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11 stock photos made $2,373 in really passive income

They actually sent me the money now. This income was so passed that I didn’t even know that I was earning it hi, I’m Gia’s wheeler and welcome to the blog and thanks for reading. So how did this happen? Well about five years ago, I was getting into stock photography and I uploaded you know a couple hundred photos to about a dozen sites.

After that I figured out which sites I was making the most money on, and I kept uploading photos to the best sites. Now one of those sites was called photo dude at the time photo team was making me about $ 50 a year, so it wasn’t really worth the effort to keep uploading there regularly. Also, I didn’t bother reading the emails they sent me because the stock photography account fees. They send you a lot of marketing emails, so without my knowledge, photo dude made some pretty big changes on their platform and my earnings went from $ 50 over a year to over two hundred and fifty dollars a month.

As part of this change, I needed to re-enter my payment information, and I didn’t know that I need to do this, so the revenue just kept stacking up until I had over two thousand dollars, in my account, what he did ready to be withdrawn. So now I’m going to get into what types of changes they made and how it really benefits their contributors to the platform. So what photo dude found was that their photo collection was increasing, but their sales weren’t, and there was a lot of photos that they had on their platform that weren’t making any sales at all.

They decided to revamp their entire service to be about quality over quantity. Before they started this process, they had over nine million photos and when they were done, they only had two hundred thousand and eleven of those 200,000 photos were mine, and I was one of the 4 % of contributors that they kept on the platform. Now that change alone wasn’t what made my earnings skyrocket? They also launched a new service and a new website for unlimited uploads called van toe elements, and that’s why I didn’t recognize the name when I first received that email, this new site had unlimited upload.

So my eleven photos were part of a collection where buyers could go and purchase of subscription and download. It unlimited photos every month now this may make a lot of photographers cringe, but is actually what resulted in my increase in my earnings now with this service. If Anto decided to use a different way to calculate the earnings for the photographer’s, this new way of calculating the earnings is called subscription share, and this new way of calculating earnings for contributors is the reason that my revenues jump from 50 dollars a year to 250 Dollars plus a month, okay.

So before I explain how avantco calculates the earnings for the photographer, you first kind of need to understand how the traditional stock agencies, like Shutterstock, calculate the earnings. So I’ll explain that first and I’ll explain why the way that Advanta does it is much better for contributors. Sure stock also has subscriptions and here’s a list of their current monthly rates for subscriptions.

Shutterstock pays contributed 33 thousand 36 cents for 39 cents, depending on their level. I am at the 36 cents level. So, in theory, if someone went purchase a 750 images a month subscription and then only downloaded images for me, sugar stock would actually lose money on that month, but that rarely happens. So, on the other hand, if it’s a subscriber downloads one photo in a month, then the shutterstock pays out the 36 cents for that one photo and then they keep the rest of the subscription earnings.

If a subscriber doesn’t download anything over the month, then shutterstock will it will keep the subscription rate and the contributors don’t actually make anything from that subscriber that month. So now, let’s compare to how a fan. Two elements pays their contributors, so an unlimited subscription on event. O elements is $ 33 a month right now now a fan toad takes 50 % of that and distributes the rest, two contributors, no matter how many downloads the subscriber makes that’s $ 16.

50 for contributors. No matter what so, if a subscriber downloads one photo, then one photographer gets $ 16.50. If a subscriber downloads two photos, then two photographers get $ 8.25 and so on. Here’s the crazy thing: if subscriber doesn’t download anything, then what, if answer, does you take? They take that 16 Dot 50s and they distributed evenly amongst all of the contributors in the platform, and this isn’t a small amount since event, a’lamin started every month the contributor bonus has grown, and so far I’ve received over $ 4,500 from the contributor bonus alone.

Now think about what you would do with an extra $ 4,500, here’s what I’m seriously considering doing with it. Now, if you think this is a good deal, do this article a thumbs up and let me know in the comments what you think now: a fan toe has paid contributors over 750 million dollars and they have a goal to pay contributors 1 billion dollars. This isn’t just for photos of an to elements also includes you know, articles word, paths, press themes and all kinds of other creative materials.

It’s another time actually been doing. A bit of research van toast seems like a pretty cool company, especially compared to some of the other big stock companies that seem pretty heartless, not to name any names. Other sites, like shutterstock, boast a massive amount of photos, but how many of those photos are really useful to their buyers? If you search for anything on Shutterstock, the first page of results are going to be really good for pretty much anything.

You search because it’s sorting on relevance and the search algorithm is just so good. It will show good photos, but if you go and change it to do most recent, the photos that come up are pretty average at best a lot of the time in comparison. If you go to a van to elements and you do a search again based on relevance, you’re going to see a lot of great photos, but if you go when you look at most recent, I think that these photos are a lot more marketable and a lot More usable by buyers and the ones that I just saw over on shutterstock, so I want you to think that I’ve eaten again.

Sorry, sorry, I have way more photos up on shutterstock than I do on event elements and I’m more than happy to receive checks from both of them. But I think it’s going to be interesting to see what buyers prefer, whether they stick with the old way of doing things which is shutterstock or whether this new model that’ve Anto is using, is going to get traction in the marketplace and, right now it seems like It is now if you want to see how a fantail compares to my cells on other stock sites.

I’ve got a article on that I’ll. Put a link up here, also make sure to subscribe to the blog with this link down here. Best of luck, selling your photos online

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