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Thank you so much for joining me. So today I wanted to start answering some questions that people have been giving me and they actually did a article where I invited people to send me their questions, and I would answer them in a article and just put it online because usually, when someone has a Question somebody else has that same question, so that can help more people by doing that and kind of getting a wider perspective of what people are looking for and what they’re trying to figure out and understand.

So I thought about calling it Q and a with April way. What do you think Q & A was April rate? How that you know it has a ring to it for a long time. I did not like my name. It will rain. People would always call me April ray not just April but April way or I would get April May I would get all these jokes and I said I used to wish that my name was Rachel, but this was way before rachel ray. This is when I was a kid, and what was funny is that a lot of people would call me Rachel for some reason.

I think it’s because April kind of sounds like Rachel kind of has the same tone to it or sound to it. So I don’t know so what do you think, let me know put it in the in the description box. If you think April Q & A with April ray is a good title for this series, all right. So, let’s start with the question: I’m going to do. One question per article just to keep it short and sweet. So if you got your notepad out, take it out and start right alright.

So the question was asked: I it was stated that this person did not like to blog okay. We understand that blogging is an amazing way. It really is an amazing way to get leads 24-7 coming to your inbox on a daily basis. It really is, but there’s specific ways that you need to format your blog in order to make it most effective. This person said well, you know, are there other ways that I can that I can get the information out besides blogging, because I hate writing and I totally get that a lot of people hate writing.

I can write. I usually just right. Like I talk so you know, but still some people don’t can’t think of ideas, things of that nature. So what my answer is yeah you don’t have to actually do a text type blog. You can do a article article is the not only the next best thing. I actually incorporate a article to my blog a lot of the time, so the two of them is just like a it’s like a double whammy right of getting.

You know more leads and more eyes on your content, so, but what you can do is that YouTube, when you record your article and put it on youtube, what YouTube will do is create a transcript of your of what you’re saying and you can take that transcript And sometimes you have to tweak it because it’s not getting every word correctly, but you can take the transcript from your article and you can create a blog post out of that and then slap your article on the post as well and there you go.

I love that I love that YouTube. Does that, and so it eliminates the need to try and figure out what you’re going to say in your blog post. It has everything right there in the transcript. All you need to do is format it properly. So you you get a little SEO juice going and its really really effective – and it also kind of you know, takes the cuts the time out when it comes to creating content, because that can take a while.

If you, if you’re, if you’re, not if you’re not acclimated to creating content on a regular basis, so that’s it. How do you like it tell me what you think did you know about the transcripts that you can use in your blog post? Let me know put it in the description box whether you thought it was a great idea or you knew that or you never knew that and don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube blog, because I’m going to be doing more q and A’s like this.

Hopefully, I’d be a little bit better, more more polished, but you know it’s the first time alright, so that’s it! Thank you so much for joining me. If you are feeling generous, please share this article with your social network. Okay, thanks again for joining me and bye. Bye for now,

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By Jimmy Dagger

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