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10 Things you can do to improve your business online for free.

This is normally for people that have not really invested any time online. It’s still extremely common, but you’d be surprised how much extra business you get just by doing these little things and you may have to invest maybe a day or two days into this because you’re going to read separate, tutorials or working out for yourself, but each one Of these will give you a bigger presence online.

The first thing is with google maps. Google maps has these locations on there. If you look yourself, go and google maps and look for a restaurant near, you can tap it restaurant nearby and it will give you the different locations in the same way. If you need a mechanic, an accountant whatever it is, but the thing that a lot of people aren’t aware of is you can actually put your business on there for a free.

You can actually register if you don’t know how to do it and want me to do. I can do it for you, but the point is it’s there. It’s free and obviously it’s in google maps. So when somebody is searching for a mechanic, whatever it’s going to show that you are within 50 feet, 50 meters whatever, so that that’s one one easy way of getting your business and more noticed how could get you on the internet? Obviously you tie that with a Google+ account.

Now google loves its Google+ because it won’t in Google+ to oil. It still does wants it to be facebook, because obviously Google loses a lot of money to Facebook and because its main rival, because obviously a lot of people don’t even bother with Google for a lot of stuff during the day because they they’re looking on facebook. For a little updates and things like that, they’re not really motivated in the sense of meaning of Google, something.

So that’s why google+ is a big thing for google, but the thing with google plus, it’s also a free account. So you set up your business. You set up with the information when they to your business, how it finds you what you about, get some photos on there. Some little article clips are very useful because so you’re a mechanic. You want to show that the gap you know the garage. What you’re looking at and you could do like? Oh we’re doing a braid change or something you know just so people get a feel for you.

All. Those things are very, very useful for marketing your business now. The same goes for facebook. Facebook sets up facebook pages now, a page can be a business. Give me an organization, it can be, a person can be a location, but the thing is I’ve done several in the matter, because the people there are owning the restaurants, for example. Most am I’m not computer savvy in the slightest, so what I find is giving them a Facebook page and get them on tripadvisor and stuff has a very positive effect for them, but also it’s all completely free.

This doesn’t cost anybody anything, but the thing with the Facebook, your things a lot of time. The business doesn’t need to be engaged all day every day. It’s like I set it up there. We are there’s our menu for this month this year whatever, and he supposed to the restaurant and a lot of the time. That’s enough for the business, because people search restaurant, the motto or Chinese restaurant, the matter, indian wester on the matter – and it comes up because you you choose those very generic names or you could actually go down the route of a specific like company name.

But the point is it works, so get yourself on Facebook YouTube to say. I’m saying earlier about create some articles. Well, the thing is you create the articles on YouTube? Then you link it back through your Facebook. You link it back through your google plus. You link it back through your LinkedIn account, which will get on to next, but the whole point is you create a presence every way you can and all these are free, the YouTube stuff like I said it doesn’t need to be difficult.

It could be simply articleing something you’re doing if you’re a window installer do some do some photographs and put them together, slider, even that show the transition from before. During and after and a lot of time. That’s enough! You know a lot. People just want an idea about your business and most people in doing this stuff. So the whole point is even with these small steps, you’re not going full throttle with 3d photography, and you know trying to make something out of nothing.

You’re, actually just producing something saying well, this is what we do. This is what I used to look like this. What it looks like that’s it and it works. This one is linked in a lot be running aware that linkedin has business pages as well as personal pages. The business pages are very, very useful, depending on the type of business and who you’re marketing to, but most of the time, giving a presence there on some form will work it to your benefit, because people do internal searches and LinkedIn.

Looking for specific things, for example, I do a lot of assets of aim, so I get people head hunting and stuff on a weekly basis because they find me in LinkedIn. It works really really well as the biggest business network on the planet. Next one is blocked. Plot and wordpress they’re, both blogs, but imagine you just set up a website just keep it simple, 10-15 pages. I know people say well, you should keep updates all the time and also, I think I don’t think it really matters if you’re a small small business unless you’re trying to pitch your sales on a regular basis, it doesn’t really matter.

The reason being is that you’re, mainly letting people know you’re there, but if you are say, selling a widget and you say right: I need to sell a million widgets. I need to be the number one spot and Google+ blah blah. Then a google search etc. Then I would agree with it, but you may find that you’re, the only garage plumber cami whatever in your town anyway, this advertising. So you don’t need to be fighting for the number one spot, because you william won it, because they ain’t doing anything.

