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Plan With Me | September 24th – 30th | #ECLifePlanner

I got ta tell ya. I’ve been back planning for a little while now and last weekend. I just didn’t get to the plan with me, unfortunately, and there’s just no natural light when I get home just because it’s now fall time in Minnesota, so yeah but anyway it is now Sunday into October, but I’m still going to plan out this week.

So you guys can see what I did and you know read all the pretty things so anyway, we are planning for the week of Monday September 24 through Sunday, September 30 and right after I’m done filming this bad boy. I am filming the next one as well. So anyway, um I pulled out a couple of wha she’s this one I don’t know where I got from, and I believe this one I got from my shop and yeah, so I’m just going to go with it PS.

My fingers are so dry and kind of just jacked up because of the weather change. Recently, it’s been really kind of irritating and I touch paper all day at work, so it’s even more irritating because of that, so it’s just kind of kind of a bar. So my hands are kind of chapped and kind of peeli. Oh, I don’t like the way that looks so yeah. Sorry, if my hands look a little weird today, alright, there we go.

Maybe I can line it up, Wow good job Emily. Sometimes I can’t line up my washi properly, but oh whoops, if I didn’t do these plan with me, articles it’d be a lot easier if the actual paper was a little closer to my body. But then, if it was closer to my body, you guys wouldn’t actually see it on camera, not that I’m the best at putting things in the frame. Clearly, if you guys have been reading my blog for a while, sometimes I forget to do that and I’m like.

Oh great, the last 20 minutes have been out of the frame: sweet, good, youtuber, Emily all right, so that washi is down like grab my Christian designs, binder here, alright and I’m going to pull these, which are one of my favorite stickers. These are the K ad zero, two nine six four, they are like the little movie placard ones. I use these from my articles, so, let’s put in what I put up this week, alright needed to go into a second sheet here, because I am done with a full sheet.

If y’all been reading my blog for a while, you know that it makes me so excited to finish up a whole sheet of stickers, it kind of like. I know some people don’t like it, but for me it’s like really really validating that. You know I spent my money on this and it is now realized that I actually needed all of these. You know I don’t know, maybe I’m weird like that, but it makes me happy alright and then Friday I put up my October budget.

Alright, alright, I can never really remember the times that I was at work just because I’ve been staying a lot later most days, especially this week. This was the last week I had with my coworker that was training me, so I’m pretty sure I stayed a little bit later than normal, but that’s alright I’ll just kind of put in some time and go from there. So I put in my time alright – and let me dig into some of my coffee break planner stickers.

Let’s see, maybe yellow, could be a good one. I’m trying to figure out like what colors to do know. It may be pink as well. I don’t know I’m just kind of working it out today. Alright, let’s do let’s do a yellow today, that’s kind of a fun one, alright, so, let’s put in the work situation. This is like all coffee break planner stuff today. So, Oh five of these stickers ooh next week, I’m going to get all satisfied all right and then these are from Catherine’s shop as well.

These cute little desk things I’m trying to make my office space at work kind of cute. I will have a article coming up, hopefully very soon, about some of the things that I purchased for my new office at work, so I’ve got lots of really cute things. Just you know kind of make it your own you’re there all the time. So why the heck not right so anyways um yeah, that article should be coming up fairly soon.

I believe this is going to be uploaded first, though I’m not a how-to percent sure, but I’m pretty sure, but unfortunately I am not really able to take photos of my cubicle at work for security reasons, so I won’t be able to share my actual cube with You guys, but I will be able to share like some of the products and stuff that I am going to bring to my office so anyways I will hopefully have that up in the future for y’all I’m going to put in some meal things.

So, let’s see here I’ll put in Panera oops come on. Oh my gosh, this one’s like not cooperating properly. Oh there, it goes it just did not want to be friendly today, okay, Panera right here. What else did I do? I usually have like a ton of stuff at the bottom over here. Okay, I’m going to leave this one out because I’m not really sure where I’m going to put this one for like Friday night, I did a whole lot of eating out this week.

I feel like I’m kind of all over the board today, but that’s all right, we’ll get this figured out. Let’s go and order cuz this it’s like stressing me out so um. Actually, during the day, I did a email that I had to take care of. I kind of did that during like lunchy time ish, something like that. That’s just like a little follow up situation, yeah and then, after that, I ran to the peel box. Alright, typically do that on my way home, because it’s on my way home my public mailbox, which isn’t really a P o box, but my public mailbox is not really near where I live, but it’s the closest I can get so we go for it.

