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Yes, I found some really good books. A couple of excellent magazine articles in a library Database and a cool web site that had great information With all these good Resources, my paper was pretty easy to write So why the sad face Omar Now I have to write The bibliography My teacher calls it A works cited list. I know it’s important to List all the sources I used in my paper to give Credit to the authors, but I also know there Are lots of rules for how each source Has to be written down, It won’t be much fun.

Don’t worry, Omar Just go to the OSLIS web. Site and use Citation Maker, You just choose the type Of source you use — like book web Site or magazine — and fill in the text boxes with Information –, like author title publisher, Date and so on, It’s an awesome tool that will Save you time and frustration Thanks Maria I’ll give Citation Maker a try. Maria gave Omar a great tip, Let’s see how Omar Uses Citation Maker to create his works, cited list, OK.

Maria said to go to OSLIS.Org, I’m an elementary student So I’ll click here, Hmm Three choices Cite my sources. That’s What I need to do and here’s Citation Maker, I think I should Bookmark this page so it’ll be easy. To get back to it, OK, I wrote down all The information I think I’ll need about Each source I used, but I have my sources: Right here, just in case, I forgot something. My first source is the Book The Honey Bee’s Hive and besides the Title I know I’ll need the author publisher, And publication date Since this source Is a book I’ll click on the book option in The purple Source Type column.

There are a few examples. At the top of the screen and even a link To more examples, That’s helpful, OK. First Citation Maker Asks for how many authors My book has just one — last name: Markovics First name: Joyce, There’s no middle name; Listed so I’ll just leave that box blank Better make sure I spell Her name correctly. Next, I have a lot of Options for the title My book did not have Articles plays or poems so I’ll choose Entire Book.

The title is The Honey Bee’s Hive, A Thriving City. I know I have to capitalize All the main words, Oh, there’s a link to how To capitalize and punctuate titles That might come in handy, My book does not list an Edition or volume number so I’ll skip those fields. But I see a note that says the Edition box is where I would show that I used an ebook Good to know. For later. The publisher is Bearport Publishing and the publication Year is 2010 Now Citation Maker is Asking me if my source was accessed online, like In a library database or on a web site, I used an actual book that I Checked out from my library so I’ll pick, No, It says my citation is complete.

That’s a good reminder to Double check the spelling and capitalization. Now I’m ready to click On Create Citation Below Wow There’s my citation all done. For me, in the correct format, First source done On to my next source, I found this “ Save the Bees” Article in a library database, but it was first Printed in a magazine I can tell because if I click On Science, World / Current Science, the database shows Me, the original format, So I’ll choose magazine.

Or newspaper article from the Source Type column, The first box is About the author, Oh wait: I don’t see that an author Is listed at the top, but I remember that the Database suggested a citation at the bottom of the article. It lists the author. There Whew I’ll, enter Barone Jennifer, instead of leaving the author field blank Title, I am citing a magazine article Title of article — “ Save the Bees, How Scientists Hope To Help the Honeybees That Pollinate Our Favorite Foods.

” Title of magazine, — Science, World /, Current Science, Publication date, –, 18 April 2016 Pages. Hmm, I don’t see any page numbers But the suggested citation at the bottom of the Article says page 14+, so that’s what I’ll Enter in Citation Maker Was this accessed online Yep. I found the article In a library database, Oh now there are two more Text boxes to fill in The title of the database Is Kids InfoBits The web address is really long.

My librarian showed us how to Copy the URL using the bookmark tool, That’s much easier Now I’ll click on Create Citation Below Earlier, I saw a note Saying not to include the HTTP in the web address. I forgot to take it out, but Citation Maker did it for me, Cool That was pretty easy OK.. My next source is a web site. Wow Looks like Citation Maker. Has Every type of source covered, –, audio and article recordings Images interviews, field trips, events, email, And even social media Citation Maker rocks Back to citing my web site, I did not see an Author listed so I’ll select No Author, / Anonymous Title of article or web page — “ Bee.

”, Title of web site, — San, Diego Zoo, Animals and Plants – Publisher, Hmm, Who is the publisher anyway. I see San Diego Zoo at The top of the page, but that’s part of The web site title: Let me click around Oh at the bottom. It Shows that the organization responsible for the web site Is San Diego Zoo Global That makes them the publisher Next Citation Maker Asked if I could determine a date, the web Site was created, published or updated At the bottom of the page.

It Shows 2018 as the copyright date so I’ll go with that Now I’ll copy and Paste the web address and I’m all done, With this citation Hi Omar How’s, your works, Cited page coming Great Maria, I’m almost done Looks like you need To click the Sort All button to put your citations In alphabetical order Good catch Now you can save your citations. As a Word Pages or Google document, What are you using I’m using Word? Wow? Here’s my works.

Cited list all done. Wasn’t that easy Sure was Thanks for telling me About Citation Maker I’ll be using it For every project Citation Maker made it easy for Omar to create a bibliography Notice that he created it, After writing, his paper: What if Omar forgot To include a source, No problem, He can use Citation Maker to create a citation for the Additional source and then copy and paste the Citation into the correct spot in his bibliography Another way you can Use Citation Maker is to create a citation For each source, after taking notes, From it, adding them to your saved bibliography, As you go along, Be sure to put them In alphabetical order, You may have noticed that Some online sources provide their own citation But sometimes they do not follow proper format.

Ask your teacher if It’s OK to copy it Or just use Citation Maker. Omar will definitely Use Citation Maker for his next research project. You should too For specific examples. And for more information about this topic and the Entire research process explore OSLIS. Thank you to Bearport Publishing For granting permission to use their book in this article, OSLIS — Learn to Research Research to Learn.


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