But you’re, going in from multiple angles in the Google search is showing for a article for youtube. You’re, showing the google plus account you’re, showing your google maps you’re, showing your facebook page they’re all interlinked, and that’s the key to this is keeping them. You know get this many things in this possible was open, is another thing. Jokin said: oh p, IM is basically a live chat. It goes through to your mobile phone.

So when somebody is on your website, they can actually chat and it comes out on your mobile. This is useful for people. If you do it’s a real estate overseas, because when you are doing it, they may not speak English, so they can send it to you. You can google translate and then send the message back in whatever language. It is very easy which is much more useful than the telephone, but also from and into their point of view.

They may not have your telephone number, but there you are in the corner of the web site where the bottom going here, where I am, you can chat to me live and it comes to ring your phone saying. Oh I’m mad. I have a problem with my car. Can you have a look at it? It’s a you can come over tomorrow. Whatever you know what I be businesses, but the whole point. Is it’s an extra thing? It’s all that customer service, the next one, is being proactive in answering questions.

This one is quite a useful one for things like LinkedIn. There’s a lot of people asking a lot of questions all the time and also works on Facebook page. It works on Twitter um. Basically, you’re getting people ask you about your specific niche. Now, I’m not talking people ask me for a quote on something, but the Macho Man and say: oh, you sell rubber ducks. How long does a rubber duck? Last until I need to buy a new one? You know well the average rubber duck last 125 years, but we do know somewhere by said seven.

You know something like that, but we do recommend you change them every three years. Those sort of things are useful for people because they go. Okay, I’m speak that somebody actually knows what they’re talking about he’s engaged with me and spoke to me about it, and I’m going to buy one of them because they actually know what they’re talking about they. Those sort of things. Those relationships are extremely important in business and other we’re talking rubber ducks on this one.

It could be compliance-related to fire safety, it could be how to fly a plane or it could be absolutely anything. This is the point you know if somebody says my gearbox has a vibration in it. You say: well what does it sound white? What sort of noises it and you’re there just after a little bit of help to find out if it’s serious or not, but you could actually then say well if you bring in on tuesday i’ll, have a quick look at it, and I will see where we Take it from there, I will charge you for a blur, quick look, but going forward from that.

If it needs something serious or even minor, can give you the price, because once I’ve seen and heard it myself, I can give you an idea what what we’re looking at. So those are things we pull, that you can do that on twitter account and do that on your google+ facebook page, and that is basically a Q & A with people can ask lots of questions because it creates lots of little bits of traffic on the Internet.

All good for business now, the next thing is, is engaging with people from a similar background, a business. This helps both of you or five you’ll. Tell you how many of the businesses that are similar, because it’s a bit like here in Spain, I’ve got a friend who does real estate in Tribeca. I’ve got a friend who does real estate. Pilar I’ve got for a friend for the north alicante. Does real estate they’re all real estate agents and they’re all in the same region, but when they cross match with each other they help each other, because what happens is the one that alicante doesn’t know much about the properties down and Pilar? So if they get somebody say you know, this is a bit noisy next to benidorm.

Whatever can, if you got anything further south and I know yeah, I’ve got a couple of people further southward I’ll put you in touch with them. Now they do have arrangements with each other. Let’s pull this way, they don’t do for free and but it’s to their benefit because they send people north innocence itself. They work together as a group, but also, if you have these little online areas like center, where you’re cute questions and answers they can engage as well.

It’s for everybody’s benefit because having multiple people doing it makes it more active and the more activity is the more you will get found on the internet because more people get more things answered, more people ask more questions and I thought she goes up. The google rankings quite well, that’s why it’s important to interlink with other similar businesses, ideally not your competitor, but people you can work with, but you can also have things of a similar service.

For example, if you do car repairs, you may have an overlap where people do car rentals, because obviously sometimes people rent cars, because their cars broke down the same as vehicle recovery could be part of that and car sales. There could be interlinked between you’ll because you all have something to offer the other, so it’s worth having, I think about, be associated with your brand now. This is an important one and you see a lot.

People don’t do this. They have a little logo on a website. It doesn’t sell the person because a lot of what stuff I do it’s about the people. I engage with a lot of people personally because they’re not hiding behind a little load or anything, because if they’re hiding behind that loader, it doesn’t tell me that they’re doing a good service. It doesn’t tell me that they see the business is part of them.

