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My Knife/Sword Collection

I got that I said a few months going to do which one I know I may use it the blue one, but which other one though you said you were going to do, that. I got in Pakistan yeah battery’s low, so we got a guy make this quick this one I just wan na kill, I’m just going to cheat off today’s major design, and I usually guess it was this brolic thing like it doesn’t fit the same so and no.

This is not real this. This is a pelican, I’m in good. You get to skin a deer with a what did you do? I mean idiot, because I bring this to my friends cuz. He said he wanted to see what it was and then I don’t know where I went in his house. I left the cannot outside. He said he wanted to try it out. So I just like alright just go okay and then this ends up happening. It was like right here. Part of the handle is just like right here, but that was a lot longer yeah.

Oh yeah. It was a lot more yeah. He came, he came inside so he was just broke. I never it doesn’t look like it doesn’t. Look! Repairable mama something yeah this I got this Mike so many years ago I haven’t showed you guys this cuz, I don’t know cuz my phone broke. I haven’t got anyone yet so this one’s pretty cool this one, you got them. You guys haven’t seen yet this is the one I want show you and if you’re familiar with the anime and say oh so online, this sword is the blue peeler from say.

Oh this is this what I was going to do with cutting test center unboxing on they got too exciting the bucks invested and number one, my favorite one, which I’ve done just like twice or three times already: oh, my god, you’re forgetting a couple of them. I’m looking at one one specifically now, if it’s right behind a sword, he just said nope dumbass, oh yeah, so switchblade knife and then that one, the one in your left hand, that’s a super old one.

They used to have yeah, but you still have rather but super old, my grandpa China, the dragon, but now it’s all like, wiped off it’s kind of faded, a little bit yeah, and that was a chain right here right here, but now it’s all broken stuff. I just got this this razor sharp, so I don’t want to mess of this as a little cabin in the woods designer here wow. I never even really focused on that before Chinese letters or something everyone as a little force Chinese littering for him.

It’s a little bit more difficult than needed to be. The design on this looks like our load is awesome. I don’t know who’s just awesome, evil right here, yeah, it’s not sharp. It’s only sharp on the tip because on the tip and like he said this is just a pellet gun, it’s not even loaded. You already saw that one off, I think that’s pretty much everything yeah! Oh yeah, wave! Oh yeah! This is part of my old butterfly knife that I’m going to be buying a new one soon and yeah this one’s broken.

How did you even break it anyway? Let’s just say this is about 20 bucks. I dropped it and shattered, and I jumped it up. Guys are really cheap, fellows long, I’m going to buy it and you dropped it. It’s pretty much everything. No, I think you already did that one where you short it off. I get in and talk about it. You did an unboxing for that one’s. For that one.

Knives and daggers are awesome! Plain and simple, right? Let me say, I enjoy my dagger collection with a little music playing in the background. 


By Jimmy Dagger

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