Alright Q box is done. Alright. I also got Amazon delivery day, which was exciting, so I did a face mask which I’m trying to get better at, but a lot of you guys have way way busier lives than I do, but for some reason it’s just one of those things in life where I’m like I just don’t have time. I clearly have time. I just don’t make the time. I think that’s part of my issue with a lot of things in life.

I think that’s a lot of our issues. To be honest, so so, let’s see Tuesday they sent my brother document. So let’s put that in edited and then this is, I don’t read a ton of television, but I do read that show here we go. This is what I want. Let’s see here there is that you know I try to put things away as I go when I’m doing this, it’s like all off camera, but I don’t. I should really get better at that.

Okay, I did the post office, which was good. I also filled orders on Wednesday as well the post office. I did the very tail end of the day. All right, I had to create an invoice that done all right and package orders. These are all the fun things I did that day. Oh, except I did move some inventory into my new office, which I’m going to be sharing to you guys. Hopefully so nish um haven’t fully completed my new office yet, but it is coming up, hopefully very soon so yeah, I’m I’m really really excited about it.

All right, I got these cute little like washi rolls all right, so I’m Thursday we did a little happy hour thing for a co-worker. That was fun. I didn’t stay very long, but it was still fun. Nonetheless, you use one of these at all guys all right. I had a meeting all right, so that is that okay Wow come on. I’ve got like way too many things going on at the moment. Well, I just searched my sticker arsenal for quite a while looking for a particular kind of sticker, and I don’t have it so we’re just going to go with this.

I was lucky enough to be a guest on the planner lifestyle podcast and I’m looking for like a podcast occur or something like headphones or something. I don’t have anything in any of the samplers that I have, but I listen to all my podcasts on my phone. So we’re going to go with this, this is going to be my little icon situation, so yeah so planner lifestyle podcast was released on Friday, a September 28th, and this was going to this was part one.

There are two parts actually they’re both up right now. So I will link them down below if y’all are interested in checking them out, but yeah, so it was really fun all right and so the rest of the evening I had ended up going to the Justin Timberlake concert, which is kind of nuts. I was not expecting to go, but my friend over at life’s organized chaos head texted me in the middle of the day and was like hey.

I know this is like a real long shot, but would you be interested in going to Justin Timberlake with me tonight and I’m like well yeah kind of like you know, so we chatted about it. A little bit turns out. One of the gals that was supposed to go couldn’t go anymore, cuz of an illness so anyways. It ended up working out pretty slick, if I don’t say so myself, so I need all the stickers alright. So first thing I did was we went to Kirby’s, which is a restaurant really close to the Excel? Was it the Excel yeah the Xcel Energy Center? So we went there? Oh my gosh.

I cannot get the sticker off and met up with Jody, and then we went to the concert, which was like an all-night situation. I did leave a little bit early. I like to leave a little early, because I had this really fun thing called anxiety in crowd. So I don’t like to stay there too late. So I skipped just the last couple of songs and it ended up being just fine with me, so anyways, but Jody had other people there with her too.

So I wasn’t like the only one or anything, but anyway I had a great time and it was really really fun so anyway, yes, Justin Timberlake. That was really good times change my air filter and I did that on Saturday, clearly winning it life change. The air filter ooh – I didn’t finish my desk, put on. Let me pull this out cuz, it’s just there all right, I’m going to used I’m trying to like use up stickers.

It’s like the main goal in life today. Alright, so my desk took quite a long time set up office. Yes, the desk situation took a long time to do, but that’s alright. Here we go it’s a cute little thing there and also I had the chair to do which the chair, I said, a lot of four-letter words. While I was putting that chair together. I’ll just put it that way, but um there was nothing actually like wrong with the chair once it was together, but the holes were not drilled properly, unfortunately, so that was kind of a pain in the butt and then for the rest of the day.

I really just was in the office um and then on Sunday. I did all the article edits, so I edited basically all day yeah, let’s be real. I didn’t start really editing until like then, and to be honest, I don’t know what else I did that day. It says air filter here, but I know I did it on Saturday, but I don’t know these are all the things I edited. Maybe I’ll write it in make it look more exciting than it really was okay, so that is it for this week.

I hope you guys enjoyed the article if you did make sure to give it a thumbs up. I feel free to subscribe and you can always hit that little red Bell notification, if you would like YouTube, is supposed to be sending you an email when I upload – and I just upload these articles when they are ready. So I hope you guys enjoyed a look into my week. I will link as many sources as I can down below, for you guys so feel free to check those out, and I will see y’all in the next article bye guys well folks, it’s time to kick it old school


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