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Bad idea computer purchases for editing – Don’t Do this…

I built it back when thread ripper 1 had just launched and the thread ripper IHS or the heat spreader is about that big and when you look at heat spreader that big you’re looking at cooling a bunch of space.

So I didn’t want to go with just your standard airflow. I wanted to look for something that was akin to a custom loop in cooling, but that wouldn’t take that much maintenance. So I did a bunch of benchmark reviews. I read a lot. I readed a lot of YouTube and found the inner max lick tech. When I first installed it, I had fantastic results in fact: 30 to 40 degrees, 45 under extreme load, which is 20 degrees under the thermal throttle point.

Well, how do I know that? That’s because they use two different materials on the inside of that loop. They use the copper block and then they used an aluminum radiator and what happens is called galvanic corrosion. In fact, if you see the picture here, it ate through the copper base plate, and so it was now flowing water from the copper block around the filters and the fins which were cooling, everything and it really dove in perform.

In fact, after six months I could barely keep it under 60 degrees and if I really got it working up, I can easily thermal throttle the processor. So this was the worst choice I made. It was also the second worst choice I made because I returned it to inner max. They were great stood behind the product and they should be alec tech to hey. That’s fantastic new version problem solved not so much six months later same problem, so I returned that one got a third one in her max great support on this and sold it on eBay.

So that’s how that worked out got a knock to a cooler. Never looked back now. The next mistake I made was putting 210 ATT eyes in this thing, yeah I took two of these giant graphics cards and shoved him into what was ATX board now. This is fantastic, except for both of these had a iOS included as well. This made things a touch cramped and any time I needed to do it thing like say I don’t know deal with that stupid, inter max cooler I had to take apart, basically the whole system.

You know I was trying to avoid a custom loop because of all the maintenance and whatnot and it felt like I was doing all that work anyway. So when the 28th et I launched – and I was pretty excited about finding out that ray-tracing goodness, what does that? Look like I sold both the 1080 T eyes on eBay and bought a 20 80 TI. This was mistake. Number two and the reason it’s mistake. Number two is because my overall performance in article editing went down now, you might say well in SLI or in shared configuration, the 1080 T eyes would mirror their memory and therefore you only get more compute.

You don’t really get more in texture management. That’s true, except for DaVinci Resolve, doesn’t use SLI anyway, and when we looked at benchmarks that I’ve built when I had the to 1080p eyes, I was killing it. When I went to the 28th et, I in fact there’s a article linked above um. It was a mistake because it ended up having worst performance now sure it’s been really helpful when it comes to the new neural engine.

That’s in DaVinci Resolve 16, and maybe I was just a visionary looking off into the future, but uh that wouldn’t. But basically I wasted money, because I had two perfectly good 1080 T eyes: they are fantastic article editing carts, even just one of them, would be a killer set up right now. I didn’t need to upgrade so that was just wasted money fun. The next thing you may have noticed, as we’ve gone through here, is there’s a touch of RGB in my system, so the RGB has been a major attractant for my kid when looking at the computers and getting into computers, but it’s also created a massive headache.

For me so check this out. This is the back of the thread smoker machine when I was putting all the fans in the RGB controllers, the strip’s power, for it all drove me insane, so cable management became absolutely miserable. So you tell me what mistakes have you made when working on your editing rig? Have you made some bad purchases if you configured it the wrong way, know below in the comments I’m interested in learning from you and your mistakes as you’ve learned for mine thanks for reading subscribe, if you haven’t and be sure to hit that like button, so others Can find this article thanks for reading have a great day you

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