As such, I don’t really like businesses like that. I, like a business that has people like this. Where we talk we engage, we tell you look that Matt is part of this asset company matt is part of this. They can see it now. That has a lot of benefits because when you start engaging more with people like on linkedin and stuff, and they can associate you with a specific company you’re developing your brand, because what happens is is somebody you spoke to six months ago.

Even it’s talking in the meeting about having a company coming and somebody mentions the company name. Now they already know you and it’s your company, so they already go. Oh, I know Joe Bloggs from from there. There he’s a very good. I had a problem with my widgets and I called him up and he sorted it very reliable blah blah blah. That’s why being tied to your brand and promoting your brand with more personal, that appearance can be very, very useful.

This is something people don’t do, which is what you’re probably thinking. This is a long list spend time and money on yourself. This is your business spending that a bit of money on your website a bit of money on getting your graphics and all that done. Developing all these little pages everywhere will take two days, there’s an easy way of doing a lot of this stuff. But I’m trying to just put the points across because you can get the main points.

Then you can go and research the business pieces yourself and if you have any questions you can message me, but the the point is spend a little bit of money. It’s your brand that your business is you it’s something that reflects your enterprise. You investing time in getting yourself online is very, very important. You want to look professional, a peer pressure, professional and be professional and so doing well, we’ll throw forty dollars a day or whatever ain’t really going to cut the mustard.

You need to have a look and what you need to spend on and where don’t go in there and go around this guy said you’ll do my website for a thousand dollars I’ll just give them money and then forget about it. Don’t ever do that, Taylor now and you’ll just waste your money. What you need to do is actually see where that money’s going to be spent. Are they going to your Google+ blah blah blah this long list of things, because that’s part of it? You want that dumb sit down and get yourself a pen and paper and go right.

What do I want out of this matt says: do this stuff, but what do I want to see on the website? I want to see a logo now what a nice logo! I want somebody take some photos of the office. I want somebody to take their the photos of the front of the building. I want people to see what we do go out on that the building’s I am take, some good photos and stuff, so they can see what we’re doing, how we’re going to do this going forward.

I know what I’ll give Joe a budget for a camera and every time he goes to a new building job it does the before, during and after photos or maybe even just do some articles and then keep updating the website and stuff. So the customers can see hey, we’re good reliable. They can see the quality of the work, but also they can see. We’ve got ongoing projects. They can see that there’s a consistency of work coming in and also we don’t want people contacting us.

We’ve got nothing to a high, because this is one of the things that people do when they just have a logo. Sometimes they’ve got a lot of problems. You know bad service or whatever, but the the point is: if you’ve got an image and everything else and you’re saying this, is us we’re professional? We do it like this. Here’s a photo of our team, etc, etc. People understand the business more and they trust it, because most business is about trust.

So that’s why you need to invest a bit of time and money in this. You need to treat this as part of your business and the reason being is that a lot of people do not vest in the internet because they cannot see anything return. But i’ll tell you now: well, you could have thirty forty percent of new business from the internet. You could also have retention because doing things like there’s, open web chat stuff with Hill can get all of you even outside of office hours, etc.

Has a lot of positive stuff, the reason I legs open, Miss Molly seeds. You can switch it off you, don’t it’s not like giving some of your phone number and they’re bringing a ten o’clock in I or something you can go it up and leave it on when you light now doing this ugly, but i’m in the back way. It’s not really bugging me, there’s something needs we didn’t get hold of me. The thing you can look at it and go give us a call.

You know quick message. Give me a call in the morning. Here’s the is my phone number for the office phone. If it’s not important, but at the same time, if somebody’s a new customer and the same right, I want to know if we can do this or not, you want to engage with them as quick as possible, because I’ll tell you now with the internet age. If you don’t sell it to me within five minutes and I’ve got the internet in front of me, I’m already looking out the competitors because they all have a better website.

If they’ve got one in the sense that they will may have somebody out sourced in the Philippines or whatever they will answer, the phone they may have, a phone number is twenty-four seven. But the whole point is this way with this up: put your available, but you’re unavailable as well, because, obviously it’s not giving them your phone number LSU you need to. But what you have is access to you, where you can actually sit there and go okay.

Well, that’s not really that important message me in the morning or you can go. Oh that looks like a big deal. You got a telephone number. Give you a quick call back. I mean you open that door. Hope you found this useful other. Give me a bit of feedback on it and if you want me to do choi tutorials on how to set up all these different things, I can show you I’m thinking of setting up another blog for this business stuff and because it’s all wants to be separated Out from the Philippines stuff – and I want to move off the Philippine stuff, but I keep in dragged back into it.

I thanks for reading

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