cory talks about something that it’s mysterious for a lot of Artists and artists asks him about LinkedIn, but not just you know, regular LinkedIn. How do I build my profile? How do I network on linked in and do it effectively, and I must say, co-lead ROPS, some gems, and this one y’all check it out book digital book.

I think it’s master music networking online balint, Shawn Shawn was talking about LinkedIn so like when they’re like in my experiences using LinkedIn, like it like right off the bat. Of course it’s meant for like professionals and shit, and they were talking about the part where there’s like ANR’s in the search and like what would be like the best way to like set up a LinkedIn page for your personal brand.

Like would you have to make it look, I guess corporate type stuff or like do you make it like to the style of how like you’d, have your Instagram or Twitter know? You were definitely wanting to be a lot more businesses, so LinkedIn you got to think about the type of people that only fan they. Don’t they don’t care about your cool pictures. They don’t care about. You know to an extent like. Are you the type of person where you know where we can do a lot of b2b and I feel pretty comfortable and have your faith in it? So it’s just a matter of I mean from artists standpoint.

I would say how on Instagram, you would kind of show off a lot more of, like your personalities, like what’s your fantasy on the back end or something like that, it would just be communicating information to these people posting information. So, ladies people know you have like a solid understanding of like business, so maybe doing like small case studies on certain things. You’ve done slight, build yourself out or even down to kind of have any like portfolio style.

So the main thing you wan na do about optimizing. Your page, you wan na clean profile, picture something professional or something clean. It does have to be about you and a student ID, but you don’t want to be like you know, like you post it up, you know a chief chief financial officer of Atlanta came across your profile. He may not be a NRB. He knows A & R they’re, editing right, but he’ll be more likely to communicate you because you look like someone and then, of course you want any accolades anything there’s anything that makes you stand out.

You want to list it on your page listing skills like you wanted to be listed, the exact same way. You would do it as if you were going for a job interview just for like a regular Bobby just wants to tell you towards, like the kind of things are like people in the music industry care about um. But a lot of that. To be honest with you like a lot of those guys, they never do business right. Linkedin is the place where business professionals come meet with each other to potentially talk about business stuff.

We’re back to. We want to know how we make money so even just like reaching out to people. It’s always. Examples like a portfolio here here are here. Are my here my three best marketing campaigns around myself. This is what I was able to generate. This is the type of attention I was able to generate. This is the numbers I was able to get the viewership. I was able to bring jam to start with others retained how much money I was able to make up over all that stuff and then packaging neatly like a prototype and then just people when you come across people who wait.

Yes, use that to kick off the conversation, because people meet them, they’re, usually pretty open to talking. As long as you have something to talk about. What’s going to make you stand out from the parties that are reaching out to these professionals on LinkedIn? How can you help me? What can you do for me, you’re, going to be rich mouth down with couples in which you can do for them? Like look man, if we people examples of work, we able to prove your work ethic and just the results.

If you generated from it, I’m a producer. Okay, we’ll prove it. What did you do? How can you show me that stuff at that point like would you present, like like people on the press, any one that, but I would say, have ways that you’ve been able to generate traffic for yourself and then just like any accolades or anything like notable? That has happened since you’re, going just have those tucked away we’ll have them on your profile, easy to do just like one-click get to it very easily.

There’s always like kind of have them stash the way we’re ready to send out to come across my tea, like it could finish this, for you, like you, know, that’s the kind of information anyone see, but a lot of people like most people are going to ask This I do, you have a website, do you have a PK? Do you have have something where I can see like no Cory nailed it one now we are like. It starts with the business mindset.

People are there to do business they’re there to do business connecting with other business professionals to do business, so you have to approach them like a business professional approaching them like. Oh, please go check out the link to my music and and all that stuff on LinkedIn is really setting yourself back in the same way, you approach people differently when they’re with their kids versus you know if they were just out by themselves or something like that.

That’s the same way, you need to think about LinkedIn right you’re, taking a different approach here. One of the big tips that I hope a lot of artists out with is just this right. You can find ANR’s on LinkedIn. You can find managers on LinkedIn. You can find people who work at Spotify Apple. All these good things on LinkedIn, however, using LinkedIn, sometimes to just prospect and find people is a great thing when you also take what you find and just reach out to those people on social media.

It’s an extra step. I know it’s a little bit harder right, a little bit more thumb labor, but at the end of the day you don’t have to worry about being good at communicating in that business fashion, particularly if you aren’t comfortable with that. Yet a good thing to do is once again find the people, because, when you find a and ours and if you use some of those processes in master music, networking online I’ll put a link to that in the description below of you.

Some of that stuff right you’ll be able to find people that you never even knew existed, but aren’t able to help you. But if you aren’t comfortable with actually speaking to those folks right, you need to make sure you reach out to them. Google them take their name and say whatever mark mathis Instagram. You know you found Martin Methodist, the A & R at Apple on LinkedIn, and then you go just basically Mark Mathis Instagram, maybe even A & R or music, or something like that in Google and you’ll.

Probably find his Instagram or his Twitter, or something super simple step now, when we talk about building your professional profile being keen on results and just showing your streaming numbers or something like that, or that the name of your label, if you, if you signed yourself right Having some of that information that poisons and positions you as a big super special professional, some of your brand partnerships – maybe some of the festivals that you perform that right.

This is almost like an EP k, but it’s not your apk this. This is your resume all right. This is that’s essentially what LinkedIn is it’s the resume and what makes me credible what says that I’m a business professional and shows that I am established. Many people have different things. So if you don’t feel like you have a lot and you aren’t impressive, don’t worry about that write what you have all that stuff can be updated as time goes on and once again you’re that worried about it.

You can just find the people on there and then you know reach out to them on LinkedIn. As a matter of fact, I have another article about certain prospecting that you can find on my blog type in brandman Sean LinkedIn. I’m sure that article a pop-up and then other than that, though that’s it. This is another episode of inside the network where we show you some artist sessions and other exclusive clips from brandman network.

Com. If you’re interested in talking with me, Cory res being just some of the other parts of the process, then check us out, because we are here to help you develop your brand and build with your fan base in a way that you receive mentorship along your process. So you have infrastructure where you don’t necessarily need a full-time marketing manager and you still get the impact. You still get the insight because you’re able to deal with this same situation on a budget.

If you like, this article, go ahead and like buddy be like you might as well share it, maybe not subscribe hit that subscribe button, but, of course, just last but not least, it’s the network, and this is inside the network. Let’s go

My favorite musician as of right now.


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