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I also use the wiki and some of the resource ability of getting students, access to syllabi and powerpoints and articles, and so when i’m using the vlog, mainly what I do is. I require students to write one entry and comment on two entries each week and I essentially encourage them to write about issues that you know, questions that they have experiences that they’ve had that.

They think really illustrate the ideas they can link to articles and youtube articles and things that they think are really good examples. You know, if they disagree with me, I tell them. This is the place to really write about that and have conversations, and so I really just sort of use it as a student space as long as they make the entries and comments. I don’t really great on content that much so I really consider it an adjunct to their class discussions because we have 45 students and it’s an introductory class, so we really need to cover.

You know a wide span of material. That’s our job is to introduce them to material to see if they like it and they can follow more. So I don’t have as much time to discuss in classes I would like, and so the blog, I think, really works well as a space for students to do more discussion and they comment like I agree. I disagree. I have these ideas and, and i’ve seen a real increase in there in the depth of their comments and the understanding over time.

Once I added the blogging, I really think that it does benefit them. I guess the. What surprised me most is the accept which students really take ownership of the space like. If you tell them, you can use this for whatever you want, they actually use it. I mean I would require them to use blogs, but I don’t require them to do things like post polls and ask other students. What do you think in host discussions, and I think that Sakai has that nice flexible interface, where students can make it what they want? It to be, to a certain extent, it seems more friendly and open than other course sites that I’ve used in the past.

Where I just understood, I think it has a small resemblance to facebook, which makes them more comfortable in just in terms of how it’s setup. And so you know they can do all sorts of things with it and post media in there. And I think that’s what surprised me the most such a students using it creatively, as opposed to it being like a discussion board where or something very rigid where they have to just do this.

Do this do this? So that’s been really a surprise, pleasant. Surprise. You

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